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RECORDS, 1971-2008
QUANTITY: 23 linear feet

Acquisition: The records (donor no. 687) were donated by the Emma Goldman Clinic in 1999 and in subsequent years.

The papers are open for research, except for boxes 5-7, 10-12, 15-16, and 63.  Closed materials will be made available to researchers seventy-five years after the date they were created.  You may request to see redacted copies of closed materials; it may take up to six weeks for the IWA staff to review your request and redact sensitive information.  Researchers must sign a researcher agreement form to review this collection.
Copyright: Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to the University of Iowa.

Preferred Citation:
Box #, Emma Goldman Clinic for Women (Iowa City) Records, Iowa Women’s Archives, The University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City.

Photographs: In boxes 36, 49-50, and 58-60.
Audiovisual: Five audiocassettes (AC1308-AC1312) shelved in audiocassette collection. One compact disc (d0052) shelved in digital collection. One videocassette (V385) shelved in videocassette collection.

Processed by: Sandi Solis, 2000-2002; and Karissa Haugeberg, 2008 and 2009.

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The Emma Goldman Clinic for Women opened on September 1, 1973, at 715 N. Dodge Street in Iowa City, nine months after the passage of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in the United States.  The Emma Goldman Clinic was the first outpatient abortion clinic in Iowa and the first feminist health clinic in the Midwest.

The idea for a feminist clinic began with a group of approximately twelve young women in Iowa City who were active in the Women’s Center and had been providing abortion referral information to area women since the early 1970s. At the early meetings, members discussed their plans to open a clinic based on feminist ethics and funding for the project.

The Emma Goldman Clinic was organized as a non-profit feminist health collective. Its original structure reflected the feminist movement of the 1970s, and emphasized collective action and group effort. Conceptually, the clinic was grounded in a body positive, self-help model intended to empower women to be active participants in their own health care. The clinic provided abortions, birth control information, gynecology services, and counseling. It was staffed by physicians, laywomen trained as para-medicals, and counselors.

The clinic has been restructured several times and has adapted to social and political changes. Initially, the collective consisted of twelve women who made all decisions.  The original organizational structure remained in place until 1977, when it was replaced with a modified collective structure. The modified collective structure consisted of committees led by co-directors, who took committee recommendations to a central committee that made decisions and set policy.  This modified organizational structure maintained the spirit of the collective but in a more manageable fashion. It defined the clinic until 1995, at which time an external board of directors and executive director replaced the modified collective.

In 1991, the central committee enlisted an outside consultant to evaluate the clinic operation. Per the recommendation of the evaluator, the central committee recognized that another organizational change was necessary in order for the clinic to continue and thrive. Seeking voices outside the collective, the central committee established an advisory board comprised of Iowa City community members and Emma Goldman Clinic co-directors. The long-range goals, organizational planning, and policy making were determined by the board of directors and implemented by the executive director.

The Emma Goldman Clinic moved to its current location on Dubuque Street, Iowa City in 1985. Since its founding, the clinic has provided abortions, gynecological care, and testing for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. The clinic has offered healthcare to women of all ages; these services include artificial insemination, a trial of the cervical cap birth control method, and treatments for the symptoms brought on by menopause. During the 1980s, the clinic added outreach services to teenagers and began to offer HIV services. While most of the feminist health clinics that formed in the 1970s have closed, the Emma Goldman Clinic continues to empower women and their families by providing educational services and healthcare.

Scope and Content Note

The records of the Emma Goldman Clinic for Women date from 1971 to 2008 and measure 23 linear feet. The records are arranged into the following series: Administration; EGC projects; Anti-abortion movement; Pro-choice movement; Publications, EGC; Publications, non-EGC; Newspaper clippings; Photographs; Scrapbook; and Artifacts.

