»PAPERS, 1909 DATES:»1909-1993

(BULK):»(bulk 1936-1942)

QUANTITY:»1.5 linear feet



The »papers (donor no. 185) were donated by »Mary Hubbard, Meyer's daughter, in 1993 and 1997.


The »papers are open for research.


Copyright has been transferred to the University of Iowa.


In boxes »2 and 7.


Your name, year»Kirsten Clark, 1994.





Begin text here:»Marie Schultz Meyer was born February 9, 1918, in Postville, Iowa, to Elvin W. and Orma Meier Schultz.  She attended West Grove School and then Postville High School from which she graduated in 1936.  She then attended the State University of Iowa (now the University of Iowa) School of Nursing, graduating in 1939.  After graduation, Meyer worked at the University Hospital until 1941.  Also during her nursing career, she was employed for two years at the Decorah Hospital and twenty years at the Community Memorial Hospital in Postville.  On September 18, 1943, she married Willard C. Meyer.  They farmed near Clermont until 1963 then moved to Postville.  They had two daughters, Jean (Binfet) of Minnesota, and Mary (Hubbard) of Iowa City.



Scope and Content Note


Begin text here:»The Marie Schultz Meyer papers date from 1909 to 1993 and measure 1.5 linear feet.  The papers are divided into eight series: Alumni Publications, Class work, Correspondence, Memorabilia, Miscellaneous, Newspaper and magazine clippings, Photographs, and Scrapbooks.


Alumni Publications includes a journal, a directory, and newsletters put out by the University of Iowa alumni groups.  Class work contains typed and handwritten notes, handouts, and note cards on several subjects though the actual class they came from is not named.  Also included is a daily class schedule.  The pamphlet appears to have been used by Meyer during her course of study.  Correspondence contains letters received by Meyer from the University of Iowa, the Iowa Board of Nurse Examiners, and various friends and classmates.  Reunion correspondence contains both official letters from the University of Iowa Alumni Association and personal letters from classmates.


The Memorabilia contains mainly small keepsakes from the 45th and 50th School of Nursing reunions.  The postcards, though undated look to be from the late 1940's.  A point of interest in the Miscellaneous series is the poem written by Meyer and several of her friends.  The Miscellanous series contains some autobiographical information about Meyer.  The Grandparent Book contains information about Meyer’s childhood and adult life.  Newspaper and Magazine Clippings includeacticles about friends and professors.  The ISARN Bulletin lists Marie Schultz as having been certified as an registered nurse.  The "Students in Service" includes several classmates.


The Scrapbooks, which are the bulk of the collection, date mainly from 1936 to 1952.  The books contain newspaper clippings of various University functions and of people from. Meyer's home town, invitations to social gatherings, church and school programs, and various personal memorabelia.  Also included are personal correspondence, several State University of Iowa Nurses Alumni Newsletters, and the

Alumni Journal for 1940.  A point of interest is the 1942 scrapbook that chronicles the fourteen day trip. Meyer and four of her friends took out west.  It includes a day by day itinerary and photographs, postcards, and guides to various sites.


Photographs include many pictures of friends and professors, the University of Iowa campus and various rooms and wards of the University Hospital.  Identification of several of the people in the reunion photos can be found in the photocopies of the 1936-1989 scrapbook.  Also included in this series is one photograph album of Meyer’s mother, Orma Meier Schultz, from her high school years.


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Box 1

»Alumni Publications

Alumnae Journal, 1941

Alumni newsletters



Nurses Alumnae Association Directory, 1956


Class work

Class handouts, undated

Class notes, undated

Note cards, undated

Paper, "The Nightingale Training School for Nurses, St. Thomas Hospital, London, England," undated

Pamphlet, Iowa State Department of Health, 1935




Hazel Biederbeck, 1938, undated


1936, 1940-1941


40th, 1979

45th, 1984

50th, 1989




University of Iowa, [late 1940's?]

Reunions (State University of Iowa School of Nursing)

45th, 1984

50th, 1989



Brochure, University of Iowa, College of Nursing, undated

Funeral program, 1993

The Grandparent Book, undated

The Iowa Biopsy [shelved in map case: drawer 3]

April 1, 1938

March 24, 1939

April 5, 1940

April 18, 1941

Nursing Progress Fund, Honor Role of Contributors, 1986

Poem, undated

Reprinted account of 1901 fire, Old South Hall

Reprinted article, "The Polio Years at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics," undated

Roster of Registered Nurses, Iowa, 1941-42

Survey of Professional History of Alumnae of the College of Nursing, 1962


Newspaper and Magazine Clippings

ISARN Bulletin, undated


45th, 1984

50th, 1989

"University Alumni and Former Students in Service," undated

Miscellaneous, 1983-1984, 1986-1987, undated



1936-1940, undated


10th, 1949

40th, 1979

45th, 1984

50th, 1989

Photograph albums

1936-1941 [shelved in box 7]

Schultz, Orma Meier, 1909-1911 [shelved in box 7]

Miscellaneous, 1984, 1987, undated [shelved in box 7]



Box 2





Box 3



Box 4



Box 5



Box 6

1932, 1943-1952

1936-1989 [photocopied; shelved in box 7]


1997 Accession


Box 7


Photograph albums


Schultz, Orma Meier, 1909-1911

Miscellaneous, 1984, 1987, undated