PAPERS, 1905-1996

5.5 linear feet







The papers» (donor no. 522) were donated by Gwendolyn Fowler in 1996 and Ronald Langston in 1998.


The »papers are open for research.


»Copyright held by the donor has not been transferred to The University of Iowa. 


In Boxes 10, 11 and 12.  Slides in Box S2a.


One audiocassette [AC 876].  Three films [F 1-F 3]


Stacy Ross, 2001 and Lisa Mott, 2003. [FowlerGwendolyn.doc]




            Begin text here:»Gwendolyn Mary Wilson was born to Fannie Robinson Wilson and Dr. Cornelius Wilson in Dardaneele, Arkansas on December 8, 1907.  Dr. Wilson moved the family to Des Moines, Iowa in August 1913 where he set up an office and continued with his medical practice.  Dr. Wilson died in 1916.  Fannie Wilson married Olin Cooper in 1937. 


            Gwendolyn Wilson attended Bryant Elementary School and West High School in Des Moines.  Determined that her daughter get the best education possible, Fannie Wilson made arrangements for Gwendolyn to attend a special preparatory high school located on the campus of Rust College, in Holly Springs, Mississippi.  Wilson graduated with honors in 1926 before returning to Iowa, where she was accepted to the College of Pharmacy at the University of Iowa, in Iowa City.  After attending the University of Iowa for a year, Wilson transferred to the Des Moines College of Pharmacy, which later became the Drake College of Pharmacy.  When Wilson graduated with a pharmaceutical/chemist degree (Ph.C.) in 1930, she became the first black woman to obtain a pharmaceutical degree and to be officially registered as a pharmacist in the state of Iowa. 


            Although Wilson was highly qualified and certified by the state to practice pharmacy, she was unable to find work as a pharmacist.  Wilson would later blame this on the economy during the Depression, labor legislation that restricted the number of hours women could work, and racism.  Unable to find work in Iowa, Wilson returned to Holly Springs, Mississippi and taught seventh grade for a year before returning to Des Moines again.  Wilson got a job waiting tables before being hired by Winnie (Mrs. N.E.) Coffin as a maid.  In 1936, Wilson accompanied Coffin on a world tour to purchase artwork for the Des Moines Art Museum then under construction.  The two women traveled extensively in China, Japan, Sumatra, Bali, Java, Singapore, and Australia.  Their tour ended abruptly in August 1937 when Coffin died in Japan.  Following Mrs. Coffin’s death, Wilson returned to Des Moines where she married Lafe H. Fowler on January 19, 1938.  They were divorced in 1946. 


            Gwendolyn Wilson Fowler finally obtained employment in her field in 1944 when she was hired by the State of Iowa Department of Health as a pharmacist’s clerk. In 1950, Fowler took a position as a chemist in the Iowa State Department of Agriculture laboratory.  As a temporary consultant on a special project, Fowler caught the attention of President Eisenhower’s administration.  Fowler became one of only nine women (and the only woman of color) to be selected for Foreign Service positions higher than secretary.  In 1955, Fowler was assigned as a program analyst in Saigon, Vietnam where she was stationed for four years.  After completing her Foreign Service assignment, Fowler returned to Des Moines and the Iowa State Department of Agriculture laboratory.  In 1962, Fowler was hired by the Broadlawns Polk County Hospital as a staff pharmacist, a position she held until her retirement in 1974.


            During her retirement, Fowler was active in volunteer organizations, including Wilkie House, the Red Cross, and the United Way.  Fowler also served on the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) board of directors, the State Drug Abuse Council and the Des Moines Civic Music Board. Governor Robert Ray appointed Fowler to the Iowa Statewide Health Coordinating Council.  Fowler was a lifetime member of both the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), and the African Methodist Episcopal Church.  She was also a member of the Des Moines Sister City Commission, the Des Moines Women’s Club, and the Drake University Alumni Association.  In 1987, Fowler was inducted into the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame.


            Fowler died in November 1997.




Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The Gwendolyn Wilson Fowler» papers date from »1905 to 1996 and measure »5.5 linear feet.  The »papers »are arranged in »8 series:  Personal, Family, Employment, African-American Community, Community Work, Travel, Photographs and Artifacts.


