RECORDS, 1970-1975

QUANTITY:»5 linear inches




The records (donor no. 104) were donated by Geraldine A. Busse in  1991.


The records are open for research.


Copyright has been transferred to the University of Iowa.


Bridget M. Butler, 1992




            The Iowa Citizens' League for Nursing (ICLN) is a constituent league of the National League for Nursing, Inc. (NLN).  The NLN was formed in 1952 through the merger of seven established national nursing groups, the oldest of which, the National League of Nursing Education, had been in operation since 1893.  Since its inception the NLN has had one goal: "to assist in meeting the health care needs of the people."  Its membership includes registered and licensed practical nurses, educators, physicians, therapists, and hospital administrators.  The national league, as well as its constituent leagues, has pursued its primary objective through offering non-degree continuing education programs and workshops, advocating standardized education and accreditation for nursing schools, and increasing community support and recognition for nursing as a profession. 


            The Iowa Citizens' League for Nursing (ICLN) maintained parallel goals and objectives to its parent organization.  The ICLN's efforts have included active participation in community planning and action for health care, advocating changes such as home health care, efforts to assure the continuing supply of nurses by providing them with the educational opportunities to reach their maximum career potential, ability to move into management and leadership positions, and promoting a greater public appreciation of nursing as a profession. 


            The ICLN maintained a cooperative relationship with the Iowa Association of Nursing Students, supported a scholarship program, and granted complementary memberships to nursing students.  The League also participated in a regional network of leagues and was active in providing high-quality, low-cost programs and workshops throughout the state.  These dealt with a wide range of topics from spinal cord injuries and adolescent pregnancy to ethical issues in nursing, the effect of health care legislation in Iowa, and collective bargaining.


Scope and Content Note


            The records of the Iowa Citizens' League for Nursing measure 5 linear inches and date from 1970 to 1975.  Geraldine A. Busse, a faculty member at the University of Iowa College of Nursing and an active member of the ICLN, donated these materials.  They reflect her participation on the scholarship committee, the program committee, and the executive committee.  The by-laws and goals and objectives of the organization during the years covered are also in the records.  Some of the annual ICLN meeting and committee meeting agendas have handwritten notes on the back, probably Busse's notes on and reaction to those meetings.


            The records are arranged in four series: Administrative Records, Education and Outreach, National League for Nursing, and Regional Network.  The Administrative Records contain board and executive committee meeting minutes, financial records, goals and objectives, committee assignments, membership lists and membership recruiting information.  Education and Outreach includes material from workshops sponsored by the league, material from a student organization sponsored by the league and scholarship information.  The National League for Nursing series has materials sent by the national organization including goals and guidelines for state affiliate leagues and annual meeting minutes and reports.  The Regional Network series contains material from various groups interested in health care in the Midwest, including the Iowa Citizens' League for Nursing, in an effort to coordinate regional health care planning.


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Box 1»

Administrative Records

Annual Meetings

Business Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1971-1974

Goals & Objectives, 1972-1974

Board Meeting Minutes & Agendas, 1971-1975

Bylaws & Revisions, 1970-1975

Committee Nominations and Assignments, 1972-1975

Correspondence, 1972-1975

Executive Committee Minutes, 1973-1974

Financial Reports & Budgets, 1972-1975


Committee Business, 1970-1971

Committee Meeting Minutes and Agenda, 1971-1975

Lists, 1973-1974

Newsletters, 1972-1975

Recruiting, 1973


Education and Outreach

Program Review Committee, Minutes & Business, 1972-1975

Nursing Students Association, 1975

Scholarship Committee Report, 1975


Flyers, 1974, 1975

"Test Construction and Evaluation," 1973

"Trends in Perinatal Care in Iowa," 1974


National League for Nursing

Annual Meeting, May 1975

Annual Report, 1972, 1974

Board Action, October 1975

Definition of Practical Nursing (NFLPN), 1972

Guidelines for Constituent Leagues & Local Units, 1970

Guidelines for Continuing Education Workshops, 1973

Information about the League and Nursing, 1971-1973

Information on Home Health Care Agencies, 1973

Membership Application, 1975

Program Goals, 1971, 1973

Publications, ca. 1970-1975


Regional Network

Heartland Regional Assembly of Constituent Leagues, Minutes, 1974

Inter-State Regional Planning for Nursing Need and Resources Study, 1972