RECORDS, 1900-2006

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The »records (donor no. 257) were donated by the Department of Sport, Health, Leisure and Physical Studies in 1995 and subsequent years».


The »records are open for research.


»Copyright to many of the materials is held by the University of Iowa.


Films shelved in boxes F1-F11; five videocassettes (V222, V224, V311, V380, and V354) shelved in videocassette collection; two copies of one DVD (d0044) shelved in digital collection.


In boxes 91-96, and the mapcase.»


Shelley Lucas, 2001; Nicole Kotrba, 2003; Jun-Nicole Matsushita, 2006; Sharon M. Lake, 2007Your name, year [filename]».  [UIDeptPEWomen.doc]




» History

            In 1900 the Department of Physical Culture and Athletics had only one woman member, an assistant in charge of physical training for women.  By 1924 the Department of Physical Education was established with four departments: inter-collegiate athletics, physical education for men, physical education for women, and intramural games.  By that year every member of the women’s staff was a graduate of a physical education school and a major field of study in Women’s Physical Education was established.  The women’s physical education program became a pioneer in the development of graduate study and professional training.  Elizabeth Halsey headed the department from 1924-1955.  M.Gladys Scott, who received the first Ph.D. in women’s physical education from the University of Iowa in 1937, succeeded Halsey as department chair from 1955-1974.  Margaret Fox (1974-1978), N. Peggy Burke (1978-1987), Yvonne (Bonnie Slatton (1987-2000), and Susan Birrell (2000- ) followed in succession as department chairpersons.   

            The athletic/physical education departments were later reorganized in a variety of configurations including the Department of Physical Education and Dance (1976-1987), Physical Education and Sport Studies (housed within the Division of Physical Education) (1987-1993), the Department of Sport, Health, Leisure and Physical Studies (1993-2000), the Department of Health, Leisure and Sport Studies (2000-2001) and the Department of Health and Sport Studies (2001- ).  Physical education is no longer offered as a field of study.

            The Women’s Athletic Association (WAA), an intramural organization with both an athletic and social focus, was organized in 1911 to “promote a spirit of fair play and sportsmanship among girls.”  The Association was comprised of various clubs, including Orchesis (dance), Seals (swimming) and others for outing, hockey, canoeing, archery, badminton, tennis, basketball, and handicrafts.  The group sponsored tournaments, play days, classes in social dancing, and all-freshmen parties.  In 1941, the name of the organization changed to the Women’s Recreation Association (WRA).  The WAA/WRA provided college women opportunities to participate in sports, either intramural or as a member of a sport club, as there were no varsity sport teams available for women at The University of Iowa until the late 1960s and early 1970s.

            Intercollegiate athletics for women at The University of Iowa originated in the Department of Physical Education for Women in the late 1960s and early 1970s and maintained that association until 2000.  This relationship stemmed from the philosophy of the women physical educators and the value they placed on education and women-centered and controlled sport.Begin text here:»  In 1973, Christine Grant was appointed Director of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women, a position she held until her retirement in August 2000.  Following Grant’s retirement, the women’s and men’s athletic departments were merged, ending Iowa’s tenure as one of the few NCAA Division I schools to maintain a separate department and director of athletics for women.



Department Chairperson


1924-1955                   Elizabeth Halsey

1955-1974                   M. Gladys Scott

1974-1978                   Margaret Fox

1978-1987             N. Peggy Burke

1987-2000*     Yvonne (Bonnie) Slatton

2000-                             Susan Birrell



Department Name


1924-1975             Physical Education for Women

1976-1987                   Physical Education and Dance

1987-1993                   Physical Education and Sport Studies**

1993-2000                   Sport, Health, Leisure and Physical Studies

2000-2001                   Health, Leisure and Sport Studies

2002-                           Health and Sport Studies

* The Division of Physical Education was served by several different chairpersons, including Arnold Small, Alicia Brown, and Benjamin Hunnicutt.  Bonnie Slatton’s leadership began as chair of the Physical Education and Sport Studies Department within this division. 


** The Department of Physical Education and Sport Studies was located within the Division of Physical Education.  Other departments in this division were Exercise Science, Leisure Studies, and Dance. 



Scope and Content Note 


            Begin text here:The University of Iowa Physical Education for Women records date from 1900 to 2006 and measure 37.3 linear feet.  The papers are arranged in fifteen series:  Departmental history, Administrative correspondence, Intercollegiate athletics, Iowa City Field Hockey Club, P.E. Major Council, Professional organizations, World War II, Administrative records, Facilities, Publications, Photographs, Newspaper Clippings, Artifacts, and Films and audiovisual materials.  The Women’s Recreation Association  (WRA) records are held in a separate collection—the University of Iowa Department of Physical Education for Women/Women’s Recreational Association—at the Iowa Women’s Archives.


                        The Departmental History series (1934-1999) contains university publications, correspondence, and three scrapbooks that document and reflect the social activities and departmental accomplishments achieved by both students and faculty of the Department of Physical Education for Women.  Obituaries, eulogies and remembrances of deceased faculty and alumnus complete the series.


The Administrative Correspondence series (1916-1995) includes class schedules, newspaper clippings from the 1930s and 1940s, literature about gymnasium clothing from 1930 and 1964, a student-teacher report, and correspondence relating to the pros and cons of the physical education requirement.  The administrative correspondence of three former department chairs:  Elizabeth Halsey (1925-1955), M. Gladys Scott (1955-1974) and Margaret Fox (1974-1978) comprise the bulk of this series.  Interfiled within their correspondence are those of persons serving as interim chairs, including Marjorie Camp and Miriam Taylor during Halsey’s tenure. 

The Intercollegiate Athletics series (1953-1997) traces the formal organization and development of intercollegiate athletics for women at The University of Iowa.  In addition to administrative records, this series includes records from the university’s Women’s Intercollegiate Sport Committee (WISC), the statewide Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Committee (WIAC), and the national and state Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women organizations (AIAW and IAIAW).  The Intramurals sub series consists primarily of records from the Big Ten Women’s Intramural Conferences.  At these conferences, women’s physical educators discussed and debated the merits and logistics of offering intramural and extramural sport activities for college women.  Supporting documents such as school intramural handbooks and surveys on women’s sport programs are included.

The Iowa City Field Hockey Club series (1936-1974) documents the yearly activities of this club whose membership consisted of women’s physical education faculty members, former students, and Iowa City residents.  This series also contains records from the United States Field Hockey Association (USFHA) and the Midwest Field Hockey Association (MWFHA).  The Iowa City Field Hockey Club hosted the Midwest Tournament in 1956 and 1962.  They joined the student-run WAA Field Hockey Club in welcoming the Welsh Touring Team in 1936, and they hosted teams from Switzerland and Argentina for the 1963 USFHA International Tour.  The Iowa City Field Hockey Club often practiced and played against the WRA Field Hockey Club (see the WRA Series).


The P.E. Major Council series (1922-1974) documents the activities and organizational structure of this group and the affiliated P.E. Majors (P.E.M.) Alumnae Association.  This series includes the constitutions, minutes accounts, and correspondence, as well as their newsletter, “Major Matters,” and information on banquets and social activities. 


