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The» papers (donor no. 25) were donated» by Patricia Pardun, in 1985 and 1998.


The papers are open for research.


»Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to the University of Iowa.


In Box 5.


Special Collections Staff; Lori Jargo, 1993; and Stacy Ross, 2001. [PardunP.doc]



            Patrica Pardun was born in Independence, Iowa on October 23, 1924 to Allen and Mattice Smith.  She attended the University of Dubuque for one year and the University of Iowa for two years.  She was elected to her first political post, precinct committeewoman of Harrison Township in Benton Count, Iowa in 1953.  In 1954 she became vice-chair of the Benton County Republican Party.  Pardun held this post until becoming a member of the Republican State Central committee in 1959.  In 1967, Patricia Pardun was elected vice-chair of the Republican State Central Committee, a position she held until February 1973.  She served as a delegate to the Republican National Conventions in 1968, 1972, and 1976.  During and after her years in office, Patricia Pardun was very active in Republican women’s organizations, Farm Bureau women’s organizations, the American Legion Auxiliary, and the Parent Teacher Association.Begin text here:»

Scope and Content Note


The Patricia Pardun papers measure 2.1 linear feet and date from 1959 to 1978, with only a few items extending beyond 1975.  Patricia Pardun was an important figure in Iowa Republican Party politics from 1959-1976.  Although the collection is rich in information about the Iowa Republican Party and the national Republican Party from 1966 to 1973, there is little in the papers pertaining to Patricia Pardun’s official duties during her career and very little of a biographical nature.  Researchers should examine the newspaper clippings for information outlining Patricia Pardun’s political career.  The Patricia Pardun papers are arranged in seven series: Correspondence and Social Information, National Republican Party, Iowa Republican Party, Women in Politics and the Republican Party, Projects and Committees, and Slides, Photographs, and Artifacts.


The Correspondence files contain a copy of a letter written to Patricia Pardun by Richard Nixon during the 1968 presidential campaign, as well as letters from mary Louise Smith, Governor Robert D. Ray, Lt. Governor Arthur Neu, Congressmen H.R. Gross and Wiley Mayne, Iowa Attorney General Richard C. Turner, and Iowa Secretary of State Melvyn Synhorst, among others.  Most of these letters pertain to Pardun’s resignation as vice-chair of the Republican State Central Committee in 1973.


The papers concerning the National Republican Party are mostly made up of convention information from 1968, 1972, and 1976 and publications from party headquarters.  These publications include The History of the Republican Party 1854-1968, published by the National Committee in 1968, and various party pamphlets.


The bulk of the collection contains information on the Iowa Republican Party.  This portion of the collection contains state party platforms, information about state conventions from 1954 to 1974, copies of the Iowa party newsletter, State finance committee information, and information concerning party members in each district and county.  Included in thie portion of the collection are copies of the Iowa Republican County Handbook from 1962 and 1963, state party organization lists from 1970 to 1973, and minutes from state central committee meetings from February 1969 and 1971 to 1973.  This information would be particularly useful to researchers interested in Iowa party politics and activities of the Republican Party at the state and local levels.


An important segment of this collection included information concerning Women in Politics and the Republican Party.  Specifically, this portion includes information on the Women’s Division of the Republican National Committee, the National Federation of Republican Women, and the Iowa Council of Republican Women.  Various handbooks from each of these groups are included in this portion of the collection.  A major asset to this collection is the booklet, Women in Public Service, published in August 1971 by the Women’s Division of the Republican National Committee.  This booklet contains information on women in the Republican Party as well as women of all parties in Congress (through 1971).  The report also lists the women in the Nixon presidential administration and women in federal agencies like the Department of Agriculture.  Over half of the report is a state by state listing of all women in state office (elected and appointed), which includes elected county officials.  This publication is very rich in data that would be easily converted into statistics concerning women in politics.


The Projects and Committees series contains information regarding activities Patricia Pardun was involved in within the Republican Party.  These activities include, but are not limited to: legislative campaigns, Absentee and Special Ballot projects, voter registration projects, and “Opportunities Unlimited” conventions in Wisconsin and Iowa.  Specific items contained here are mainly propaganda items such as fliers, booklets, pamphlets, and informative cards.  Information concerning projects such as the Absentee and Special Ballot projects contain propaganda items as well as meeting notes and legislative information.