The Administration series (1973-2001) is the largest series of the collection.  It includes information on the day-to-day operation of the clinic as a feminist health collective and as a business. It includes committee minutes, advertising brochures and posters, and correspondence between clinic staff and the general public.  The Quad Cities location subseries contains documents about a proposed expansion of EGC into the region in the mid-1990s and includes fundraising records, letters of opposition and support from Quad Cities residents, and newspaper clippings.  Materials that pertain to Iowa's parental notification law and a lawsuit filed by EGC against Operation Rescue complete this series.  

The EGC projects series (1972-2005) includes information about major projects sponsored by EGC, notably the cervical cap project and the safer sex kit project.  It also contains information about fundraisers and community events sponsored by the EGC, including annual Choice Dinners.  The services and information subseries is comprised of scholarly articles, brochures, and newsletters that relate to a variety of medical and health issues.

The Anti-abortion movement series (1978-2003) contains books, pamphlets, a videocassette tape, and newsletters from local and national anti-abortion organizations and activists.  It also includes materials about abortion providers who were targeted by anti-abortion activists.  This series contains materials about an effort to boycott businesses that worked with the EGC in the early 1990s.  Records include information about the types of tactics anti-abortion activists employed in Iowa City and throughout the United States.  Some of the correspondence, photographs, and brochures contain graphic images or threatening language.  

The Pro-choice movement series (1977-1996) is comprised of newsletters, correspondence, and memoranda related to feminist health centers across the United States and local and national pro-choice organizations. This series includes information about the types of tactics pro-choice activists used to protect clinic buildings, staff, and patients from harassment, bombings, and assassinations.  

The Publications, EGC series (1978-2008) contains newsletters, pamphlets, and medical booklets published by the EGC.  The largest newsletter in the series is Emma's Journal, which includes articles about topics ranging from clinic security to health issues to community events; most of the articles are written by clinic staff.  This series also includes student essays that reflect on the history and philosophy of the EGC.

The Publications, non-EGC series (1971-1996) includes academic journals, scholarly articles, organizational newsletters, and books that were not published by the EGC, but include information related to health care or feminist activism.  This series contains indices of a variety of articles on topics such as feminism, medicine, and politics.   An original copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves, published by the Boston Women's Health Collective completes the series.

The Newspaper clippings series (1973-2000) contains newspaper articles from local, state, and national newspapers.  Most of the articles were pertain to the Emma Goldman Clinic, local and national anti-abortion activism, and responses to the vandalism of clinics and violence against clinic personnel.  The majority of articles are from Iowa newspapers.

The Photographs series (1970s-2000) includes an assortment of photographs, including interior and exterior shots of EGC buildings, annual Choice Dinners, anti-abortion pickets, and still shots of clinic staff and volunteers.  Many of the photographs are labeled according to event.  Approximately one-third of the photographs are not labeled.

The Scrapbook (1973-1986) consists primarily of newspaper clippings.  It also includes flyers and correspondence.  Many of the newspaper clippings pertain to the opening of the Emma Goldman Clinic in 1973.  The Artifacts series includes a t-shirt designed by EGC staff, birth control devices, and educational materials about safer sex practices.

Summary Contents List

Administration                    Boxes 1-30 and 65
EGC projects                      Boxes 30-48 and 65
Anti-abortion movement     Boxes 48-50 and 65
Pro-choice movement        Boxes 50-53 and 65
Publications, EGC              Boxes 53-54
Publications, non-EGC       Boxes 54-56 and 65
Newspaper clippings          Boxes 56-57   
Photographs                       Boxes 36, 59-50, and 58-60
Scrapbook                          Box 61
Artifacts                              Boxes 38 and 62-63

Box List

Box 1
Emma Goldman Clinic history
Emma Goldman biographical information
Emma Goldman Clinic timelines, 1983-2003 and undated
Essays on history of Emma Goldman Clinic, 1976-1996 (scattered)
"Speaking the Politics of Reproduction: Discursive Practices at the Emma Goldman Clinic for Women," by A. Susan Owen, 1988
Jane Collective lecture by Jane Surgal at Cornell College, 1995
"Talk of Iowa" radio program, thirtieth anniversary of EGC, 2003 [shelved in digital collection: d0052]
"From One Place to Another: Emma Goldman Clinic Stories," 1996 [V171]
Advertising journal, 1985-1990 and undated [removed from binder]
Brochures (2 folders)
Budget and rates, 1985
Clinic services (folder 1)