The Professional Organizations (1900-1997) series houses records from the variety of national, regional and state organizations to which department faculty members belonged.  These organizations focused on issues and debates in the areas of physical education, health, recreation, intramurals and sport.


            The World War II series (1941-1942) is comprised of materials relating to military leisure and recreation programs, the United Service Organizations (USO), and papers advocating specific wartime physical education and training programs for college women, naval aviation schools, and others.  The USO file also includes two pieces of correspondence from Iowa students reporting on the USO and recreation opportunities.


The Administrative Records series (1916-2006) contains financial records, meeting minutes, course outlines and teaching material for skills and major courses.  Included are academic requirements for undergraduate and graduate students, a departmental analysis, and research files that contain data, statistical analyses, and manuscripts written by both faculty and students.  Margaret Fox’s research and teaching materials were removed and placed within the Margaret Fox papers.


The Facilities series (1944-1979) includes a 1944 “Needs and Plans” report prepared by the department relating to building and equipment needs, and budgets and correspondence dealing with a proposed addition to the Women’s Gymnasium (1951-1952).


A collection of periodicals, educational and government issued pamphlets, and teaching manuals pertaining to issues of health, physical education and recreation are located in the Publications (1914-1984) series.  Shelved with the printed works collection are the 1927 through 1932 bound volumes of the Sportswoman, The Theory and Technique of Women’s Basketball (1929) by Marjorie E. Fish, and the Girl Scout Song Book (1929) published by the Girls Scouts, Inc.


An extensive collection of Photographs (1906-2004) depict a wide variety of athletic activities, in addition to portraits of faculty and students, university buildings, children’s classes, and departmental social events.  Photographs of alumnus were collected for the department’s centennial anniversary.


Issues pertaining to research conducted by students and faculty, and their achievements are located in the Newspaper Clippings series (1921-1989). Coverage of women’s intercollegiate athletics completes the series.  A wooden Volleyball Champs placard, unidentified wool basketball uniform and a blue tunic worn with bloomers comprise the Artifacts series.


            The Films series (1933-1968) consists of reel-to-reel films of sporting events (primarily field hockey), instructional guides for sport and recreation, thesis/student projects and miscellaneous topics such as modern dance and posture.


The Audiovisual materials series (1933-1998) includes CBS’s broadcast of the 1991 NCAA final between Iowa and Vanderbilt, and a celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Iowa women’s intercollegiate sports program that includes remarks by Christine Grant and University of Iowa President Mary Sue Coleman, an historical overview of women’s sports at the University of Iowa and interviews with former University of Iowa women athletes.





Related Collections


C. Pauline Spencer papers

Spencer was a 1923 graduate of the Department of Physical Education

for Women.


N. Peggy Burke papers

Burke was a department chair in the Department of Physical Education for Women.


Christine Grant papers

Grant was a graduate and faculty member of the University of Iowa Department of Physical Education for Women, and the director of Women’s Athletics.


Geraldine Greenlee papers

            Greenlee was a graduate of the Department of Physical Education for Women.


Margaret Fox papers

Fox was a department chair in the Department of Physical Education for Women.


Marcia Thayer

            Thayer was a dance faculty member in the Department of Physical Education for



University of Iowa Department of Physical Education for Women/Women’s Recreation Association Records.


WSUI- Julie Englander, “100th Anniversary of UI Health and Sport Studies.”

The WSUI records, which contain oral interviews with alumnae and faculty of the Department of Health and Sport Studies. 

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Box 1


Cultural Studies in Physical Education


Alley, Louis E., 1991

Alumnus, 1988-1989

Halsey, Elizabeth, 1974-1975

Harris, Dorothy, 1991

Homans, Amy Morris, 1934

Homewood, Jean, 1961

Gladys, M. Scott, 1990

Sprague, Ann, 1974

Taylor, Miriam, 1974

Degrees Granted, 1937-1967

Departmental Analysis,

Departmental Development

Departmental Restructuring



Faculty List, 1939-1968

Graduate Program

High School Recruitment, 1950-1952

Interview with M. Gladys Scott, 1988

In The News, 1959, 1999

Newsletters, 1947, 1978-1985, 1991

Number of Staff and Students, 1926-1955

Office of the Vice President of the United States, 1946, 1955


Kenyon, Gerald, “Social Science of Sport and Physical Activity,” 1966

Smithells, Philip, “The Status of Physical Education, A New Zealander’s Viewpoint”

Wilson, Marjorie, “Changes in Status of American Women in the Last Fifty Years,” 1958

Unknown Author, “My perceptions of Physical Education and Recreation”

Press Releases, 1953-1962

Public Relations Strategy


Commencement Exercises, 1947

Course Bulletins

Graduate Program

Skills Handbook

Summer Session

Undergraduate Program


Box 2

Scrapbook, 1952-1968 (5 folders)

Scrapbook, 1938-1948 [Oversize: Box 95]

Scrapbook, 1963-1964 [Oversize: Box 95]

Box 3


Elizabeth Halsey

 “A,” 1929-1952

American Association for Health, Physical Education, and Recreation (AAHPER)

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) Evaluation

Alumni Correspondence



Athletic Competition for Youths, 1952-1954, 1958

“B,” 1925-1955 (3 folders)


Box 4

Barnes, H.G. (Registrar) 1939-1945

Barnes, Milford (Hygiene Department)

Bechler, Paul, 1946-1951

Belting, P.E. (Director of Physical Education), 1925-1929

Bibliographic Notebook

Boy Scouts of America, 1936

Building Committee

Correspondence, 1943-1951



Box 5

Burge, Adelaide, 1925-1942

“C,” 1929-1955 (3 folders)

California (Field Hockey Umpiring Conference), 1937

Camp, Marjorie, 1929-1935

Camp, Frances,

Campus Planning Committee, 1952

Cobb, W.H.

Conference on Fundamentals of Bodily Skill, 1929


Dance, 1948-1949

Davis, Harvey


Box 6

Dean of Liberal Arts

McGrath, Earl

Newburn, Harry

Stuit, Dewey

Department of Health Inspection Reports, 1952-1960 (5 folders)

Dorcas, H.C., 1927-1930 (3 folders)


Box 7

Dorcas, H.C., 1930-1939 (4 folders)

“E,” 1932-1954

Employment Services

Ensign, F.C.

Extension Division

“F,” 1929-1954

“G,” 1929-1950 (2 folders)

Galiher, Charles

Gilmore, Eugene

Gould, Mabel

“H,” 1928-1930


Box 8

“H,” 1931-1954 (6 folders)

Hancher, Virgil

Hick Hawks

Hinman, Jack Jr.

Hockey Equipment

Humeston, F.E.

“I,” 1932-1936

Interchange of Teachers, 1948-1952

“J,” 1929-1948

Jackson Mill Report (Professional Preparation), 1953


Box 9

“K,” 1916-1951

Kay, George, 1927-1941

Keeley, Myrtle, 1937-1944

Kirby, Thomas

Knight, Frederic

“L,” 1919-1952 (3 folders)

“M,” 1929-1952

Mahan, Bruce

Maruth, Charles

Mott, Frank

“Mc,” 1928-1952


Box 10

McBroom, Maude

McCloy, C.H.

