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Lonabelle Kaplan Spencer Papers, Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.


Collection Overview

The papers (donor no. 233) were donated by Lonabelle Kaplan Spencer in 1994 and subsequent years.
The papers are open for research.
Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to The University of Iowa. 
  Artifacts: In Boxes 9, 10, 11, and 39.  
  Audiovisual: Six audiocassettes (AC1220-1225) shelved in the audiocassette collection.  
In Boxes 7 and 38.
Processed by:
Jennifer Holden, 1995; Randel W. Lackore, 1997; Kate Stewart, 2007. [SpencerKappie.doc]


Lonabelle “Kappie” Kaplan Spencer, political activist and women’s rights advocate, was born in 1925 in Owatonna, Minnesota, to Reuben and Florence Kaplan.  Kaplan became involved in the Girl Scouts of America in 1932 at the age of seven. She attended Grinnell College, graduating in 1947 with a degree in physical education. Kaplan married Grinnell graduate Mark Spencer and the couple moved to Des Moines where they had four children: Greg, Gary, Carol, and Dane. 

Kappie Spencer served in leadership roles in Girl Scouts for more than thirty years.  In 1965 she was selected as a participant to the International Conference of Girl Scouts/Guides held in Acapulco, Mexico.  She also served as a board member and in several leadership positions in the Moingona Council of Central Iowa Girl Scouts.  In 1974, when Spencer learned that a hog lot was to be built near a Girl Scout camp, she supported efforts to regulate livestock odors and air quality. Through this activism and lobbying, she became more interested in state politics. Although Spencer lost a bid for the Iowa Senate in 1976, she became a successful lobbyist.

A prominent member of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Spencer served as chairwoman of the legislative program committee at the state and national levels.  Through the AAUW, Spencer worked for many women’s causes including the federal Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) in the late 1970s and the Iowa ERA in both 1980 and 1992. Spencer gave speeches across the state and wrote many letters to the editor in support of the ERA. Spencer worked for several years to promote dual listings for married women in Iowa telephone directories.  She also influenced Iowa newspapers to include the first names of husbands and wives in obituaries, anniversary announcements, and wedding announcements. She founded an organization called the National Gender Balance Project to encourage states to appoint equal numbers of men and women to boards and committees.

When Spencer’s mother died in 1965, she and her sister were not allowed to access their inheritance as it was put into a trust, while her brothers received their inheritance outright. For thirty years Spencer publicized this form of sex discrimination and eventually lobbied for an amendment to the federal banking services bill that banned discrimination against women by financial planners, which passed in 1999. In 1985, Spencer bought a second home in Sarasota, Florida, and continued her activism for women’s rights in both Florida and Iowa. In 1990 Spencer won the Cristine Wilson Medal for Equality and Justice, an award given by the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women.

Scope and Content Note

The Lonabelle Kaplan Spencer» papers date from 1931 to 2004 and measure 13.75 linear feet.  The papers were acquired and processed in two separate accessions in 1997 and 2007.


The 1997 accession is arranged in seven series:  American Association of University Women, Equality for women, International Women’s Year, Girl Scouts, Politics, Photographs and Artifacts

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) series (1976-1996) chronicles Spencer’s work as chair of the legislative program committee nationally and at the state level.  Spencer was instrumental in changing the national legislative newsletter to the Action Alert format.  She also conducted workshops on the ERA and worked to make women’s voices heard in the political realm.

The Equality for women series (1965-1996) covers Spencer’s pursuit of equality for women in printed publications and the financial arena.  It chronicles her work in three main areas:  to end the discrimination against women in trust funds and in newspaper publications, and to promote dual telephone directory listings for women.  The series includes extensive documentation of a project spearheaded by Spencer for the Iowa Division of the AAUW to influence Iowa telephone companies to include married women’s first names in telephone directories.

The International Women’s Year series (1977-1978, 1996) documents Spencer’s work at the Iowa Women’s Meeting, including her election as a delegate and attendance at the National Women’s Conference in Houston, Texas, in 1977.  The synopsis folder provides brief reflections on her activities and comments about the infighting between pro- and anti-ERA delegates from different states.

