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Collection Overview

The papers (donor no. 669) were donated by Mary C. Neuhauser in 1999 and 2000.
The papers are open for research.
Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to The University of Iowa.
In Boxes 1 , 3, 5, 6, 10, 13, 27.
In Box 5.
One audiocassette shelved in audiocassette collection (AC 834). One videocassette shelved in videocassette collection (VC 290).  
Sharon Lake, 2002. [NeuhauserMary.doc]



Mary C. Neuhauser was born in New York City in 1934 to John and Eleanor Cameron. Neuhauser’s mother graduated from Wellesley College and began, but did not complete, a Ph.D. in English at Yale; her father graduated from Williams College and worked as an actuary. The family moved to rural Connecticut, near Stamford, when Neuhauser was two years old. Neuhauser spent her childhood there, and attended high school at a private girls’ boarding school which, she recalls, she “hated.”

Neuhauser graduated from Radcliffe College with a degree in English Literature in 1956. She worked briefly as a secretary before marrying attorney Paul Neuhauser and starting a family. After three years in New York, the Neuhausers moved to Cambridge where Paul Neuhauser received an M.A. in law. When he was offered a faculty position at the University of Iowa Law School in 1963, the family moved to Iowa City.

The Neuhausers had three children by then—William, James, and Alice—and most of Neuhauser’s time was devoted to their care. She had, however, been involved with the League of Womens’ Voters in New York, and became involved in a number of civic organizations in Iowa City, including the Iowa division of the United Nations Association and the Architectural Heritage Commission.

Neuhauser’s political career began with her 1973 appointment to the Riverfront Commission, a city-chartered committee. As she worked with city government, Neuhauser became increasingly frustrated by the City Council’s inability to complete the urban renewal project begun in the mid-1960s. The resignation of a council member in 1974 required the council to appoint a member to fill out the term; Neuhauser applied for the position and won the appointment. She served until 1983 on the City Council and spearheaded the successful completion of the urban renewal project. During that time, Neuhauser was selected twice to serve as mayor—from 1976-77 and again from 1982-83, becoming the third woman to serve as mayor of Iowa City. She also completed her J.D. at the University of Iowa Law School in these years, graduating in 1982.

Although Neuhauser had always considered herself a Republican, she switched to the Democratic Party following the 1974 Watergate scandal. After serving on the City Council, Neuhauser was urged to run for a seat on the Johnson County Board of Supervisors, which she did in 1984, but lost. Following the retirement of popular Democratic state representative Jean Lloyd-Jones, Neuhauser ran for her seat in 1986; she was elected and held the seat until 1994, when she ran for the Senate, where she served one term from 1994-1998. Neuhauser retired from the Iowa legislature in 1998 after twelve years of service. Two years later, when her husband retired, the Neuhausers purchased a second home in Florida, and they currently divide their time between Iowa and Florida.

Neuhauser focused on several issues in the legislature, but key among them was education. She advocated improvements to Iowa’s school system, and championed a variety of issues related to children and early childhood education. She also was instrumental in re-writing laws related to ethics for legislatures, and spearheaded efforts to revamp the state’s administrative code. Another focus was economic development; Neuhauser was nothing if not pragmatic, and she saw economic development as key to the health and vitality of a community. Neuhauser also served on the newly-formed governmental oversight committees in the late 1990s.

Although Neuhauser had always considered herself a Republican, she switched to the Democratic Party following the 1974 Watergate scandal. Her approach to government reflected strengths of both traditions: Democratic inclusiveness and concern for the less powerful, and Republican emphasis on strengthening the private sector and focusing on the common good. Neuhauser worked at the intersection of government, business, and education, and her records illuminate the ways in which these realms are connected. She believed that education prepared citizens to be valuable community members. She encouraged business and government to work as partners in developing the private and public sectors that depend upon each other to flourish. She understood the interdependence of these interlocking systems, and worked to bring them into harmonious and supportive partnerships. Neuhauser believed in progress—in the ability of good people to act for the good of all, and build a better world. Neuhauser devoted herself to that effort, and she rendered tireless and faithful public service to the citizens of Iowa for nearly thirty-five years.