“N,” 1932-1952

“O,” 1932-1954

“P,” 1929-1955 (2 folders)

Packer, Paul

Personality Rating

Physical Education and Athletics

Pieper, Ruth

Pownall, Fred

Publication: Development of Public Recreation in Metropolitan Chicago, 1940 [Maps, 1900-1930 located in mapcase]

“Q,” 1932

“R,” 1932-1952 (3 folders)

Recreation Majors Core Course Requirements, 1949


Box 11

Recreation Position

Recreational Programs, 1937-1940

Registrar’s Office

Report of the Graduate College, 1938

Rienow, Robert

“S,” 1928-1952 (5 folders)

Schroeder, E.G.

Seashore, Carl


Box 12

Smith, Arthur, 1928-1940



Candidates, 1947-1955

Minutes, 1945-1952 (3 folders)

Steindler, Arthur

Stoddard, George, 1930-1942

Student Progress

“T,” 1929-1951

Taylor, Miriam (25th year), 1945

Teacher Training

Certification of Teachers

“Criteria for Studying Democratic Practices in the Preparation of Women Teachers of Physical Education”

Major Course Curriculum Studies


Box 13

 Progress Report- Departmental Curriculum Study, 1949

Study of Curriculum Revision

Department of Physical Education for Women, 1937

Girls Physical Education, 1932

Supply and Demand of Teachers, 1928-1929

Tuttle, W.W.

“U-V,” 1932-1947

University Library

Unknown Correspondents

“W,” 1928-1951 (3 folders)

WAC Physical Fitness Tests

Wellesley Symposium, 1952

Wellman, Beth

Women’s Gymnasium Equipment Budget, 1950-1952

“X-Z,” 1932-1936

Zuill, Frances, 1929-1935


M. Gladys Scott


Academic Affairs


Box 14

Aldrich and Aldrich

American Association of University Women

American Medical Association





Basic Science


Beckman Instruments

Big Ten “Lady” Physical Education Directors



Box 15


Business Office




College of Liberal Arts: Plans and Programs, 1965

Congressional Record Digest on Education

Cooperative Research Program




The Daily Iowan


General (2 folders)

Fine Arts Festival

Midwestern Dance Symposium, 1962, 1967 (2 folders)

Dormitories and Dining Service


Education, College of

Educational Placement Office

Educational Testing Service


Box 16

Elementary School

Examination Service

Extension Division




Field House Additions


General, 1955-1956 (5 folders)


Box 17

General, 1956-1957 (5 folders)

Girls Recreation Association

GRA Play day Report, 1968




Box 18

Halsey, Elizabeth

Hockey (Field)


Instructional Development Programs, 1974

Interscholastic Athletics

Intramurals, 1955

Iowa Council of Physical Fitness (2 folders)

Iowa State Industries




Laundry Project

Liberal Arts Dean (2 folders)


Media Sources

Men’s Physical Education Department


Box 19

Minority Students, 1970

Moore Company

Mother’s Day Arrangements

Movement Principles


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

National Education Association

National Institute on Girls’ Sport, US Olympic Development Committee

National Women’s Aquatic Forum

Nursing, College of


Office Organization and Work Assignments

Officiating Speech


PE Majors Scholarships

PhDs Granted, 1968

Peace Corps

Peer Review

Personnel Service

Physical Plant

President, University of Iowa


Publications, Scott

Publication Book Orders (2 folders)


Box 20




Recruitment Committee (Departmental)

Recruitment Study

Regional Study on Professionals in Physical Education, Health Education and Recreation


Relaxation (Course)

Research Methods Textbook, 1949

Research Monograph, 1947-1978

Research Quarterly, Advisory Committee

Riding (Horseback)



Saydel Consolidated School District, Evaluation

Scholarship Inquiries

Seals Club

Space Assignment

Sports Medicine, College of

Steinhaus, Arthur

Student Affairs

Swedish Gymnastics, 1949


Box 21




Tests, Measurements (2 folders)


Box 22


Tri-State Research Conference




Winsberg Tests

Work Study Program


M. Gladys Scott and Margaret Fox [Fox papers were removed and placed in the Margaret Fox Collection]


Awards and Recognition


Box 23

“B” (2 folders)

“C” (2 folders)


Departmental Executive Officers


Education, College of

Educational Policy Committee

Educational Development and Research

Extension Division


Facilities Planning and Utilization


Box 24

Ford, Phyllis


Gift Letters

“H” (2 folders)



“L” (2 folders)

“M” (2 folders)


Box 25


National Association for Physical Education of College Women Honorary Membership, 1975

Nesbitt, John




“S” (2 folders)

State Girls Recreation Association



Box 26






N. Peggy Burke

Halsey, Elizabeth, 1974


Yvonne (Bonnie) Slatton

National Association for Girls and Women in Sport Award, 1988

Physical Education Requirement, 1993

United States Olympic Committee

Women’s Intercollegiate Athletics, 1984, 1995



Administrative Records

Office Administration, 1969-1975 (2 folders)

Restructuring, 1973

Amana Refrigeration Donation, 1981

Sports Administration

Calendars and Schedules, 1970-1983

Handbook for Intercollegiate Sports for Women,1973-1974

Team Budgets, 1971-1972

Uniform and Equipment Inventory, 1973

Amateur Athletic Union, 1953

Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (AIAW)

Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics for Women- Constitutional Committee Minutes, 1971




Directory of Charter Member Institutions, 1971-1972

Handbooks, 1978-1980

Iowa Chapter Constitution Proposal, 1974, 1977


Tennis, 1981

Student Leadership

Public Relations

Newsletters, 1972-1973

Preliminary Operating Code, 1971



Box 27

Board in Control of Athletics (BICOA)

Handbook, 1977

Meeting Minutes, 1985-1986


Budget Summaries, 1981-1983

Travel and Recruiting, 1981-1982

Field Hockey Media Guides, 1992-1994

Men’s Athletics, 1981

Printing Services, 1978-1983

Rowing Championship, 1997

Staff Meetings


Championship Handbooks, 1981-1986

Tournament Bids, 1983-1984


Amana VIP Events

Celebrity Softball Game, 1980-1985

Professional and Celebrity Golf Tournament, 1981-1984

Correspondence, 1983-1987


Box 28

Gold Card, 1982-1986

Women’s American Basketball Association, 1984

Women’s Basketball Attendance Record, 1985, 1986

Sports Information Director (SID)

Big 10

Award Nominations, 1983-1986

Basketball, 1982-1986

Coaches Meetings, 1983-1986

Correspondence, 1981-1987

Media Contacts, 1982-1986

Report Forms

Fall Sports, 1983, 1985

Spring Sports, 1984-1986

Schedules, 1984-1988

SID Meeting, 1983, 1986


Correspondence, 1981-1986

Publication Blueprint

Public Relations Manual, 1981

Records and Statistics, 1974-1984

University News Service (UNS) and Office of Public Information (OPI)

Activity Reports

Broadcast News Service, 1986

Health News Service, 1986

Humanities and Science, 1986



Box 29

Iowa Weekly Newspaper Survey, 1986

Media Relations

Meeting Agendas and Notes, 1986-1987

Monthly Release Summary Reports, 1986

Newsline, 1985-1986

OPI Photo Unit Weekly Report, 1986

Weekly OPI Report, 1986

Winter Sports, 1983-1986


Christine Grant, 1983-1985 (folder 2)


