»PAPERS, 1963-1998

5 linear inches and audiovisual materialDATES:»




The »papers (donor no. 405) were donated by Archie Greene in 1997 and 1998.


The »papers are open for research.


»Copyright has been transferred to the University of Iowa.


One audiocassette shelved in audiocassette collection (AC 413)


In box 1.


Kate Jones, 1998.Your name, year»



     Archie Lou Greene was born to Archie Lou Shipp Greene and General Grant Greene, Jr. in

1945, and grew up in Ames, Iowa.  She lived there with her grandparents and

attended Ames High School, where she was active in choirs and served as student body

president.  Although she was offered a vocal music scholarship, Greene chose to study literature.  In 1967 she received her B.A. in English from Fisk University in Nashville, Tennessee, and went on to study for her master's degree at Pennsylvania State University (Penn State).  While working on that degree, Greene was stricken with a disease eventually diagnosed as spinocerebellar degeneration. This disease, similar to multiple sclerosis, made Greene's journey toward her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa an extraordinary challenge.  She earned her doctorate in 1990.  Greene’s life in Iowa City has also included volunteering at the Iowa City Public Library and participating in the annual Hospice Road Races.


Scope and Content Note

            Begin text here:The Archie L. Greene papers date from 1963 »to 1998 and measure 5 linear inches.  The papers are divided into six series: Family, Personal, Education, Publicity, Writing, and Photographs. The Family series includes photocopied pages from two books, Blooming: A Small Town Girlhood (Ballantine Books, 1981) by Susan Allen Toth and Ames: The Early Years in Word and Picture (Farwell T. Brown and Heuss Printing, 1993) by Farwell T. Brown.  Both contain information about Greene’s family and its history in Ames.  This series also includes biographical information about Greene’s mother, Archie Lou Shipp Greene, and grandmother, Nellie Elmira Martin Shipp.  A laminated newspaper clipping about Archie Lou Shipp Greene is shelved in the map case, drawer 2.

            The Personal series consists mainly of correspondence.  It also contains handwritten music and a book cover on which Greene’s father copied a favorite poem.  Also included in this series is an audiocassette, shelved in the audiocassette collection, containing a recording of the Ames High School choirs in which Greene sang.  A letter from Greene’s high school choir director Virginia Cross, which accompanied the cassette, can be found in this series in the folder with the heading “Correspondence, 1970-1982.” 

The Education series consists of memorabilia from Greene’s educational career, including diplomas, grade reports, Greene’s master's thesis title page, and materials from a Central Renaissance Conference she participated in at Indiana State University. 

The Publicity series consists of promotional materials for the University of Iowa and the Iowa City Hospice Road Race, which feature Greene, and newspaper clippings about Greene. Two of the newspaper clippings are oversized and are shelved in the map case, drawer 2.

The Writings series is divided into three subseries.  The first, Speeches, contains text from Greene’s acceptance speeches for awards she has received.  The second subseries, Poetry, includes Greene’s 1981 poem “To a Father,” which was published in Iowa Woman magazine (Vol. 2, No. 4, July/August 1981). The third subseries, Correspondence, includes a 1970 letter and poetry reprints from Jack McManis, a Penn State teacher and friend of Greene’s; and a 1991 note and poem reprint from poet Gwendolyn Brooks.

The final series, Photographs, contains snapshots of Greene’s friends and relatives, University of Iowa publicity photos of Greene, and photos of the Penn State campus.

Box no.  Description

Box 1


Blooming: A Small Town Girlhood by Susan Allen Toth (Ballantine Books, 1981), pages 13-16 [photocopy]

Ames: The Early Years in Word and Picture by Farwell T. Brown,  

(Farwell T. Brown and Heuss Printing, 1993,) pages 63-71 [photocopy]

Archie Lou Shipp Greene (1924-1995) [mother of Archie L.


Nellie Elmira Martin Shipp (1892-1995) [grandmother of Archie L. Greene]

Laminated newspaper clipping [stored in map case: drawer 2]





1983-1984, 1989, and undated


Memorabilia, 1970-1993 (scattered) and undated

Audiocassette: Ames High School Choir, 1960-1963 (45 min.)

[shelved in audiocassette collection: AC 413 ]



Memorabilia,1965-1991 (scattered) and undated

Diplomas 1963, 1967, 1970

Central Renaissance Conference, 1988



Promotional material, 1978, 1990 and undated

Newspaper clippings

1985-1996 and undated

1988 [shelved in map case: drawer 2 ]



Speeches, 1982, 1987

Poetry, 1981, 1998


Jack McManis, 1970

Gwendolyn Brooks, 1991


Photographs, 1985-1995 (scattered) and undated