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Collection Overview

The records (donor no. 777) were donated by Linda Meloy in 2001.
The papers are open for research.
Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to The University of Iowa.
Four audiocassettes [AC979-982] and four videocassettes [V312-315].
In Box 13.
  Processeded by: Elizabeth Engel, 2005. [LWVMuscatine.doc]  


The League of Women Voters (LWV) of Muscatine was founded in 1965 as a local-level branch of the national League of Women Voters. A non-partisan organization, the League of Women Voters seeks to promote political responsibility through educating and informing the public on selected governmental issues and promoting action on those issues. The local and state Leagues promote the purpose of the National League and take action on local government matters.

After researching and studying a particular issue, League members establish a common position by voting and reaching consensus. After reaching consensus, League members organize action in support of their position. This action includes giving testimony, lobbying, contacting political groups and politicians, forming coalitions, public speaking and writing letters.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the LWV of Muscatine conducted a number of studies on Muscatine county issues, including the ambulance 911 system, law enforcement, county courthouse space needs, alternative forms of county government, housing, education, land use, hazardous waste, local option tax, the U.S. Highway 61 Bypass, and the Muscatine fire station. The group also participated in round table discussions with community leaders and hosted debates between candidates. In 1993 the LWV of Muscatine elected a male president, Rob Yant.

The group disbanded in 2000.

Scope and Content Note

The League of Women Voters of Muscatine records date from 1943 to 2000 and measure 5.25 linear feet. The records are arranged in thirteen series: Administrative, Community Activities, Local Government, Natural Resources, Operations, Publications, Publicity, Resources, Scrapbooks, Voter Service, Miscellaneous, Photographs, and Artifacts.

The Administrative series consists of correspondence, board meeting minutes and agendas, annual reports, bylaws and various other administrative materials. Included in this series is a folder relating to the Muscatine Women’s Coalition. The coalition was comprised of members from LWV, the American Association of University Women, the YWCA, and Business & Professional Women. The miscellaneous folder includes League recognitions, a skit for the League’s 25 th anniversary celebration, and materials on a garage sale.

The Community Activities series contains materials relating to round table discussions with community leaders, Women’s Equality Day, and area daycare and preschools.

The Local Government series contains numerous studies carried out by the

League, on topics such as housing, education, county courthouse space needs, law enforcement, land use, the Muscatine County 911 system, hazardous waste, and the U.S. Highway 61 bypass. The migrant school consensus materials include the “Language Development Summer Program for Migrant Children Handbook,” which was put together by the Muscatine Community School District in 1972. Other materials include information on a riverboat gambling forum and juvenile justice.

The Natural Resources series consists of materials relating to air quality, drinking water, hazardous chemicals, and solid waste management.

The Operations series contains information on new member orientation and the League’s observer program.

The Publications series contains brochures published by the League of Women Voters of Muscatine, as well as Voters dating from 1965 to 2000. The newsletter was originally title The Muscatine Voter, but changed its name in February 1982 to The Voter ( Muscatine, Iowa). Also included in this series are miscellaneous publications from other local leagues in Iowa.

The Publicity series consists of newspaper clippings and news releases, as well as speeches and public relations materials.

The Resources series consists of materials relating to health care, social policy, and the national government.

The Scrapbooks series contains scrapbooks which mostly consist of newspaper clippings and date from 1965 to 1990.

The Voter Service series contains a voter registration kit, caucus information, polling place maps and materials relating to candidates’ night. It also includes materials relating to a panel discussion on “Involvement of the Media in Public Opinion Formation,” which was held in 1989. Panelists included Molly Carroll of The Muscatine Journal, Steve Bridges of KWPC/KFMH, Don Rhyne of KWQC-TV, and Rick Dollieslager of Muscatine Community College. Included in the materials is a videocassette of the panel discussion.

The Photographs series contains photos dating from 1970 to 1993.

The Artifacts series consists of League buttons, a window placard, a canvas recycling bag and a Leagueopoly game.


