»RECORDS, 1913-2005 [bulk 1953-1995] DATES:»

20.25 linear feet and artifacts»





The »records (donor no. 293) were donated by »Pauline Brine, Beth Pelton and Nancy Thompson in 1995 and in succeeding years.


The »records are open for research.


»Copyright is held by the University of Iowa.


In box 44-46, 48, 49».  Slides in boxes 45-47.


Boxes 50 and 51.


Eleven audiocassettes (AC1080-1090) shelved in the audiocassette collection.  Nine videocassettes (V325-333) shelved in the videocassette collection.


Pauline Brine, Beth Pelton, Nancy Thompson, 1996-98; and Kate Jones, 1998; Jun-Nicole Matsushita, 2005Your name, year»; Sharon M. Lake, 2007. [UIDentalHygiene.doc]



The Dental Hygiene program at the University of Iowa (then the State University of Iowa) was begun in 1949, when the Board of Regents approved the development of a dental hygiene program at the State University of Iowa.  The first class of twenty-four students launched the program in 1953.  Students spent two years in this early program and received a certificate in dental hygiene from the College of Dentistry.  Students who wanted a bachelor’s degree in addition to their certificate could earn a Bachelor of Arts or Science degree with a general science major from the College of Liberal Arts.  After 1967 all students received a bachelor’s degree.  In 1964, a Master of Science degree program was started for dental hygiene students.  In 1969 the Board of Regents approved a dental hygiene major, allowing students to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in dental hygiene from the College of Liberal Arts. 


In 1986, budget cuts in the College of Dentistry resulted in the loss of some full-time faculty.  In the fall of 1991, an ad hoc committee was appointed by University and College of Dentistry administrators to review the Dental Hygiene program.  This committee made a unanimous decision to recommend closure of the program.  In 1992 the Board of Regents voted to close the program even though faculty from the Department of Dental Hygiene and dental hygiene students protested.  Later three dental hygiene faculty members filed a lawsuit alleging sexual discrimination, retaliation, and lack of due process.  The last class of dental hygiene students graduated from the University of Iowa in May 1995. 

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Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here: The» University of Iowa Dental Hygiene Program records date from 1913» to 2005 and measure 20.25» linear feet.  The records are arranged in nine series: History, Administrative files, Curriculum, Students, Alumni, Dental hygiene profession, Photographs, Theses, and Artifacts.  An inventory of the audiocassettes and videocassettes follows the box list. 


            The History series (1953-1971), which is quite small, consists of memos, correspondence, reports, and proposals from the early years of both the undergraduate and graduate programs.  A 1934 textbook for dental hygienists completes the series; this textbook includes an appendix entitled “The Dental Hygienist Movement” which explains the origin of, and rationale for, the profession of dental hygiene. 


The Administrative files series (1953-1994), one of the largest series in the collections, includes correspondence, planning documents, reports, and meeting minutes of both the Dental Hygiene Program and the College of Dentistry.  The series includes information on the research and grants of dental hygiene faculty members, and the personnel files that were in the possession of the dental hygiene program at the time of closure.  This series includes the records of the controversial Experimental Expanded Function Study, a pioneering study coordinated by a member of the dental hygiene faculty on the feasibility of training hygienists to perform a wider array of dental procedures.  The records show the resistance from members of the dental profession to the concept of expanding the scope of dental hygienists’ duties.


            The Curriculum series (1956-1995) consists of undergraduate and gradate curriculum materials such as reading lists, syllabi, assignments, manuals, and handouts used in coursework.   Most of the materials relate to the undergraduate program and date from the 1970s and 1980s.    The Students series (1958-1994) includes information about admissions, enrollment, student life, and financial aid.  The series includes a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about the students in the dental hygiene program during the 1950s, and photographs of all the students in the first dental hygiene class.