Box 2
Clinic services (folder 2)
Marketing, Chamber of Commerce, 1988-1990
Marketing, ideas and strategies, 1985-1997 and undated
Rates, radio, 1985-1986 and undated
Rates, print and television, 1985-1993 and undated (2 folders)
Services, cervical cap and abortion, 1980-1984 and undated

Box 3
Telephone directories
Clinic meeting minutes
Abortion committee, 1974-1981 (6 folders)
Box 4
Clinic meeting minutes
Advisory board, 1985-1996
All clinic minutes, 1980-1981 (5 folders)

Box 5 [CLOSED]
Clinic meeting minutes
All committee minutes, 1981-1983 (6 folders) [CLOSED]

Box 6 [CLOSED]
Clinic meeting minutes
All committee minutes, 1982-1984 (7 folders) [CLOSED]

Box 7 [CLOSED]
Clinic meeting minutes
All committee minutes, 1984-1985 (9 folders) [CLOSED]
All committee minutes, 1987-1992 [CLOSED]

Box 8
Clinic meeting minutes
Announcements, 1977-1979, 1998 and undated
Building committee, 1978-1979
Cedar Rapids Clinic for Women, 1977
Central committee, 1978-1979 (2 folders)

Box 9
Clinic meeting minutes
Central committee, 1979-1997 (5 folders)

Box 10 [CLOSED]
Clinic meeting minutes
Central committee and administration minutes, 1985-1986 (4 folders) [CLOSED]
Central committee, 1986-1987 (4 folders) [CLOSED]
Central committee agenda book, 1987-1989 [CLOSED]

Box 11 [CLOSED]
Clinic meeting minutes
Central committee, 1987-1988 (3 folders) [CLOSED]

Box 12 [CLOSED]
Clinic meeting minutes
Central committee, 1988-1990 (6 folders) [CLOSED]
Central committee, gynecology committee, other notes [CLOSED]
Central committee policy notebook, 1981 [CLOSED]

Box 13
Clinic meeting minutes
Clinic committee, 1974-1977
Development and planning committees, 1992-1998 and undated
Doctors' committee, 1978-1980
Education committee, 1992-2000 and undated
Finance committee, 1974-1979 and 1996
General staff, 1973-1981 (4 folders)
Gynecology committee, 1974-1977 (2 folders)

Box 14
Clinic meeting minutes
Gynecology committee, 1978-1994 (7 folders)

Box 15 [CLOSED]
Clinic meeting minutes
Abortion and gynecology, 1985-1988 (6 folders) [CLOSED until 2060-2063]
Receptionist log, 1986-1987 [CLOSED until 2061-2062]

Box 16 [CLOSED]
Clinic meeting minutes
Minutes and notes, 1980-1982 [CLOSED]
Moving file, 1985 [CLOSED]
Office manager log, 1984-1988 [CLOSED]

Box 17
Clinic meeting minutes
Health services committee, 1977, 1995-1998
Lesbian health committee, 1976-1977
Minutes, reports, and policies, 1975-1978 (3 folders)
Office manager meetings, 1989-1994
Patient advocacy committee, undated
Personnel committee, 1974-1977
Political action committee, 1976
Pregnancy, education, and parenting (PEP) committee, 1980-1981
Public relations committee, 1976-1981

Box 18
Clinic meeting minutes
Retreat, 1979
Therapy and well body committees, 1973-1976
Community organizations, 1982-1995
Deb Nye's file, 1981-1983
Des Moines Register article, 1993
How to start a clinic, 1977-1984 and undated
Incoming, general
Incoming thank you notes
Letters of support, 1977-1993 and undated
Intra-office notes and messages
Intra-office subscriptions
Mailing lists
Office manager files, 1981-1992 and undated

