»PAPERS, DATES:»1964-2003

QUANTITY:»9.5 linear feet





The »papers (donor no. 120) were donated by »Jean Lloyd-Jones in 1993.


The »papers are open for research.


Copyright has been transferred to the University of Iowa.


In boxes 1, 7, 12, and 15.


Bridget M. Butler, 1993; June Silliman, 2008.




Begin text here:»Jean Lloyd-Jones, legislator, feminist, and peace activist, was born on October 14, 1929, daughter of Lucille Thurston and John Emerson Hall.  She attended the University of New Mexico from 1946 to 1949 and received a B.S. in English from Northwestern University in 1951.  In 1951 she married Richard Lloyd-Jones from Mason City, Iowa, and moved with him to Iowa City when he joined the faculty of the University of Iowa Department of English.  In 1971 she received an M.A. in history from the University of Iowa.


Jean Lloyd-Jones has been active in local and national civic and political organizations.  In 1965 Lloyd-Jones was elected president of the Iowa City United Nations Association, a post she again held in 1977.  Lloyd-Jones served as president of the Iowa City League of Women Voters in the 1960s and was president of the Iowa League of Women Voters from 1971 to 1976.  She was appointed to the state planning committee of Iowa 2000, a commission established by Iowa's Governor Robert D. Ray in 1976 to assess needs and planning priorities for the future, and served as program coordinator for Iowa 2000.  Lloyd-Jones chaired the Iowa International Women's Year Meeting in 1978 and was elected as a delegate to the National Women's Conference in Houston, Texas the same year.  She was appointed to the Governor's Task Force on Government Ethics in 1977.  In the 1970s, Lloyd-Jones was very active in the effort to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. 


Lloyd-Jones has filled paid positions in the state Democratic party, worked as party precinct committeeperson, and was on the staffs of various political campaigns.  She served on the campaign staff of Congressman Ed Mezvinsky in the 1970s.  In 1976 Lloyd-Jones undertook her first (unsuccessful) campaign for State Legislature, and in 1978 she again ran, this time successfully.  Lloyd-Jones served as State Representative from 1978 until 1989 and as a State Senator from 1989 until 1994.


In 1985 Lloyd-Jones accepted the post of president of the newly-formed Iowa Peace Institute, based in Grinnell, Iowa.  The Peace Institute is a non-profit organization established in 1986 to "promote non-violent resolution of conflict through conflict management, global education, international development, and world trade."  She served in that capacity until 1991.


Scope and Content Note


The Jean Lloyd-Jones Papers date from 1964 to 2003 and measure 9.5 linear feet.  The papers are divided into the following series:  Biographical, Equal Rights Amendment, International Women's Year, 1977, Iowa Peace Institute, League of Women Voters, Legislative Campaigns, Legislature, Public Service, Rocket Unlimited, Heartland Railroad Company, Iowa Sister StateYamanashi, Japan, United States Senate Campaign, and Other Organizations and Activities. The bulk of the papers relate to Lloyd-Jones' work with the Iowa Peace Institute.


            The Biographical series (1969-2003) includes nomination papers regarding Jean Lloyd-Jones’ induction into the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame in 2003 as well as, newspaper articles and materials relating to her education at the University of Iowa.    


The Equal Rights Amendment series (1977-1978) includes material relating to state and national efforts to extend the ratification deadline for the amendment.  Most of the material consists of flyers and programs from events and related newspaper clippings.


            The International Women's Year, 1977 series (1976-1977) consists of planning and publicity materials, correspondence, financial reports, press releases, newspaper clippings, memorabilia and final reports of the Iowa and National Women's Year Conventions.


            The Iowa Peace Institute series (1984-1992) contains material relevant to the work and mission of the organization.  These include Administrative Records, including correspondence, committee minutes, financial and fundraising information, historical background of the organization, and information on staff; Conference material; Conflict Resolution materials; Global Education materials; Newsletters; Publications; Information about organizations with which the Peace Institute has worked cooperatively; Soviet-United States Outreach efforts by the institute; and notes and transcripts of speeches made on behalf of the institute by Jean Lloyd-Jones and other officers of the institute.


