QUANTITY:»2.5 linear inches




The photographs were donated by »Joan Liffring-Zug  (donor no. 290) in 1995.


The »photographs are open for research.


»Copyright has been retained by the State Historical Society of Iowa.


»In box 1.


Your name, year»Kristen Rassbach, 1996.



            Begin text here:»Joan Liffring-Zug has been an Iowa photographer since 1945.  She studied photography, journalism and art at the University of Iowa.  Liffring-Zug has published many regional and national photographic books.  She was inducted into the Iowa Woman’s Hall of Fame in 1996.  After her marriage to Dwayne Bourret, 1996, she uses the name Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret.




Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The» Joan Liffring-Zug photographs date from »1950 to 1985 and measure »2.5 linear inches.  The »photographs »are arranged in »3 series: Men, Women, and Miscellaneous.  Many of these photographs were published in Liffring-Zug's books, Men: 1950-1985 and Women: 1957-1975; these books are shelved with the printed works collection.



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Begin text here:»The State Historical Society of Iowa, Iowa City, holds the primary collection of Liffring-Zug's photographs.  The original prints held by the Iowa Women's Archives duplicate those held by the State Historical Society of Iowa.


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Box 1


Folder 1

Coe Graduation Procession, 1950

Horse Trader, 1952

My Son, 1953

Indian Performer, 1955

Dancer with Horn, 1955

Andrew, Iowa, 1958

Heated Winter Pool, 1959

Gambling in Yakima, 1960

Tea for W.H. Auden Montage, early 1960s

John B. Turner and Poodle, 1961


Folder 2

Martin Luther King, 1962

Man and Teddy Bears, 1963

Man and Cat, 1964

Carnival, 1963

Truman Capote at reception, 1963

Amish Man, 1964

Auction Twins, 1964

Dedication, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1964

Driver, Street Parade, 1964

Street Parade, 1964

Teen Age Men at the Fair, 1964

Roach Fertilizer Works, 1965

Members at the Museum, NY, 1966

Max Stanleys, 1979

Bust of Shakesphere, 1980

Penthouse, 1982

Penthouse, Bill Knapp of Des Moines, 1982

Tourist (Man is John D. Zug, Liffring-Zug's husband), 1985



Folder 1

Woman's Christian Temperance Union, 1957

TV Fan, Newburg, Iowa, 1957

Luncheon for Mamie Eisenhower.  Speaker, Marian Drahos of Cedar Rapids, secretary to Ike in North Africa, 1958

Kindergarten, 1959

Junior League Thrift Sale, 1959

Colonial Dame, 1960

Women (copy)

Folder 1 (copy)

Navy Mothers, early 1960s

U.N. Luncheon, early 1960s

U.N. Luncheon, early 1960s

NAACP Board Meeting, early 1960s

Preserving Tulips, early 1960s

Woman's Club Bowling, early 1960s

Member, Garden Club, Mrs. Arthur Collins, early 1960s

Navy Mothers and Anchor, early 1960s

Navy Buffet Luncheon, early 1960s


Folder 2

Gallery Meeting, 1962

Junior League Christmas Party, 1962

Wedding Guest, 1962

Bridesmaids, 1963

Grandmothers and Wedding Guests, 1963

Old Order Amish Woman, 1964

Bridegroom's Grandmother, 1964

Luncheon Guest, Political Luncheon, 1964

Luncheon Guest, Political Luncheon, 1964

Goldwater Supporters, 1964

Bus Stop, L.A., 1965

Museum of Modern Art.  Right, Mrs. Harry Wright and her friend, Inez, 1966

Woman with Statues, Cedar Rapids.  Mrs. Homer Carley of Cedar Rapids, 1966

General's Widow, Mason City, Iowa (Mrs. Hanford MacNider), 1974

Liffring-Zug's Grandmother, Eva Adora Penfield Lang, 1946



Folder 1

Emma Big Bear, Last of her tribe, Winnebago, late 1950s

Truman Capote, 1960s

Truman Capote Montage, 1960s

Truman Capote Reading, 1960s

Shallowater, Texas, 1960

Wedding Guest and John B. Turner Montage, 1963

Dedication of the Battle Ship Iowa, Rep. Lonergran, undated