PAPERS, 1947-1996

10 linear inches




The »papers (donor no. 423) were donated by Mary Louise Petersen in 1997».


The papers are open for research.


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Mary Louise Anneberg was born on February 18, 1929, in Carroll, Iowa to Dr. and Mrs. Walter Anneberg. The valedictorian of Carroll High School class of 1947, Anneberg continued her academic career at the State University of Iowa (now the University of Iowa). In 1951, Anneberg graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor degree in Liberal Arts. She married H. Rand Petersen in February 1951.  They had four children: Lynn, Allen, Katherine and Steven.



Mary Louise Petersen was appointed to the Iowa State Board of Regents in 1969 and served as president from 1973 to 1981.  She belonged to a number of other organizations, including the Association of Governing Boards of Colleges and Universities. She served on the board of trustees for the Carnegie Corporation of New York.  Petersen was also active in Girl Scouts, the United Methodist Church and the Republican party.



Petersen was honored with the Harlan Community Leadership Award in 1969. In 1983, she won both the State of Iowa Distinguished Service Award and the University of Iowa Distinguished Alumni Service Award.




Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The Mary Louise Petersen» papers date from 1947 to 1996 and measure »sevententen linear inches.  The »papers »are arranged in nine »111221series:  Awards and diplomas, Board activities, Correspondence, Egyptian workshop, Magazines and programs, National Governors’ Association, Newspaper clippings, Speeches, Photographs and Artifacts.


The Board activities series (1971-1988) consists of a few miscellaneous papers from several boards on which Petersen served, including the Iowa State Board of Regents, Board of Directors and for the Carnegie Corporation.


The Correspondence series pertains mostly to her service to the Board of Regents.  Letters are primarily from educators or legislators in the state of Iowa. There are, however, a few letters from friends.


The Egyptian workshop series (1981) consists of itineraries and programs from the workshop on “The Role of Regional Universities in the Rural Areas,” which Petersen attended in Cairo, Egypt in May 1981.


            The Magazines and programs series (1970-1986) includes articles about Petersen and programs from events Petersen attended for different organizations. 


The National Governors’ Association series (1981) pertains to the association’s 1981 meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey. There, Petersen was one of eleven private citizens honored for distinguished service to state government.


The Speeches series (1970-1987) includes speeches given for the State Board of Regents and at conferences discussing education and trusteeship.


The Photographs series (1969-1980) shows Petersen receiving her award at the National Governors’ conference, speaking at a University of Northern Iowa commencement ceremony in 1983, and attending the rededication of the Old Capitol Building in Iowa City in 1976.  Other photographs include Petersen speaking at Iowa State University during the rededication of the football stadium in 1975 and attending a campaign speech by Gerald Ford in 1976.  Petersen is also shown in Guam and Taiwan, and with family and colleagues.


Related collections


Jonathan Dolliver papers, State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City.

Dolliver was Petersen’s grandfather.  His papers include a talk Petersen gave at a Board of Regents meeting during the student unrest of the 1970s as well as some material pertaining to her mother.

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Box 1

Awards and diplomas

1947-1992 (2 folders) [also oversize, shelved in map case]

State Board of Regents certificate, 1981

Biographical material, 1947-1951, 1985, and undated

Board activities, 1971-1988

Association of Governing Boards, Board-Mentor Service, ca. 1978-1988

Council on Post-secondary Accreditation:  Report of the Self Study Panel, 1981

Iowa Board of Regents:  Policies on campus unrest, 1970-71




    1980-1996 and undated

Egyptian workshop, 1980


Box 2

Magazines and programs


1981-1986 and undated

National Governor’s Association, 1981

Newspaper clippings

Awards and degrees, 1973-1984 and unknown

Board of Regents, 1969-1985

Girl Scouts, 1980 and unknown

Republican party, 1971

Speeches, 1970-1987 (one folder)

“Campus Unrest Speech,” June 11, 1970

“Remarks for the 55th Annual Finkbine Dinner,” March 14, 1972 [shelved in audiovisual collection AC474]

“Statements by Mrs. H. Rand Petersen, President, State Board of Regents,” September 1973 (about Higher Education Study Committee Report)

“The Directions of Higher Education in Iowa in the Next Decade,” Iowa State University D.E.O. meeting, November 6, 1973

“Commencement Remarks—Buena Vista College,” January 27, 1974

“Trusteeship in the 1980’s—A Challenge,” November 5, 1979 Kansas Conference on Post-Secondary Education: Governing Boards and the Challenges of the 1980s)

“More Than Excellence,” Honors Convocation, University of Iowa, April 19, 1980

“Institutional Mission and Trusteeship in the 1980’s—A Challenge,” 66th Annual Meeting, Association of American Colleges and Universities, June 5, 1980

“Reconstituted remarks of Mary Louise Petersen, Wingspread Conference,” January 13, 1982 (on shared governance of universities among faculty, administrators, and regents)

“Trusteeship Does Not Have to be the Pits,” Council on Foundations: Governance and Ethics in Foundation Management, April 25, 1984

“Outline for Trustee Workshop Keynote Speech for Public Trustees, Arkansas Department of Higher Education,” January 6, 1987

Untitled, ca. 1981[re:  professional volunteers]

Untitled, undated [re:  lifelong learning]

Photographs [also shelved in map case:  drawer 3]

Iowa Board of Regents, 1976-1981

Iowa State University events, 1975-1976

Iowa State University—visit of President Gerald Ford, October 15, 1976

Personal and Family, 1970

University of Iowa events, 1974, 1976

University of Northern Iowa events, 1983 and undated

With Governor Robert Ray, 1969-1970, and undated

Miscellaneous, 1980-93

Artifacts [pennants from Egyptian workshop, 1980]



Awards, 1981, 1983; Photograph of Old Capitol Rededication, 1976 [1folder shelved in map case]