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The Sue M. Reed »papers (donor no. 194) were donated in 1993 and succeeding years. »


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Mary Sackett, 1995 and Robert Jett, 1996.»Mary SacM




Sue M. Reed was born on February 19, 1910 in Franklin County, Iowa.  She attended Des Moines University and the University of Commerce (now the American Institute of Business.)  Reed worked from 1935 to 1945 in the War Department in the Quartermaster Department, in which clothing and subsistence was provided for a body of troops, and in the War Ordnance Department, which was in charge of procuring, distributing, and storing military supplies.  She also worked in the Iowa House of Representatives as journal clerk and chief journal clerk from 1950 to 1973.


Reed was an advocate for greater participation by women in civic and political affairs.  She served as state president of the Iowa Council of Republican Women from 1963 to 1964.  She also held the positions of membership chairman of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) from 1970 to 1971 and historian for the NFRW from 1972 to 1975.


            Iowa governor Robert D. Ray appointed Sue Reed as a public member of the State Medical Assistance Advisory Council in 1971.  Reed was also the state volunteer chairman and the Polk County coordinator for the Nixon re-election campaign in 1972.



Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The» Sue M. Reed papers date from 1934 to 1996 and measure 5 linear inches.  The papers are arranged in four series: Biographical, Iowa American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, Iowa Council of Republican Women, and Newsletters.


            The Biographical series (1954-1972 and undated) consists of a resume and newspaper clippings which highlight Reed's career, including her appointment by Governor Robert Ray to a term on the Medical Assistance Advisory Council.


            The Iowa American Revolution Bicentennial Commission series (1977) is composed of an album documenting the creation of the Iowa First Ladies Dolls in Inaugural Gowns collection, an idea suggested by Mrs. Robert D. Ray as her state Bicentennial Project.  Included are brief biographies of each of the First Ladies and miscellaneous photographs. The project was financed by a federal grant from the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration and a matching grant from the Iowa American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.


            The Iowa Council of Republican Women series (1934-1996) primarily consists of agendas and papers which Reed presented during her term as president from 1963 to 1964.  Included are two different essays she delivered on the importance of membership. 


Included are letters Reed received or wrote while holding various offices in the Iowa Council of Republican Women and yearbooks of the Council (which underwent a name change in 1968 to become the Iowa Federation of Republican Women) which include officer and committee rosters, bylaws, and other information.  The correspondence documents how Reed's active involvement encouraged other women to participate in civic and political affairs at every level of government.  Attached is a list of the correspondents, in alphabetical order.


            The Newsletters series (1962-1971) consists of Republican newsletters to which Reed contributed articles or in which she was mentioned.


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Box no.   Description

Box 1


Resumes, undated

Newspaper clippings, 1951-1972

"The Green Sheet," 1972


Iowa American Revolution Bicentennial Commission

Iowa’s First Ladies Dolls in Inaugural Gowns album, 1977 (disbound)


Iowa Council of Republican Women

Certificate, undated

Conference Programs, 1963-1964


Incoming, 1960-1996, and undated

Outgoing, 1956, 1963-1964, 1973, 1976

History: “The Republican Women’s Club Movement in Iowa, 1934-1948” by Mrs. J.W. (Harriet) Ballard

Membership drive essays, 1971

President's report, 1963-1964


1947/48-1966 (scattered) [Iowa Council of Republican Women]

1968/69-1994/95 [Iowa Federation of Republican Women]

1955/56  [Fifth District Council of Republican Women]



Focus, 1969-1971

The Iowa Indicator, 1962-1971

The Iowa Republican Party Line, 1962-1963


                        Photographs, 1977





"Betty," undated

Crawford, Reid, 1976

Cunningham, Rosa E., 1964

Frost, Norma, 1973

Goldwater, Barry, 1964

Haggart, Roni, 1972

Harbor, William H., 1973

Kreamer, Robert M., 1970

Lefton, Paul, 1962

McDonald, John C. and Patricia J. Pardun, 1970

May, Joseph G., 1975

Miller, Jack, 1963

Miller, William, 1964

Nixon, Richard, 1960

President Ford Committee, 1976

Ray, Robert D., 1964-1976

Reed, Lois, 1969

Roberts, Stephen, 1978

Rockefeller, Governor Nelson A., 1964

Rufus, Jim, 1962

Smith, Mary Louise, 1975, 1996

Synhorst, Melvin D., 1971

Tyson, Robert F., 1962