At the end of the collection are various Slides, Photographs, and Artifacts.  The slides are all of Patricia Pardun speaking and attending a conference.  The photographs include Pardun with Mary Louise Smith, Pat Nixon, Billie Ray, Senator Bourke Hickenlooper, Senator Jack Miller, and Congressman John Kyl.  The artifacts mostly consist of nametags and ribbons from various conventions and pins and items relating to Pardun’s career in the Republican Party.Begin text here:


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Box 1      

                 Correspondence and Articles

                        Political Correspondence, 1959-1975 and undated

                                    Including letters from:

                                                Bromwell, James E.

                                                Drake, Richard, F.

                                                Gross, H. R.

                                                Henry, John M.

                                                Kyl, John

                                                Mayne, Wiley

                                                Miller, Jack

                                                Mooty, W. L.

                                                Neu, Arthur A.

                                                Ray, Robert D.

                                                Schwengel, Fred

                                                Smith, Mary Louise

                                                Stanley, David M.

                                                Synhorst, Melvin D.

                                                Turner, Richard C.

                        Personal Correspondence

                                    1963-1972 and undated

                        Newspaper Clippings, 1959-1972


                 National Republican Party


                                    Republican Party National Platform, 1964

                                    Republican National Convention Booklet, 1968

                                    Rules of Republican National Convention, 1968

                                    Republican National Convention Booklet, 1972

                                    Republican National Convention Booklet, 1976

                                    Opportunities Unlimited Conventions

                                                Wisconsin, 1966

                                                Iowa, 1967


                                    The History of the Republican Party 1854-1965

                        Publications and Press Releases

                                    “Congressional Record” Speeches, 1959 and 1963

                                    The Joint Senate-House Republican Leadership Press Releases,


                                    Midwest Vice Chairman list, 1969

                                    Midwest States Campaign Management Seminar, 1971

                                    Presidential Inaugural Programs and Invitations,1969 and 1973

                                    “Republican News” August 25, 1971

                                    “Public Misinformation: The Credibility Gap”

                                    Weisburg and Rusk Dimensions of Campaign Evaluation


Box 2


                                    “The Republican Report”, 1963

                                    “They Grade the Congress”, 1966

                                    Republican Research Reports, 1966-1967


                 Iowa Republican Party


                                    Caucus Organization

                                    Constitution of the Republican Party of Iowa, adopted 1970

                                    Iowa Republican County Handbook, 1962

                                    Iowa Republican County Handbook, 1963

                                    Iowa Republican Directory

                                    Iowa Republican Fundraising, 1972-1974

                                    Member Lists:

                                                Iowa Republican State Central Committee, 1966-1970

                                                Iowa Republican County Chairmen and Vice Chairmen,


                                    Memorandum: By District County Status Survey, 1965

                                    Minutes: Republican State Central Committee Meetings,

                                                February 1969, 1971-1973

                                    Republican Handbook for Precinct Committeemen and

                                                Precinct Committeewomen, 1971-1972

                                    Republican State Finance Committee of Iowa: Summary of

                                                Balances, Receipts, and Disbursements, 1972

                                    Senate File 583: Iowa Campaign Disclosure Act, 1973

                                    Special Legislative Elections Requirements, 1966

                                    Speech Introductions: Ralph McCartney and Robert D. Ray

                                    State Central Committee Sub-committees, 1971-1972

                                    State Party Organization Lists, 1970-1973

                                    Structure of the Iowa Republican Party

                                    Voting Technology

                                    Young Voters’ Division, 1971


                                    “Historic Crawfordsville and the Republican Party” program, 1966


                                    Iowa Conference on Improving the Teaching of Politics, 1962

                                    “Central Committee: Precinct to State”, July 1963

                                    Iowa General Assembly…In Action, 1963

                                    Report to Hawkeye State: Senator Jack miller, 1963 and 1965

                                    Organization (presentation and notes), 1965

                                    Press Release: “Mrs. Glen Pardun…IA Conference Vice

                                                Chairman…”, 1966

                                    Memo from John Kyl to Republican Committee 4th District, 1967

                                    I.A. Republican Party newsletters (various publications) 1969-1972

                                    Instructions Relating to elections and Voting Procedures

                                    “The White Paper”, 1970

                        Programs for Tributes and Dinners

                                    H. R. Gross Tribute Dinner, 1972

                                    Gubernatorial Inaugural Programs, 1961-1973

                                    Burke B. Hickenlooper Testimonial Dinners, 1961 and 1968

                                    The Lindsay Dinner, 1968

                                    Jack Miller Appreciation Dinner, 1971

                        State Conventions

                                    Programs from State Conventions, 1956-1974

                                    Programs from State Presidential Conventions, 1960-1972

                                    State Judicial Convention, 1960

                                    State Platforms, 1962-1972

                                    Platform Proposal Information, 1978

                                    State Platform and Convention, 1978


                 Republican Women and Women in Politics


                                    National Federation of Republican Women

                                                1968 Convention: Bylaws, Agenda, Program, etc.

                                                Publications, 1969

                                                Service Committee on Republican Education


                                                Republican Women’s Conferences, 1962-1976

                                                            (five folders)


                                                “The Elephant’s Digest” and “Do-Re-Mi” Booklets, 1962

                                                            and 1965

                                                “Nuts and Bolts”


Box 4

                                                The Republican Clubwoman

                                                “Role of Women in the 1964 Republican National


                                                Skits (three folders)

                                                            “Keep It Clean”, 1962

                                                            The Gals of ’63

                                                            LBJ, 1964

                                                Target ’64 Newsletters

                                                Women’s Division of the Republican National

                                                            Committee Publications, 1963

                                                Women For a Republican Congress, 1968

                                                “Women Key to GOP Victory”, 1962 and 1964 elections

                                                Patricia Nixon Newspaper Clippings, 1969


                                                First Ladies Club

                                                Iowa Council of Republican Women

                                                            Handbooks, 1966-1968

                                                             “The Iowa Indicator” newsletter, 1964-1969

                                                            Proposed Amendments to Bylaws…

                                                Iowa Federation of Republican Women

                                                            Advisory Board and Club Officer Lists, 1968-1696

                                                            Handbooks, 1965-1973

                                                            Programs, 1970-1971

                                                Iowa Women’s Political Caucus, 1974

                                                Linn County Republican Women

                                                            Handbook, 1958-1960

                                                            “To Be Effective…Be INFORMED” Reading list

                                                Notes from meetings

                                                Women in Public Service, 1971


                 Projects and Committees


                                    1964 Campaign Fliers: National Committeewoman

                                    1964 Goldwater- Miller Campaign

                                    1966 Kyl for Congress

                                    1968 The Nixon Yearbook

                                    1972 Robert Ray Governor Campaign

                                    1972 Governor and Lt. Governor Campaign Budget

                                    1972 Nixon Re-election Campaign

                                    1978 Oakley Lieutenant Governor Committee


Box 5


                                    1960 “Communist Party, USA” by J. Edgar Hoover

                                    1962 Farm Bureau and Iowa State University Extension Office

                                    1965 “Role of Polls in a Democracy” by George Gallup

                                    1972 COPE pamphlets

                                    Democrats v. Republicans

                                    Iowa State Department of Health Information

                                    “Make Time for Politics”

                                    Precinct Activism

                                    Republican Party Activities

                                    Voter Persuasion



                                    Voter Canvassing, 1960 and 1972

                                    Education for Action, 1965

                                    Senate File 665/ Voter Reform Bill, 1969

                                    Absentee Ballot Project, 1972 (three folders)

                                    Campaign Planning Information Exercise, 1972

                                    Special Ballot Project, 1972 (two folders)

                                    “Target ‘72” Registration, 1972

                                    “Action Now Day”

                                    Teen Age Republicans


                 Photographs, Slides and Artifacts

                        Photographs include:

                                    Mary Louise Smith

                                    Patricia Nixon

                                    Billie Ray

                                    Senator Burke Hickenlooper

                                    Senator Jack Miller

                                    Congressman John Kyl



                                    Name Badges

                                    City Key of Indianapolis (Richard G. Lugar, Mayor)»