Box 30

External, 1983-1987 (2 folders)

Internal, 1981-1987


Intercollegiate Conference Minutes, 1985-1987

Student Athlete Forms

World Class Women, 1985

Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Committee (WIAC)

Guidelines, 1969

Minutes, 1968-1972

Women’s Intercollegiate Sports Committee (WISC), 1973-1974


Big Ten Conferences

Big Ten Women’s Intramural Conferences, 1964-1970 (4 folders)

Big Ten Intramural Conference-Women’s Meetings, 1971

Joint Meeting of Men’s and Women’s Big Ten Directors and Supervisors, 1970

Big Ten Intramural Programs for Women, 1968


Box 31

Intramural and Recreation Handbooks, Other Schools, 1963-1971 (3 folders)

National Intramural Sports Council Newsletter, 1968

Surveys on Big Ten women’s Sports Programs, 1964, 1972

UI Intramural and Recreation Handbooks, 1967-1968, 1970-1972



Annual Files, 1948-1966 (12 folders)


Box 32

Annual Files, 1966-1965 (5 folders)

Financial Records

Bills and Receipts, 1956-1963 (2 folders)

Financial Reports and Ledgers, 1950-1964

International Field Hockey Conference and Tours, 1963

Conference and Game Film Order Form

Correspondence, 1961-1963


Iowa City Activities and Score Sheet

Procedures and General Information on Tour


Reports, Programs, Schedules

Travel Schedule for Argentina

Membership Lists, 1953-1964

Midwest Field Hockey Association (MWFHA) Schedule

Midwest Tournament, Iowa City, 1956

Correspondence from Invited Teams

Credential Badges

Drawing Plan for Hockey Goal

Housing Arrangements

Information for Players and Officials

Invitation Letter to Area Schools


Correspondence and Minutes

Tournament Regulations

Newspaper Clippings     

Planning and Organization

Program, Rosters, Score Sheets

Midwest Tournament, Iowa City, 1962

Midwest Tournament, St. Louis, 1961


Box 33


Constitution and By-laws

Pamphlet 1922-1956

Proposed Umpire, 1937

Rules Memo, 1974

Welsh Field Hockey Tour, 1936




Annual Reports, 1961-1972, undated

Banquet, 1951-1957, 1973

Big Sister-Little Sister Programs, 1955, 1971

Children’s Classes, 1962-1963


Cheerleading, 1957, 1962, 1970

Swimming, 1947-1948, undated

Clothing Catalogs, 1961-1971

Constitutions, 1941-1970, undated

Correspondence, 1944-1971 (3 folders)


Box 34

Financial Records, 1945-1971, undated

Account books, 1945-1963 (2 folders)

Invoices and Bank Statements, 1964-1971 (5 folders)

Reports, 1956-1970

Handbooks, 1958-1975

Library, 1959-1963

“Major Matters” (Newsletter), 1961-1971


Box 35

Minutes, 1942-1975 (4 folders)

Open Houses (recruitment), 1944-1948

Overnight, 1952-1962, 1969, 1971

P.E. Majors (P.E.M.) Alumnae Association

General, 1939-1949

Constitution and By-laws

Newsletters, 1939-1951 (2 folders)

Play night reports, 1959-1961


Social activities, 1961-1974




Box 36


American Association of College for Teacher Education (AACTE), 1950

American Association for Health, Physical Education, and

Recreation (AAHPER)

Annual Convention


Session Presentations, 1947, 1950 (2 folders)

Board of Directors, 1953

Central District Association (CDAHPER)

Constitution and By-Laws, 1947

Correspondence, 1944-1948

Council Meetings, 1943-1948

Executive Committee, 1943-1946

Financial Records, 1942-1946

College Committee on Physical Education and Athletics for Men, 1946

Constitution and By-laws, 1944

Iowa Chapter: (IAHPER)

Correspondence 1961-1967 (2 folders)

Newsletters, 1947-1967

Major Council Membership Certificate, 1961

Membership Lists, 1944-1948


Box 37

National Association for Girls and Women’s Sports (NAGWS)

Affiliated Boards of Officials, 1976-1977, undated

Alliance Assembly, 1978

Athletic Training Council, 1976, 1977

Board of Directors

Correspondence, 1975-1978

Comment on Title IX regulations (excerpt), undated

Correspondence, miscellaneous, 1975-1976

Directory, 1975-1976

Division for Girls and Women’s Sports, Iowa chapter (IDGWS), 1969-1970, 1974

 “Media and the Woman in Sport” Working Conference, 1977

National Coaches Council, 1976

Newsletters, 1974-1976

Project proposal: “Leadership Education for Women in Athletic Administration through the Development, Dissemination and Implementation of a Model Program and Symposia on Athletic Administration,” 1976

Research and 

General Profile of Women’s Intercollegiate Athletic Program Health and Safety Services Survey, undated

“Remedial and Affirmative Actions,” research notes, 1977

Position papers, 1975, 1976

Sports Library publications, 1975-1976, 1978-1979

National Girls Athletic Association (NGAA), 1964


Box 38

National Section for Girls’ and Women’s Sport (NSGWS)

National Basketball Rules Committee

Rules Interpretations, 1953-1960 (9 folders)

Nominating Committee, 1954


Box 39

Research Council, 1959-1960

Completed Research in HPER Committee

Elementary School Health Research


Research Laboratory Program

Research Quarterly

Advisory Committee


Editorial Board

Sport Skills Tests

Strength Development Research Review

Fall Sports Research (football and soccer)

Membership Committee

Resource Committee

“What Research Tells the Coach about Baseball”

 “What Research Tells Us about the Ideal Physical Education Program”

Youth Fitness Test Norms


Box 40

Research Section

Correspondence, 1946-1950 (7 folders)


Publications Catalog, 1965-1978

Box 41

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)



Membership Issues, 1935-1947

Iowa Chapter

Committee Appointments, 1947

Iowa Conference, 1931-1947

Lectures Announcements, 1946-1947

Meeting Notices, 1928-1940

Membership Lists, 1927-1947

Minutes, 1920-1948

Treasurer’s Reports, 1935-1947

University Constitution and codes, 1900, 1910, 1916, undated



Box 42


Faculty Participation in University Government, 1944-1946

Salary and Retirement, 1924-1945 (scattered)

Universal Military training, 1944

Post-war education Program, 1944


Charter Letters, 1936-1948  

Reports and Minutes

Membership Campaigns, 1927-1947 (scattered)

Newspaper Clippings

Association for Higher Education, 1954

Athletic and Recreation Federation of College Women (ARFCW)

Administrative, 1960, 1962-1965

Annual Conferences, 1957, 1959, 1961, 1967

Constitution, 1957

Correspondence, 1945-1946

Iowa Chapter (IARFCW)

Annual Files, 1957, 1961, 1963, 1965-1971

Constitutions, 1963, 1967, undated

State Sportsdays, 1966-1970

National Joint Committee on Extramural Sports for College Women, 1959-1960

North Central Region Chapter (of ARFCW):  (NCARFCW)