            The League of Women Voters series (1964-1978) contains material used in the Juvenile Justice Project, including budget, conference planning materials, a project proposal, and the script of a videotape produced by the project; material from Iowa state and national conventions, including speeches and information packets; information on proposed state reapportionment in the 1970s; and the texts of speeches made by Lloyd-Jones as president of the LWV.


            The Legislative Campaigns series (1976-1980) contains material used in the first three of Lloyd-Jones' political campaigns.  This series includes candidate biography and questionnaire answers, advertising material, photographs, speeches, and press releases made during the campaign.


            The Legislature series (1979-1985) contains material used during the first two terms Lloyd-Jones served in the Iowa Legislature.  The material includes background material and drafts of proposed legislation, study material on issues which might become the subject of future legislation, speeches, photographs, correspondence, and press releases.


            The Public Service series (1977-1987) contains correspondence, minutes, publications, and reports of the various public posts held by Lloyd-Jones such as Iowa 2000, and the Governor's Task Force on Government Ethics.


            The Rocket Unlimited series (1983-1986) consists of correspondence, business and financial records, press releases, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia pertaining to Lloyd-Jones' investment in the railroad excursion business.


            The Heartland Railroad Company (1979-1981) series consists of a scrapbook.


            The Iowa Sister State, Yamanashi, Japan (1995-2001) series relates to the exchange visits between Yamanashi and Iowa that Lloyd-Jones participated in.


            The United States Senate Campaign (1992) series includes correspondence, scrapbooks, and a journal relating to Lloyd-Jones’ unsuccessful bid for the U. S. senate in 1992.


            The Other Organizations and Activities series (1971-1985) contains material reflecting Lloyd-Jones' wide range of interests and activities including her speeches, fund raising for an Iowa City shelter for victims of spouse abuse, entertainment for the Truman Club, and a Strategic Overview of Local Feminism report.


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Box 1


General, 1989-2003 (3 folders)

University of Iowa

Academic papers, 1969-1970, 1999 (2 folders)

Thesis statement, 1996


»Equal Rights Amendment

ERA Extension March, Washington D.C., 1978

Newspaper clippings

1977-1978 (2 folders)

Box 2

                                   Remember the Ladies Day, 1978


Newspaper clippings


International Women's Year, 1977

Folder of Quotes, 1977

Contributions, 1977

Iowa Coordinating Committee

Academic Credit for Conference Attendance




Equal Rights Amendment Petition

Film Festival

Final Report

Financial Records

Mailing Label Masters

Newspaper clippings (2 folders)







Box 3




Mailings to Iowa Women's Organizations

Media Mailings

Media Releases

Public Service Announcements and Slides

Radio and Television Interviews

Recommendations to the National Commission

Requests for Information

Thank You Letters



"International Interdependence"

"The Older and Wiser Woman"



Lloyd-Jones, Jean, Chair

Matthews, Norma, Conference Coordinator

National Commission on the Observance of the International Women's Year

Financial Records

Governor's Proclamations, 1975, 1977

International Women's Year Logo

Meeting Minutes

Members' Biographies

Newspaper clippings

Press Releases

Report to the National Commission

Iowa Women’s meeting, 1977

Box 4

National Convention

Delegate Badge

Delegate Certificate

Iowa Delegates

List and Biographies

Nominating Committee

Employment Law Poster

Issues Background

Newsletter: Daily Breakthrough

Newspaper clippings (3 folders)


Other state conferences

Final Reports (2 folders)

Information from other states

Newspaper clippings



Iowa Peace Institute

Administrative Records

Advisory Committee, 1986-1988

Annual Report, 1989-1991


Box 5

Auditor's Report, 1989-1991

Board of Directors


General, 1989-1991 (2 folders)

Memoranda from Robert Anderson (Executive Director), 1989

McDonald, John (President) Appointment, 1991

Members, 1988-1990








Updates, 1988-1989

Budget, 1987-1990

Committee Assignments, 1990, undated

Communications Committee, 1988

Conflict Resolutions Committee




General, 1987- 1989 (3 folders)

