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LULAC COUNCIL 10 (Davenport, Iowa)
RECORDS, 1959-2010
QUANTITY: 5.75 linear feet

Acquisition: The records (donor no. 995) were donated by LULAC Council 10 in 2006 and subsequent years.

The records are open for research.
Copyright: Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to the University of Iowa.

Preferred Citation:
Box #, LULAC Council 10 Records, Iowa Women’s Archives, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City.

Photographs: In Boxes 8 and 15.
Audiovisual: One videocassette, shelved in video collection (V429); one DVD, shelved in digital collection (d0051).

Processed by: June Silliman, Janet Weaver, 2009.

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The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council 10, was chartered in Davenport on February 16, 1959.   It was the fifth LULAC council to be formed in Iowa and its officers were sworn in at the second annual Iowa state LULAC convention, held in Fort Madison on May 30, 1959.  The national LULAC organization was founded in Texas in 1929 to promote the rights of Mexican American citizens of the United States and to preserve the rich traditions and cultural heritage of its members.  LULAC expanded into the Midwest during the late 1950s under the leadership of Felix Tijerina who served as president of the national organization from 1956 to 1960.  Prior to the formation of LULAC Council 10, four other councils were formed in Iowa: LULAC Council 304 (Fort Madison, 1957); LULAC Council 306 (Des Moines, 1957); Des Moines Ladies Council 308 (1957); LULAC Council 319 (Mason City, 1958).

The members of Davenport LULAC Council 10 engaged in a wide range of social and political activities.  They held annual fiestas and queens competitions and participated in the national LULAC scholarship program to fund educational opportunities for Mexican American students to pursue college education. The council maintained a rigorous civil rights agenda and, during the 1960s, collaborated with other activists to secure fair housing legislation and the appointment of a full-time director to the Davenport Human Relations Commission in 1970.  LULAC Council 10 members promoted bilingual education in Iowa schools and successfully lobbied the state legislature to form the Iowa Spanish Speaking Peoples Commission, which was signed into law by Governor Ray in 1976. 

Scope and Content Note

The records of LULAC Council 10 date from 1959 to 2009 and measure 5.75 linear feet.  The records are organized in the following series: History, Administration, Activities, Organizations and activism, Scholarship Program, Spanish-Speaking Elderly Program, State and national LULAC, Newspaper clippings, Photographs, and Newsletters. 

The History series (1959-1979) includes a copy of LULAC Council 10's charter, newspaper articles, histories of the council, and a video-taped interview with Henry Vargas, a founding member of the council.  Also included is raw footage of interviews with five World War II veterans who were members of Council 10: Anthony Navarro, Samuel Vasquez, Maurice Vasquez, Michael Cervantes, and Vincent Martinez.  The interviews were recorded in 2007 at the LULAC club in Davenport by Iowa Public Television for "The War: A Ken Burns Film."    

The Administration series (1969-2004) includes membership packets and brochures, member lists and minutes of meetings, as well as financial records and correspondence. The Activities series (1969-2009) reflects the range of activities that Council 10 members participated in.  It contains the council's annual fiesta programs, the 1971 Women's International Bowling Congress championship certificate won by Council 10's women's team, and accounts of Cesar Chavez's 1992 visit to Davenport to receive the prestigious Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom award of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Davenport. 

The Organizations and activism series (1967-1982) provides insight into organizations that Council 10 members led or participated in.  In 1968, Council 10 formed the Quad City Grape Boycott Committee under the leadership of Davenport's John Terronez, who served concurrently as Iowa state LULAC director.  The grape boycott committee folders contain newsletters, newspaper articles, flyers and brochures about the committee's activities. Also included are materials from the United Farm Workers Organizing Committee (UFWOC). A substantial run of the UFWOC newsletter El Malcriado, published in Delano, California, can be found in the Newsletters series.  The Area Board for Migrants (ABFM) folders explain the formation, funding, and programs of the ABFM under the leadership of Ernest Rodriguez, a founding member of LULAC Council 10.  These folders contain information about a job placement program initiated by the ABFM known as Trabajo that was coordinated by Council 10 member Mary Terronez.  The Immigration and employment folder includes the 1976 response from the U.S. Department of Defense to a complaint against International Harvester Corporation filed by LULAC Council 10 president Henry Vargas.  Also included in the immigration and employment folder are the minutes of a 1982 meeting called by Council 10 in response to "Operation Jobs Sweep." 