Box 19
Outgoing, general
Organizational, 1973, 1990-1994
Personal and professional
Pro-choice organizations, 1984-1995
Requests for information
Sensitive letters, 1985-1994
Balance sheets, 1982-1983 and 1990-1994

Box 20
Fiscal (cont.)
Balance sheets, 1995-2000 and undated (2 folders)
Budget planning, 1993-1994
Business operations
Fundraising (2 folders)
Goals, 1983-1986 and 1992-1999

Box 21
Iowa Shares, 1992-1994 and undated
National Network of Abortion Funds
Notes and proposals
Clinic representation, 1975-1997 and undated
Clinical law program (2 folders)
Correspondence regarding anti-abortion activism, 1990-1993
Emma Goldman Clinic v. Operation Rescue, 1991
Employment issues, 1974 and 1990
Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, 1994
Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), Catholic response, 1993
Hagen subpoena, 1991
Iowa Civil Liberties Union, 1975, 1979-1980, 1990 and undated

Box 22
Living Word Fellowship zoning, 1990
'No' on 10 Campaign, 1990
Operation Rescue injunction, 1991
"Parental Consent: A Pro-Choice Challenge of the Nineties," by Amy Elise Bender, 1997
Parental notification (4 folders)
Parental notification video, 1996 and undated

Box 23
Partial birth abortion ban
Planned Parenthood of Iowa v. Miller, 1997
Prospective Minor Parents Program, 1996-1997
Sand v. State Department of Social Services, 1977
Small claims against blockaders, 1990-1992
Summary and update of legal opinions, 1994
Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, 1989
Women's Resource Distribution Company, 1983-1984
Alan Guttmacher statistics and Ann Landers, 1982

Box 24
Media binder [removed from binder] (4 folders)

Box 25
Media organizing, 1983-1999 and undated
Newsletter projects
Press releases1973-2001 and undated
Calendars, schedules, and forms
Complaint and grievance procedures
Dr. Herman Falsetti, 1978
Harassment claims and mediation, 1991 and 1995
Mary Ellen “Elle” Huth
Job descriptions, 1981, 1986-1994 and undated (2 folders)
Job evaluation forms

Box 26
Karen Kubby
Management strategies and resources (2 folders)
Memoranda and internal proposals
Personnel manual, 1982-1985 and 1991
Proposals, political director and support staff, 1990-1992
Staff contact list
Unemployment claim
Volunteer program
Clinic security, 1989, 1993, and undated
Dubuque street widening project, 1986

Box 27
Planning (cont.)
Restructuring ideas, 1975-1995
Quad Cities location
Analysis of Quad Cities project (2 folders)
Building plans (2 folders)

Box 28
Quad Cities location
Certificate of need, 1995-1997
Planned Parenthood of Iowa v. Atchison, 1996-1997 (2 folders)
Committee to investigate Quad Cities, 1994 and undated
Davenport City Council minutes, 1995-1996
Emma Goldman expansion committee
Opposition to clinic
Parental notification
Pro-choice supporters
Quad Cities Coalition for Choice [newsletter], 1997-1998
Quad Cities Committee for Common Ground, 1995
Volunteer applications
News clippings, 1995-1997 (folder 1)

Box 29
Quad Cities location
News clippings, 1995-1997 (folder 2)
Services and information
Clinic operations, ideas and projects, 1984-1992
Clinic statistics
     Coordinator’s notes, 1990
     Correspondence, 1989-1990
Forms and information, 1977-1991 and undated
Information and notes, 1980-1990
Service budget, 1990
Training information, 1988-1995

Box 30
Services and information
Office manager
Referral questionnaire, 1979
Visitor questionnaires, undated

Billboard and birth control kit projects
Billboard project information, 1995-1996
Birth control kit information, 1983 and 1988
Cervical cap project
Cervical Cap Handbook, 1981, 1988 and undated
Data, annual study results
Data for reports, 1985
Data, women fit
Data, women not fit