Box List

Box 1                          
    Annual meetings          
      Booklets, 1967-2000 (2 folders)
Plans, 1987-1993
    Annual reports, 1966-1981 (2 folders)
Audits, 1974-1988
      Orientation tools, 1972-1992 and undated
Policies, 1987-1999
Retreats, 1985-1993 and undated
Streamlining, 1988-1989
    Budget, 1973-1990
Bylaws, 1972-1999
Calendar planning, 1986-1997 and undated
Consensus, 1980-1988 and undated
Box 2                          
      General, 1978-2000
Legislators, 1981-1997
Monsanto notifications, 1991-1998
Re: TheVoter, 1985-1989 and undated
    Directories, 1976-1996
Finance drive, 1982-1991
Local program planning, 1972-1999 and undated
Membership lists, 1969-1999
Minutes and agendas
      1970-1983 (3 folders)      
Box 3                          
      1984-1999 (4 folders)      
    Muscatine Women’s Coalition, 1986-1989
Non-partisan policy, 1987-1999
Parliamentary procedure, 1963-1993
President’s duties, 1982-1990
Quick information, 1985-1989 and undated
Secretary records
Box 4                          
    Small group discussions, 1988-1989
State program planning, 1994-1998 and undated
Treasurer’s reports
    Miscellaneous, 1975-2000      
  Community activities          
    Daycare and preschool, 1983-1999
Leadership Muscatine, 1989-1991
Round table discussions
      General, 1989-1998
Notes, 1996
    Women’s Equality Day, 1989      
  Local government          
    Adult corrections, 1984
Census, 1988-1990
Cities conference follow-up, 1977 and undated
Box 5                          
    City-county ambulance study      
    City-county law enforcement study, 1977-1981
Comprehensive plan, 1977
County board of supervisors
      Budget, 1986
“County Government Budget,” Sandy Huston, Jan. 8, 1986 [shelved in audiocassette collection: AC982]
Questions and Answers, 1985
    County courthouse space needs study      
      General, 1997-1998
“Muscatine County Facilities Master Plan,” 1997
    County government study, 1992-1995
      General, 1966-1978
Study, 1968
    Four year staggered terms, 1975
Joint communications, 1991
Juvenile justice
      General, 1974-1998
Resources, 1996-1997
Box 6                          
    Hazardous waste in Muscatine, 1980-1985
High school bond issue, 1968-1973
      “Panel Discussion on Housing Issues,” May 16, 1989 [shelved in videocassette collection: V314]
Study, 1974
    Iowa open meetings law, 1982, 1986
“Know Your County,” 1995 and undated
“Know Your Local Government,” 1962-1983
Land use
      General, 1972-1982
Update survey, 1981
    Local option tax study, 1986
Meeting basic human needs, 1987
Migrant school materials, 1967-1972
Muscatine fire station study, 1966-1967
      Finance, 1979-1989
Home rule law, 1972-1973
    Public safety building, 1974
Recreation, 1966-1976
Riverboat gambling forum, 1996
U.S. Highway 61 bypass study
Box 7                          
  Natural Resources            
    General, undated
Air quality, 1971-1990
Correspondence, 1989-1990
Drinking water, 1986-1993
Environmental call-in on sustainable development, Sept. 17, 1989 [shelved in audiocassette collection: AC981]
Hazardous chemicals
      1984-1989 and undated
Newspaper clippings, 1985, 1989
Box 8                          
    Solid waste    
      General, 1988-1993
Management study, 1989
Newspaper clippings, 1989-1990
“Power of One: Toxic Waste and You,” Dr. David Suzubi, 1989 [shelved in audiocassette collection: AC980]
    Info at a glance, 1983-1991
New member orientation, 1961-1990 and undated
Observer program, 1970-1985 and undated
October LWV month, 1979-1980
    Brochures, 1985 and undated
The Muscatine Voter
      1965-1972 (3 folders)      
Box 9                          
      1973-1989 (6 folders) [In Feb. 1982 the name changed to The Voter ( Muscatine, Iowa)]      
Box 10                          
    The Voter      
      1990-2000 (2 folders)      
    Other local league publications, 1986-1998      
    “KWPC Dial 86 radio call-in,” Oct. 23, 1986 [shelved in audiocassette collection: AC979]
Newspaper clippings, 1965-2000 and undated
Press releases, 1976-1996 and undated
Public relations, 1981-1989 and undated
Speeches, 1977-1992
    Healthcare, 1990-2000
      Education, 1988 and undated      
Box 11                          
      Relations, 1983-1989 and undated      
    Lobbying, 1973-1979 and undated
National government
      1977-1987 and undated
“The Deficit: Financing the Federal Government: Stage 2”
Leader’s guide, 1985
    Social policy          
      General, 1984-1991
Reproductive choice, 1993
Box 12                          
1989-1990 (disbound)
  Voter service              
    General, 1981-1990
Campaign finance disclosure, undated
Candidate’s night
      1990-1992 (disbound)
“Candidate Forum Election 1988” [shelved in videocassette collection: V312]
Hospital board, 1988
School board, 1987-1989
Special candidates, 1988
    Caucus information, 1984-1988      
Box 13                          
    Election services materials, 1973-1986 and undated
General election night, 1980-1989
Impact Muscatine, 1987
“Making Democracy Work,” 1996
Panel discussion, “Involvement of the Media in Public Opinion Formation”
      Materials, 1989
Forum, Feb. 28, 1989 [shelved in videocassette collection: V315]
    Polling place maps, 1943-1983
Promoting Voting: A Citizen’s Guide to the Media, undated
Promotional campaign, 1980
Voter registration kit, 1983 and undated
Box 14                          
    Buttons (two)
Canvas recycling bag: “Learning the New ‘3 R’s’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”
Leagueopolgy game
LWV of Muscatine stamp
Name tag
Window placard


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