Scope and Content Note

The Mary C. Neuhauser papers date from 1968 to 1999 and measure 13.8 linear feet. The papers are arranged in five series:

Biographical/Personal Box 1
Civic Activities Boxes 1-2
Campaigns Boxes 2-6
Local government Boxes 6-7
State government Boxes 7-35

The Biographical/Personal series includes an oral history recorded with Neuhauser in 1991 and a hand-written letter to her children, undated, but apparently written soon after their move to Iowa. It would seem to be a letter she never shared with them, and is one of the few truly personal items in the collection. It also contains records relating to Neuhauser’s years in law school and the course she took at the JFK School of Government.

The Civic Activities series documents Neuhauser’s work with various organizations including the Architecture Heritage Committee, the Chamber of Commerce, Johnson County Democrats, Trinity Church, the Iowa Division of the United Nations Association, and the First Capitol Development Fund. Note the biography of Indira Ghandi in the Iowa UN folder—although the author is not specifically listed, it is most likely that this was written by Neuhauser.(Find out.) Neuhauser’s interests ranged from local to international, from domestic to aesthetic to administrative. Neuhauser believed in progress—in the ability of good people to act for the good of all to build a better world. The seeds of Neuhauser’s political career were sown in the work she did in these organizations.

The Campaigns series contains records from Neuhauser’s many campaigns for City Council, County Board of Supervisors, State Representative, and State Senate, as well as a few campaigns she worked on for other candidates. These records are a marvelously-detailed look at the workings of grassroots politics: the fundraising, door-knocking, canvassing, leafleting, and phone-calling that must be done, as well as the amount of bureaucracy that must be endured by candidates for political office—even in local elections. Neuhauser accepted only personal contributions, so fundraising was especially time-consuming. Her campaign records show a broad-based, grassroots organization that was very loyal and committed. The correspondence in these series shows the warmth with which so many constituents regarded Neuhauser. See notes from Linda Kerber, Bev Hannon, Dick Myers, and Dottie Ray.

The Local Government series contains records of Neuhauser’s work on the Riverfront Commission and her years as a member of the City Council and Mayor of Iowa City. The records demonstrate that Neuhauser’s goal as a leader was to seek consensus and action, and that her style was non-confrontational, but firm and steady. The transcripts of her speeches are of special interest as evidence of her beliefs about democracy and government, and her use of literature as a source of inspiration. Neuhauser wrote a description of her trip to Israel in 1977 (in the International conferences folder) which gives a rare glimpse into her personal viewpoint; it reads like a short story, lingering on interesting details that official reports on conferences would not usually include. Neuhauser’s leadership in both the League of Iowa Municipalities and the National League of Cities is also documented in these records.

The State Government series is the most extensive part of the collection. It covers Neuhauser’s twelve years of service in the Iowa state legislature—eight in the House and four in the Senate, as well as her service on several state commissions. There is a rich and interesting collection of her correspondence with constituents; Neuhauser took the time to help people with problems and respond to their requests. She was much admired and respected for the personal attention and great sense of stewardship she demonstrated in carrying out her responsibilities. There are detailed files on the committees she served on as well as the bills she sponsored and supported.

The correspondence addresses many topics including gun control (following shootings in Physics Building), education, taxes, human services, especially funding for various programs, abortion, the environment. They demonstrate the wide range of issues a legislator must handle. Letters on 1993 Jessica DeBoer case and franchise law. Many on death penalty over the years as legislature considered this several times in the 90s.

There are detailed files on the committees she served on as well as the bills she sponsored and supported. Neuhauser’s records indicate her belief in the value of education—she sought information to educate herself on the issues that she grappled with as a legislator. Her records teem with reports, articles, and information on the issues relevant to the bills before the legislature, or that she drafted.

Issues of particular interest were children, education, and ethics. Files show the complex bill-making process; how inter-related many social issues are (poverty, education, crime, welfare, work); the ever-present overlap of public and private and how to negotiate it (this was especially an issue in the development of the Iowa Communications Network); and the wide range of issues a legislator must educate herself about and be prepared to handle.