 The Personal series includes biographical information and financial papers pertaining to Fowler.  It contains examples of the countless lists Fowler kept, particularly of her possessions that she collected during her global travels.  This series contains papers pertaining to Fowler’s induction into the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame, including her induction speech, and the nomination papers Fowler submitted in 1995 in her attempt to have Sue M. Wilson Brown inducted into the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame.  The series contains evidence of Fowler’s fascination with astrology and psychics, through the many solicitations Fowler received and subscribed to in her later life.  It also includes correspondence between Fowler and her mother, Fannie Wilson Cooper, from 1930-1979.  This correspondence includes the time Fowler traveled around the world with Mrs. Winnie Coffin, and Fowler’s years in Vietnam with the Foreign Service.  Other correspondence included in the series consists of letters from Azalia Mitchell, Dr. Tom Scales and other notable members of Des Moines’ African American community.


The Family series consists of papers relevant to Fowler’s mother, Fannie Wilson Cooper; Fowler’s father, Cornelius M. Wilson; and Fowler’s stepfather, Olin Cooper.  Fannie Wilson Cooper’s papers include a sympathy card she received from the Des Moines Suffrage Club in 1916 when her husband, Dr. Cornelius M. Wilson died.  Dr. Cornelius M. Wilson’s papers include the Knights of Pythias financial card book for which he served as treasurer.  There is also a letter explaining the Medical Protective Association that Dr. Wilson helped to create for his patients.  Olin Cooper’s papers consist of his funeral book and funeral expenses.


The Employment series covers Fowler’s time in Vietnam as a program analyst with the Foreign Service and her experiences as a pharmacist.  The Vietnam sub-series includes correspondence and newspaper articles regarding Fowler’s appointment, as well as documents, a U.S. embassy phone directory, a list of personnel and payroll, and various project samples and proposals.  The Pharmacy sub-series contains the 1929 Des Moines College of Pharmacy yearbook, papers pertaining to Fowler’s employment at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, including personal comments regarding the racism she experienced, and recognition of Fowler’s fiftieth anniversary as a licensed pharmacist in Iowa.


The African-American Community series consists primarily of papers Fowler wrote and saved regarding the African-American community.  These papers include an original piece Fowler wrote, “Iowa’s Minorites of 1900’s-1930’s,” a copy of Mrs. S. Joe Brown’s “History of Central Association of Colored Women,” and Beatrice Noah’s “The Life and Works of Mary B. Talbert.”  There is also a handwritten piece titled, “White Man’s Burden” which may have been written by Fowler.  The highlight of the African- American community papers is the collection of obituaries and funeral programs that Fowler saved between 1973 and 1995, representing the histories of individuals and the African American community in Des Moines.  In addition, Fowler saved several newspaper articles regarding prominent African American men:  Archie Alexander, Charles P. Howard Sr., Judge Luther T. Glanton and Clifford W. MacKay.  Fowler’s involvement with the African American community included her church activities, Alpha Kappa Alpha, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), including her role as a charter member of the Junior NAACP, Wilkie House, Inc. and her support of African American men running for political office.  


The Community Work series covers many aspects of Fowler’s volunteer activities.  Fowler was involved with several civic organizations: the Civic Music Association, the Des Moines Sister City Commission, the Des Moines Women’s Club, the Questers, the Red Cross, the Statewide Health Coordination Council, the Substance Abuse Advisory Council, the United Way and the YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association).


The Travel series is dominated by the diary Fowler kept during her travels with Mrs. Winnie Coffin from 1936-1937.  Diary entries provide clues to class and race differences during that time, as they were experienced and perceived by Fowler.  The diary is also filled with the excitement and wonder of seeing foreign lands and cultures prior to the changes brought by World War II.


The Photographs series is an extensive collection of photographs, slides and postcards spanning Fowler’s life.  In addition to various photographs of Fowler, there are photographs of Fowler’s mother Fannie Wilson Cooper, her father Cornelius M. Wilson, her step-father Olin Cooper, and her aunt Sarilda Phillips.  Also included are photographs of the Scales, the Mitchells, Audra Alexander and the Trotters, who were prominent members of Des Moines’ African American community and close friends of the Wilson Coopers. There are also several photographs Fowler took during her travels with Mrs. Winnie Coffin.  Many of the general photographs record the social gatherings Fowler enjoyed with friends, at church, and with her various volunteer groups.  Unfortunately the majority of these photographs are not identified.  A large portion of the Photographs series covers Fowlers years as a program analyst in Vietnam.  Most of the photographs in this sub-series cover social gatherings among the Foreign Service employees, the majority of which are not identified.  There are some slides that depict more of the general surroundings in Vietnam, including Fowler’s apartment and people working in the fields and in the market place.  This sub-series also contains a photograph of Fowler meeting President Diem.