The Girl Scouts series (1964-1996) contains a scrapbook chronicling Spencer’s journey as a representative to the International Conference of Girl Scouts/Guides in Acapulco, Mexico.  It also includes newspaper articles covering Spencer’s activities with
   the Girl Scouts of Central Iowa and awards given to Spencer for her service.  In addition the series includes memorabilia concerning the Moingona Council Pow-Wow of 1973, held at Camp Sacajawea in Boone, Iowa.

The Politics series (1976-1996) contains papers related to Spencer’s campaign for the Iowa Senate in 1976 and Mary Grefe’s campaign for the Iowa House of Representatives in 1984.  The series includes one folder of materials from Spencer’s involvement with the Republican women’s task force, and papers concerning her appointment to the Iowa 2000 State Commonwealth Conference.

The Photographs series (1973-1984) contains photographs from two girls’ summer camps that Spencer directed, campaign snapshots and proof prints, and her photo ID from the International Women’s Year National Conference. The Artifacts series (1963-1984) contains Girl Scout pins and badges, a campaign t-shirt and pins, and a tote bag Kaplan made for the National Women’s conference.


The 2007 accession is organized to mirror some of the series used in the 1997 accession and to include five new series. The ten series in the 2007 accession are Personal, Equal Rights Amendment, Hog odor efforts, Grinnell College, Public writings, American Association of University Women, Equality for Women, International Women’s Year, Photographs and Artifacts. Many items in the 2007 accession remain in Spencer’s folders with her labels in the original order.

The Personal series (1992-2003) includes an extensive history and genealogy of the Kaplan family of Minnesota written by one of Spencer’s relatives, and biographical information on Spencer from her Who’s Who in America profile and other publications.
The Equal Rights Amendment series (1974-1999) documents Spencer’s work to pass the federal ERA and Iowa’s state ERA, which was rejected by voters in 1980 and 1992. The series includes records of the AAUW that relate to the ERA, records of the Iowa ERA Coalition and other organizations, newspaper clippings, correspondence, events, polling data, printed materials, mailings, and financial records. Spencer also collected materials from organizations against the ERA and wrote analyses of the amendments’ defeats.

The Hog odor efforts series (1968-2004) includes materials related to Spencer’s support of state odor and air quality regulations. The series begins with the conflict between the Girl Scouts and the Ogden Sow Corporation over the proximity of a hog lot to the Girl Scout camp in Boone, Iowa. The series includes Spencer’s letters of protest to the company and the state when she discovered there were no odor regulations, newspaper clippings, and records of her lobbying efforts and testimony to commissions. Materials from the state Odor Advisory Committee, which Spencer helped form, and the Air Quality Commission are also included as well as scientific studies on hog lots and air quality.

The Grinnell College series (1944-2000) includes Spencer’s yearbooks, alumni materials, and her work as a class fund director, trustee, and reunion organizer. The Public writings series (1969-2004) includes Spencer’s drafts and printed newspaper copies of letters to the editor and guest columns on a variety of topics spanning almost forty years. Many of the letters and guest columns appeared in the Des Moines Register. The series also includes testimony for commissions and public hearings, notes on her appearances on WHO talk radio, and correspondence with state and U.S. legislators.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) series (1931-2001) includes issues of Action Alert, resource packets, programs, conference materials, and copies of older legislative programs starting in 1931.

The Equality for Women series (1946-2003) includes materials on Spencer’s efforts to end discrimination against women by financial planners, and congratulatory letters after the federal banking services bill passed in 2000. Materials related to the National Gender Balance Project are included, as well as publications from the 1995 UN Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, which Spencer attended to promote the National Gender Balance Project. A compilation of speeches from the conference, Look at the World Through Women’s Eyes, is shelved in the IWA printed works. Kappie Spencer and the National Gender Balance Project are mentioned in the book The Deep Divide: Why American Women Resist Equality by Sherrye Henry, which is also shelved in the printed works. Newspaper clippings and materials from other women’s conferences are included. The series concludes with information on the withdrawal of funding for Planned Parenthood of Iowa by two companies, AT&T and Pioneer Hi-Bred, after boycotts by pro-life groups.