            The Alumni series (1956-2005) includes surveys, newsletters, and correspondence between faculty members and alumni.  The Dental Hygiene Profession series (1913-1996) includes scholarly articles about the profession, and records related to the professional activities of the American Dental Hygiene Association, the Iowa Dental Hygienists Association, and the American Dental Association.  Records relating to licensing and the national and state regulatory agencies are also included in this series.


            The Photographs series (1950s-1995) includes photographs of dental hygiene students in class, working with patients, and posed in groups.  The photographs from the 1950s through 1980 are mainly 5x7 or 8x10 black and whites; photographs from later years are color snapshots.  The series includes color slides depicting dental hygiene students in the classroom, displays or booths set up and staffed by dental hygiene students, and presentations made by dental hygiene faculty members.  Most of the slides and photographs are identified.  Class photographs complete the series.


            The Theses series (1966-1977) includes six master’s theses written by University of Iowa dental hygiene students and two doctoral dissertations written by students at other institutions.   The Artifacts series (1984 and undated), including carved wax teeth, a trophy, and an instructional skull, completes the collection.


Related Collections


            Brine, Pelton, and Thompson v. The University of Iowa records
                        University of Iowa Dental Hygiene Program’s lawsuit to prevent closure.



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History                                    Box 1

Administrative Files                Boxes 1-18

Curriculum                              Boxes 18-26

Students                                  Boxes 26-31

Alumni                                    Boxes 31-32

Dental Hygiene Profession     Boxes 32-43

Photographs                            Boxes 44-49

Theses                                     Box 48

Artifacts                                  Boxes 50 and 51


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Box 1


Undergraduate program origin, 1953-1969 (2 folders)

Graduate program origin, 1964-1971

Alfred C. Fones. 

Mouth Hgyiene: A Text-book for Dental

Hygienists, 4th Edition, 1934.  [shelved with the printed works collection]


Administrative Files

     University of Iowa Administration

Correspondence, 1969-1984 and undated

Academic planning, 1972

College of Liberal Arts

1970-1991 (scattered)

Strategic Planning, 1989

College of Dentistry

Organizational charts, 1994 and undated


1966-1972 (scattered)


1980-1992 (scattered)


Box 2

Executive committee minutes




Executive committee/collegiate committee

Graduate program directors, 1988-1991

Subcommittees, 1975, 1983, and undated

Faculty meeting minutes, 1979-1994

Faculty retreat, 1973, 1990

Faculty proposals


1969, 1985

Faculty reports and strategic planning, 1980-1991 (scattered)

Dental Hygiene presentations and proposals

1968-1983 (scattered) and undated


Box 3


1976-1980 (scattered)


Goals, 1979-1982

Catalog material, 1964-1976

Department Heads




Graduate program directors, 1968-1992 (scattered)



Faculty meeting minutes

1977-1991 [2 folders]


Box 4

Qualifications and demographics, 1969-1991

Personnel files, 1964-1991 [scattered]

Biller, Ilene

Brine, Pauline

Buchanan, Sally

Burns, Janet

Damon, Meffie

Eldridge, Janis

Davis, Catherine C.

Edd, Pamela

Graham, Suellen

Hall, Barbara

Jacobsen, Glenn

Jenny, Joanna

Jepsen, Kären

Lancial, Lynette

McLeran, Hermine Hayden

Maxant, Judith

Miller-Eldridge, Julie

Newell, Helen [includes photos]

Oldsen, Evelyn

Pelton, Beth

Rowe, Dorothy Jean

Schwindt, Sharon

Scott, Lois

Sisty-LePeau, Nancy

Taylor, Marjorie

Tilliss, Terri

Retreats/research sessions, 1977-1987 (scattered)


Box 5

Grants and contracts

Index, 1966 to 1994

1966-1976 (scattered)



1970-1977 [2 folders]







Box 6


1978, 1985



1987 [3 folders]



Experimental Expanded Function Study

     Background materials, 1951-1987 (folder 1)


Box 7

Background material, 1951-1987 (folder 2)