The Artifacts series consists of a single 1995 plaque recognizing Fowler’s lifetime membership in Alpha Kappa Alpha.



Related Collections


Begin text here:»Azalia Mitchell papers

         Fowler was a lifelong friend of Mitchell and served as her conservator.


Sarilda Phillips papers

Fowler was Phillips’ niece and served as her conservator and executrix of

Phillips’ estate.  Phillips’ papers include a codicil Fowler wrote to her own will following arguments with her cousins over Phillips’ estate.


Lillian Scales papers

            Dr. Thomas and Lillian Scales were good friends of Fowler’s mother, Fannie

            Wilson Cooper.  Fowler’s collection includes correspondence, photographs and

            slides of the Scales.



Box no.              Description


Box 1       PERSONAL

Biographical information, 1946, 1995 and undated

Handwritten will, 1970

Schooling, 1954, 1973 and undated

Rust College Preparatory School diploma, 1926 [oversized, see map case]

Financial papers, 1937-1988 [scattered] and undated

Lists, 1977 and undated

Christmas card list, 1996

Psychic letters, 1991-1997 and undated

Astrology, 1995-1996

Guest books, 1964-1990 and 1996 (3 folders)


Box 2

Calendars and datebooks, 1970, 1976-1994 [scattered] (13 folders)

Gwen Fowler Day, 1995 [see oversized folder in map case]


Box 3

Far Eastern Art, 1955, 1977 and undated

The Melody of the Heart, poetry selected by Lee Wilson, 1925

Recipe books, 1939 and undated

Articles Fowler saved, 1933-1996 and undated [see also oversized folder in map case]

Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame

General, 1987, 1993 and undated

Induction speech, 1987 [Fowler’s induction]

Flower cards, undated

Correspondence, 1987

Congratulations, 1987

Sue M. Wilson Brown, nomination and induction, 1995


With mother, Fannie Wilson Cooper, 1930-1954 (2 folders)


Box 4

With mother, Fannie Wilson Cooper, 1955-1979 and undated (8 folders)

With Azalia Mitchell, 1955-1959

Telegrams with mother, Fannie Wilson Cooper, 1936-1958

General, 1930-1956 (6 folders)


Box 5

General, 1957-1993 and undated (5 folders)

Invitations, 1925-1990 and undated

Business complaints, 1986-1988 and undated

Film: “Sorority breakfast, Uncle John, dogs’ first snow,” 1959-1960 [shelved in film collection: F 1]



Fannie Wilson Cooper [mother]

Benefit certificate, 1915 [very fragile]

Sympathy card from Des Moines Suffrage Club, 1916

Receipts, 1934-1969 and undated

Real estate transactions, 1966 and 1969

Correspondence, 1937-1979 [scattered]

Last Will and Testament, 1966

Illness, undated

Death certificate, 1980

Funeral book, 1980

Flower cards from funeral, 1980

Cornelius M. Wilson [father]

College diploma, 1905 [oversized, see map case] [fragile]

Medical school diploma, 1915 [oversized, see map case] [very fragile]

Poetry class, 1905

Flint Medical College grades, 1913

Insurance papers, 1913 and 1915

Real estate transactions, 1917-1928 [very fragile]

Masonic correspondence, 1914

Knights of Pythias financial card book, 1914-1915

Medical Protective Association and business cards, undated

Olin Cooper [stepfather]