The Scholarship program series (1970-1989) illustrates the organization and planning behind the highly successful LULAC scholarship program undertaken by Council 10 members to provide scholarships for Mexican American students to pursue college education. The Spanish-Speaking Elderly Program (SSEP) series (1973-1975) details the program initiated by Council 10 to meet the needs of elderly Spanish-speaking residents of the Davenport area.  The records of the SSEP include board minutes, meetings and newsletters that reflect the activities of the many members of Council 10 who supported the program.

The State and national LULAC series (1962-2001) comprises convention programs and related materials, including the 1968-1970 correspondence of state LULAC director John Terronez.  The bulk of the Reports (1968-1976) are government publications relating to the history and social and economic circumstances of Mexican Americans living in Iowa.  The Photographs series (1959-1969) includes the exhibit boards from the LULAC club in Davenport, which contain several photos from the 1967 and 1968 state LULAC conventions. These boards have been digitized and can be viewed on the Iowa Digital Libraries site. Many of the individuals in the photographs have been identified by members of LULAC Council 10.

The final and largest series in the collection is the Newsletters (1961-2010).  It is divided into subseries for LULAC, Iowa, and individual states.  There is a fairly complete run of the newsletters of LULAC Council 10 from 1994, but only one partial newsletter (1961) exists for the earlier period. There is a brief run of the Iowa state LULAC newsletter, LULAC Glances, and a few newsletters of the national organization, LULAC News, including the 1963 memorial edition published following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy   Many of the newsletters are local Chicano publications from the Southwest and Midwest, dating from the 1960s to the early 1970s. El Malcriado, the bi-monthly publication of the United Farm Workers, during and after the Delano, California, grape strike is contained in this series as well as newsletters of the American G.I. Forum, The Forumeer. 

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Box List

Box 1
General, 1959-1979
All for One & One For All, 75 year history of LULAC, 2004
Henry Vargas interview, Davenport, undated [V429: shelved in videocassette collection]
"The War: Interviews with WWII Veterans," IPTV, 2007 [d0051:shelved in digital collection]

Constitution and by-laws, 1981, 1996, and undated
Committees, 1973-1974
Correspondence, 1969-1982
Correspondence, 1995-2001
Correspondence, 2002-2004
Membership, 1969-1990
Membership, 1973 and undated
Membership meetings and minutes, 1960-1969
Membership meetings and minutes, 1973-1976
Membership meetings and minutes, 1980-1999
Membership meetings and minutes, 2000

Box 2
Membership meetings and minutes, 2001-2003
Financial records,1961-2003 (7 folders)

Box 3
50th anniversary celebration, 2009
Bettendorf International Folk Festival, 1975
Bowling and bingo, 1971-2004
Dances, 1965-1990
Ephemera, 1963-1969
Fiestas, 1960-1988
Fiestas, 1990-2006
LULAC Man and Woman of the Year, 1972
"LULAC Week," 1969-1999
Pacem in Terris Award, 1992 [Cesar Chavez]
Scott County Veterans Memorial, 1993

General, 1967-2002
Area Board for Migrants (ABFM), 1970-1974
ABFM, printed materials, 1971-1974
ABFM, Trabajo, 1973-1974 (folder 1 of 2)

Box 4
ABFM, Trabajo, 1973-1974 (folder 2 of 2)
Illinois LULAC Education Service Center, 1974
Immigration and employment, 1975-1982
La Raza, 1972-1974
Minority Coalition (MIN-CO), 1970
Quad City Grape Boycott Committee, 1969 and undated
Quad City Grape Boycott Committee, 1970-1972
Quad City Grape Boycott Committee, newspaper clippings, 1969 [oversize: shelved in map case]

Reports, 1970-1989
Scholarship program binder, 1979

Box 5
Project narratives, 1973-1974
Area IX Agency on Aging, 1974-1975
Board meetings/reports, 1973-1974
Board meetings/reports, 1974-1975
Conferences on aging, 1974-1975
Conferences on aging - Topeka, Kansas, 1973
Correspondence, 1973-1975
Correspondence - insurance, 1974
Employment - policies, 1971-1973
Employment - job descriptions, undated
Employment - volunteers, 1973-1974 and undated
Financial records, 1973-1974
Financial records - reports, 1974-1975

Box 6
Financial records - food receipts, 1973
Financial records - time sheets, 1974-1975
Newsletters, LULAC Spanish Speaking Elderly Program, 1974
Participants and activities, 1974

State convention programs, 1962 -1976
State convention programs, 1980-2001
State conventions, 1969
State conventions, 1974
State conventions, 1985
State conventions, 1992-1999
State director - reports and correspondence, 1969-1974
National conventions, 1979, 1983, 1999

