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Collection Overview

The records (donor no.14) were donated by Iowa National Organization for Women in 1990.
The records are open for research.
Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to the University of Iowa.
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Special Collections Staff, MsC 476 [NOWIowa.doc]




Box List

Box 1                          
  Affirmative action, 1981-1987
AIDS, 1984-1986
Ames ordinance, 1986
Bork nomination, 1986
Bulk mail - postal permit and instructions, 1977-1986
Central dues collection, 1981-1985
Chapter and state newsletters, 1985-1988
Chapter assessment, 1981-1985
Chapter contact, telephone
Chapter development, 1980-1986
Chapter resources
    “A Bill Becomes Law”
Board directors of non-profit
Brief bibliography
Characteristics of a strong chapter
Choosing an action
Conflict resolution for NOW chapters
Developing job descriptions
80 ways to enhance your groups clout
General checklist for special events
Guidelines: letter action to abusive…
How to establish treasury records
How to prepare a budget
Iowa government--the three branches
Iowa NOW issue committee guidelines
Issues education
Membership and chapter development
Model chapter bylaw, 1978
NOW structure, 1983
Planning a retreat for chapter decision makers
Record keeping for chapters
  Child care, 1985-1987
Box 2    
  Child support, dissolution, 1987
Civil Rights Act, 1984-1985
Civil Rights Restoration Act, 1985-1987
Combating racism committee, 1979-1989
Comparable worth, 1983-1985
Concepts of employment discrimination
    Media, 1982-1984
National incoming:
      1982-1984 (including letter from Charles E. Grassley)
1985-1988 (including letters from Tom Harkin)
    National outgoing, 1983-1985
Regional incoming:
Box 3      
    State incoming, 1982-1987 (including letters from Berkley Bedell and Charles E. Grassley)
State outgoing, 1982-1986
  Craft, Christine, 1985
Displaced homemakers, 1979-1984
Draft, military, 1980-1981
Emma Goldman Clinic-- letter harassment, Rock Island, Illinois, 1983-1985
Employment, 1979-1985
ERA, federal
    Awareness week, 1981
Battle hyms
Congressional letters, 1982
Misc., 1981-1982
Box 4      
      Press clips, 1981  
    Emergency, 1978
Equality walk, 1983
    Fundraising kit  
Letter, 1981-1982
Misc., 1979
    GOP action kit, 1982
Illinois, 1978-1982
Inaugural watch, 1981
Lobby kit, 1980
March, 1978, 1980 (2 folders)
Media campaign, 1981-1982
Message brigade, 1981
Missionary project, 1981
Mobilization kit
Petitions and petition drive

Box 5        
    Pro materials
Rally, 1976-1977
      Kit, 1979 (includes letter from Jean Lloyd Jones)
Project, 1980
    Religious action packet, 1978
Shoulder to shoulder project, 1976
Vigil kit, 1976
Walkathon kit, 1977-1981
  ERA Iowa  
    Antis, 1980
Coalition, 1978-1982
House joint resolution 12, 1978
Box 6    
    Miscellaneous, 1979-1980
Pros, 1978-1980
Resource packet, 1979
  ERA 1983, introduced
Executive board meetings, 1982-1986
Expenses, state coordinator, 1983
    Chapter annual report form
Chapter contact sheet
Chapter convening authprization
Expense reimbursement
Issue committee quarterly report
Misc. change forms
NOW logo
Order, mailing labels
Publication order form
  Fulani, Lenora, presidential campaign, 1988
Gays and Lesbians of Ames, newsletter, 1983-1984
Gay and Lesbian Resource Center, 1987
Grassroots political organizing
Illinois-Iowa NOW conference, 1987
Impoverishment of women, 1983-1984
Iowa City Iowa Rights Commission, 1983-1985
Iowa gay and lesbian
    Freedom Week, 1984-1987
Pride Week, 1983
Box 7    
  Iowa Network for Women  
1988 and undated
  Iowa NOW  
    Agenda, 1984-1985
Budget, 1982-1985
Bylaws, 1984
Central dues collection report, 1982-1983
Lesbian Rights Committee, 1979-1983
Legislative taskforce, 1987
PAC, 1987-1988
Program book advertising campaign, 1986
State conference
1985, press packet
1986, registration
  Iowa Organization of Women for Agriculture, 1983-1985
Iowa rural women committee, 1983-1985
Kowalski, Sharon, 1988
Labor movement, 1977-1981
Box 8      
  Legislative lobbying
Lesbian and gay, brochures and information
Lesbian rural experience, 1983
March on Washington for gay and lesbian rights, 1987
Correspondence, 1983
How to, 1981-1985
Resources, contact list
  Membership processing
Membership services, 1983-1986
Men’s feminist organizations, 1985
Mileage reimbursement, 1980-1981
Military budget, 1983-1984
Minnesota Women’s Consortium, 1985-1987
Nairobi Conference, 1985
National board meetings
    Minutes, 1982-1988 (2 folders)
Box 9    
    Reports, 1984-1987  
  National current contact sheet, 1983-1985
National issues committees, 1981-1983
  National NOW  
    Financial report, 1985
History, 1984
    Legal defense and education fund, 1978-1985
Lesbian rights conference, 1984
Midwest regional conference, 1986
National bylaws, 1980-1981
National conference, 1983-1985 (3 folders)
Box 10    
    National conference, 1986-1988 (3 folders)
New Jersey project, 1984-1985
Product line catalog and other catalogs
Twentieth anniversary
  National updates  
Lesbian rights, 1983-1985
  Organizing and advocacy in rural America, 1986
Parental leave, 1984-1987
Parliamentary procedure
Pay equity, 1982-1987
Peace actions/organizations, 1983-1985
Phone bank information
Precinct caucuses resolutions, 1988
Box 11      
  Press releases, 1983-1985
Provisional charter approval
Regional current contact sheet, 1983-1985
Rehnquist nomination, 1986
Rural action and organizations, 1983-1985
Rural women publications, 1983-1984
Sex discrimination
    Early childhood development
Iowa Department of Instruction, 1985
National Updates, 1984
PEER, 1979-1983
Title IX, 1984
    Insurance, media, 1983
Iowa, Fifty States Project, 1984
Iowa insurance workshop, 1983
Language, 1981
National updates, insurance, 1982-1984
Non-discrimination in insurance, 1982-1984
Box 12                          
  Sexual harassment, 1981-1983
Social security, 1979-1982
State by state guide to women’s legal rights, 1986
State coordinators caucus, 1986-1988
State council meetings
    Agendas/minutes, 1982-1987
Preparation, 1982-1987
  State presidents, coordinators meeting, 1987
State projects
    Leadership development, 1984
Proposal to national, 1982-1984
Skills conference, 1983
  State updates, 1982-1987
Statistics and polls, 1984
Supreme Court, 1981
Theory and philosophy of feminism
Treasurer reports, 1983-1986
Box 13                          
  United States Commission on Civil Rights, 1982-1983
War and peace in Iowa, 1981-1982
Women and insurance press packet, 1983
Women’s history, 1985
Yard Molly, appearance at the University of Iowa, 1988

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