The International Women’s Year series (1976-1997) includes conference materials, newspaper clippings, and publications from the 1977 National Women’s Conference in Houston that Spencer attended as a delegate. Materials in the Politics series (1974-1983) document Spencer’s belief that the Republican Party had abandoned women’s issues by not supporting the ERA, and her disapproval of the nomination and election of Ronald Reagan.

The Photographs series (1967-1997) includes photographs from Grinnell College reunions and conferences that Spencer attended. The Artifacts series includes stickers, balloons, buttons and t-shirts from the Iowa ERA campaign and items from Grinnell reunions.

Two books are shelved in the IWA printed works collection: The Deep Divide: Why American Women Resist Equality by Sherrye Henry (1994) and Look at the World Through Women’s Eyes:  Plenary Speeches from the NGO Forum on Women, Beijing '95
edited by Eva Friedlander (1996).

Summary Contents List

American Association of University Women: Boxes 1-4, 34
Artifacts: Boxes 9-11, 39
Equal Rights Amendment: Boxes 12-23, 40
Equality for women: Boxes 4, 34-47, 40
Girl Scouts: Boxes 5-6
Grinnell College: Boxes 30-31
Hog odor efforts: Boxes 24-29, 40
International Women’s Year: Boxes 5, 37-38
Personal: Box 12
Photographs: Boxes 7, 38
Politics: Boxes 6-7, 38
Public Writings: Boxes 32-33


Box List

Box 1                  


    Iowa division
      Computer camp for girls, 1984
Des Moines branch newsletters, 1976-1994
ERA newspaper clippings, 1979-1980 and undated
The Iowa University Women, 1978-1983
Legislative program committee chair notebook [contents removed from three-ring binder]
        Notebook summary [1996]
Committee work, 1978-1984 (5 folders)
Biennial conventions program books, 1978-1984
Executive board minutes, 1979-1982
Miscellaneous, 1977-1985 and undated
Box 2                  
      Workshop materials
Advocacy network, 1983
Agents of Change, 1978-1979
VERA questionnaires [Victory for the Equal Rights Amendment], 1980-1981
      The Family After Equality Conference, 1980
Legislative kits, 1978-1981
Legislative workshop, 1981
Public affairs, 1982-1984
Title IX, 1977-1978
Women’s Vote Project, 1984
    National association      
      Association Legislative Program Committee (ALPC
        Committee work, 1980-1982 (2 folders)
Minutes and reports, 1982-1983
Box 3                  
        Correspondence, 1980-1983
Shadow Council proposal to monitor the National Advisory Commission, 1982-
Travel visits, 1981-1983
      Biennial conventions      
        Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1979
Boston, Massachusetts, 1981
San Francisco, California
          Education task force, 1982
ERA report, 1980-1982
Issues briefing, 1983
Legislative program committee, 1983
Newspaper clippings, 1983
Program book, 1983
Workshop “It’s a Man’s World.  unless women vote!,” 1983
        Action Alert, 1981-1983, 1996 (3 folders)
Leader in Action, 1981-1982
        The New Federalism:  A Washington Primer  Division Legislative Program Chairs Advocacy Training, 1982 [contents removed from three-ring binder]
Conference information
Box 4                  
          Association materials
Taking Action/Grassroots Action
Preparatory correspondence
        Regional team training, 1982
United Nations Seminar Peace and National Security, 1982-1983
    Dual listings for women in telephone directories project
      Synopsis of project [1996]
Correspondence, 1976-1982 ( 4 folders)
Information, 1977-1982
Iowa Commerce Commission testimony, 1981
Newsletters, 1977, 1980, 1982
Newspaper clippings, 1976-1982 (3 folders)
Phone company and legislative action, 1982
Progress reports, 1982
Resolutions, 1977-1979
    Media discrimination
      Correspondence, 1978, 1980
Newspaper clippings, 1976-1980
Petitions and resolutions, undated
    Trust funds      
      Account statements, 1965-1975
Correspondence, 1965-1975
Literature and newspaper clippings, 1965-1990
Testimonies, 1989, 1990
Box 5                  
    Iowa Women’s Meeting
      Synopsis, 1996
Brochure and schedule, 1977
Committee hearing, 1977
Correspondence, 1977
Delegates, 1977
Newspaper clippings, 1977Program booklets, 1977
    National Women’s Conference      
      Synopsis, 1996
Anti-ERA materials, 1977
Conference rules of order and Public Law 94 enacting the National Commission on the Observance of International Women’s Year, 1975-1977
Correspondence, 1977-1978
Daily bulletins, 1977
Newspaper clippings, 1977
Patterns and tote bag, 1977 [oversized totebag shelved:  box 9]
Program book and proposed national plan of action, 1977
Publicity, 1977
    Synopsis of activities [1996]      
      Abortion controversy, 1975-1977
Awards, 1969-1978
Correspondence, 1966-1993
Day camp
        General information packet, 1968
Box 6                  