General correspondence

1971-1974 and undated


Kellogg Foundation, 1971-1979

Origin, 1969-1972

Personnel, 1971-1975

Responses to study, 1972-1974

Advisory Committee meetings



Box 8

1975 (2 folders)

Origin Budget worksheets, 1971-1976

United States Public Health Service

1972 supplemental grant

Continuation grants





1976 Renewal

Kellogg Foundation

Annual Reports



Box 9



Supplemental Grants



Evaluation of student performance, 1977 (2 folders)

Student evaluation program, 1973-1974

Student placement, 1974-1976

Human subjects correspondence, 1969-1976

Proposal to expand research, 1975/76

Final report, 1976

Reports and publications, 1972-1978

Publications and presentations

1974-1986 and undated



Box 10

1981-1988 and undated

1982 and undated



Computerized clinical evaluation, undated

Developmental leaves, 1979-1982

Baccalaureate conferences

First conference, 1975 (3 folders)

Correspondence, 1976

Purpose and outcome, 1975


Box 11

Second conference, 1976 (2 folders)

Final outcome, 1976

Related materials, 1977-1980

Referral Study

Background reading, 1977-1984 (scattered)

Design, 1981-1983

Sample and analysis, 1983


Box 12


Findings, 1984

Research conference

Planning, 1986-1987

Conference materials, 1987

Presentations, undated

Post-conference correspondence and evaluation, 1987

Reports and proposals

Annual reports, 1953-1989 (2 folders)


Box 13

Post-certificate re-entry study, 1990

Long range planning, 1976-1986 (scattered)

Reallocation proposals, 1986-1988

Strategic plan, 1989-1990

Financial reports, 1968-1990 (3 folders)

Pew National Dental Education proposal, 1987

Accreditation reports

1955, 1959



Box 14


1973 (2 folders)


1980 (folder 1)

Box 15


1980 (folder 2)

1983 (2 folders)







Box 16

Accreditation Appendix

Course outlines, 1987-1989 (2 folders)

Faculty professional biographies, 1988

Evaluations and continuing education, 1988

Exams, 1987-1988

Self-study reports

Accreditation standards, 1989


Box 17

Auxiliary course outlines, 1989

                                         Graduate program



         1983 (2 folders)



         Position paper, undated

Professional service



Box 18


    Staff job procedures, 1963-1993 (scattered, 2 folders)




Goals, 1969-1994

Design, 1970-1990

Overviews, 1975 and undated

Scheduling, 1975-1985 (scattered)

Course descriptions, 1994

Texts and reading lists, 1971-1994

Summer program

Calendar and correspondence, 1978-1984

Course outlines, 1982-1985


Box 19

Research component, 1990-1991 and undated

Non-departmental courses

Anatomy, anesthesiology, 1969-1990 (scattered)

Animal biology, 1969-1987 (scattered)

Biostatistics, 1970-1996 (scattered)

Chemistry, 1982 and undated

Ethics, geriatrics, 1981-1992 (scattered)

Head and neck anatomy, 1979-1990

Media course, microbiology, 1967-1990

Nutrition, 1967-1988

Oral pathology, oral histology, 1987 and undated

Periodontics, 1980-1993 (scattered)

Pharmacology, 1976-1988 (scattered)

Physical education, physiology, 1963-1986 (scattered)

Radiology, 1974-1990 (scattered)

Departmental courses


Dental History, 1956

Dental anatomy, 1980-1992 (scattered)


Box 20

Dental hygiene core I





Dental hygiene core II


1973-1994 (scattered)




Senior seminar, 1975-1995


Box 21

Senior clinical course, 1978-1993 (2 folders)

Clinical Concepts of Dental Hygiene Practice


pre-1994 (2 folders)


Box 22

1994-1995 (2 folders)

Senior clinical manual, 1973

Student evaluation

Quizzes and assignments, 1967-1991 (scattered) and


Clinical competency exam, undated

Table clinic projects, 1985-1995 (scattered)