Box 31
Cervical cap project
Forms, follow-up questionnaire and responses
Correspondence, Cedar Rapids Clinic for Women, study results, 1982-1984
Correspondence, The Phil Donohue Show, 1981
Correspondence, future of the cervical cap, 1983 and 1987-1988
Correspondence, general
Correspondence, New Hampshire Feminist Women’s Health Center, 1981 and 1983
Correspondence, press requests, 1979-1981
Correspondence, requests from medical professionals, 1978-1981 and 1984
Correspondence, Dr. E.M. Stim, 1980-1987
Correspondence, University of Iowa Family Practice, 1982-1984
Correspondence, clinic, 1977-1980 (3 folders)

Box 32
Cervical cap project
Correspondence, clinic, 1980-1987 (4 folders)
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) informational file
FDA correspondence and applications
     Models and problems
     Returned questionnaires

Box 33
Cervical cap project
Fitting (cont.)
     Training and inquiries
Training, instructions and information, 1976, 1990, and undated
Grants, 1980
Investigational Review Board, University of Iowa

Box 34
Cervical cap project
Investigator agreements and résumés
Journal articles and essays, 1965-1988
National Cervical Cap Advisory Committee
National Women’s Health Network, Depo Provera and cervical cap
Pre-marketing approval and investigational device exemption
Presentations, 1980
Research literature
     National Institute of Health, 1978 and 1980
     Northwestern University, collagen sponge

Box 35
Cervical cap project
Studies (cont.)
     Other fitters, Dr. U.E. Freese and Dr. Robert Geopp
Studies and notes
     Colorado, Cedar Rapids Clinic for Women, Emma Goldman Clinic, 1980-1981
     Johns Hopkins University (2 folders)
     Medline search
     University of Michigan, 1982
     Trainers' workshop     
     Vimule issues
Choice dinners, 1996-2005
Clinic anniversaries, 1983-2003
Flyers, 1974-1992 and undated

Box 36
Flyers, 1993-2004
Female genital mutilation awareness event, 1994
Iowa City Chamber of Commerce business PM, 1994
Iowa Women's Music Festival, 1994-1996
Dr. Robert Krentzschmar dinner, 1994 [includes photographs]
Spring benefit, 1997-2002
Take Back the Night, 1979 and undated
World AIDS Day, 1995-1998
Workshops and conferences
Childbirth class drawings, 1976
Conferences on families, 1980, 1982, and 1991
Diversity workshop, undated
Family Planning Conference, Des Moines, IA, 1978
Infection control workshop, 1988
Menopause workshop, 1993
National Black Women's Health Project Conference, 1991
Nonprofit management training, 1988
Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) workshop

Box 37
Workshops and conferences
Smoking cessation workshop, 1991
Various conferences, 1978-1998
Workshops for abortion providers, 1990-2000 and undated
Workshop evaluations, 1975-1997 and undated
Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids, and Dubuque
Cedar Rapids Clinic for Women
Iowa Women's Correctional Institution project, 1982-1983 and undated
Speaking engagements, 1978-1995 and undated (3 folders)
United Action for Youth and EGC support group for young women, 1983 and 1991
University of Iowa College of Medicine
Congressional Votes on Abortion, 1979-1981

Box 38
Electoral strategies
Family Protection Act, 1982 and undated
Iowa Commission on the Status of Women, 1981-1982
Lobbying, 1975-1995 and undated
Sheila McGuire Congressional campaign, 1994
Newspaper clippings and magazine articles, 1981-1985
Parental notification, 1982-1994
Public Action Training Manual, National Abortion Federation, 1979
Reproductive Rights Resource Kit, National Organization for Women, 1982
United Way, 1995-1996
Safer sex kit
Kit contents [includes artifacts, see also Box 63]