Camp craft activities, 1972

      Event patches, 1963-1973 and undated [artifacts in box 11]
Newspaper clippings

Pow-Wow ‘73, 1973

        Camp handbook
National event consideration application
Newspaper clippings
Programs and newsletters
      Scrapbook, 1965 [oversized in box 8]
Troop consultant packet, 1967-1968
    Kappie Spencer for Iowa Senate
      Summary of campaign, 1996
Campaign files, 1976
        #1  Campaign committee, organization, campaign plan, vita, GOP platform 1976, and campaign school notes
#2  Fundraising letters
#3  Publicity/press releases
#4  Precinct analysis and newspaper clippings
#5  Campaign appearances and speeches
#6  Mail-a-friend campaign
#7  Special file--R.A. Kaplan quote regarding his children and other special correspondence (family and friends)
#8  Personal correspondence
#9  Correspondence/newspaper clippings and Chiodo dirty campaign practices
#10  Fun stuff for youth squad [includes “Vote for KAPPIE SPENCER” T-shirts stored in artifacts:  box 10]
      Scrapbook, 1976 [contents removed from three-ring binder]
Yard sign, 1976 [oversize shelved in map case]
Box 7                  
      Mary Grefe for Iowa House of Representatives      
        Synopsis, 1996
Endorsements, 1984
Fundraiser skits, 1984
House District 84 voting history analysis, 1984
Pamphlets, 1984
Press releases and statements, 1984
Schedule and budget, 1984
      Iowa 2000 State Commonwealth Conference      
        Synopsis, 1996
Correspondence, 1977
Final report, 1977
Newsletters, 1977
Newspaper clippings, 1977
Regional committee materials, 1976-1977
      Republican women’s task force, 1976-1984, 1996  
    AAUW computer camp for girls, 1984
Girl Scouts Pow Wow ‘73, 1973
International Women’s Year Conference, 1977
Iowa Senate campaign
      Scrapbook, 1976 [photographs]
Snapshots and contact proofs, 1976
    Mary Grefe outside state capitol [1984]
Box 8                  
Girl Scouts
    Scrapbook, 1965      
Box 9                  


    National Women’s Conference totebag      
Box 10                  
    “Vote for KAPPIE SPENCER” T-shirts, 1976      
Box 11                  
    Political pins and badges, 1976, 1984
Girl Scouts event patches, 1963-1973 and undated
Box 12
    Biographical information
The Kaplan Family History, 1992
      State ERA Ratification, 1975-1983
GOP, 1976-1983
Gender Gap, Get Out the Women’s Vote (GOTWV), 1980-1983
Religion, 1976-1981
Draft, 1979-1983
Military, 1979-1981
History/background, 1972-1982 (2 folders)
Of interest, 1975-1981
Miscellaneous newspaper clippings, 1978-1982
        Task Force, 1980-1981      
Box 13                  
        Task Force, 1980-1983 (4 folders)
Task Force press kit, 1981
Organizational, 1981
Interim Committee, 1982-1983 (3 folders)
Box 14                  