Box 23

Complex treatment planning and treatment outcomes

assessment, 1984-1994 (scattered) and undated

Clinical evaluation forms, 1964-1995 (scattered)

Student perceptions, 1982-1984 (scattered)

Evaluations, undated

Rotation evaluation forms, 1958-1972 (scattered) and


Faculty scheduling and correspondence, 1977-1994

(scattered) and undated

Faculty clinical manual, 1981-1987 (scattered) and


Patient services

Brochures and handouts, 1975-1992 (scattered) and


Correspondence and publicity, 1963-1994 (scattered)

and undated

Community health

General, 1975-1993 (scattered)

Schedules, 1974-1995 (scattered)

Forms, 1978-1982 (scattered) and undated


Box 24

Seminar and Practicum combined course, 1972-1975


Outlines, 1974-1986 (scattered)

Evaluations, 1974-1995 (scattered)

Community health (cont.)


Course materials, 1974-1995 (2 folders)


Community health


Assignments, 1982-1992 (scattered) and undated

Syllabus, 1994-1995


Service to individuals, 1980-1995 (scattered)

Service to groups, 1974-1995 (scattered) and undated

(folder 1)


Box 25

Service to groups, 1974-1995 (scattered) and undated (folder 2)


Curriculum design, 1974-1990 (scattered)


Student projects, 1968-1975

Syllabi, 1965-1988 (scattered)

Manual for teaching manual dexterity, undated

Dental Hygiene Literature Review, 1976-1991

Social Factors in Oral Health, 1976-1981 (scattered)

Independent study, 1989

Evaluation of Dental Hygiene Research, 1979-1990


Health Services Administration, 1989

Research Methods, 1989


Box 26

Comprehensive exams, 1966-1975 (scattered)

Research and theses

Summary information, 1966-1990 (scattered)




Brochures, 1986 and undated

Committee, 1988-1990 (scattered)

Correspondence, 1958-1990 (scattered) and undated


General materials, 1968-1991 (scattered) and undated

Pre-dental hygiene social, 1980

Alumnae recruiters’ notebook, 1989

Correspondence with Iowa colleges and dentists, 1971-1990


Recommended courses for transfer students

Four year institutions, 1988-1989

Two year institutions, 1987-1990

Illinois two year institutions, 1990 and undated


Criteria, 1982-1991 (scattered) and undated

Process, 1955-1994 (scattered) and undated

Committee, 1963-1993 (scattered) and undated

Graduate, 1975-1992 (scattered) and undated

Registration, 1963-1994 (scattered) and undated

Graduate registration, 1974 and undated

Faculty advising, 1954-1993 [2 folders]


University of Iowa data

1953-1993 and undated

Dental hygiene undergraduate demographics, 1967

Graduate data, 1959-1962

National data, 1959-1962

Student life


Officer lists, 1981-1995

Student American Dental Hygienists’ Association (SADHA)



Box 28

1984-1994 and undated [2 folders]

Expense registers, 1984 and undated

Big Sisters/Little Sisters, 1978-1994 and undated

American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA)

District VIII Student-Faculty Conference, 1990-1991 [2 folders]

Iowa Student Member Organization (of ADHA)



Sigma Phi Alpha, 1966

Alpha Kappa Gamma

1954-1990 (bulk 1956-1966) [folder 1]


Box 29

1954-1990 (bulk 1956-1966) [folder 2]

Scrapbook, (dates) [oversize: Box 49]

Loose scrapbook items (dates)

General University

Newspaper clippings, 1955-1987 and undated

Scrapbook, 1953-1959

Selected scrapbook items (1953-1979 and undated) [photocopies]

