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THE REFERENCE CATALOGUS OF CURRENT LITERATURE, first issued in 1874, so readily commended itself to the notice of both Booksellers and Bookbuyers, and its usefulness has been so generally admitted, that nothing need be said of the Work itself. Attention may, however, be drawn to the fact that the index of the present volume is much fuller than that of its predecessor. No fewer than Seventeen Thousand Works or Collections are included, and nothing of any importance has been omitted.

It is intended to publish the next edition in 1877.

INDEX to the Chief Works contained in The Reference Catalogue of Current Literature. The various Catalogues are arranged in alphabetical order, and the figures indicate the page in each publisher's list, except where, instead of a figure, the letter a follows the name: the reference in that case is to the Advertisments at the end of the volume.

The Reader is requested to observe that only the chief books in the different publishers' lists are given; and, as general rule, the subject rather than the author's name. To index every book was impossible; but in every class and every subdivision is carefully noted, and there will be but little difficulty in finding what is required.

1875 List of Contributors & Advertisers

Allen, Richard, Nottingham
Allen, William H., and Co., 13 Waterloo Place, Pall Mall
Asher & Co., 13 Bedford Street, Covent Garden
Bagster, Samuel, & Sons, 15 Paternoster Row
Bell, George, & Sons, York Street, Covent Garden
---- Educational Literature
---- Bohn's Libraries
Bentley, Richard, & Son, New Burlington Street
Bickers, Henry & Son, 1 Leicester Square
Blackie & Sons, 6 Paternoster Buildings and Glasgow
Book Society, 28 Paternoster Row (adv)
Bradbury, Agnew, & Co., 8 Bouverie Street
Burns, James, 15 Southampton Row (adv)
Butter's School Books (adv)
Cameron, R. M., 22 St. Giles's Street, Edinburgh
Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, London, Paris, and New York
---- List of Illustrated Works
Chambers, W. & R., London and Edinburgh
Chapman & Hall, 193 Piccadilly
Chatto & Windus, 74-75 Piccadilly
Clarendon Press, Oxford
Collins, William, Sons, & Co., London, Glasgow, and Edinburgh
Curtis's School Books (adv)
Daldy, Isbister, & Co., 56 Ludgate Hill
Dean & Son, St. Dunstan's Buildings, 160 Fleet Street
De La Rue, Thomas, and Co., 109 Bunhill Row (adv)
Dickinson & Higham, Farringdon Street (adv)
Dulau & Co., 37 Soho Square
---- Baedeker's Continental Guide Books
Edinburgh Printing & Publishing Co. (adv)
Edmonston & Douglas, 88 Princes Street, Edinburgh
Grant & Co., Turnmill Street (adv)
Gall & Inglis, 30 Paternoster Row and Edinburgh
Griffin, Charles & Co., 10 Stationers' Hall Court
Griffith & Farran, St. Paul's Churchyard
Hardwicke, Robert, 192 Piccadilly
Harrison & Sons, 59 Pall Mall and 1 St. James's Street
Hatchards, 187 Piccadilly
Heywood, John, 141-143 Deansgate, Manchester
Hodder & Stoughton, 27 Paternoster Row
Houlston & Sons, 7 Paternoster Square
Hurst & Blackett, 13 Great Marlbo1ough Street
Jack, Thomas C., Edinburgh (adv)
Johnston, William, & A. Keith, Edinburgh and London
Kelly, William B., Dublin
King, Henry S., & Co. 65 Cornhill and 12 Paternoster Row
Little, P.T., & Co., London and Stratford
Longmans, Green & Co., 39 Paternoster Row
Low, Marston, Low & Searle, 188 Fleet Street
Macintosh, William, 24 Paternoster Row
Mack, William, 38 Park Street, Bristol
Macmillan & Co., 29 Bedford Street, Strand
Marlborough, E., & Co., Ave Maria Lane and 14 Warwick Lane
Masters, Joseph, & Co., 78 New Bond Street
Mowfatt, Paiger, & Co., 6 Paternoster Buildings
Morley & Smith, 6 Paternoster Row
Mullan, William, Belfast (adv)
Nimmo, William P., 14 King William Street and Edinburgh
Nisbet, James, & Co., 21 Berners Street
Norgate, Frederic, Bedford Street, Covent Garden (adv)
Oliphant, William, & Co., St. Giles's Street, Edinburgh
Oxford University Press, Specimens of Bibles, Prayer Bks., &c.
Parker, James, & Co., Oxford and 377 Strand
Philip, George, & Son, 32 Fleet Street and Liverpool
Pickering, Basil Montague, 196 Piccadilly
Plattnauer, J., Aldine Chambers, 13 Paternoster Row (adv)
Record Office Publications
Religious Tract Society, 56 Paternoster Row
Rivers, George, Aldine Chambers, 13 Paternoster Row (adv)
Rivingtons, London, Oxford, and Cambridge
Rock Brothers & Payne, 11 Walbrook (adv)
Seton & Mackenzie, 81 George Street, Edinburgh
Smith, Elder, & Co., 15 Waterloo Place
Society for Promotion of Christian Knowledge, 77 Great Queen Street
Stevens & Haynes, Bell Yard, Temple Bar
Stevenson, Henry, & Co., 65 Paternoster Row (adv)
Stock, Elliot, 62 Paternoster Row (adv)
Strahan, Alexander, & Co., 12 Paternoster Row
Sunday School Union, 56 Old Bailey
Suttaby, Robert & Arthur, 2 Amen Corner, Paternoster Row (adv)
Tinsley Brothers, 18 Catherine Street, Strand
Trubner & Co., 57 Ludsgate Hill
Truelove, High Holborn
Van Vorst, John, 1 Paternoster Row (adv)
Ward, Lock, & Tyler, Warwick House, Paternoster Row
---- List of Moxon, Son, & Co.'s Publications
Wheldson, John, 4 Paternoster Row (adv)
Whitaker, Joseph, 12 Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row
Williams & Son, Eton (adv)
Willoughby, Richard, 29 Paternoster Row (adv)
Wohlauer, F., St. Paul's Chambers (adv)
Woodall & Venables, Owestry

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