Neuhauser’s records indicate her belief in the value of education—she sought information to educate herself on the issues that she grappled with as a legislator. Her records teem with reports, articles, and information on the issues relevant to the bills before the legislature, or that she drafted.

Issues of particular interest were children, education, and ethics. Files show the complex bill-making process; how inter-related many social issues are (poverty, education, crime, welfare, work); the ever-present overlap of public and private and how to negotiate it (this was especially an issue in the development of the Iowa Communications Network); and the wide range of issues a legislator must educate herself about and be prepared to handle.

Letter of congratulations to Vilsak in Legislative Career, handwritten notes.

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Box List


Box 1

    University of Iowa Law School, 1979-1982            
    Continuing legal education, 1983-1989            
    John F. Kennedy School of Government            
      Alumni list and meeting announcement, 1979-1986          
    Programs and participants, 1981            
    Readings and notes, 1981            
  Letters and invitations, [1965?], 1990, 1991, 1995          
  Oral history, 1991 [duplicate in Political Dialogue collection]          
  “Remarkable Iowa City Women,” handmade book by Dave Hemingway, 1977 [also profiles Carol deProsse, Marjorie Hayek, and Martha Letterman; includes photos]          
  Resumes and job applications, 1973-1985          
  West High commencement, 1980          



Box 1 (cont.)

    Architectural Heritage Committee      
      Administration, 1968-69 and undated      
      Resources and newspaper clippings, 1968, 1970 and undated      
    Chamber of Commerce, 1985, 1986 and undated      
    Council for International Visitors to Iowa City (CIVIC), 1985, 1986 and undated      
    Economic development      
      First Capitol Development, Inc., 1984, 1985      
Box 2              
      General, 1984, 1985 and undated (2 folders)      
      League of Women Voters, 1985      
    Iowa Division of the United Nations Association, 1969, 1970, 1971 and undated      
    Johnson County Democrats, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1988      
    Johnson County Historical Society, 1984, 1985, 1986      
    Newspaper clippings, 1973, 1985      
    Project Green, 1971, 1972, 1986 and undated      
    Shakespeare Club, 1971-72      
    Trinity Episcopal Church, 1971      


Box 2 (cont.)                          
    City Council                  
      Candidacy statement, 1974              
      Candidacy statements and positions papers, 1975 and undated          
      Correspondence, 1975, 1979              
        Disclosure reports, 1979 and undated        
        General, 1975, 1979        
        Ledger, 1979 and undated [also lists contributions to 1984 Supervisor and 1986 and 1990 State Rep races]  
        Nomination petitions, 1975, 1979        
          Calling cards            
          Precinct 4, undated (2 folders)            
          Precinct 7, undated            
Box 3       List of voters and poll watchers            
          Precinct 7, undated            
          Precinct 21, undated            
          Campaign workers, 1979    
          Precinct workers, undated    
        Miscellaneous notes, undated    
        Flyers and brochures, undated [contains photos]    
        Flyers of other candidates, undated    
        Newspaper clippings, 1975-1979    
        Radio and print ads, 1975, 1979    
    County Supervisor      