Box 7
"Spanish-Surnamed American College Graduates," Inter-Agency Committee on Mexican American Affairs, Washington D.C., 1968

"Cabinet Committee on Opportunity for the Spanish Speaking," Washington D.C., 1970-1971

"¿A donde vamos ahora? (Where are we going now?) A Report on the Problems of the Spanish Surnamed and Migrant Population in Iowa prepared by the Iowa State Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights," 1970, photocopy [original shelved in printed works collection]

"Conoceme en Iowa," 1976, photocopy [original shelved in printed works collection]

General, 1969-2004
General, 1963-1979 [oversize: shelved in map case]
Press releases, 2003-2005

Box 8
General, 1920s-1960s [oversize: shelved in map case]
General, 1960s-1980s
LULAC exhibit boards, 1967-1969  [oversize: shelved in Box 15]


LULAC Council 10, 1961 (one issue, partial)
LULAC Council 10, 1994-1996
LULAC Council 10, 1996-1997
LULAC Council 10, 1997-1998
LULAC Council 10, 1999
LULAC Council 10, 2000
LULAC Council 10, 2001
LULAC Council 10, 2002-2005
LULAC Council 10, 2006-2010
Iowa State LULAC
LULAC Glances, 1969-1970

Box 9
LULAC (cont.)

National LULAC
LULAC News, JFK memorial edition, 1963 [oversize: shelved in map case]
LULAC News, 1967-1968
LULAC News, 1969-1992
The Activator, Des Moines, 1970-1971
Antorcha Chicana,
Muscatine, 1971
Quad Cities, 1971-1972
The Eastside Story,
Neighborhood Assembly, Davenport, 1971
Friendly News, United Community Services, Friendly House, Davenport, 1970
Iowa AFL-CIO News, Des Moines, 1971-1972
El Laberinto, Chicano-Indian Cultural Center, University of Iowa, 1972 (one issue)
Nahuatzen, Centro Cultural Chicano, University of Iowa, 1972
Penal Digest International, Iowa City,1971
General, 1971-1972

Box 10
California (cont.)
El Chicano , San Bernardino, CA, 1971-1972 (4 folders)

Box 11
The Forumeer, San Jose, CA, 1968-1970, 1974
El Grito de Aztlan, undated
Ideal, Coachella, CA, 1970-1974
El Malcriado, Delano, CA, 1968-1969
El Malcriado, Delano, CA, 1971
El Malcriado, Delano, CA, 1972-1973
El Malcriado, Delano, CA, 1973-1974
National Chicano Health Organization Newsletter, Los Angeles, CA, 1973-1974
Ahora, Central, CO, 1971-1972
El Gallo, Denver, CO, 1971-1974

Box 12
Cha Noticias, Aurora, IL, 1970
El Informador, Chicago, IL, 1968-1971
El Informador, Chicago, IL, 1971
El Manana, Chicago, IL, 1972
Mi Sangre, Chicago, IL, 1972
The People of the Sun, Chicago, IL, undated
El Puertorriqueño, Chicago, IL, 1971
Rising Up Angry, Chicago, IL, 1971
El Tiempo, Chicago, IL, 1972, 1974
Miscellaneous, Chicago, IL, 1971-1972
Joaquin, Fort Wayne, IN, 1972 and undated
Los Desarraigados, Notre Dame, IN, 1973, 1977

Box 13
Latin Times, East Chicago, IN, 1971-1974 (4 folders)
La Causa, Iona, MI, 1972 (single issue)
Missouri / Kansas
entrelíneas, Kansas City, MO, 1974
Grito del Barrio!, Kansas City, KS, 1970
The People's Voice, Kansas City, KS, 1971
New Mexico
El Grito del Norte, Espanola, NM, 1971-1973 (2 folders)

Box 14
New Mexico (cont.)
La Voz de La Alianza, Albuquerque, NM, 1971
New York
Miscellaneous, New York, 1971-1974 (2 folders)
Echo, TX, 1971-1972
El Encuentro, TX, 1972-1974
Images, TX, 1971
Miscellaneous, TX, 1970-1972
Washington D.C.
Ada World, Washington D.C.,1972
Hoy, Washington D.C., 1972-1974
National Spanish Speaking Management Association Informe, Washington D.C., 1972
Rassa Lobbyist, Washington D.C., 1973
Miscellaneous, Washington D.C., 1972
Adelanta Raza, WI, 1972-1974

Box 15
LULAC exhibit boards, 1967-1969

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