Financial aid and costs

General information, 1963-1992 and undated


Box 30

Dental hygiene fund, 1984-1992

Helen Newell Memorial Fund, 1970-1995

Patricia Heichel Frajman Award, 1983-1991

Financial aid and costs

Wettach-Halverson Scholarship, 1991-1995

Susan McGinnis Memorial, 1976-1991

John and Louise Roalson Scholarship 1989-1992

Oral B. Scholarship, 1965-1971

Iowa Dental Hygienists’ Association, 1986-1995

Wylene Feick Memorial Loan, 1967-1969

Women’s Auxiliary Loan Fund, 1967-1971

Attendance costs, 1962-1991

Graduate costs, 1974-1991

Teaching Assistantship, 1979-1991

Academic Performance committee, 1968-1991


General, 1976-1992

Felecia Wix Memorial Award, 1983-1995

Helen Newell Achievement Award, 1985-1995


Box 31


General materials, 1959-1995

Professional Pin, 1988-1995

Addresses, 1983-1994

Programs, 1955-1995 [2 folders]




Correspondence, 1980-1984 and undated

Graduate program alumni, 1971-1992 and undated

Newspaper clippings, 1958-1994

Newsletters, 1960-1995 (bulk 1986-1995)

Iowa Dental Bulletin, 1970-1974  

Continuing education, 1960-1992

Meetings, 1984-1992

Faculty/Alumni correspondence, 1956-1993 [folder 1]


Box 32

Faculty/Alumni correspondence, 1956-1993 [folders 2-3]

Awards and honors, 1970, 1984 and 1993

Surveys, 1966-1985 [2 folders]

Employment, 1956-1993


Dental Hygiene Profession


Early Dental Hygiene Curriculum, 1913-1965

United States Department of Health

Booklets, 1966-1967

Interview with Dr. Robert J. Collins, (date)

Iowa State Health Department Brochure, circa 1973

Articles and research

National Levels of Education for Dental Hygiene Faculty,


A Place for Dental Hygiene Education,” 1967

Northwest (Chicago) Dental Study Club survey, 1968

“Assessment of Dental Hygiene Faculty Manpower Needs,


“ . . .Dental Practice in the Year 2000,” 1975


Box 33

“Professional Socialization in Dental Hygiene Education,”


“Perceived Differences and Distinguishing Characteristics

Between 2 year and Baccalaureate DH programs, 1981

“Dental Hygiene’s Concerns from one perspective,” 1982

“Issues Arising from Growth Patterns in DH ed., 1985

“Dental Hygiene Education: The case for currently,” 1990

Newspaper clippings, 1990-1991


Conferences, workshops and reports

American Dental Hygiene Association

History of the American Dental Hygiene Association, 1923-1953.

Conference on Trends in Dental Hygiene Education, 1955

Third workshop on Dental Hygiene, 1955 [2 folders]

Fourth workshop on Dental Hygiene, 1961

Workshop on Dental Hygiene education and licensure, 1964 [folder 1]


Box 34

Workshop on Dental Hygiene education and licensure, 1964 [folder 2]

Committee on Dental Hygiene Education, 1964-1972 [2 folders]

Workshop for Dental Hygiene educators, 1967

Conferences for Dental Hygiene educators, 1964-1972 [2 folders]

Correspondence, 1965-1993


Box 35

Correspondence, 1968-1990 [2 folders]

Long range planning, 1967-1977

District X meeting minutes, 1967

Policies on Dental Hygiene education, 1991-1993

Position statements, 1968-1971

Regional Consultants’ workshops, 1969-1975

Ad Hoc Committee on Curriculum, 1970

Community Dental Health Teachers’ Institute, 1972

Proposal for Program for Dental Hygiene educators, 1973





Box 36


American Dental Hygiene Association Career options approach to dental education, 1973

Educational Assessment Project, 1974

Workshop on Dental Auxiliary Expanded Functions, 1976

[2 folders]

Conferences on Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene,

1978 [2 folders]