International Coordinating Committee, 1983
Duplicated materials, undated

Box 15                  
      Crucial rulings, 1977-1982
Rescission status, 1979-1981
Rescission association mailings, 1977-1979
Anti strategy, 1980-1981
Defeat, 1980-1983
Reintroduction, 1981-1983
Boycott, 1977-1981
Extension, 1977-1981
Newspaper clippings, 1981
Personal, 1981
Of interest newspaper clippings, 1982-1983 (2 folders)
It’s a Man’s World, 1983
Congressional ERA letters, 1978-1983
Fundraising for unratified states, 1981-1982
        Newspaper clippings, 1977-1982
Personal action, 1977-1981
        Newspaper clippings, 1978-1982
Personal action, 1978-1980
Chicago march, 1980
        Newspaper clippings, 1976-1978
Personal action, 1980
Box 15                  
      North Carolina      
        Newspaper clippings, 1977-1982
Personal action, 1981
        Newspaper clippings, 1975-1983    
      Other unratified states      
        Newspaper clippings, 1978-1982
Personal action, 1976-1982
    Iowa ERA      
      General, 1976-1980
Lobbying and personal action, 1978-1979
Legislation, 1975-1979
Background, 1978
Newspaper clippings, 1978
History, originals, 1978-1979
Personal action (coalition), 1978
Executive planner, 1978-1979
Newspaper clippings, 1979
Box 16                  
      Personal action, 1979
History, 1980
Personal action, 1980
Letters to the editor, 1980
Need for ERA, 1976-1978
Rural women, 1980
Religion, 1972-1980
Issues background, 1980
Homosexual marriage, 1974-1975
Iowa ERA Coalition
        Coalition formation, 1977-1980
Personal, 1978-1980
County coalitions, 1979-1980
Governing board committee agendas and minutes, 1978-1980
Publicity, 1978-1980
Coalition network, 1977-1980
Voter survey and strategy, 1976-1980
Financial, 1979-1980
Rallies and fundraisers, 1978-1980
Box 17                  
        Fundraisers, 1978-1980 (2 folders)
Events, 1978-1980
Lobbying card files [shelved in Box 40]
Speakers background, 1978-1980
AAUW travel visits, 1979-1980
Personal speaking, 1979-1980
Speaker’s packet
Hearings, 1977-1978
Rallies, 1977-1981
Bandwagon, 1980
Box 18                  
        Bandwagon, personal action, 1980
Contacts card files [shelved in Box 40]
Newsletters and printed materials, 1978-1980
Anti propaganda, 1976-1980
Box 19                  
        Anti strategy
Right to choice, 1975-1978
Defeat, 1980
Correspondence, 1980
Caravan/bandwagon, 1980
Phyllis Schlafly, 1977-1992
Box 20                  
        Newspaper clippings, 1981-1984 (2 folders)
Notes, undated
Girl scouts, 1977-1983
AAUW Action for Equality, 1980
Educational Equity: A Continuing Quest, 1982
Sex Bias in the U.S. Code, 1977
ERA Facts and Action Guide, 1986; At Ease with the ERA, 1979
Box 21                  
        Miscellaneous resources
Vermont ERA, 1986
Pro-ERA brochures, 1980-1992
    Iowa ERA 1992      
Speech ideas
Phyllis Schlafly
Pat Robertson
Letters to the editor
AAUW Iowa ERA Action Kit
Radio and TV
History and editorials
Betty Durden
Equality Campaign
Box 22                  
      Ellie Smeal
Cynthia Terrell, Iowa Equality Campaign
Campaign finance disclosure laws
Other states with ERAs
Analysis of 1980 defeat
Anti-ERA brochures
Anti-ERA tactics
Why need ERA?
Constitution, Yale Law Journal, “Abortion Neutral” language
ERA 1992 Coalition
ERA 1992 Coalition brochures
Letters to the editor and newspaper clippings
WHO radio, Jan Mickelson
Knoxville AAUW
Letters, unfavorable
Meeting minutes
Poll results
Box 23                  
      County Coalition Coordinators letters 1-5
Mailings, drafts and receipts
Tabloid drafts and planning
Tabloid expenses
Independent expenses ERA
Women’s Equality Report Committee, West Bank account
Campaign finance disclosure reports
