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Collection Overview



The papers were donated by Virginia Shrauger Jones (donor no. 112) in 1987 and in succeeding years; Prentiss Childs (donor no. 454) in 1997; Philip Purdy (donor no. 801) in 2001; and Susan Martin (donor no. 1099) in 2006.




The papers are open for research.




Copyright held by the donor hasnot been transferred to The University of Iowa.




One CD [d0002] shelved in digital collection.




In Box 5.



Processed by:

Natalie S. Brody, 1997; Robert Jett, 1999; Fiona McDougall, 2006; Kate Stewart, 2007. [PrentissFamily.doc]



In 1895 Lué Bradley and Dr. Henry Prentiss were married in Dobbs Ferry, New York, at "Palavista," the home of the Bradley family.  Ten years later when Dr. Prentiss was appointed to establish the Department of Anatomy at the State University of Iowa (now the University of Iowa), the Prentisses moved to Iowa City with their children, Cornelia, Lilian, Henry, Jr., and Lué. (Lué's twin brother, David, had died at age one.)  Another son, Robert, was born in Iowa City.  Lué Bradley Prentiss lived until 1922 when she died at age fifty-three of cancer.  Dr. Prentiss taught at the University until his death in 1931.  Each of the Prentiss children graduated from the State University of Iowa (University of Iowa).

Cornelia Prentiss (1896-1985) married Harold Shrauger of Atlantic, Iowa. Their three children were Harold Shrauger, Jr., (who married Frances Kephart), Cornelia (who married John Robert Day), and Virginia (who married and later divorced Joe Allen Jones). (See Shrauger Family Papers).

Lilian Prentiss (1897-1935) and Frank Schwarz, both artists, had two daughters, Cornelia and Henrietta. She and her husband lived in Scarsdale, New York, where she taught art in the public school system.  She also taught art in Denton, Texas, and at Hunter College in New York City. Lilian died tragically in 1935 at the age of thirty-eight when she drowned attempting to rescue her nephew, Joseph Middlebrook, in a lake in upstate New York.

Henry Prentiss, Jr. (1898-1922) died from an accidental fall soon after he graduated from college.  His wife was Marion Chase.

Lué Prentiss (1902-1968) married the noted author and critic, Marquis Childs.  They resided in Washington, D. C. with their two children, Prentiss and Malissa.
Malissa wrote three novels and a memoir of rural life in Vermont.

Robert Prentiss (1908-1972), a urologist who practiced in San Diego, was married to Alice Pogemiller.  Their three daughters were Julia, Penelope, and Susan. Susan married Carl Martin, and the couple lived in South Carolina.

Scope and Content Note

 The papers date from 1891 to1996 and measure 2 linear feet.  The papers are arranged in nine series:  Genealogical information, Lué Bradley Prentiss, Henry Prentiss, Henry Prentiss birth family, Lilian Prentiss Schwarz and family, Lué (Biddy) Childs and family, Henry Prentiss, Jr. and family, Robert Prentiss and family, Artifacts and Photographs.  The collection is devoted primarily to correspondence among the members of the Prentiss family.

Lué Bradley's correspondence with her parents and diaries she kept between the ages of eleven and twenty-one (1879-1891) are in the Bradley Family papers.

The papers of Cornelia Prentiss Shrauger, the eldest child of Lué and Henry Prentiss, are included in the Shrauger Family papers and the Cornelia Shrauger Day papers.

Three books by Malissa Childs Redfield The Country of Love (1966), Games of Chance with Strangers (1971), and Scenes from Country Life (1979) are shelved with the printed works in the Iowa Women's Archives.

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Box List

Box 1






























Correspondence, 1896-1911
Iowa flag committee, 1919-1922 [designed by Dixie Gebhart]




HENRY PRENTISS (1867-1931)







Cornelia Shrauger (daughter) and Robert Prentiss (son), 1923, 1926-1931
Miscellaneous, 1922, 1931, 1949-1950, 1964 [includes condolence letters written by colleagues after the death of his son Henry, Jr.]