Box 6

1990-1991 (2 folders)

Anderson, Robert (Executive Director) 1988-1992

Boyd, Willard, (Director, Field Museum, Chicago), 1988-1989

Cedar Rapids Gazette, 1987

International Outreach, 1987-1991

Iowa Department of Education, 1988

Lloyd-Jones, Jean 1984-1991

McDonald, John (President)

"Feedback" Memoranda From John McDonald to Jean Lloyd-Jones

1989-1991 (3 folders)

From John McDonald, 1989-1990

To John McDonald, 1989

Ray, Robert (Executive Committee Vice Chair) 1987

Staff, 1989-1991

Education Consortium Steering Committee, 1987-1988

Executive Committee


General, 1988-1991

Memoranda from Robert Anderson, 1988, undated

Box 7

Facilities Committee

General, 1987-1990

Photographs, undated

Financial Records

1987-1991 (2 folders)



1986-1990 (2 folders)

Buffet Supper, 1989

Institutional Development, 1990-1991

Peace shares

General, 1991

Box 8

Correspondence, 1990-1991

Reception with John McDonald, 1988

Historical Background, 1987-1988

International Task Force, undated

Legislation, 1987-1989

Mailing Lists, 1985-1987, 1989, undated

Newspaper clippings

Originals, 1987-1991

Photocopies, 1987-1991

Nominating Committee, 1988-1991

Personnel Committee, 1988-1989

Personnel Policies, 1988-1991

Planning Committee

Correspondence, 1987

Program Committee, 1987-1988

Public Policy Mediation Center Advisory Committee, 1990

Public Relations, 1987-1991

Search Committee

CEO Search, 1988-1991

Correspondence, 1991


John McDonald, 1988-1990

Resumes, undated

United Nations Peace Messenger Award, 1990


Brochures, 1989-1990

Building Peace: 5th Midwest Conference, 1989

Conflict Resolution, "The Way Up," 1988

Box 9

Creating Peace, 1988

Dispute Resolution, 1987

In Search of Common Ground--Peace Within Islamic Traditions, 1988

International Conference of Peace Institutes, 1990

Iowa Arms Control Verification Conference, 1987

North American Conference on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution, 1989

