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Collection Overview

The records (donor no. 254) were donated by the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women. They are duplicates of records held by the State Archives in Des Moines, Iowa.
The records are open for research.
Items created or published by the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women are in the public domain.
Processed by:
Angela Swanson, 1996; Nickol Himschoot, 2004; Sharon M. Lake, 2005; Ashley Goulden, 2006; Karissa Haugeberg, 2008. [IWHallofFame.doc]


The Iowa Women's Hall of Fame was established by the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women in 1975. The Hall of Fame recognizes Iowa women who have contributed their ideas, talents, and skills to making a significant impact on society. The Iowa Commission, established in 1972, is a state government agency that seeks to assure equality for Iowa women. Each year a five-member selection committee appointed by the Commission receives nominations for the Hall of Fame and selects four inductees. The four inductees are honored at a special ceremony hosted by the governor of Iowa at the State Historical Society in Des Moines.

Scope and Content Note

The Iowa Women's Hall of Fame records date from 1975 to the present and measure 2 linear feet.  They are arranged in three series: Annual Ceremonies and Booklets, Inductees, and Other Nomination Packets.  An alphabetical list of inductees follows the finding aid.

The Annual Ceremonies and Booklets series includes the most current edition of the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame handbook, which contains a complete listing of all the women who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame with a brief biographical sketch of each.  The handbook also includes updated information on inductees’ activities in the years following their induction.   Also included are programs from induction ceremonies and a few newspaper clippings announcing the names of the women to be inducted.  Information on the winners of the Cristine Wilson Medal for Equality and Justice, which is presented annually to one person at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, completes the collection.  The first recipient of the Wilson Medal, Governor Robert Ray, received the award in 1982

The Inductees series is organized by year and includes the nomination papers of all the women who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Each woman's nomination papers contain copies of the nomination form (including a list of accomplishments and the name of the person submitting the recommendation), a biographical sketch, and other pertinent information.  Occasionally, recommendation letters, articles and photographs are also included.  Within each folder, the papers are organized alphabetically by the inductee’s last name.

The Other Nomination Packets series is arranged alphabetically.  It includes nomination papers for women who were nominated between 1981 and 1988 but not selected for induction.  Complete nomination files for all women who have been nominated but not inducted into the Hall of Fame are maintained by the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women.

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Iowa Commission on the Status of Women
The organization that established and administers the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame awards.

“Celebrating Iowa Women”
Notebook with information on the Iowa Commission on the Status of Women and the Cristine Wilson Medal of Equality and Justice. The notebook also includes biographical sketches of inductees from 1975 to 1995 and is shelved in the printed works collection. The Iowa Women's Archives holds the papers of several inductees. Researchers should check the list of collections for specific individuals.

Governor Ray’s Commission on the Status of Women
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Helen Gunderson photographs
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The Iowa Women's Archives holds the papers of several inductees. Researchers shouild check the list of collections for specific individuals.

