ANITA LOWRY (1950-1996)

 PAPERS, 1982-1996

5 linear inches


ACQUISITION: The papers (donor no. 410) were donated by Dwight Van Horn in 1997.

ACCESS: The papers are open for research.

COPYRIGHT: Copyright has not been transferred to the University of Iowa.

PROCESSED BY: Lisa Peperkorn, 1997.



         Anita K. Lowry was born on February 26, 1950 in Logansport, Indiana to Dr. Charles Haven and Norma Lee McClintock Lowry. She graduated from high school in Logansport, and later graduated with a B.A. in comparative literature from Indiana University. She continued her studies and received an M.S. in library service from Columbia University, and also an M.A. in cinema studies from New York University. Anita Lowry married W. Dwight Van Horn III in June 1980 in Mount Kisco, New York. Lowry also was employed at Columbia University for twenty years, where she was the Deputy Head of the Butler Reference Department and co-founder and director of the Library's Electronic Text Service. In 1993 Lowry was hired by the University of Iowa Libraries to head the newly established Information Arcade at the Main Library. There she actively continued her long-standing interest in electronic resources for research and teaching. Lowry died in July 1996 following heart surgery.

Scope and Content Note

         The Anita Lowry papers date from 1982 to 1996 and measure 5 linear inches. The papers are arranged in two series: Information Arcade, University of Iowa Libraries and Scholarly Writings. The Information Arcade series (1987-1995) includes papers regarding the University of Iowa's Information Arcade, a ". . . library facility designed to support the use of electronic resources in teaching, learning and research." ("The Information Arcade: A Library and Electronic Learning Facility for 2000 and Beyond"). The Scholarly Writings series (1982-1995) includes articles written, co-written, or compiled by Lowry during her professional career. Both series are arranged alphabetically by folder title.

Box no. Description

Box 1
                       Information Arcade, University of Iowa Libraries
                              General, 1993-1995 and undated
                              Academic Libraries as High-tech Gateways : A Guide to Design
                                         and Space Decisions
, 1995
                              ALA/Meckler Library of the Future Award, 1994
                              "Building Partnerships: Computing and Library Professionals,"
                                         Proceedings of Library Solutions Institute Number 3, 1994
                              "The Information Arcade at the University of Iowa," Cause/Effect,
                               Information Arcade Bulletin, 1993-1996(incomplete)
                               "The Information Arcade: A Library and Electronic Learning
                                         Facility for 2000 and Beyond," Managing Information
                                         Technology as a Catalyst of Change, Proceedings of the
                                         1993 CAUSE Annual Conference, 1993
                                Information Arcade mission statement, 1993
                                Scholarly Information Center Journal, 1987
                               The University of Iowa Libraries Newsletter, 1993-1995

                       Scholarly Writings
"Beyond BI: Information Literacy in the Electronic Age,"
                                         Research Strategies, 1990
                                "Bibliographic Databases: Online and CD-ROM," The
                                         Humanities Computing Yearbook 1989-90, 1991
                                "CD-ROM in Academic Libraries," Online Kensaku, 1989
                                "The CD-ROM 'Revolution' at Columbia: Year One," The Serials
                                          Partnership: Teamwork, Technology and Trends,
                                          Proceedings of the North American Serials Interest Group,
                                          Inc. (NASIG) 4th Annual Conference, 1989
                                "Computer Files and the Research Library," 1990
                               "Electronic Texts in English and American Literature," Library
                                          Trends, 1992
                                "Electronic Texts and Multimedia in the Academic Library: A
                                          View from the Front Line," Literary Texts in an Electronic
                                          Age, 1994
                                Humanities Computing at Columbia, 1991 (incomplete)
                                Information Technology and Libraries, 1994 (incomplete)
                                "Landlords and Tenants: Who owns Information, Who Pays for It,
                                          and How?" 1993
                                Scholarship in the Electronic Age, 1987
                                "Searching the Humanities Online: An Analysis of the Francis
                                          Database," Databases in the Humanities and Social
, 1985
                                Technicalities, 1982 (incomplete)