Campaign finance disclosure codes
Bev Davis
Victoria Herring correspondence concerning Bev Davis
ERA, 1993-1999
    Audiocassettes [shelved in audiocassette collection]
Notes on audiocassettes, 1996 and undated
Interview with Linda Brigance on ERA, 1996 (40 minutes) [AC1221]
ERA, undated (10 minutes) [AC1222]
Joe Wall speech on ERA at Grinnell College, 1980 (40 minutes) [AC1223]
National Secretaries Association meeting, ERA debate between Kappie Spencer and Donna LePort, 1980 (45 minutes) [AC1224]
Erma Bombeck radio advertisement for Iowa ERA, 1980 (30 seconds) [AC1225]
Box 24                  
    History, 2004
Letters to the editor, 1974-1978
Letters to the editor, 1995
Newspaper clippings mentioning Kappie Spencer, 1975-1980
Letters regarding Scouts vs. Hogs, 1974-1980
Miscellaneous, Scouts vs. Hogs, 1974-1975
Girl Scout camp newspaper clippings, 1974
Complaints, letters, petitions, calls, 1973-1979
Letters from network list, 1973-1979
Letters, bills, headlines, 1975-1979
Letters to Ogden Sow Confinement, 1974-1975
Box 25                  
    Air Quality Commission attempt, 1974
Personal action, 1974
Odor Control Advisory Committee, 1974-1976 (2 folders)
Newspaper clippings re odors, 1974-1977
Health, 1974-1975
Letters re regulations
Letters on confined feeding and waste management, 1975
Department of Environmental Quality newsletters, 1975-1990
International Symposium on Livestock Wastes, 1975
Nuisance actions, 1970-1976
Iowa Air Quality Commission agendas, 1975-1977 (2 folders)
Box 26                  
    Iowa Air Quality Commission agendas, 1977-1979
Odor Control Advisory Panel agendas, 1975-1976
Various odor publications, 1974-1976
Legislation, 1977-1979
Land use, House File 505, 1975
Letters to legislators re land use, 1975
Senate File 367 lobbying, 1975-1976
Odor regulations, 1968-2004 (3 folders)
Testimony, 1973-1977
      Newspaper clippings, 1976-1982
February 19, 1975
April 10, 1975
Box 27                  
      September 16, 1976
December 16, 1976
Budget hearing, December 1976
April 13, 1977
July 12, 1979
Personal hearing testimony, 1975-1978
    Southeast priority board
Southeast neighborhood meeting, February 1979
Air Quality Commission action, 1974-1976
Formation of Odor Control Advisory Committee, 1975
Odor Advisory members in the news, 1975-1979
Odor study, 1974-1979
Odor Control Advisory Committee minutes, 1975-1976
Odor Control Committee recommendations
Odor Control Committee memorandum, 1974-1979
Aborted odor tour
Background, 1971-1977
Box 28                  
    Committee correspondence, 1975-1979
Air quality regulations, 1974-1975
Odor control, 1960-1972
Odor measurement techniques, 1963-1975 (2 folders)
Health and nuisance
Box 29                  
    Miscellaneous, 1969-1978 (2 folders)
Newspaper clippings, letters, 1975-2000 (4 folders)
Correspondence, 1974-1975
Publications, 1969-1975
Contacts card files [shelved in Box 40]
Box 30                  
    Grinnell Magazine and correspondence, 1972-1991
Grinnell Blue Book, 1996
The Cyclone (Yearbook), 1944-1947
Class fund director
      Correspondence, 1973-2000
Box 31                  
      Bulk mailings, 1973-2000
Class giving background information, 1972-1999
Conference, 1995
Development office correspondence, 1972-1983
    Honorary Marshall, commencement, 1997
Reunions, 1978-1997
Reunion planning and correspondence, 1996-1997 (2 folders)
Grinnell College 50th class reunion, 1997 (40 minutes) [AC1220, shelved in audiocassette collection]
President’s Club Weekend, 1991
Box 32                  
    Letters to the editor, 1969-1998 (5 folders)
Box 33                  
    Letters to the editor, 1999-2004
Testimony, 1981-2003
WHO talk radio, 1976-1992