Box 37

Distinguished Dental Hygienists, 1982

Conference on Dental Hygiene research, 1982

Practice of Dental Hygiene in Canada: Report, 1986

Ninth annual International Symposium on Dental Hygiene, 1983

Proposal for Improved Access to Preventative Dental Care, 1983

Issues arising from Growth Patterns in Dental Hygiene

education, undated

Dental Hygiene education workshops, 1984-1989 [2


National Agenda on Dental Hygiene Research, 1984 [2


Accreditation of Dental Hygiene education, 1984


Box 38

Self-regulation reports, 1985-1986

Utilization of dental hygienists in institutional settings, 1986

Articulation: Alliances for the future, 1987

Educational Standards Task Force, 1987 [2 folders]

Recruitment conferences, 1988-1989

Health manpower pilot project, 1987-1989


Box 39

Report on the status of health personnel in the United

States, 1969

Manpower special committee, 1989

District VIII strategic plans, 1989-1990

67th Annual Session, 1990

Dental Hygiene Education Program Study, 1990-1991

Policies on education, 1991-1993

Report on Dental Hygiene Education costs, 1994

Retention of Dental Hygienists in the Workforce, 1992

Theory Development Panel, 1993

Iowa Dental Hygienists Association

Constitution, 1962

Membership Lists, 1967-1986

Workshop, 1972

Legislative Involvement

American Dental Association

Legislative Involvement



Standards Development, 1990-1994


Box 40

                                              Positions, 1965

Correspondence, 1965-1995

Faculty contributions

Health planning council, 1970-1971

Activities reports, 1989-1990

Dental students’ register, 1958-1967

Dental Hygiene Program Lists, 1951-1982

Dental Hygiene Education Cost Study Report, 1978

Accreditation of Dental Hygiene programs

Requirements/standards, 1947-1992

Brochures, undated

Data on Dental Hygiene enrollment, 1962

Policies and guidelines for the training of dental auxiliaries, 1966

Manuals of evaluation procedures, 1966, 1980


Box 41

List of accredited programs, 1994

Correspondence and reports, 1967-1994 [folder 1]

Correspondence and reports, 1967-1994 [folder 2]

Manual of Policies and procedures for Dental Auxiliary Consultants, 1976

Helen Newell letter re: accreditation standards, 1964

American Association of Dental Schools reports, 1985-1992


Dental Hygiene aptitude testing pilot study, 1956
Graduate Dental Hygiene data, 1966-1995 (and undated)


Box 42

Degree completion programs, 1984-1995

Data on Iowa’s licensed hygienists and dental workforce,

1966, 1972

Comparison of Dental services, urban and rural Iowa, 1968

Division of Health Affairs, 1972, 1985

Newspaper clipping, undated

Entry-level recommendations, 1985

“Thoughts on Dentistry,” 1987

Articulation programming, 1987

Iowa Board of Dental Examiners & Iowa Dental Association manpower data, 1989-1990



Statistics: Licensed hygienists in Iowa, 1966-1967

Correspondence, 1982-1988


Guidelines for continuing education, 1976

Academic freedom, 1989

Dental Practice Act, 1966-1967 and undated



Dental Practice Act, 1966-1967

Statutory definition of the practice of dental hygiene,


Rules of the Iowa State Board of Dentistry, 1967

Legislative action packet, 1985


Local anesthesia, 1988-1989

Wisconsin Dental Association President’s message, 15

minutes, (audiocassette) [shelved in audiocassette collection AC:   ]

National Board

History, 1976-1980

Pilot tests, 1959-1960


Box 43

Released Exams, 1965-1988

Performance evaluations, 1962-1996 [2 folders]

Performance analyses, 1971-1974

Attrition rates, 1971-1972

Dental hygiene committee Chairman’s report, 1975

Dental hygiene directors’ conference report, 1975

Regional/state boards




Commission of Education Regulation, 1959

Performance evaluations




Requirements and registration, 1969-1989


Box 44



1950s-1960s [2 folders]

Photographic displays, circa 1972

1970-1989 [5 folders]


Box 45


1990-1995 [4 folders]



1968-1984 [15 folders]


Box 46

1985-1989 [13 folders]


Box 47


1990-1995 [7 folders]


Box 48


Class photographs

1954-1995 [4 folders]




Lorna J. Bonnet, Predictive Analysis of the Dental Hygiene Aptitude Testing Program as Compared with other Indices of Scholastic Aptitude, 1966


Mary Dunn Brown, Identification of Behaviors Considered Effective Administration of Dental School Department Chairmen, 1972. 