Constitutions, 1962, 1964, 1966, 1968

Meetings and Conferences, 1960, 1966, 1968, 1970

Parliamentary Procedures

“Spotlight” (Newsletter), 1962


Box 43

Central Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (CAPEHE)

By-laws and Operating Codes, 1973-1990 (scattered)


By-laws, 1964-1990 (scattered)

Various, 1965-1984 (scattered)

Handbooks, 1988, 1989 (2 folders)

Officers’ Operating Codes, 1973-1984 (scattered)

Central District Physical Education Association, convention, 1934

International Seminar on Biomechanics, 1973

Iowa Physical Education Association, 1941, 1946

Midwest Association of College Teachers of Physical Education

“Mid-Century Inventory and Realignment,” 1951

National Association of Directors and Teachers of Physical

Education for College Women (NADTPECW)

National Committee on Evaluation of Teacher Training Institutions, 1934

“Questionnaire on Competition,” c. 1944

Mailing List, c. 1944

Association Members

Central, 1944 (2 folders)

Eastern (2 folders) (folder 1)


Box 44

Eastern (folder 2)

Midwest (2 folders)






Box 45





National Association for Physical Education of College Women


Articles of Incorporation, 1969

Biennial Business Meeting, 1951

Biennial Conference, 1958

Central Association (of NAPECW):  (CAPECW)

Annual Reports, 1950-1961

Application Form

Board of Directors Minutes, 1952-1972 (scattered)

Committee Reports

Nominations, 1952-1971

Legislative, 1953, 1955


Box 46

Various, 1969-1971

Conferences, 1947-1969 (2 folders)

Constitution and By-laws, 1952-1969

Correspondence, 1951-1974 (4 folders)


Box 47

Incorporation Documents, 1969


Elizabeth Halsey, 1936-1949

Membership Lists, 1952-1971 (3 folders)

Membership Applications

Central, 1948-1949 (2 folders)

National, 1948-1949


Box 48

Membership Cards

Central, 1948-1956 (4 folders)

National and Central, 1952-1957 (5 folders)


Box 49

Newsletters, 1956-1970 (2 folders)


Box 50


Operating Codes for Board Members, 1958-1973


Treasurer’s Records, 1951-1971

Committee on Research and Studies, 1954-1955

Eastern Association (of NAPECW)

Conferences, 1954-1967 (4 folders)

Newsletters, 1956-1969 (2 folders)

Box 51

Midwest Association (of NAPECW)

Conferences, 1954-1967 (2 folders)

Constitution, 1967

Newsletters, 1955-1968 (3 folders)


Box 52

Newsletters, 1951-1969

Questionnaire on Grading Practices

Report on Democratic Practices, 1949

Social Changes and Sports, 1956

Southern Association (of NAPECW)

Conferences, 1954-1968

Newsletters, 1954-1968 (4 folders)


Box 53

Western Society (of NAPECW)

Conferences, 1957-1967

Newsletters, 1959-1963

Workshop, 1974

Workshop Report, 1956

The National Section on Women’s Athletics (NSWA), 1948

Women As Leaders Conference, 1981-1990 (3 folders)

Young Women’s Christian Association, 1950



“Outline of Physical Fitness Program for High Schools and Colleges”

Physical Fitness Club

“Physical Training Program for Naval Aviation Pre-Flight Schools”

“Suggested Wartime Curriculum Adjustments in Physical Education for College Women”

United Service Organizations, 1941-1942

Wartime Recreation Programs, 1941-1942


Box 54


Affirmative Action

Correspondence, 1970-1978 (2 folders)

General, 1969-1973

Status Reports

University Program, 1971



Journal, 1941-1945

Ledger, 1941-1945

Budget Committee Minutes, 1963-1965

Correspondence, 1941-1974 (3 folders)

Equipment Inventory, 1970-1971


Box 55

Equipment Requests, 1954-1961

Insurance, 1969

Preparation of Annual Budgets

Proposed Budgets, 1941-1959


Department of Drug Service, 1938-1939

Merchandise, 1938-1940

Merchandise Deliveries, 1937-1939

Money Received, 1937-1939

Physical Plant Job Orders, 1938-1939

Purchase Orders, 1938

Requests for Transfer of Funds, 1954-1957


Box 56

 Salaries and General Expense, 1960-1974 (2 folders)

Travel Expenditures, 1953-1980

Travel Vouchers, 1945-1974

Committees and Meetings

Basic Skills, 1945-1975

Curricula and Instruction

Correspondence, 1944-1952

Minutes, 1945-1950

Reports, 1944-1949

Curriculum, 1955-1967

Departmental Executive Officers, 1953-1971 (2 folders)

Educational Policy

Correspondence, 1950-1952

Minutes, 1950-1960


Box 57

Executive Committee, 1946-1960

Faculty Council, 1949-1960

Graduate Council, 1950-1953

Graduate College Faculty

General, 1950-1953

Manual of Rules and Regulations, 1950-1953

Meeting Minutes, 1951-1960

Liberal Arts, 1944-1960

Miscellaneous, 1949-1960


Basic Skills

Content and Objectives, 1945-1960

Demonstration of Physical Education Activities, 1927-1934

Equipment Inventory and Requests, 1953-1954, 1974

Exemption Procedures, Results and Correspondence, 1945-1969


Box 58

Freshman Conference Lectures, 1937-1954

General Education Requirements

Gymnasium Clothing, 1930, 1964

Motor Ability Test and Medical Restrictions, 1958-1959

Needs and Preferences, 1952-1953

Play Day, 1958-1969 and Woman in Movement Exhibit, 1974


General Procedures, 1951-1974

Physical Exam, 1938-1942

Testing Schedules, 1950-1960

Regulations, 1940-1954

Reports, 1945-1949

Schedule Cards

Skills Courses

Archery, 1964-1978

Badminton, 1976

Ballet, 1971-1972


Body Mechanics, Posture, and Relaxation, 1963


Beginning, 1961-1969

Instructor’s Manual

Intermediate, 1962, 1976

Canoeing, 1959-1961


Field Hockey, 1971

Figure Control, 1974-1975


Beginning, 1959-1970

Exams, 1962

Grading Statistics, 1962

Gymnastics, Danish and Bertram, 1943-1949

Horseback Riding, 1941-1959

Miscellaneous, 1952-1959, 1974-1975

Modern Dance, 1963-1965


Box 59

Movement Principles

Rhythmic Gymnastics I, 1972-1974

Rhythmic Gymnastics II, 1973-1974



Course Content, 1972-1975

Films, 1974

Techniques, 1974

Swimming, 1944-1978

Swimming Evaluations

Synchronized Swimming, 1969

Table Tennis, 1942

Techniques, 1943-1946

Tennis, 1938, 1941, 1971

Track and Field



Participation in Basic Skills Classes and Summary of Responses, 1945-1946

Various Institutions and their Responses, 1958

Interests and Questionnaire Summary, 1958-1959

Attitudes and Participation, 1968-1973


Information, 1945-1951

Entrance, Written and Physical Tests, Measurements, 1951-1952


Box 60

Course Outlines and Objectives, 1947-1978 (7 folders)

