PAPERS, 1897-2005

2.7 linear feet





The papers» (donor no. 662) were donated by Marianne Michael in 2000 and subsequent years.


The »papers are open for research.


Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to the University of Iowa, with the exception of three family histories written by Marianne Michael. 


In Box 1.


Emily Broeckling, 2003 [MichaelMarianne.doc]




            Marianne Krueger Michael was born in Guthrie County, Richland Township, Iowa in 1917.  When Krueger was three, her father died, leaving her mother to raise Krueger and her two brothers.  Upon graduating from Bagley High School in 1934, Krueger attended McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas, where she earned a B.A. in economics.  It was during college that Krueger met her future husband, Herbert Michael, whom she married in 1944. 


For the next four years, Marianne Michael taught high school economics in Minneola, Kansas and Stuart, Iowa.  Michael and her husband then spent a year at Bethany Theological Seminary.  At the conclusion of their training, the Michaels became missionaries in Garkida, Nigeria.  From 1948 to 1961, the Michaels carried out missionary work for the Church of the Brethren, including the organization of the Garkida Girls’ Life Brigade and the establishment of an adult literacy program for women.  Michael published extensively in the church newsletter Gospel Messenger about her missionary work. 


The Michaels returned to the United States in 1961 and settled in Iowa City, Iowa, where Michael completed an M.A. in Social Work in 1963.  Michael then accepted a position within the University Hospital system, working in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Neonatal Intensive Care.  In 1978, Michael became an adjunct faculty member of the University of Iowa School of Social Work.  Her professional work includes a number of scholarly publications focusing on issues related to child abuse.


Michael remains active in regional church activities, serving on the district administrative board of the Church of the Brethren.  She also has published three separate genealogies documenting both the Krueger and Michael family lines.  The Michaels have four children—Jan, Rosemary, Peter and Elizabeth. 


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Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The Marianne Michael »papers date from »1897 to 2005 and measure 2.7 linear feet.  The »papers »are arranged in »nine series: Photographs; Biographical; Professional;

Writings; Correspondence; Garkida, Nigeria; Church of the Brethren Conferences; Elizabeth Michael; and Genealogy.


The Photographs series consists primarily of black and white photographs taken during the Michaels’ missionary work in Garkida.  The Biographical series includes diaries, various clippings and certificates earned by Marianne Michael, dating from 1928-2003.


The Professional series includes documents related to Michael’s job as a social worker at the University of Iowa.  These encompass her M.A. thesis, entitled “Factors Related to the Use of the Food Commodity Program by ADC Recipients in Iowa, 1961”; professional publications dating from 1970-1981; various talks, dating from 1981-1999; a scrapbook from the National Association of Perinatal Social Workers annual meeting in 1985; job evaluations, dating from 1964-1987; salary letters and grades, dating from 1964-1987; and correspondence associated with Michael’s retirement in 1987.


The Writings series includes Michael’s religious publications and talks, dating from 1949-1990; a small collection of letters to the editor written in Iowa City, dating from 1964-2005; drafts of her religious publications; two logs of Michael’s day-to-day experiences, dating from 1948-1956 and from 1957-1986; and two memoirs written by Michael, one detailing a trip to the United States from Nigeria in 1956, and one which begins with her birth in 1917 and continues through 1999.


The Correspondence series includes letters to friends and family, dating from 1944-2000; the annual Michael family newsletters, dating from 1964-1998; a large collection of letters and documents from Marianne Michael’s mother, Helen Krueger Trent, dating from 1927-1980; a few letters from Zola Krueger, Michael’s sister-in-law; a small collection of letters from the Michaels’ eldest daughter Rosemary, dating from 1956-1984; a few letters from Clara Miller, a friend and quilting companion, dating from the mid-1970s; and an incomplete collection of the Round Robin letters circulated among Marianne Michael and her college friends, dating from 1979-2001.


The Garkida, Nigeria series contains correspondence between the Michaels and their relatives, dating from 1948-1961, and correspondence between the Michaels and family friends, the Vaughns, also dating from 1948-1961; some miscellaneous correspondence; an undated diary kept by Marianne Michael during her missionary work in Garkida; documents relating to the women’s literacy group developed by the Michaels; and notes from the Sunday school lessons taught by Michael in Garkida.