Funeral book, 1966

Funeral bills, 1966




Box 6



War Department work, 1943

Civil Service rating, 1961

Government job offer, 1965


American University Alumni Association of Vietnam, undated

Appointment calendar, 1955

Documents, 1953-1959

International Women’s Association of Saigon, 1956

Invitations and calling cards, undated

Letters regarding Fowler’s appointment, 1955

Newspaper articles, 1955, 1957 and undated

Personnel and payroll, 1956 and 1959

Project agreement sample, 1958

Project proposals, 1955 and 1957

Proposed economic aid, 1956-1957

Receipts, 1955-1959 and 1969

Saigon – U.S. Embassy phone directory, 1955

Vaccination certificate, 1957-1959

Visa, 1955


“India (includes wedding in Vietnam),” 1957 [shelved in film collection: F 2]

“Vietnam (includes chief’s burial),” 1957 [shelved in film collection: F 3]


Education, 1929, 1941 and 1969

Des Moines College of Pharmacy yearbook, 1929

Application for license, 1943

Membership card, 1947-1948

Annual renewals, 1931-1978 [scattered]

Broadlawns Medical Center, 1967-1973

50th anniversary certificate, 1980

Letter from Governor Robert D. Ray, 1980

Pharmaceutical list, 1981

Pharmacist license, 1930 (see oversized folder in map case]



Box 7


Alpha Kappa Alpha, 1995


Out-of-state churches, 1970, 1978 and 1981

St. Paul AME (African Methodist Episcopal), Des Moines, Iowa

Membership and general, 1976-1995 and undated

Lists, undated

Articles, 1972, 1993 and undated [see also map case]

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), 1981, 1983 and undated

Political campaigns, 1944 and undated

Obituaries and funeral programs [see Appendix A for a list of names]

A-N (11 folders)


Box 8

Obituaries and funeral programs [see Appendix A for a list of names]

O-Z (6 folders)

Wilkie House, Inc. service award, 1978

Writings and notes

 “Iowa’s Minorities of 1900’s – 1930’s” by Mrs. Gwendolyn Fowler, undated


Taped narrative, 1996 [shelved in audiocassette collection: AC 876]

Transcript of taped narrative

“History of Central Association of Colored Women” by Mrs. S. Joe Brown, 1940 [copy]

“The Life and Works of Mary B. Talbert” by Beatrice Noah, undated

Biographical information of Harriet J. White, undated

Correspondence between Luther Thomas Glanton, Jr. and Oswald Jacoby, 1950

“White Man’s Burden,” undated

“Lift Every Voice and Sing,” Black national anthem, 1988

Notes of the accomplishments of African-American men, undated

Tributes to African Americans, 1973, 1980, 1991, and 1994

J.B. Morris Scholarship Dinner, undated

Newspaper articles

Archie Alexander’s resignation, undated

Charles P. Howard, Sr., 1991, 1995 and undated

Kiliminjaro Family, 1990, 1992 and undated

Inga Bumbary-Langston and Ronald Langston, 1992 and undated

General, 1946-1990

Front page story regarding Judge Luther T. Glanton, The Iowa Bystander, May 21, 1970  [oversized, see map case]

“Clifford W. MacKay – He Gave Us His Best,” The Baltimore Afro-American, March 27, 1971  [oversized, see map case]

“Property for Freeway,” Des Moines Tribune, July 23, 1958 [see oversized folder in map case]



City government, 1971 and 1979

Civic Music Association, 1987

Des Moines Sister City Commission, 1985

Des Moines Women’s Club

Bulletin, 1985-1992

Meeting booklets, 1982-1990 (2 folders)


Box 9

Drake Alumni Association

Treasurer’s book, 1982-1983

Booklets, 1981-1989

Paper on Drake women by Cecilia Oujiri, 1991

Ceremonies, 1978, 1988 and 1993

Centennial Club, 1981

Iowa Governor’s Award, 1985

The Questers, 1993

Red Cross, 1978-1981

Statewide Health Coordinating Council, 1977 and 1980

Substance Abuse Advisory Council, 1979 and 1980

United Way Board of Directors, 1988

Vietnamese foster child, 1958 [very fragile]

YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association), undated



Passports, 1936, 1955 and 1988

Travel information, 1936

Travel diary from Azalia Mitchell [includes list of ships and hotels], 1936

Diary, 1936-1937

Maps, brochures and receipts, 1939, 1959 and undated

Pan Am certificates, 1955 and 1957 [oversized, see map case]

Newspaper article, “The Exquisite Charm of the Far East,” Des Moines Register, January 18, 1970 [see oversized folder in map case]