Course Schedules, 1921-1976 (4 folders)

Departmental Curriculum Study

Evaluations by Majors, 1948- 1949 (2 folders)

Evaluations by Graduates

Final Report, 1950


Box 61

Entrance Examinations

American College Testing Program (ACT)

Graduate Record Examination Program (GRE)

Performance Predictions

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)


PE Courses, 1916-1925

PE Major Programs, 1951-1960

University of Iowa, 1940-1952

Facilities, 1940-1945

Grade Distributions, 1948-1975 (4 folders)

Graduate Program

Academic Dismissal

Advanced Administration, 1951

Bloc Allocation Requests, 1968-1974

Catalog Copy

Comedy Skit, 1955

Box 62

Comprehensive Examinations

PhD, 1956-1973 (2 Folders)

Masters, 1956-1974 (3 folders)

Computers, 1971-1972

Correspondence, 1967-1982

Courses Offered, 1969, 1974, 1982

Exams- Areas of Specialization, 1974

Graduate Committee

Admission Procedures and Criteria

Correspondence, 1961-1980

Minutes, 1944-1980

Proposals and Reports, 1937-1969 (2 folders)


Box 63

Graduate Handbook, 1972

GRE, 1975

Health Education Programs in Schools

Required Courses, 1960-1978

Requirements, 1938-1981

Research Projects, 1978-1982

Seminars, 1954

Student Appointments and Competencies, 1951-1972

Suggested Organization and Procedures for the Evaluation of Institutions

Supply and Demand for PhDs, 1975


Box 64

Survey of Doctoral Programs in Physical Education

Test of Statistical Comprehension, 1968

Theses and Procedures

Major Curriculum Study

Course Evaluations

Class Totals

1948 (3 folders)


Box 65

1949 (3 folders)

Questionnaires, 1948-1949 (4 folders)

Recommendations, 1948-1949

Final Report, 1950

General, 1948-1953

Box 66

Major Courses

Administration of Physical Exams and Tests, 1930-1939 (2 folders)

Articles on:

Exercise Science

Physical Activity, 1960-1967

Bibliographies, 1940-1973



Content and Objectives, 1943, 1974


Articles Against Housing Dance in the PE Department, 1971, 1973

Correspondence, 1982-1984

Faculty Minutes, 1942-1984

Post-audit Review, 1983

Requirements and Recommendations, 1965-1974

Design and Maintenance of Facilities, 1970

Golf, 1977-1978

Health Program Curriculum

History and Principles of Physical Education, 1953

Methods of Physical Education, 1940-1975

Plans of Study, 1946-1960

Professional Women

Recreation Leadership: Therapeutic Recreation, 1950-1967



Names and Addresses, 1938-1958


Box 67

Student Teaching (2 folders)

Supply and Demand of Teachers


Teaching of Dance: Modern, Folk, and Square Dancing, 1964, 1978

Teaching of Team Sports, 1961, 1969

Working Guides in Physical Education

Workshop for College Teachers of Physical Education, 1947


Certifications, and Endorsements, 1954-1972

Department of Physical Education for Men

Graduate Program, 1974

Men’s Department, 1945-1972

Extramural Activities, 1952-1955

Majors, 1952-1972

Minors, 1958-1965

Non-Departmental Courses

Departmental Analysis

American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education

Evaluation Schedules in Physical Education, 1953

General, 1953-1954

Reports, 1949, 1953

Summaries and Staff Evaluations, 1953

Analysis of Program Recommendations, 1952-1968


Box 68

Annual Report


Basic Data, 1971-1972

Biennial Analyses of Needs and Departmental Reviews, 1971

Correspondence, 1951-1967


General, 1961-1972

Intercollegiate Athletics, 1973

Requests, 1961-1972


Comparison of Status Between Men and Women, 1955, 1972

Institutional Comparisons, 1955-1957

Job Analysis- Graduates, 1925-1932

Salaries- Historical, 1945-1954

Work Load, 1950

Major Council Evaluation, 1948 [student evaluation of department]

Overview for the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, 1963-1966


Program Planning, 1972

Questionnaire Summaries, 1945-1958


General, 1949-1969

Personal Expenditures, 1970-1971

Review Committee, 1974

Status, 1962, 1973

Skills Exemption, 1953

Summary of Departmental Priorities for Future Budgeting, 1970


Box 69

Faculty and Staff

Calendars, 1972-1974

Departmental Evaluation


Correspondence, 1941-1975

Forms and Reports, 1948-1952, 1960

General, 1940-1974

Handbook, 1952, 1972-1973

Job Applicants, 1971

Matron and Janitor Duties, 1945-1946

Meeting Minutes, 1939-1978 (3 folders)

Motor Learning Research Grant Proposal, 1955

Personnel Data, 1940-1973


Box 70


“Army Boots and Grandma’s Wash Day—A Story of Physical Education Research,” SUI Staff Magazine, 1959

Frost, Lorraine, 1931

Halsey, Elizabeth, “The Status of the Physical Education Requirement for College Women,” 1952

Jean Homewood

Advanced Administration, 1952

Audiovisual Workbook

Dissertation, 1955

Certificates, 1938-1958

Girls Basketball Rules, 1954-1956

Tests and Measurements

Tests and Measurements Laboratory Manual, 1941

Thesis, 1935

US Army Special Services Athletic Program, 1957

Lyons, Marion, “Physical Education for Women,” 1919

Scott, M. Gladys

Achievement Examinations for Swimming Classes

Achievement Examinations for Tennis Classes

Analysis and Evaluation of Gait Films

“An Interpretation of the Status of Research in Physical Education for Girls and Women in the United States in 1949,” 1949


Box 71

Army Study

Data and Calculations, 1959

Data Sheets for Statistical Analysis

“Effect of Fatigue on Certain Measures of Hand Function and Kinesthetics”

“The Effect of Reduced Circulation Upon Selected Measures of Hand Function”

“Effects of Relaxation Training on Hand Function”

Flexibility Raw Scores

Hand Function

Interpretation of Hand Measurements

Kinesthesis Correspondence

Kinesthesis Testing

“The Relation of Kinesthesis to Certain Aspects of Hand Function”

“The Relationships of Hand Size and Fatigue to Selected Aspect of Hand Function”

Relaxation Training


Box 72

Basketball Film (2 folders)


Body Mechanic Guidelines

Correlation of Posture and Motor Ability

“Fatigue Effects Induced by an Efficiency Test for College Women,” 1949

Data Analysis



Doolittle Method

F Ratios


Data Sheets

Low and High Efficiency Subjects

Progress Report

Score Sheets

Fear Reaction

Flexibility and Anthropometric Measures

Iowa Test of Motor Fitness

Data, 1961

Testing Guidelines



Box 73

Modified Burpee Test

Motor and Strength Tests

Motor Ability and Skills Classes (2 folders)



Push and Pull Dynamometer Test, 1945

Push and Pull Strength Data, 1941

Research Equipment

Strength Index Norms

Survey of Vocational and Professional Plans and Interests of High School Girls and College Women

Unidentified Data

Unidentified Notes

Voltmeter and Calorie Charts

Schedules, 1951-1955

Statements of Load Reports

Retirement parties, 2004-2006


Budget, 1970-1974


Liberal Arts Ladies Party


Box 74

MacBride Field Campus Advisory, 1960-1966 (3 folders)

Recreating Advisory Committee

Correspondence, 1964-1974

Minutes, 1964-1973

Miscellaneous, 1967-1972

Recommendations and Reports, 1968-1969

Sub-committees, 1968-1974

Surveys and Questionnaires, 1968-1969

Recreation Education Program Advisory, 1975

Sports Building and Fieldhouse, 1967-1968

Swimming Pool, 1967-1968

Women’s Recreation, 1965, 1972

Correspondence, 1968-1973


Box 75

General, 1968-1973

Grant Proposal Operation Outlet, 1973

Intramurals, 1966-1974

Men’s Recreation, 1964-1965

Proposed Ski Area, 1968

Purposes and Goals, 1973

Report of Recreation Survey, 1951


Scheduling, 1968-1974

War Service Programs

What’s Your Thing?