    Candidacy statement and positions, 1984              
      Correspondence, 1984              
      Fundraising, 1984              
      Material for speeches, 1984              
        Lists of workers and potential workers, 1984            
        Voter analysis, 1980, 1982            
        Flyers and brochures, 1984              
        Flyers of other candidates, 1984              
        Newspaper clippings, 1984              
      Miscellaneous, 1984              
    State Representative                    
      Candidacy statement, position papers, speeches            
        1986 [note from Bruce Babbitt]                
        Disclosure reports                  
Box 4                    
      Iowa Campaign Finance Disclosure Commission            
        Information and materials, 1986, 1990 and undated            
        Manual for compliance, undated            
      Journal 1986, 1988                
      List of potential donors, 1984-1992 and undated          
      Solicitations, 1986-1992                
      Nomination papers, 1986-992                
        Assistance from Iowa Democratic Party, 1986          
        Mailing lists, 1992 and undated          
        Map of district, 1981          
        Yard sign placements, undated          
Box 5                      
        General, 1990-1992 and undated (4 folders)              
        Brochures and ads,1986 [contains photos]          
        Brochures and ads, 1992          
        Brochures and ads, radio ads, 1992 [AC 834; stored with audiocassette collection]  
        "Mary Neuhauser" buttons, [1994] and undated          
        Newspaper clippings, 1986-1992          
        Photographs, 1986          
    State Senate                
      Candidacy statement, 1994                
      Correspondence, 1994                
        Disclosure reports, 1993-1999        
        Guidelines from Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board, 1993, 1995, 1998        
        Iowa Democratic Party, 1994-95        
        Lists of potential donors, 1990-1995 and undated        
      Issue papers, 1993 and undated        
      Nominating papers, 1994        
        Guidelines for candidates from Secretary of Sate, 1994        
        Iowa Democratic Party, 1994        
        Political consultants and public relations firms, 1993, 1994        
        Miscellaneous, 1993, 1994        
      Photographs, [late 1990s?]                
    Other candidates’ campaigns                
        Jean Lloyd Jones fans, artifacts, undated        
Box 6                
        John Culver for U. S. Senate, [1980]        
        Miscellaneous candidates, 1991, 1994, 1995 and undated        


Box 6 (cont.)
  Citizens’ Committee on City Revenues, 1986-1987
  City Council
    Articles by Neuhauser, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1983, 1985 and undated
    Background for articles and speeches, undated
    Boards and commissions, 1968, 1971-1975 and undated
    Correspondence, 1974-84 and undated
    Council-manager relations, 1975, 1976 and undated
    Decision making procedures, 1975 and undated
    Description of budget process, undated
    Goals and objectives, 1976-77
    Hearing on budget request before State Appeal Board, 1976
    International conferences, 1977, 1983 and undated
    League of Iowa Municipalities, 1981, 1983
    Management by objective conference, 1975
    National League of Cities, 1979 and undated
    Newspaper clippings, 1975-1983
    “Notes on being mayor,” by Neuhauser, undated
    Speeches, 1981, 1983 and undated
    State of the city addresses, 1976-1983 and undated
    Survey by Iowa Public Interest Research Group, 1977
Box 7  
    Testimony before state and national committees, 1977, 1978, 1983 and undated
    Miscellaneous, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1983 and undated
  Riverfront Commission
    Projects and memos, 1973-1982 and undated
    Reports and recommendations, 1973, 1979
    Worksheets from inventory walks, [1971-2?]


Box 7 (cont)                          
      Iowa Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, 1982-83  
      Merit Employment Commission  
        General, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1985  
Box 8                      
      Affirmative action plan, 1984        


