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Collection Overview

The records were donated by Geraldine Busse (donor no. 104) in 1994 and Mary Kelly (donor no. 861) in 2002.
The records are open for research.
Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to The University of Iowa. 
  Audiovisual: One audiocassette (AC 1158) shelved in audiocassette collection.  
In Box 13.
Processed by:
Bridget M. Butler, 1992; Fiona McDougall, 2006. [IowaLeagueNursing.doc]


The Iowa League for Nursing (ILN) is a constituent league of the National League for Nursing, Inc. (NLN).  The NLN was formed in 1952 through the merger of seven established national nursing groups, the oldest of which, the National League of Nursing Education, had been in operation since 1893. Since its inception the NLN has had one goal: "to assist in meeting the health care needs of the people."  Its membership includes registered and licensed practical nurses, educators, physicians, therapists, and hospital administrators. The national league, as well as its constituent leagues, has pursued its primary objective by offering non-degree continuing education programs and workshops, advocating standardized education and accreditation for nursing schools, and increasing community support and recognition for nursing as a profession. 

The Iowa League for Nursing (ILN) maintains parallel goals and objectives to its parent organization.  The ILN’s efforts have included active participation in community planning and action for health care, advocating changes such as home health care. The organization made efforts to assure the continuing supply of nurses by providing them with the educational opportunities to reach their maximum career potential, ability to move into management and leadership positions, and promoting a greater public appreciation of nursing as a profession. 

The ILN maintains a cooperative relationship with the Iowa Association of Nursing Students, supports a scholarship program, and grants complimentary memberships to nursing students.  The League also participates in a regional network of leagues and is active in providing high-quality, low-cost programs and workshops throughout the state.  These address a wide range of topics from spinal cord injuries and adolescent pregnancy to ethical issues in nursing, the effect of health care legislation in Iowa, and collective bargaining.

The Iowa League for Nursing (ILN) changed its name to the Iowa Citizens’ League for Nursing (ICLN) in 1969 in order to emphasize “that this is a community organization.” The name change was approved at the May 27, 1969 board meeting and adopted at the December 2, 1969 annual meeting and the organization started using its new name in January of 1970.           

The ICLN changed its name back to Iowa League for Nursing in 1979 “as a way to better represent the group.” In 1978 and 1979 records show that the group began to use the old name (Iowa League for Nursing) on a regular basis. The name was officially changed at the September 21, 1979 annual meeting when the members voted to change the by-laws and return to the name Iowa League for Nursing.

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Iowa League for Nursing (ILN) measure 5.5 linear feet and date from 1952 to 2002. The records are arranged in six series: Administrative Records, Education and Outreach, Eastern Iowa League for Nursing, National League for Nursing, Related Organizations, and Artifacts. Most of the collection relates to annual meetings, board meetings and annual workshops.

The Administrative Records series (1952-2002) contains a history of what led to the founding of the ILN; annual meetings packets that include minutes from the meetings and all the attachments and memos related to the meetings; board meeting packets which contain the minutes of the board meetings, treasurer’s reports, and correspondence related to ILN business; drafts of the policy and procedure manual; and a scrapbook (removed from a three ringer binder) which contains newspaper clippings from the 1950s and 1960s chronicling major events of the ILN.

The Education and Outreach series (1963-2000) consists mainly of documents related to the workshops the ILN sponsored for continuing education credit. The workshop packets contain background information on the presenter, registration materials, surveys on participant satisfaction, handouts and bibliographies for further reading. The Eastern Iowa League for Nursing series (1955-1968) consists of administrative materials similar to those in the Iowa League for Nursing series except they relate to eastern Iowa. The National League for Nursing series (1959-1992) contains materials provided by the national organization including goals and guidelines for state affiliate leagues, annual meeting minutes and reports. The series also includes a slide show with accompanying script and audiocassette titled, This is the National League for Nursing. Two group photographs circa 1969 complete the series.

The Related Organizations series (1960-1991) contains material from groups interested in health care in the Midwest. Many contain administrative records but the series also includes a report on nurse-doctor patient care committees in Iowa hospitals, and reports on staff nurse position responsibilities in Iowa general hospitals.
The Artifacts consist of two wooden gavels, each bearing a silver plaque. The ILN gavel reads: “presented in 1955 to Iowa League for Nursing by State Nurses’ Association.” The EILN gavel reads: “Eastern Iowa League for Nursing 1955.” Two buttons that advertise the National League for Nursing complete the series.