Box 76



Alumnae Job Analysis, 1949 (2 folders)

Birth Rates and Marital Status, 1950

Correspondence, 1961-1988 (3 folders)

Data on Graduates

1931-1935 (2 folders)



Physical Education Appointments





Box 77


Fifty Year Reunion, 1982

Roots and Wings, 1984

100 Years on the Move, 2004

[DVD: located in AV collection]

Alumnus Profiles

1920-1989 (5 folders)


Box 78

1990-2004 (2 folders)


Atwood, Janet, “Selected Measures of Back and Abdominal Muscle Fitness of Elementary School Children,” 1955

Bontz, Jean, “Measuring Fundamental Soccer Skills”

Cunningham Phyllis, “Proactive and Retroactive Inhibition and Facilitation,” 1964

Dillon, Evelyn, Improving Instruction Survey, 1949

Gross Motor Learning Papers, 1964

Marquart, Blanche, Camping Questionnaires

Camp Brochures, 1945


Box 79

Boys Camps

Boys Private Camps

Girls Camps

Not Used in Study

Organizations (2 folders)

Public Camps


Box 80

Payne, Anne, “Transfer of Training from One Activity to Another”

Rogers, Marion, “An Evaluation of College Physical Education Activities for Women to Determine their Educational Potentials,” 1949

Sterling, Virginia, “Planning for Visual Education,” 1950

Toogood, Ruth, “A Survey of Recreational Interests and Activities of College Women,” 1930

Specialization Questionnaire

Water Pageant

Summer Sessions


Courses, 1963-1973

Faculty Notification of Appointment, 1954-1976

General, 1964-1972

Proposals, 1962-1975

Recapitulation of Faculty and Staff needs, 1965-1971

Salaries, 1939-1974

Workshop Allocations, 1966-1976

Catalog, 1929, 1937, 1974

Cheerleading Clinic, 1957, 1973

Colloquium, 1960-1968

Conference on Physical Education, 1955


Halsey, Elizabeth, 1951

Scott, M. Gladys, 1955-1969 (3 folders)


Box 81

Fox, Margaret, 1970-1976

Course Approval Listings, 1966-1976

Enrollment, 1951-1975

Evaluations, 1963-1976

Film Rentals, 1968

Miscellaneous, 1964-1975

National Golf Foundation Workshop, 1976

Room Assignments, 1962-1976

Schedule of Courses, 1954-1982 (4 folders)

Students, 1967-1971

Trend Analysis, 1967, 1969 (2 folders)


Box 82

Title IX

Burke, N. Peggy, AAHPERD National Convention Speech, 1982

AIAW, 1974-1975

Committee Reports- Intercollegiate Athletics, 1974-1975

Correspondence, 1972-1977

Separate Physical Education Departments, 1975-1976

Department of Health, Education and Welfare

Annual Operating Plan, 1977

NCAA Comments, 1974

Reports, 1973-1975

Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Department, 1974

Lawsuit- Ingrid Gallo v. University of Minnesota, 1975

Minutes on Intercollegiate Athletics, 1974


National Association for Physical Education of College Women, 1974

National Publications, 1976-1981

Newspaper Clippings, 1974-1975, 1984

Project on the Status and Education of Women, 1975, 1977

Self-Assessment Checklist



Arena/Recreation Campaign, 1979

Committee Correspondence

Committee Folder


Calvin Hall

New Women’s Gymnasium at Iowa State College, 1945

Recreation Building Renovations


Women’s Gymnasium


Building Plans

Lost and Found, 1944

Needs and Plans Report, 1944


Box 83


International Relations

Air Force, 1943-1949

American Red Cross, 1948

Department of State, 1949-1950

Education and National Defense, 1940-1955

Federal Security Agency, US Office of Education, 1941-1943

Great Britain

Physical Education Training Schools, 1951-1952


International Education Assembly, 1943-1945

National Education Association of the United States, 1941-1950

National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis

The Rockefeller Foundation, 1946-1947

United Nations, 1946-1950


Box 84

War Department, 1944-1946

“You Must Be Fit: The Official Physical Training Program of the Women’s Army Cops,” 1943


Physical Education

Adult physical fitness

American and Mid-West Physical Education Associations, 1931


Box 85

Buildings, 1946-1948

Children and youth, 1945

Journal of Physical Education, 1947-1948

National Survey of the Education of Teachers, 1933

Nationwide university newsletters, 1947-1984

Physical Education Curriculum in Professional Schools, 1929

Physical Education, Health and Recreation Digest, 1935-1937

 “The Physical Education Student’s Handbook,” undated

Pioneer educators, 1937, 1941

Recreation Leaders Laboratory, 1952

Resources, 1925, 1939

Rural youth, 1941-1942

Physical Education for Girls and Women

Alice Allene Sefton, The Women’s Division National Amateur Athletic Federation: Sixteen Years of Progress in Athletics for Girls and Women, 1923-1939, 1941 [shelved with Iowa Women’s Archives printed works]

Independent Woman, 1946

Junior High, 1932

National Amateur Athletic Federation, 1926-1941


Box 86

Pi Lambda Theta Journal, 1945-1947

Professions for Women

Senior high, 1925-1948

Sports Bulletin, 1946-1948

Standards in sports for girls and women, 1937

University bulletins

Women Sports, 1974-1978 [shelved with serials in Iowa Women’s Archives]

Physical Education for Men, 1933, 1946

Personal Health

Figure Control

Grooming, 1947-1955


The Life Cycle Library, 1968

Menstruation, 1943-1968

Muscular Efficiency, 1921


Box 87

Posture (2 folders)

Senior Citizens

Adding Life to Years, 1961-1968 (4 folders)

Miscellaneous, 1946-1963


Box 88

Sports and Outdoor Recreation

Art projects, 1957

Basketball, 1929, 1947

Board games, 1936-1937

Bowling, 1939-1941 (2 folders)

Cheerleading, 1969-1972

Dance, 1937-1951 (2 folders)

Hockey Field, 1964-1965


Box 89

Industrial recreation, 1941

Nature oriented activities

Leisure, 1938

Red Cross Life Saving Methods

Singing games and play, 1914-1931

Sportswoman, 1927-1932 [shelved with Iowa Women’s Archives printed works]