The Peace Agenda in Iowa IV, 1987

Peacemaking Institutions: 6th Midwest Conference, 1990

Soviet-American Women's Summit

General, 1990

Photograph, 1990

University of Iowa Conference Center, 1988

Conflict Resolution

General Materials, undated

Conferences and Workshops, 1987-1991

Conflict Clinic

General, 1988-1991

Correspondence, 1987-1989

Workshop, 1988

Conflict Managers Program,1991

Correspondence, 1989-1991

Drake University Dispute Resolution Center, 1989-1990


Box 10

Farmer-Creditor Mediation, 1989

First Mediation Project, Iowa City Sewer Dispute, 1988-1989


Newspaper clippings

Iowa Bar Association, 1988-1990

Iowa Mediation Bill, 1990

Iowa Mediation Service, 1989-1991

Iowa Network of Conflict Management Educators, 1990-1991

Mediation Materials, 1987-1991

Newspaper clippings, 1982-1988

Resources, 1989-1990

Schools/Department of Education, 1991

Soviet-American Center, 1989

Soviet-American Working Group, 1989-1990

Statewide Officers, 1989

University of Iowa, 1990

Workshop Materials, undated

Global Education

Activities, 1990-1991

Correspondence, 1991

Global Education Association, 1988-1991

Global Geography Museum, 1990


Box 11

Global Views, Inc., 1991

International/Global Work Group, 1989

Newspaper clippings, 1991

Secondary School Programs for Peace in Iowa, 1985-1986





General, 1990-1991

African Delegation, 1991

Anglophone African Proposal, 1991

Focus Group, 1990

Foreign Political Leaders, 1990-1991

Initiatives For Creating Peace, 1990-1991

International Fellow Program, 1989-1991

Interns, 1988

Iowa Peace and Friendship Center, 1990

Partners in Development, 1990-1991

Program Proposals and Initiatives, 1988-1990

Public Policy Mediation Center Definitions, 1989

Speakers Bureau, 1988-1990

Sustainable World Project, 1990

Talloires Declaration, 1988

Three Year Goals




John McDonald Environmental Paper, 1989-1990

Interim Report, 1988

Public Policy Mediation Center

Director, Phillip Brown, 1989-1990

Related Organizations

Miscellaneous, 1988-1991

Consortium on Peace Research, Education, and Development, 1989-1991

Iowa Peace Network, 1990-1991

Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, 1989

Peacelinks, 1988-1991

University of Iowa Key Internationals, 1985-1988


Box 12

University of Iowa Resources Compatible to the Needs of the Iowa Peace Institute, 1986

Women's Action For Nuclear Disarmament, 1988-1991


Articles and Pamphlets, 1986, 1988, undated

Peace Studies Programs, 1986-1990

Soviet-US Outreach

Directory of Iowa Experts in Soviet Affairs, 1989-1990

Iowa-Cherkassy Agricultural and Cultural Center, 1991

Iowa-Stravropol Exchange, 1989-1991

Iowa/USSR Farm Youth Exchange, 1989-1990

Newspaper clippings, 1989

Soviet-American Inter-Parliamentary Exchange, 1991

Sister State Initiatives, 1990

Soviet Women Delegation, 1990


Newspaper clippings



Background Material and Notes, 1983, 1985, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Colorado Peace Symposium, 1991

First Methodist Church, 1990

Grinnell Methodist Church, 1985

International Women's Day, 1991

Oaknoll, 1986

Oaknoll Forum on Nuclear Disarmament, 1988

Old Brick Lecture Series: "Teaching To Peace," 1991

Peace Cairn Dedication, 1988

"Peace Institute and How It Can Contribute to the Climate for Conflict Resolution," undated

William Penn College Convocation, 1987

Press Conference, 1990


Box 13

Rotary Clubs, 1990, 1991

Unitarian Universalist Church, 1987

John McDonald, 1990

"What Iowa Has To Gain From A Peace Institute," 1987

Women Business Owners of Linn and Johnson Counties, 1988

Women of Trinity, 1986

Stanley Foundation

Cooperative Projects, 1985-1991

Publications, 1984-1988


Middle America, 1990-1991

Teachable Moments, 1989-1991

United States Peace Institute

General, 1984-1988

Conference in Iowa, 1985-1988

Grant Application--Regional Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution in Nicosia Cyprus, 1990-1991