Box List

Box 1                  
  Adminstrative records        
    History 1913-1952, undated
Advertisements, 1986
Annual meetings, 1955-1962 (7 folders)
Box 2                  
    Annual meetings, 1969-1986 (10 folders)
Box 3                  
    Annual meetings, 1987-1996 (5 folders)
Articles of incorporation (revised), 1959
Board minutes, 1952-1957
Board minutes, 1958-1959
Board meetings, 1963-1965
Box 4                  
    Board meetings, 1966-1977 (10 folders)
Box 5                  
    Board meetings, 1978-1991 (11 folders)
Box 6                  
    Board meetings, 1992-2002 (2 folders)
Committee members and ballots, 1975-1999
Constitution and bylaws, 1952-1975
Convention committee, 1960
Correspondence, 1972-1975
Financial, 1967-1985
Handbook, 1998-1999 [3-ring binder]
Box 7                  
    Long range plans, 1989-1991
List, 1973
List, 1998-1999 (2 folders)
    Newsletters, 1955-1981 (3 folders)
Box 8                  

Newsletters, 1983-2000 (2 folders)
Officers and board members, 1979-1992
Policy and procedures manual, 1979 (2 folders)
Program review committee, 1972-1974
Scrapbook, 1950s and 1960s (2 folders)
Miscellaneous, 1973-1993

Box 9                  
  Education and Outreach
    Educator’s conference survey, 1990-1991
Nursing education committee, 1963-1993
Provider application, 1979-1984
Provider correspondence, 1979-1980
      “Trends in perinatal care in Iowa,” 11/14/1974
“Who cares: workshop on patient rights,” 5/5/1976
“Physical and behavorial assessment of elderly,” 11/19/1976
“Nursing management strategies,” 04/14/77
“Management strategies: the budgeting process,” 09/09/1977
“Nursing process,” 5/23/1978
“The manager in action,” 11/3/1978
“Issues and goals for articulation between nursing service and
education,” 4/18/1980
“Elements of supervision: basic,” 7/14-15/1980 (folder 1)
Box 10                  

“Elements of supervision: basic,”07/14/1980 (folder 2)
“Reality shock: biculturalism,” 12/01/1980
 “Study of credentialing: a new approach,” 3/20/1981
“Ethical issues in nursing,” 11/20/1981
“A company called you: productivity–unlimited potential,” 04/05/1982
“Toward levels of nursing practice,” 9/17/1982
“Red tape: who needs it?,” 5/27/1983
“Legal issues—a way of life,” 9/16/1983
“Leadership effectiveness,” 11/28/83
 “Computers for nursing,” 4/6/1984
“Looking forward to retirement,” 10/15/1984

Box 11                  
      “Marketing your skills in a changing employment environment,” 11/10/1984
“Nursing authority for practice,” 5/10/1985
“Problems, predicaments, and lost causes,” 11/11/1985
 “Spring workshop,” 4/11/1986
“Impaired nursing practice: identification and intervention,” 03/20/1987
“Taking the mama out of management,” 03/18/1988
“Nursing conference on strategies to manage the nursing shortage in Iowa,” 12/6/1988
“Legal issues in nursing,” 3/30/1989
“Empowerment: a strategy for nursing’s success,” 06/27/1989
“Women working with women,” 03/09/1990
 “Impressions,” 02/05/1991
“Personality types and leadership temperaments,” 06/05/1991
“A new era for the nursing profession: education and service,” 07/11/1991
“Walk-on-water women: the risks, rewards and realities of being a high achiever,” 03/13/1992
“Health care reform: quality and cost,”10/08/93
 “The evolving roles of the nurse,” 08/04/1994
“Pain management with the aging client,” 04/20/1995
Box 12                  
      “Outcomes assessment: the agony and the ecstasy--a one day  workshop,” 06/03/1996
“Values and vision of care: impact on nursing,” 11/01/1996
“Delegation: concepts and decision-making process,” 10/30/1997
  Eastern Iowa League for Nursing        

Annual meeting, 1955-1968 (2 folders)
Board meeting minutes, 1955-1967
Constitution and bylaws, 1962
Regular and annual meeting minutes, 1955-1966

  National League for Nursing        
    History, c. 1982
Annual reports, 1972-1979
Annual reports 1980-1990
Box 13                  
    Bylaws (amended), 1959
Constituent league handbook, 1992
Convention 1974
Convention, 1991
Council annual meetings, 1992
Guidelines for continuing education workshops, 1973
Information about league and nursing, 1973
Information on home health care agencies, 1971-1973
Meetings and reports, 1974
Membership, 1975, 1991
Photographs, c. 1969
Publications, 1970-1975
“This is the National League for Nursing,” 1977
Audiocassette [shelved in audiocassette collection: AC1158]
    Miscellaneous, 1971-1991        
  Related organizations        
    Council on Mental Health, 1964-1967
Iowa Association of Nursing Students, 1960-1991 (folder 1)
Box 14                  
    Iowa Association of Nursing Students, 1960-1991 (folder 2)
Iowa Nurses’ Association, 1961-1967
Midwest Alliance in Nursing, 1991
Nebraska State League for Nursing, 1968
Interorganizational committees
      Iowa Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease Association and Iowa
Citizen’s League for Nursing (ICLN), 1964, 1969, 1970
Iowa Nurses’ Association (INA), Iowa Medical Society (IMA) and Iowa League for Nursing (ILN), 1967-1971
Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) and Iowa League for Nursing (ILN), 1962-1969
Miscellaneous Committees, 1972-1974
Box 15                  
    Buttons (2), 1993
ILN gavel, 1955
EILN gavel, 1955


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