Manuscript, Surgical and Applied Anatomy of Human Body, 1915
Obituaries, condolences and will, 1931
Vignettes about Henry Prentiss 1989-1991



















Henrietta Driggs Prentiss (mother) and Arthur Prentiss (brother)




correspondence and clippings, 1909-1910, 1931-1932, 1969



Elsie Earle (cousin) correspondence, 1926-1934
Henrietta Prentiss (sister)









Cornelia Prentiss Shrauger (niece), 1926-1940
Virginia Shrauger (grandniece), 1932-1940
Miscellaneous, 1924-1932




Will and related correspondence, 1932, 1940-1941















Biographical, Cornelia Mary Schwartz Stephatos (daughter)




Correspondence and photographs, 1931-1998 and undated
Paintings [shelved in digital collection: d0002]



Diary, 1909-1918 [photocopies]














Box 2












Delta Sigma club minutes, 1910-1912 [photocopies]
Death, 1935 [obituaries, letters, wills, includes condolence letters written to her sister Cornelia Prentiss Shrauger for her death.]




Parents and siblings





1907, 1909, 1919-1927 [photocopies]
1919-1930 [photocopies]




Frank Schwarz (husband)









Miscellaneous correspondence, 1921-1924, 1936, 1951 [photocopies]
Cornelia Schawartz Stephatos (daughter), 1948-1951 (4 folders)
Newspaper clippings, obituaries, drawings




Henry Holbrook, 1921, 1979 and undated [photocopies]
Cornelia Schwarz Stephatos (daughter) to





Henrietta Schwarz Purdy (sister of Cornelia Stephatos)






1951-1960 [photocopies]
1961-1986 [photocopies]















Box 3














Cornelia Schwarz Stephatos (daughter) to






Lué (Biddy) Prentiss Childs (aunt of Cornelia Stephatos), 1948-1960
Cornelia Prentiss Shrauger (aunt of Cornelia Stephatos) and cousins, 1936-1988 (scattered)





Henrietta Schwarz Purdy (daughter)






Cornelia Prentiss Shrauger (aunt of Henrietta Purdy), 1953-1983 (scattered) [photocopies]
Lué Prentiss Childs (aunt of Henrietta Purdy), 1950-1967 [photocopies]
Virginia Jones (cousin), 1945, 1987-1995
Cornelia Schwartz Stephatos (sister), undated















Notebook, 1923-1926




Henry Prentiss (father), 1927-1931
Cornelia Prentiss Shrauger (sister)













Virginia Jones (niece), 1933-1967 (scattered)
Marquis Childs (husband), 1938-1990











Box 4













Prentiss (son) and Malissa (daughter) with Virginia Jones, 1937-1995
Miscellaneous, 1926, 1937 and undated



Malissa (daughter)




Putney School





Reports and grades, 1943-1946
Administration correspondence with parents, 1944
Correspondence with parents, 1943-1946 and undated (5 folders)
The Country of Love (1966) by Malissa Childs Redfield [shelved in printed works collection]
Games of Chance with Strangers (1971) by Malissa Childs Redfield [shelved in printed works collection]
Scenes from Country Life (1979) by Malissa Childs Redfield [shelved in printed works collection]



Prentiss (son)








Correspondence with parents, 1942-1947















Correspondence, 1919-1929




















“Rogue Review” (account of fishing trips), 1964-1967




Cornelia Prentiss Shrauger (sister), 1929-1972 (2 folders)
Alice (wife) and daughters, 1950-1995 and undated
Susan Martin (daughter), 1950-1995 and undated
Miscellaneous, 1940s-1970s
American Board of Urology, 1940






Box 5












Death, 1972























Prayer books and hymnal, 1891-1894
Daughters of the American Revolution certificates, 1907 [shelved in map case]























Prentiss family group, 1900, 1940 and undated [some photocopies]
Lilian Prentiss Schwarz and family, undated
Lué Prentiss Childs and family, 1929-1996 (scattered)
Henry Prentiss negatives, undated
Biddy Prentiss Childs 40th wedding anniversary, undated
Family photographs, 1920s-1970s [photocopies]
Henry Prentiss Jr’s baby book, 1898-1919
Loose items from baby book, 1922 and undated


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