In Iowa

General, 1984-1986

Correspondence, 1984-1986

Newspaper clippings, 1984, not in collection


Avoiding a Nuclear Pearl Harbor, 1987

Cross-Cultural Communication, 1988

Education for the Global Community, 1988

Film: Many Voices, One Song by Louise Diamond, 1989

Insights into Perestroika Symposium, 1990

Iowa-Soviet Communications, 1987

National Debate For Peace in El Salvador, 1990

Peace and Justice Studies, William Penn College, 1989

Box 14

Pragmatic Peacemaking, 1987

UNESCO Director General Dr. Frederico Mayor, 1990


League of Women Voters of Iowa

Juvenile Justice Project

Budget and Expenses, 1975-1976

Conference Evaluations, 1976

Conference, "Juveniles and the Law," 1976

Final Report, 1976

Local Leagues, 1976

Project Proposal, 1975

Videotape Script, 1976


Box 15

Meeting Entertainment, 1964

National Convention

President's Report (Lucy Wilson Benson), 1970

Newspaper clippings, 1968, 1971, 1972

Publication, A Land Use Law For Iowa, 1974

Reapportionment, 1978

Reapportionment Law Suit, 1972

Simulation Game, Urbanity, undated


General, 1968, 1974, 1976, undated

On The League, 1971-1974

Background Material, 1961-1968, undated

State Convention

Information Packet, 1973, 1975

President's Report

Mary Dresser, 1969

Jean Lloyd-Jones



Photographs, 1968


Legislative Campaigns


Press Releases




Photographs and Contact Sheets, 1965-1980

Photographs, Selected Negatives, ca. 1978-1980



Affidavit of Candidacy and Affiliation


Expenses and Fundraising

Position Statements

Press Releases

Speeches and Background Material


Affidavit of Candidacy


Box 16

Campaign Committee

Candidate Questionnaires and Biographical Information

Expenses and Fundraising





Land Use

General, 1979-1985, undated

Background Materials

General, 1972-1981

League of Women Voters, 1972-1979

Legislative History




General, 1974, 1975, 1980, undated

Background Material

General, 1976, 1981

Newspaper clippings, 1976-1981

State Land Preservation Policy Commission Report, 1979

Liquor Control Act Amendment, 1986

Natural Resources, 1979

Railroad Facilities

General, 1987-1988

Box 17

Correspondence, 1979-1988

Railroad Financing

General, 1979-1984

Amtrak, 1986-1987

Correspondence, 1981

Newspaper clippings, 1980-1984

Reapportionment, 1981-1982

Correspondence, 1986


Comparable Worth, 1982-1984

Medical Care

General, 1985-1988

Newspaper clippings, First day, 1979

Railroad Financing

General, 1984-1986

Legislative Research Report, 1985

Newspaper clippings, 1979

Photograph, outside State House, 1982 [shelved in map case: drawer2]

Press Releases, 1979-1980

Box 18

Scrapbook #1 clippings, 1978 (2 folders)

Scrapbook #2 clippings, 1979-1982 (2 folders)

Scrapbook #3, 1979-1980


Box 19

Scrapbook #4, 1982-1983 (2 folders)

Scrapbook #5, 1991-1992


Adult Forum at Trinity, 1990


Public Service

Governor's Task Force on Government Ethics, 1977-1978

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, 1984-1987

Iowa 2000

Conference Poster, 1977 [shelved in map case: drawer 2]

Correspondence, 1977


The News, 1977


Original Cartoons [shelved in map case: drawer 2]

Newsletter, 1976-1977

Reports, 1977

Johnson County Heritage Trust

General, 1977-1987

Newspaper clippings, 1976, 1979, undated

Box 20

Rocket Unlimited

Business Records, 1984-1986

Correspondence, 1984-1986

Financial Records, 1984-1986


Branch Line Service

General, 1983-1984

Newspaper clippings, 1983-1984

Excursions, 1987, undated

Railroads and Tourism

General, 1983-1986, undated

Newspaper clippings, 1983, undated

Memorabilia, undated

Newspaper clippings, 1984, undated

Press Releases, 1986


Heartland Railroad Company

Scrapbook, 1979-1981


Iowa Sister State, Yamanashi, Japan

Women’s delegation from Japan, 1995

Tour to Japan, 1999

Youth study abroad report, 1999


Box 21

Sister State, 2000

Bus tour of young leaders from Japan to Iowa, 2000

Expenses, 2000

Governor’s trip to Yamanashi, 2000


Box 22

Information about Yamanashi, 2000

Overseas seminar report, 2000

Japanese-American Friendship Association, 2000-2003

Governor of Yamanashi visit to U. S., 2001

 International exchange seminar, 2001

 International exchange seminar report, 2001


United States Senate Campaign

Correspondence, 1992 (folder 1)

Box 23

Correspondence, 1992 (folder 2)

Journal, 1991-1992

Scrapbook #1, 1992 (2 folders)

Scrapbook #2, 1992 (folder 1)

Box 24

Scrapbook #2, 1992 (folder 2)

Scrapbook #3, 1992 [shelved in oversize: Box 25]

          Other organizations and activities

Aid and Alternatives for Victims of Spouse Abuse, 1978

Speeches, women in politics, 1971-1984

Speeches, women's issues, 1974-1985

Speeches, general, 1979-1994 (2 folders)

Strategic Overview of Local Feminism, 1978

Truman Club Entertainment’s, 1979-1983


Oversize materials:

Box 25

United States Senate Campaign

Scrapbook #3, 1992


Map case

Legislature: Photograph, Outside State House, 1982

Public Service: Iowa 2000

Conference Poster, 1977

The News: Original Cartoons, 1977