    Grievances, Mary Frances Linnane, 1985        
      Grievances, James Peterson, 1985        
        Iowa Merit Employment Department    
        Annual report, 1984    
        Job analysis questionnaire, 1977    
        Pay plans, 1985-86    
        “The Cost of Pay Equity in Public and Private Employment,” 1984    
        “The Implementation of Comparable Worth in Iowa,” undated    
      1987 (6 folders)    
      1988 (folder 1)    
Box 9          
      1988 (folders 2-5)    
      1992 (folders 1-4)    
Box 10          
      1992 (folders 5-8)    
      1993 (folders 1-6)    
Box 11          
      1993 (folder 7)    
      1994 (4 folders)    
      1995 (folders 1-6)    
Box 12          
      1995 (folders 7-9)    
      1996 (4 folders)    
      1997 (folders 1-3)    
Box 13          
      1997 (folder 4)    
      1998 (2 folders)    
    Legislative career    
        Personal, 1988, 1991-4, 1997 and undated          
        Policies and programs, 1986-87, 1992-94 and undated    
      Constituent work    
        Media, 1986-88, 1990, 1992 and undated      
        Newsletters, 1988-89, 1992, 1994, 1997 and undated      
      Handwritten notes    
      Drafts of speeches, letters and articles, 1992 and undated    
      Legislative issues, undated (2 folders)    
      Summaries of articles, undated    
      Letter to Don Avenson, 1986    
      Newspaper clippings, 1987, 1990, 1994, 1997, 1998 and undated    
      Photograph, undated    
      Political events    
        Invitation to Clinton inauguration, 1992    
        Reception for Donna Shalala, 1994    
      Report on trip to Russia, 1995    
      “Survive and Thrive at Decision-making Meetings,” by Neuhauser, 1984    
    Topical files and legislation    
        Newspaper clippings, 1989, 1991, 1992 and undated    
        Parental notification, bills, 1991, 1994    
        Parental notification, challenge to Davenport ordinance, 1996    
        Parental notification, correspondence, Neuhauser, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1997 and undated    
Box 14            
        Parental notification, correspondence, Wayne McKinney, 1991    
        Parental notification, resource materials, 1990, 1991, 1992 and undated    
        Parental notification, statutes of other states, 1989, 1990, 1992 and undated
        Printed materials, guide for Pro-choice Catholics, 1990    
        Printed materials, “Hazardous Working Conditions and Fetal Protection Policies,” 1989    
        Printed materials, National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL)    
        Printed materials, state by state Review of Abortion Rights, 1992    
        Printed materials, state by state Review of Abortion Rights, 1993    
Box 15            
        Printed materials, “Our Daughters’ Decisions,” undated    
        Printed materials, “Pregnancy Clauses in Living Will Statutes,” 1987    
        Printed materials, Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights, 1991 and undated    
        Printed materials, “Winning with Choice,” 1992    
        Printed materials, “The Battle over Abortion: Seeking Common Ground in a Divided Nation,” 1990    
      Adoption, 1993-95    
      Agriculture and natural resources budget, 1994    
      Alcohol, 1991, 1998    
      Alternative telephone regulations, 1993    
      Appropriations bills, capitals and standings, 1994    
      Appropriations bills, regulation, 1993    
        Bills, 1991, 1994    
        Impact of federal on state, 1992-93    
        Reform and analysis, 1991, 1993 and undated    
        Spending limits, 1991-92    
      Campaign finance reform bills    
        1992, 1993    
        1995, 1997-98    
        Abduction of George children, 1991-92    
        Abuse, 1994-96    
Box 16            
      Child Support    
        Advisory Committee, 1995    
        Advisory Committee, 1996, 1998    
        Bills, 1994, 1996    
        Recovery, 1994-96 and undated (2 folders)    
      Children’s rights, 1989, 1994    
        Capitol Complex Child Day Care, 1990, 1995    
        Child care and development block grant, 1991-92    
        Federal programs, 1990    
        Resources and clippings, 1985-91 and undated    
        Statewide child care advisory committee, bills, 1992    
        Statewide child care advisory committee, minutes, 1991-1994 (3 folders)  
Box 17          
        Statewide child care advisory committee, standards subcommittee, 1991  
        University child care programs, 1989-90 and undated    
      Foster care, 1994    
      Printed materials and agencies    
        Children’s Agenda, 1989    
        Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success (HOPES), 1994    
        Kids Count, annual reports, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995    
        Kids Count, miscellaneous, 1991-96 and undated    
        Miscellaneous, 1991-94 and undated    
      Compensation Commission, 1997    
      Death penalty    
        Bills, 1993-94    
        Bills, 1995, 1997    
        Correspondence, 1993-96    
        Materials and statements opposing, 1992-94, 1997    
        Newspaper clippings, 1991-94 and undated    
        Scholarly work, articles on deterrence, 1975, 1986, 1994, and undated    
        Scholarly work, articles on Iowa, 1991, 1993    
        Scholarly work, “Death Penalty Issues, An Ethics Course: Learning Both Sides” by Dale Miller of Drake University, 1990