The Church of the Brethren Conferences series includes travel brochures, correspondence, and conference programs from two church conferences: the annual meeting held in Portland, Oregon in 1991 and the National Older Adult Conference held in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina in 1996.


            The Elizabeth Michael series includes a chronology of Elizabeth Michael’s life, written by her mother Marianne Michael; a lock of Elizabeth’s hair from 1959; schoolwork and artwork, dating from Hillcrest Boarding School in Nigeria from the late 1950s to the early 1960s, and from Iowa City Public School system from the early 1960s to the early 1970s; and a very large collection of letters written by Elizabeth Michael to her parents, dating from 1967-2000.  This correspondence includes four folders of undated letters, plus one folder of letters which can be approximately dated, based on Elizabeth Michael’s city of residence.


            The Genealogy series includes three published genealogies written by Marianne Michael: Robert McLellan: Iowa Pioneer Farmer (1996), accompanied by three folders of the documents used as illustrations in this work, An Aschenbrenner Family: Hesse to USA (1998), The Jacob George Family of Adams County, Pennsylvania (1998), and Out of Ebern: A Michael Family History (2001). 


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Box 1

                        Photographs, 1958-1996



                              Diary and composition book, 1928-1930

                              Certificates, 1921-1990                                                                                                   

                              Clippings, mid-1970s and undated

                              Trip to New Orleans, LA, 1985

                              Diary, 2003



                              Social Work

                                    M.A. commencement announcement and program, 1963

                                    M.A. thesis, “Factors Related to the Use of the Food Commodity

                                          Program by ADC Recipients in Iowa, 1961”

                                    Job evaluations (University of Iowa), 1964-1987

                                    Salary letters/grades/certificates (University of Iowa), 1964-1987

                                    Publications, 1970-1981 (1 folder)


                                                “The Battered Child,” (Summer 1970), Iowa Journal of

                                                      Social Work, 3(3):78-83.

            “Follow-Up Study of Abused Children Reported from

                  University Hospitals,” (May 1972), Journal of Iowa

                  Medical Society, 62(5): 235-237.

      “Social Report: Child Abuse,” (February 1973), Iowa

            Journal of Social Work, 5(1):22-26.

            “A Child’s World,” (Jan/Feb 1976), Children Today, 30-


      “The Psychosocial Assessment,” (April 1981) Perinatal    

            Press, 5(3): 35-38.

                                    Talks, 1981-1984 and undated (1 folder)


                                                “The Psychosocial Assessment,” delivered at staff meeting

                                                      August 11, 1981.

                                    “Social Security,” delivered February 7, 1984

                                          (partial notes).

                                                “Parents’ Point of View,” delivered at Southeast Iowa

                                                      Community College, undated

                                                “Child Abuse,” undated

                                                “Chronic Illness in Children,” undated

                                    Retirement correspondence, 1987-1988


Box 2


                              Religious publications, 1949-1973 and undated (1 folder)


                                          “And They Sang,” (May 28, 1949), Gospel Messenger, 22.

                                          “Are Not Sparrows Sold for a Penny?” (1950), Gospel

                                                Messenger, 25.

                                          “Taking Wings,” (December 17, 1952), Gospel Messenger, 21.

                                          “The Wings of the Morning,” (January 17, 1953), Gospel

                                                Messenger, 23.

                                          “Garkida Women’s Work: Reports to District Conference,”

                                                (February 28, 1953), Gospel Messenger, 23.

                                          “Behold, I Stand at the Door,” (August 29, 1953), Gospel

                                                Messenger, 23.

                                          “The Word…A Light Unto My Path,” (September 12, 1953),

                                                Gospel Messenger, 25.

                                          “Every Good Gift,” (November 19, 1955), Gospel Messenger.

                                          “If God So Clothes the Grass,” (June 30, 1956), Gospel

                                                Messenger, 12-13.

                                          “I Will Hear,” (October 6, 1956), Gospel Messenger, 21.

                                          “Path of Fellowship,” (March 15, 1958), Gospel Messenger,


                                          “The Path of Prayer,” (March 29, 1958), Gospel Messenger,


                                          “The Path of Purpose,” (March 1958), Gospel Messenger.