M. Diane Curl, A Comparative Study of Dental Hygiene Educational Environments and Student Preferences, 1966


Mary Kathryn Dunn, Student Evaluation of Instruction, Understanding, and Integration in Baccalaureate Dental Hygiene Programs, 1967


Jill Louise Hewett, A Survey of Psycho-Social Characteristics of Students in Two-Year Programs of Dental Hygiene, 1967


Nanette L. Little, Characteristics and Role Perceptions of  Baccalaureate Dental Hygiene Programs in the United States, 1977


Kathleen M. Lukken, Survey and Evaluation of Dental Hygienists’ Role in State Departments of Health, 1975


Dorothy J. Rowe, Prevalence and Extent of Alveolar Bone Loss on Mesial Surfaces on Left Mandibular First Molars in 15 and 19 Year-Olds, 1968

Box 49


                                    Student life scrapbook


Box 50                                Artifacts

                                    Iowa Dental Hygienist Clinicians Trophy

                                    Pins, 1984

                                    Carved wax teeth


Box 51

                                                Instructional skull



Jerome Lysaught, “Implications of need for Change in Baccalaureate Dental Hygiene Education: Characteristics of Growth or Deterioration of a Profession,” May 10, 1976 [AC 1080]


Larry Hornsby, “Role of Behavioral and Social Sciences in Health Care Provision, May 10, 1976, side one; David Chambers, “Objectives of the Second Conference Explanation of Conference Agenda,” May 10, 1976, side two  [AC 1081]


                                    J. Larry Hornsby and Nancy Sisty, “Presentation of Behavioral

Science: Curriculum Model,” May 11, 1976 [AC 1082]


James Clark, “How Could the Behavioral and Social Sciences Significantly Influence Future of Baccalaureate Dental hygiene,” May 10, 1976 [AC 1083]


David Chambers, “Analyses of Educational Challenges and Decisions- Planning for Positive Change,” May 11, 1976, side one; James Clark and Martha Fales, “Presentation of Public Health Curriculum Model,” May 11, 1976, side two [AC 1084]


                                    David Chambers, “Methods of Implementation: Basic Factors to

                                    Consider in Curriculum Development,” May 12, 1976 [AC 1085]


Margaret Ryan, “Implications of Accreditation Policy and of ADA Expanded Function Workshop On Implementation of Curriculum Models: Council on Education,” May 12, 1976 [AC 1086]


                                    Martha Fales, “Presentation of Position Paper and Summary of

                                    Actions Proceedings of Conference Deliberations to Date,” May

                                    13, 1976 Final Discussion [AC 1087]


                                    Community Term Application Session- Head Start [AC 1088]


Keynote Speaker, Second National Dental Hygiene Research Conference (side B, start at 20mm) [AC 1089-1090]



                                    Dental Hygiene Class of 1989 [V 325]


                                    Dental Hygiene Class of 1995, 15 min. [V 326]


                                    Dental Hygiene at the University of Iowa: A Career on the Move,

1987 [V 327]

ADHA District VII Students, “Your Voice Counts,” 1993 [V 328]


Health Beat with Dean Borg

                                                Beth Pelton, Rinses and Oral Hygiene, 1988 [V 329]

                                                Beth Pelton, Choosing a Toothbrush and Nancy Lepeau,

Food for Healthy Teeth [V 330]


UI Dental Hygiene Credit- Video spot announcements by Dental Hygiene seniors [V 331]


Non-traditional Hygiene Practice: Vigil of Jenny Fay waiting for dental care [homebound chronically ill patients [V 332]


88:105, Fall 1990 Student Presentations: Conflict Management

                        Assignment [V 333]