Box 18            
        End-of-session legislative packet, 1997    
        House Democratic caucuses, 1991    
        Miscellaneous, 1991, 1994    
      Domestic abuse, 1993-94    
      Drug testing, 1992-93    
      Drugs, 1993-95    
      Economic development    
        Alternatives to economic development incentive wars between the states, 1996-97    
        Community empowerment areas, 1992, 1998    
        Department of Economic Development, complaint from Susan Reynolds, union steward, 1995
        Department of Economic Development, dispute with Clara Oleson, 1995  
        Ipsco, Inc., 1993-94    
        “Making work pay,” 1992    
        Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) funds and other issues, 1993  
        “State and local initiatives on development subsidies,” 1988 and undated  
        Wallace Technology Transfer Foundation, 1992 and undated    
        American Association of University Women report, 1992    
        “Assessing the Educational Needs of Iowa’s Homeless,” 1991    
        At-risk, bills, 1988    
        At-risk, complaint about Cedar Rapids program, 1991    
        At-risk, handwritten notes, undated    
        At-risk, Iowa Business Council’s Subcommittee, 1988    
Box 19            
        At-risk, legislative committees, 1987-95 and undated    
        At-risk, report from Iowa City committee, 1990    
        At-risk, state-funded grants and programs, 1989-94 and undated    
        At-risk, urban Education Network task force, 1989, 1991    
        Attendance, 1991-2, 1997    
        Board of Education legislative initiatives, 1991, 1993    
        Board of Regents, 1993-96 and undated    
        “Building Ideal Schools,” speech by William Lepley, Director of Iowa Department of Education, 1989    
        Child Labor Alliance for School and Society at West High in Iowa City, 1991    
        Class size, 1995, 1997    
        Clear Creek-Amana merger, 1994 and undated    
        “Computers in the Schools,” article by Neuhauser, 1998    
        Conference on property taxes and education, 1995    
        Correspondence, 1993    
        Department of Education outcome initiatives, 1992    
        Early Childhood, 1984-1998 (6 folders)    
Box 20            
        Education Task Force of the Iowa Commission on the Status of African Americans, 1995    
        Enrollments, 1996-98    
        Family resource centers, bills, 1991-93 (2 folders)    
        Family resource centers, Des Moines Family Learning Center, 1974, 1978 and undated    
        Family resource centers, grants, 1992, 1994    
        Federal and state programs, 1994 and undated    
        First in the Nation in Education (FINE), 1994-98    
        Higher education, public hearing on graduate education, 1992    
        Higher education, testimony of United Students of Iowa on public funding, 1992    
        House Education Committee minutes, 1993-94    
        Iowa City Collaborative Integration Project, 1992-93    
        Iowa Youth 2000 Task Force, 1988    
        Phase III program, 1991-92 and undated    
        Reform, Business and Education Roundtable, 1990-92 and undated    
        “Reform, "Children in Need," testimony of Owen Butler in Congress, 1987    
        K-12 Education Reform Study Committee, final report, 1993    
        K-12 Education Reform Study Committee, handwritten notes, undated    
Box 21            
        K-12 Education Reform Study Committee, minutes and notes, 1991-92 (2 folders)    
        K-12 Education Reform Study Committee, newspaper clippings, 1991    
        K-12 Education Reform Study Committee, subcommittee reports, 1992 and undated (2 folders)    
        New Iowa Schools Development Corporation, 1991, 1992    