Box 10


Gwendolyn Wilson Fowler, undated

Family, 1905-1974 and undated

[includes photographs of Fannie Wilson Cooper, Cornelius Wilson, Olin Cooper and Sarilda Phillips]

Trip with Mrs. Coffin, 1936-1937


Fowler’s retirement party from Broadlawns Polk County Hospital, 1973

Fowler and friends at dinner, undated

Fowler and friends at outdoor function, undated

Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame

Awards ceremony, 1987

Reception, 1987 [includes photographs of Mary Louise Smith, and Inga Bumbary-Langston and Ronald Langston]

Church, 1975 and 1991

Atlas Open House, 1972

Black and white portraits, unidentified, 1930 and undated

Daniel W. Trice, undated

Friends, 1971 and undated [includes photographs of Azalia Mitchell, Audra Alexander, and Goletha and Arthur Trotter, also includes negatives without corresponding photographs]

Weddings, 1972, 1973 and 1976

People, identified with inscriptions, 1960-1983 and undated

General, unidentified, 1955-1987


Box 11

General, unidentified, undated

Albums, undated (2 folders)

Negatives without corresponding photographs, undated (3 folders)


Box 12


Photos with inscriptions, undated

Gwendolyn Fowler’s birthday party, 1955

Shipwreck party for Don Sohlin, undated

Party for Chas Mann, 1957

Vietnamese wedding(s?), undated

Party, 1959

General, undated (3 folders)

Album, undated




Box S2a



Aunt Oma (Sarilda Phillips) with Uncles Philip and John, undated

Fannie and Olin Cooper, undated

The Coopers (Fannie and Olin) and the Scales (Lillian and E. Thomas), undated

Fannie, Sis and cousins, undated

Fannie Cooper on Mother’s Day, 1971

Gwendolyn Fowler, undated

The Mitchells

The Mitchells and Dorothy Kitcher, 1971

The Mitchells’ house in autumn, undated

Vietnam, 1950s


Gwendolyn Fowler’s apartment in Saigon

Interior and exterior shots

Gwendolyn Fowler entertaining

Personnel in Saigon

Ambassador Rhidebart and family

Gladys Scheward

Ruth Moore

Charlie, Sally and Susan Mann

Marion Anderson and her husband

Gwendolyn Fowler’s dogs


Winnie (with Ruth)



Street vendors




Tet street scenes

Ban Me Thuot

Refugees bid bon voyage to Mr. and Mrs. Barrows

Lady of Lourdes parade


Rice paddies

Market place

President Diem


Mountain people from North Vietnam




Priests blessing boat

Gwendolyn Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Salant with their daughter Eileen, Mrs. Hurst and Ruth McEnroe

Friends from India

St. Paul AME Church, Des Moines, Iowa

Laying of cornerstone, 1971


Dr. Poindexter and daughter, undated

River bath (India?), undated

Refugees from Red China in Hong Kong, undated



Box 13


Alpha Kappa Alpha plaque, 1995


OVERSIZED [shelved in map case]

Folder 1

Cornelius M. Wilson (father)

College diploma, 1905 [fragile]

Medical school diploma, 1915 [very fragile]

Gwendolyn Fowler Day, 1995

Pharmacist license, 1930

Pan Am certificates, 1955 and 1957

Rust College Preparatory School diploma, 1926

Folder 2

Newspaper articles


Appendix A


Obituaries and funeral programs [see boxes 7 and 8]

Alexander, A.A. (Audra)  ____-1973

Allen, Estelle B. 1896-1976

Auner, Joseph Sturgis 1899-1984

Austin, Kenneth R. 1920-1987

Ayers, Geraldine Ethel 1914-1995

Ayers, Joseph  ____-1985

Bailey, Willie Annie 1881-1979

Bliss, Rosamond Webster 1920-1981

Brinker, Adelaide C. 1887-1987

Brooks, Mable Krys 1898-1984

Carter, Anna Mae 1897-1980

Carter, Ovel L. 1895-1984

Chapman, Wesley S. 1947-1985

Cole Jr., George H. 1922-1984

Coleman, Wilbert D. 1945-1990

Cogwell, Victoria 1894-1980

Cooper, Fannie Wilson 1884-1980

Cooper, Olin [died 1966]