                                          “Little People,” (April 5, 1958), Gospel Messenger, 23.

                                          “Operation Bootstraps,” (July 19, 1958), Gospel Messenger,


                                          “Broken Fences,” (December 6, 1958), Gospel Messenger, 25.

                                          “Contacts,” (December 13, 1958), Gospel Messenger, 23.

                                          “A More Acceptable Way,” (December 20, 1958), Gospel


                                         “Set the Foundation Early,” (October 10, 1959), Gospel

                                                Messenger, 9.

                                          “In Two Worlds,” (December 12, 1959), Gospel Messenger.

                                          “If Any Are Wise,” (December 26, 1959), Gospel Messenger.

                                          “Be of Good Courage,” (January 2, 1960), Gospel Messenger, 15.

                                         “Nigeria:World Day of Prayer” (April 23, 1960) 

     “Outlook,” (June, 1973) Gospel Messenger
     “Enough,” Gospel Messenger.

                                         “O Happy Day,” Gospel Messenger, 22.

                                         “A Spiritual Pilgrimage,” Gospel Messenger, 24.

                                         “My Doctrine Shall Drop…as the Small Rain upon the Tender

                                                Herb,” Gospel Messenger, 22.

                                         “Except the Lord Build the House,” Gospel Messenger, 12.

                                         “Beautiful Feet,” Gospel Messenger, 22.

                                         “Will God Hold it against Me?” Gospel Messenger.

                                         “I Cannot But Speak,” Gospel Messenger, 24.

                                         “Sweep Clean the Path,” Gospel Messenger.

                                         “The Lord is the Strength of My Life,” Gospel Messenger, 22,


                                         “Broken Homes,” Gospel Messenger, 22.

                                         “Walk in the Way,” Gospel Messenger.

                                         “African Mother Treks Seven Miles to Preach,” source


                              Religious talks (1 folder)


                                          “Sorrow,” delivered April 19, 1990

Mother-Daughter banquet, Bethany Baptist

      Church, Iowa City, 1969

                                            Bethany Baptist Valentine Dinner, February 9,


                                          “God’s Answers to Life’s Problems,” undated

                                          “Peace on Earth,” undated

                                          “Faith Journey,” undated

                              Letters to the editor, 1964-2005

                              Publication drafts






                                    Supplemental, November 1957 and April 1959


                                    “From Garkida to USA: 1956”

                                    “All We Are Like Grass,” 1999






                              Annual newsletter, 1964-1998, 2004


Box 3

                              Helen Krueger Trent







                                    Undated (2 folders)

                                    Newsclippings, 1972-1973, 1980, and undated

                              Zola Krueger



                              Rosemary Michael



                              Clara Miller, 1972-1978 and undated

                              Round robin, 1970-2002 [with college friends]


Box 4

                        Garkida, Nigeria                                                                                 



                                          1947-March 1949

                                          April-December 1949



                                    Vaughn family, 1948-1961

                                    Miscellaneous correspondence, 1949-1961 and undated

                              Diary, circa 1955-1956

                              Women’s literacy group




Box 5                   

                              Sunday school


                        Church of the Brethren Conferences

                              Annual conference in Portland, OR, 1991

                              National older adult conference in Lake Junaluska, NC, 1996

                              1988 and undated                                                                                                   

                        Elizabeth Michael

                              Chronology and lock of hair


                                    Hillcrest (Nigeria)



                                    Iowa City



                              School records, 1966-1970











Box 6


                                    1983-July 1984

                                    August 1984-1985


                                    1987-May 1988

                                    June 1988-2000

                                    Undated (5 folders)

                                          [Chicago, circa 1975, Minneapolis, circa 1977, Red Wing,

                                                circa 1983, and Rochester, circa 1987]



                              The Charles W. Krueger Family Pomeranian Ancestors, by Marianne Krueger Michael, 2002


Box 7

                              Robert McLellan: Iowa Pioneer Farmer (1996) (three folders)

                              An Aschenbrenner Family: Hesse to USA (1998)

                              The Jacob George Family of Adams County, Pennsylvania (1998)

                              Out of Ebern: A Michael family history (2001)