        Policy Academy for Systematic Educational Reform, 1995    
Box 22            
        Miscellaneous, 1990-91 and undated    
        Reports from school districts, 1988-92    
        School safety, 1994    
        Special education funding, 1992-93    
        State aid, 1991-93 and undated    
        Summer education, 1990-91 and undated    
        Vocational education, 1991-92    
        Workplace learning, 1993-95 and undated    
        Miscellaneous, bills and legislative priorities, 1992-96 and undated    
        Miscellaneous, issues, 1993-94, 1998    
      Elder affairs    
        Caregivers, 1996-97    
        Iowa Aging Coalition, 1993 voting record    
        Long term care ombudsperson, 1996-98    
      Energy and environment    
        Bills, energy efficiency, 1990 and undated    
        Bills, energy efficient transportation, 1991    
        Bills, energy independence, 1991    
        Bills, environmental trust fund, 1992-3    
        “Earth Charter and Agenda 21 for Iowa,” Iowa Division, United Nations Association, 1994    
        Miscellaneous, 1995-6    
Box 23            
        Bills, ethics reform, 1992    
        Bills, ethics rewrite, 1993    
        Committees, general, 1992-94    
        Committees, advisory opinions, 1992-94    
        Committees, minutes, 1992-94, 1997    
        Complaints, 1992-95    
        Miscellaneous, 1992-94 and undated    
      Film office, 1992-94 and undated    
      Flood of 1993, anonymous speech    
      Franchise law, 1994    
      Gambling, 1990, 1993    
      Granny flats, 1986    
      Gun control    
        Bills, 1992-93 and undated    
        Brady Bill, 1992 and undated    
        Conference, “Handgun Injuries,” January, 1992    
Box 24            
        Handwritten notes, undated    
        Local organizations, 1991-92    
        Newspaper clippings, 1991-93    
        Task force, correspondence and testimony, 1992-93    
        Task force, minutes and reports, 1991-93    
        Task force, public hearings, 1992    
      Health care    
        Bills, 1994-96 (2 folders)    
        Conference, “ Iowa at the Crossroads,” 1991    
        Democrats’ reports, 1991-94    
        Input from organizations, 1993, 1997    
        Iowa Health Reform Council, summit meeting, 1993    
        Iowa Health Reform Council, subcommittee for children and adolescents, 1993 (2 folders)    
Box 25            
        Iowa Health Reform Council, subcommittee for children and adolescents, 1993 (2 folders)    
        Maternal and child health, 1991, 1996    
        Medicare/Medicaid reform, 1995-96    
        Medicaid and managed care in Iowa, 1995-96 and undated    
        Mental health, 1990-94 and undated    
        Rural health, 1990, 1995    
        Women’s health, 1993-94    
        Miscellaneous, 1991-96 and undated    
      Helmet law, 1993-95    
      Hog confinement, 1994, 1997    
      Independent living, 1990, 1992    
      Infrastructure, 1993-97    
      Innovation zones, 1996-98 (folder 1)    
Box 26          
      Innovation zones, 1996-98 (folders 2 and 3)    
      International relations, 1992-96    
      Iowa Administrative Procedures Act    
        Correspondence and comments, 1996-98    
        Iowa Bar Association revision, 1997    
        Study committee, 1996-98    
      Iowa Communications Network    
        General, 1990-98 (3 folders)    
        Bills, 1993-94, 1997    
        Fiber optics and telecommunications study committee, 1993-94 (3 folders)    
        Health and educational applications, 1993, 1997    
        Health demonstration video, “ICN Demonstration at Iowa Methodist Center,” July 22, 1993 [shelved in videocassette collection: V290]