Crivaro, Peter F. 1913-1986

Davis, Ancel C. 1906-1981

Davis, Ruth Hazel Powe 1924-1994

Dean, Millard (Buddy) 1907-1988

Dixon, Virgil F. 1916-1993

Fowler, Agnes C. [undated]

Fowler, Lafayette H. 1905-1978

Franklin, Leroy Burton 1906-1993

Fuselier, Joan Robinson 1926-1979

Glanton Jr., Luther Thomas 1913-1991

Glass Jr., Oscar Luther 1916-1988

Goodwin, Robert K. 1905-1983

Graham, Frederick M. 1921-1991

Greene, Guy E. 1895-1974

Hardaway, Mary 1900-1987

Harn, Carole [undated]

Hauer, Walter Lawrence “Larrry” Oliver 1962-1988

Herndon, Elizabeth “Alta” 1900-1980

Hester, Wilda Bernice 1913-1939

Hill Jr., Wendell T. 1924-1995

Holmes, Charles W. 1911-1979

Houston, Marsh Samuel 1918-1993

Howard, Charles P. [undated]

Howard, Toussaint L. 1898-1986

Hunter, John Ellsworth 1917-1985

Johnson, Adah Francis 1891-1988

Johnson Sr., Adam Burton 1896-1980

Johnson, Mari Brooks 1912-1986

Johnson, Margaret Mitchell Patten 1889-1978

Josey, Beatrice Broy 1897-1986

Laschkewitsch, Ben 1914-1991

Lawson, Jean E. 1894-1994

Levin, Ethel J. 1908-1991

Lewis, Birdie B. 1893-1988

Martin, Theodore R. 1911-1991

May, Edna Mae 1910-1986

McCracken, Fred Brooks 1906-1984

McCracken, Margaret Lindsay 1906-1985

McGuire, James Lloyd 1898-1974

McGuire, Lewis (Phil) 1897-1983

McGuire, Minnie Lee Jones 1897-1996

McKnight, Roxie Igou 1910-1987

Mehlinger, Louis Rothschild 1883-1987

Mitchell, Azalia Hogan 1898-1986

Mitchell, Girtha Evangeline 1913-1987

Mitchell, James Wardlow 1898-1978

Mitchnick, Ida L. 1910-1992

Morris, Edna 1902-1984

Morris, Georgine C. 1890-1977

Morris, James B. 1890-1977

Morris Jr., James Braddie 1919-1976

Morrison, Marian O. 1915-1994

Morrison, Seymour R. 1900-1987

Morrow, Frances 1906-1984

Morrow Jr., Fred Oliver 1915-1989

Newcomb, Everett Shaffer 1909-1987

Nicholson, George (Gene) 1906-1977

Patrick, Christine 1929-1992

Parish, Earline B. 1888-1984

Peguese, Dolores “Dee Dee” B. 1911-1990

Peguese, Irene 1894-1982

Perkins, Musette 1913-1987

Phillips, Sarilda Robinson 1877-1971

Pierce, Bernice Mann 1909-1990

Pinson, Thomas J. 1927-1993

Ponder, Roberta Lysandra Maupin

Reeves, Lola Hazel 1893-1971

Ritchey, Mary Lumpkin 1902-1995

Roane, Edward Maxwell 1919-1982

Robinson, John Marshall 1879-1970

Robinson, Murna Hayes ____-1990

Scales, Lillian Cecile 1901-1991

Shepherd Sr., Alfred Franklin 1908-1974

Shepherd, Russell ____-1990

Shloss, Gertrude B. 1895-1988

Simmons Jr., Charles “Jap” 1900-1991

Smith, Idah Marie 1898-1979

Stewart, Katherine Elizabeth 1911-1988

Strickland Sr., Frederick William 1915-1991

Trotter, Arthur P. 1886-1984

Trotter, Goletha L. 1892-1984

Turner, Gwendolyn 1922-1987

Van Platter, Donald 1897-1977

Walker, Elaine Leona 1911-1990

Wallace, Dorothy Belle 1913-1980

Wells, Victoria J. “Shep” [undated]

Whitfield, Lawrence A. ____-1985

White, Harriette Beatrice 1901-1995

Williams Jr., Richard 1923-1995

Winters, Virgil A. 1916-1986

Williams, Virginia  [undated]