Box List

Box 1                          
  Annual Ceremony and booklets            
    Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame booklet, current edition
Cristine Wilson Medal for Equality and Justice, current edition
Biographical sketches of inductees, 1975-1993
Programs from ceremonies, 1992-     (scattered)
Newspaper clippings, 1992-
Fundraising luncheons 1992-    (scattered)
      Bloomer, Amelia Jenks
Miller, Ola Babcock
Wittenmyer, Annie
      Glaspell, Susan
Hillis, Cora Bussey
Samuelson, Agnes
Sayre, Ruth
      Binford, Jessie
Shambaugh, Jessie Field
Smith, Ida B. Wise
Smith, Mary Louise Epperson
      Day, Jacqueline Armstrong
Houghton, Dorothy Deemer
Pendray, Carolyn Campbell
Suckow, Ruth
      Doderer, Minnette Frerichs
Lee, Mabel
Odell, Mary Jane
Rosenfeld, Louise
      Cunningham, Rosa E.
Grefe, Mary A.
Mansfield, Arabella
Williams, Catherine Gail
      Adams, Mary Newbury
Conlin, Roxanne Barton
Garst, Mary
Noun, Louise Rosenfield
      Anderson, Margaret “Peg” Stair
Anderson, Ruth Bluford
Hogrefe, Pearl
Smith, Jeanne Montgomery
      Bedell, Virginia P.
Davis, Evelyn K. Scott
Everett, Beverly Beth George
Hilton, Helen LeBaron
      Buchanan, Fannie Rebecca
Clarke, Mary Frances, BVM
Petersen, Mary Louise Anneburg
Sackett, Edith Rose Murphy
      Black, Gladys B.
Griffin, Edna May Williams
Lawther, Anna B.
Murray, Alice Van Wert
      Cothorn, Marguerite Esters
Glanton, Willie Stevenson
Parker, Jessie M.
Schramm, Dorothy
      Davidson, Jolly Ann Horton
Fowler, Gwendolyn Wilson
Hoover, Lou Henry
Walker, Nellie Verne
      Edmunds, A. Lillian
Lummer, Twila Parker
Murphy, Marilyn O.
Sullivan, Patricia Clare, RSM
Box 2                    
      Hill, Nancy Maria
Sievers, Georgia Anne Rogers
Swenson, Ruth Wildman
Wilson, Cristine Swanson
      Coggeshall, Mary Jane Whitely
Fleming, Merle Wilna
Furgerson, Betty Jean “BJ”
Riley, Glenda Gates
      Jones, Mabel Lossing
Putnam, Mary Louisa Duncan
Staples, Marilyn Elaine Wright-Hauser
Tiffany, Lois Hattery
      Harper, Virginia
Henderson, Helen Brown
Rubenstein, Eve Schmoll
Welch, Mary Beaumont Dudley
      Anderson, Julia Faltinson
Eisenhower, Mamie Doud
Sudlow, Phebe W.
Wanatee, Jean Adeline Morgan
      Benson, Milded Wirt
Eichacker, Lois Harper
Rush, Gertrude E. Durden
Villines, Evelyne R. Jobe
      Brown, Sue M. Wilson
Campos, Mary Esther Domingues
Dieken, Gertrude
Stevens, Rowena Edson
      Le Sueur, Meridel
Liffring-Zug Bourret, Joan Louisa
Murray, Janette Lindsey Stevenson
Wood, Mary E.
      Bruner, Charlotte Hughes Johnston
Mullen, Margaret “Peg”
Savery, Annie Nowlin
Webb, Beulah
      Aldrich, Bess Streeter
Beran, Janice Ann Van Zomeran
Cutler, Lynn Germain
White, Maude Esther
      Berg, Mary Jaylene
de Findlay, Rosa Maria Escude
Stein, Helen Navran
Szymoniak, Elaine Eisfelder
Box 3                          
    2000 (2 folders)                
      Clark, Betty Jean “Beje” Walker
O’Brien, Denise
Swain, Adeline Morrison
Swanson, Margaret Boeye
      Delworth, Ursula
Fowle, Phyllis Propp
Hughes, Phyllis Josephine
Pellegreno, Ann Dearing Holtgren
      Campbell, Bonnie Jean Pierce
Follon, Sue Ellen
Jordan, Alice Yost
Ruedy, Shirley
      Findley, Diana “Di” L.
Francis, May E.
Lloyd-Jones, Jean Hall
Toomey, Margaret Mary
      Corning, Joy Cole
Evans, Mary Ann
Nash, Ruth Cole
Pederson, Sally J.
Box 4                          
      Hammond, Johnie Wright
LaBlanc, Brenda Hatwin
Schechter, Susan
Zimmerman, Jo Ann McIntosh
    2006 (2 folders)                
      Eyerly, Jeannette Hyde
Grant, Christine Haston Barr
Paul, Dorothy M.
Sloss, Margaret
    2007 (2 folders)                

Gaines, Ruth Ann
Harvat, Emma J.
Hayden, Ada
Wimer, Connie Horton

      Axel, Joan
Boatwright, Barbara
Engle, Hualing
Russell, Marilyn
Box 5                    
  Other nomination packets                
    Andries, Anita M. Tiedt
Bateson, Bernice Gregg
Bitterly, Virginia Jean Huppe Parkinson
Boatwright, Barbara Moorman
Boddicker, Arlene Rayman
Borgen, Margaret Platt
Borschuck, Lo
Boyd, Susan Keuhn
Bullock, Sandra Lake
Choo, Chonghi
Clark, Susan V. Holley
Clause, Mary Kathryn “Molly” McCosh
Conklin, W. Charlene DeWitt
Davis, Enid Dygert
Cunningham, Marjorie Jean
DeLay, Jane Carey
Dieleman, Elsie Lucille Graham
Dunn, Catherine, BVM
Farrell, Carolyn, BVM
Fearing, Margery Ocano
Forker, Barbara E.
Box 6                          
    Gebhardt, Dixie Cornell
Gerst, Marlene
Gibson, Viola A.
Gitler, Josephine
Goldman, Katheryn June Parker
Gordon, Patricia Trudell
Hallagan, Mary Lawrence, RSM
Harmison, Norma J. Kelley
Ingels, Caroline Mary Wallace
Johnson, Miriam Pyle
Johnston, Judith Conlin
Keyes, Margaret Naumman
Klemm, Virginia Fredregill
Lenz, Sister Mary
Lewis, Faye Cashatt
Lipsky, Joan Miller
McGee, Elsie Fenton
Merritt, Jacqueline Fitzgerald
Molskow, Colleen Lee Connell
Nelson, Gladys Christine Chand
Neppel-Darrah, Peggy
Radell, Neva
Ray, Billie Hornberger
Robertson, Amy
Ross, Virgie Marie Feldman
Russell, Marilyn A.
Sandison, Charlotte Dallas Allen
Schodde, Ann Louise Olsen
Scott, Sandra Faye
Soper, Joanne Day
Tompkins, Jean Beattie
Ulassis, Sophia
Van Fosson, Theora June Ripley
Wier, Jeanne Elizabeth
Weissman, Sylvia Sloan
Whipple, Alice
Zwart, Elizabeth Clarkson (Elizabeth Metcalf)

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