Box 27            
        History, 1993    
        Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission, 1997-98    
        Newspaper clippings, 1991-94    
        Part III implementation, 1995    
        Rate structure, 1997    
        Reports, 1995-96    
      Iowa Prison Industries, 1996-98    
      Judiciary and law enforcement committee    
        Bills, bankruptcy exemptions, 1996    
        Bills, crime, 1995    
        Bills, divorce, 1985-95    
        Bills, exotic animals, 1996    
        Bills, family mediation, 1997    
        Bills, nonconsensual termination of pregnancy, 1995 (includes photo)    
        Bills, sexual predators, 1997    
        Bills, state judicial nominating committee, 1993-96    
        Bills, victims’ rights, 1995-97    
        Bills, miscellaneous, 1993-96    
      Crime and punishment    
        6 th Judicial District Department of Correctional Services, 1994-96    
Box 28            
        Iowa Corrections Association, undated    
        Senate crime committee, 1995    
        Sex offender treatment program, 1995    
        Tough on crime committee, 1995    
      Equality in the Courts Task Force Report, 1994-95    
      “Juries: to be praised or damned?” speech by Judge Harold Vietor, 1996    
      Juvenile justice    
        Bills, 1993-96 (3 folders)    
Box 29            
        Bills, children in need of assistance, 1992    
        Bills, crime and punishment, 1990-97    
        Bills, female offenders, 1993    
        Bills, juvenile court conference, 1997    
        Bills, reports, 1994-95    
        Minutes, 1993-94    
        Miscellaneous, 1995-96 and undated    
      Labor fact sheet, undated    
      Mary’s bills, 1990-98 (5 folders)    
Box 30          
      Oversight committees    
        Legislative Oversight Committee, 1997-98 (3 folders)    
        Legislative Oversight Committee, Year 2000 (Y2K), 1998    
        Oversight, Audit, and Government Reform Appropriations Subcommittee, long term care review, 1994-96 (7 folders)    
        Oversight, Audit, and Government Reform Appropriations Subcommittee, minutes, 1995    
Box 31            
        Oversight, Audit, and Government Reform Appropriations Subcommittee, Neuhauser’s notebook, 1996    
        Oversight, Audit, and Government Reform Appropriations Subcommittee, review of agencies and issues, 1996 (5 folders)    
        Oversight, Audit, and Government Reform Committee, 1994-96 (2 folders)    
        Oversight and Communication Appropriations Subcommittee, 1997-98 (5 folders)
Box 32            
        Oversight and Communication Appropriations Subcommittee, 1997-1998 (2 folders)
      Plum Grove Advisory Committee, 1994 and undated    
      ublic employees’ retirement systems, 1994    
      Rape victim confidentiality, 1977-1991 (8 folders)/td>    
      Same-sex marriage, 1997 and undated    
      Smoking, 1993    
      Solid waste, 1993-94    
      Speed limits, 1996 and undated    
      Stalking, 1993-94    
      Substitute decision-makers    
        Guardianship law reform, 1994-96 and undated    
Box 33            
        Task force, 1991-96 (2 folders)    
        General, 1987-96 and undated    
        Business, 1993-97 and undated    
        Citizens for Tax Justice, 1992, 1996    
        Income, 1989-97 and undated    
        Machinery and equipment, 1993, 1995    
        Property, 1992-96    
        Tax Increment Financing (TIF), 1992-94 and undated (2 folders)    
        Miscellaneous Bills, 1991-96 and undated    
      Taxpayers’ rights    
        Bill of Rights, 1993-94 (folders 1 and 2)    
Box 34            
        Bill of Rights, 1993-94 (folders 3 and 4)    
        Stanley Amendment, 1990-93    
      Title insurance, 1995-96 and undated    
      Tort reform, 1995, 1997 and undated    
        Bills, 1992-95    
        Newspaper clippings, 1991-92 and undated    
      University of Iowa , 1986-95    
      Visiting Nurse Association grievance, 1997    
      Voting record, 1997 (3 folders)    
      Ways and Means Committee    
        Bills and materials, 1991-94    
        Minutes, 1993-94    
      Welfare reform    
        Ad hoc task force, 1992    
        Bills and programs, “ Iowa Works,” 1992    
Box 35            
        Bills and programs, State Human Investment Policy (SHIP), 1993-94 (2 folders)    
        Bills and programs, welfare independence, 1992    
        Children’s issues, 1992-98 and undated    
        Domestic violence, 1996    
        Immigrants, 1996-97    
        Reports, Profile of Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) Recipients in Iowa, 1991    
        Reports, Vocational-Technical Education in Iowa Focusing on Single Parents/Displaced Homemakers, 1991    
        Reports, Welfare Reform Advisory Group, 1997    
        Reports, Welfare Reform in Iowa: Options & Opportunities, by Iowa Business Council, 1989    
        Teen parenthood, 1995-96 and undated    
        Miscellaneous, 1992-98 and undated    
        Insurance discrimination, 1983    
        Iowa Commission on the Status of Women, 1990, 1993    
        State ERA, 1998    
        Miscellaneous, 1989-96    

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