Women’s Professional Softball, 1977

Softball Rules, 1950

Women in Softball, 1973-1978 (2 folders)

Woman’s Softball, 1979-1980 (2 folders)


Box 90

Swimming and Diving, 1935, 1940

Tennis, 1939



Box 91


Alumni: 100 Years on the Move (7 folders)




Basketball, 1906-1942 (3 folders)


Box 92




Camping Skills



Dance, 1920-1948 (4 folders)

Field Hockey [Oversize: in Box 95]



Handicraft Club

Horseback Riding

Rifle Club


Box 93

Seals Club


Social Dance



Tennis and Table Tennis

Track and Field [Oversize: in Box 95]

Volleyball, 1924-1946

Banquet, 1953


Cartwheel and Forward Roll Sequence

Children’s Classes, 1935-1941

Classrooms and Laboratories

Competency Tests [Oversize: shelf 117/8]

Faculty and Staff


Box 94

Group Portraits

Halsey Hall

Picnics and Social Activities, 1936-1940

Portraits, 1920-1935


Women as Leaders Conferences, 1980



Slide Shows and Scripts

Project Adventure, 1978 (2 folders)


Box 95

Women’s Sports Foundation

Women’s Sports and Activities, 1900, 1973-1979


Departmental Development, 1951-1988

Exercise and Health, 1921-1989


Box 96

Faculty Achievements, 1956-1989

Faculty Obituaries, 1961, 1974

Intercollegiate Athletics

Fall Sports, 1974-1975

Spring Sports, 1974-1975

Winter Sports, 1973-1976

Student Achievements, 1950, 1962

Women in the News, 1984




Field Hockey





Box 97


Basketball Uniform

Bloomers with Tunic

Volleyball Champs, 1967


Box F1



Basketball Rules for Girls [shelved in box F9]

Observing Basketball Skills

Picture dupe and sound negative

Parts I, II, III (3 reels) [shelved in box F9]

Officiating Girls’ and Women’s Basketball

Magnetic, sound, narrative                                                    

Sound negative, edited wkpt (workprint?)

Original negative, AB rolls

Women’s Basketball:  A Practice in Officiating

“A” Roll and UA sound negative

Black and white picture dupe and sound negative


Box F2

Four film loops and B roll

Magnetic sound

Edited workprint

Sporting events

Danish gymnastics

Field hockey [shelved in box F9]

Irish Touring Team, 1954 [see also videocassette 222]

“D-43” (old) [see also videocassette 222]

 “D-45,” October 15, 1936 (color)

English hockey [see also videocassette 224]

c. 1946

c. 1948

Midwest Tournament, first part, 1933 [see also videocassette


Women’s 1968 Olympics (Les exercises imposes des 16e Jeux

Olympiques Mexico 1968 section feminine)(b/w pix dupe


Thesis/student projects

Altman, Tennis [shelved in box F8]

Ashton, Bowling [shelved in box F8]

Collins, Swimming (negative original)

Cutter, Golf [shelved in box F8]


Box F3

Everett, Sport Skills Analyzed

Part I (pic. original negatives, AB rolls)

Part I (original sound track negative)

Part II (observation scenes) (AB pic. negative, original-silent)

Fink, Golf [shelved in box F8]

Gund, Jan, Effect of Knee Trauma on Gait (2 reels)

[shelved in box F8]

Higgins, Lynne

Volleyball Skills

AB rolls, edited picture workprint


DXN Golf Swing Study

Reel I

Reel II [oversize:  in box F11]

Homewood, Jean [shelved in box F8]

Basketball thesis (2 reels)


Stickwork, 1954

Outtakes, 1954


Box F4

Lambert, Teaching Children Basketball

Original negative, AB rolls

Pic. Wrkpnt-mas-magnetic track

Sound track negative

Lent, Joann, Study of Synchronized Swimming (original negative)

Modalone, Dance [shelved in box F8]

Owens, Physical Education Procedures for Elementary Teachers

 (Original negatives, picture and sound)

Porter, Physical Education for Primary Grades, 1956 (sound-

protection positive, original picture. negative)

Roberts, Jane, Uneven Parallel Bars (original negative), 1966

[oversize:  in box F11]

Solleder, Golf [shelved in box F8]

Stanicek, Golf [shelved in box F8]

Steffy, Tennis [shelved in box F8]

Veloz, Bowling [shelved in box F8]


Box F5


Beginning Modern Dance for High School Girls

Original pic, negative, not edited

Magnetic sound, narration and effects

Iowa Test of Motor Fitness [see also videocassette 354]

Original negative, C roll

Original negative AB rolls

Narration – mas. mag; music-mas. mag

Sound negative


Box F6

The Language of Modern Dance

Original negative, unedited

Dupe negative, sound negative

Piano music for modern dance (magnetic original)

Posture for Poise

Black and white, dupe negative and rev. original

Posture in Action

Parts I, II, dupe negative, sound negative

Part I, AB original negative


Box F7

Split-Screen Sequence, original negative, AB rolls

Pic. wrkpt-1st sound track negative

Part II, original negative, AB

Puppets—Creative Work and Play

Original pix negative, A&B

Dupe negative, sound negative


Box F8

Thesis/student projects (small reels):

Altman, Tennis

Ashton, Bowling

Cutter, Golf

Fink, Golf

Gund, Jan, Effect of Knee Trauma on Gait (2 reels)

Homewood, Jean

            Basketball thesis


            Stickwork, 1954

            Outtakes, 1954

Modalone, Dance

Solleder, Golf

Stanicek, Golf

Steffy, Tennis

Veloz, Bowling


Box F9


Observing Basketball Skills, Parts I, II, III (3 reels)

Basketball Rules for Girls

Unlabeled reel; subject:  basketball [see notes for Reel 15]

Sporting events

Field Hockey

            Irish Touring Team, 1954 [see also videocassette 222]

            “D-43” (old) [see also videocassette 222]

            “D-45,” October 15, 1936 (color)

            English field hockey, 1946, 1948 (2 reels) [see also

                        videocassette 224]

            Midwest Tournament, first part, 1933 (b/w) [see also

videocassette 222]


Box F10

Unidentified films (small reels): [See notes for each reel number]

Reel 1, subject:  basketball

Reel 3; subject:  basketball

Reel 4 – 9, subject:  gait/stride/jump measurements

Reel 23, subject:  bowling

Reel 24, subject:  gait

Reel 25, subject:  field hockey stickwork

Reel 26, subject:  field hockey stickwork

Reel 27, subject:  unidentified

Reel 28, subject:  unidentified

Box F11

Oversize: Films

Thesis/student projects

Higgins, Lynne, DXN Golf Swing Study, Reel II

Roberts, Jane, Uneven Parallel Bars (original negative), 1966




Iowa Test of Motor Fitness, 1954 [shelved in videocassette collection: V354]

Iowa vs. Vanderbilt NCAA finals, 1991 [shelved in videocassette collection: V311]

25th anniversary celebration of Iowa women’s athletics, 1992 [two copies shelved in digital collection: d0044; one copy shelved in videocassette collection: V380]

Field hockey, 1933, 1936, 1954 [shelved in videocassette collection: V222]

Field hockey, 1946, 1948 [shelved in videocassette collection: V224]