Correspondence to and from legislators, 1974-2000 (2 folders)
Box 34                  
    Miscellaneous legislative, 1972-2001
National convention, 1997
Get Out the Women’s Vote Project, 1984
Committee on Women’s Issues resource packet, 1985-1986
Action Alert, 1981-1988
Programs and printed materials, 1978-1998
Legislative programs, 1931-1978
    Wills and trusts
      Correspondence and printed materials, 1973-2000
Historical, 1946-2000
National media, 1999
    Railroad Retirement Act, 1978-1982
White House Conference on Families, 1979-1980
Dual listings, 1976-1982 (2 folders)
Box 35                  
    Dual listings, 1976-1982
National Gender Balance Project
      History, 1987-1999
Miscellaneous (2 folders)
Notes removed from the book, The Deep Divide [book shelved in print collections]
Printed materials, 1995-1996
Beijing conference, 1995
California Women Get on Board: A Report from the California Board and Commission Project, 1989
2nd Quarter Appointments Vacancy Report [Florida], 1996
Women in Government: Carnahan Administration Appointments and Leadership Positions [Missouri], 1999
Women in Government: New Ways to Political Power, 1993
A Simple Matter of Justice: Women’s Rights are Human Rights, 1996
Florida Commission on the Status of Women: Benchmark Study, 1996
Building on Beijing: United States NGOs Shape a Women’s National Action Agenda, 1997
Council of Presidents file cards, 1996 [shelved in Box 40]
Box 36                  
    Beijing Conference Publications
      Promise Kept, Promise Broken? A Survey of Governments on National Action Plans to Implement the Beijing Platform, 1997
Beyond Promises: Governments in Motion, 1996
Female Genital Mutilation, 1996
Bringing Beijing Back: Local Actions and Global Strategies, 1995
Building the Global Community: The Next Step, 1995
Women 2000, 1997
Women 2000 and Beyond, 2003
America’s Commitment: Federal Programs Benefiting Women and New Initiatives as follow-up to the UN Fourth World Conference on Women, 1997
Women’s Environment and Development Organization Newsletter, 1995
UNIFEM in Beijing and Beyond, 1996
UNIFEM Newsletter, 1996
Florida Women Moving into the 21st Century, 1997
Women’s Conference Circle, White House, 1996
    U.N. Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), 1996-2001
President’s Interagency Council on Women, 1996
Feminist Expo, 1996
Seneca Falls anniversary, 1996
International Federation of University Women, 1998
Box 37                  
    Planned Parenthood      
      AT&T withdrawal of support, 1990-1992
Pioneer Hi-Bred withdrawal of support, 1992
Press master list
RU-486, 1991-2000
    National Women’s Conference, Houston, 1977
      Newspaper clippings (3 folders)
Conference materials (3 folders)
    National Women’s Political Caucus
Proposed National Plan of Action, 1977 [signed by Bella Abzug]
Box 38                  
     “…To Form More Perfect Union”: Justice for American Women, 1976
Equal Rights Amendment: A Workshop Guide
Decade of Achievement, 1977-1987
Moving History Forward: An Update of the National Plan of Action of the National Women’s Conference, 1997
    Senate race scrapbook, 1976 (2 folders)
Bottle Bill, 1977-1980
GOP letters, 1975-1983
GOP/ERA, 1980-1983
Republican, 1974-1980
    Conferences, 1977-1985
Grinnell College reunions, 1967-1997
Box 39                  
Tote bag
Bumper sticker
    Home Economics in Business
      Paper weight      
    Grinnell College      
Reunion nametag and ribbons
Box 40                  

    Contacts card files


    National Gender Balance Project
      Council of Presidents card files      
    Lobbying card files
Contacts card files


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