Box 39
Safer sex kit
Media, 1995-1996
Requests, 1995-1996
Services and information
Abortion advocate training and memoranda
Abortion information
Abortion client profile, 1985
Abortion and fathers' rights, 1984 and undated
Abortion and religion, 1979-1991
Abortion, scholarly articles
Abortion statistics, 1979-2000

Box 40
Services and information
Adoption information, 1993 and undated
AIDS counseling
AIDS education (2 folders)
AIDS 101 workshop materials
Alternative medicine and self-help

Box 41
Services and information
Anatomical reproductions, 1979 and undated
Birth control, general information and notes
Birth control movement

Box 42
Services and information
"Contraception," by Lawlor McDonald and Susan R. Johnson
Natural Birth Control Instructor's Notebook, 1984
Birth control methods, 1982-1992 and undated (3 folders)

Box 43
Services and information
Birth control methods (folder 4)
"The Politics of Birth Control, 1920-1940: The Impact of Professionals," by Linda Gordon, 1975
Black women's healthcare
Breastfeeding, "Babies Grow On Milk and Kisses," 1979, and Johnson County Breastfeeding Coalition, 1995
Breasts, cancer, disorders, and self-exams
Community health, 1995 and undated
DES and Dalcon Shield, 1975-1996
Disability and sexuality

Box 44
Services and information
Domestic violence and rape
Feminist healthcare
General health information
Infertility, 1981-1983 and undated
Lesbian health issues
Midwifery, The Des Moines Birthplace, 1984-1985 and undated

Box 45
Services and information
Mifepristone and Norplant, 1983-1994
Morning After Pill
Pap testing
Patients' rights, undated
Pregnancy, "Positive Pregnancy I and II," 1981 [shelved in audiocassette tape collection: AC1311 and AC1312]
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
Prostate cancer, 1990-1992
Race politics, 1992-1994 and undated
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), 1983-1994 and undated (3 folders)

Box 46
Services and information
Sliding scale
Sterilization, 1977 and 2000
Teen healthcare
Teen pregnancy
Teen pregnancy, Pregnancy Prevention Coalition, 1989, 1992, and 1995
Johnson County Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition ads, 1994 [shelved in audiocassette tape collection: AC1309]
Teen sexuality
Toxic shock syndrome, 1978, 1984, and undated
Urinary tract infections, 1979-1994

Box 47
Services and information
Vaginal imbalances, 1989-1991 and undated
Women's health issues
Wellness, nutrition, and diet
Women's health, Campaign for Women's Lives, 1993
Women's health and sexuality, 1972-1989 and undated
Video productions
Video productions (folder 1)

Box 48
Video productions
Video productions (folder 2)
EGC informed consent video, 1994

"Abortion As Insurrection," by Dr. Warren M. Hern, 1989
Abortion providers, 1989, 1991, 1993, and undated
Activist profiles, 1991 and undated
Anti-abortion literature, 1983-2003 and undated

Box 49
Army of God, 3rd edition, undated
Correspondence, in-coming, 1979-1993 and undated
Correspondence, mail fraud, 1983-1988
Denying the Right to Choose: How To Cope With Violence and Disruption at Abortion Clinics, 1978
Carol Everett, 1988-1989
Fake clinics, 1987-1992
"Feminist Health Centers Under Siege," by Lynn Johnson, 1981
Firebombing, 1984
Johnson County Right to Life boycott of EGC, 1993
Hard Truth, 1991 [shelved in videocassette collection: V385]
A New Rite: Conservative Catholic Organizations and Their Allies, 1994
Newspaper clippings, 1982-2003 (scattered)
The Plain Truth, 1985
Operation Rescue, 1988-1994 and undated [includes photographs]
Operation Rescue, To Rescue the Children, 1989

Box 50
Picketing, 1982-2000 [includes photographs]
Right to Life Committee, Iowa
Silent Scream and Revelation and Nightmare, 1985 and undated
Sisterlife, newsletter of Feminists for Life, 1990-1991
Threats of violence, 1984-1998
News clippings, 1991-1993

Domino's Pizza boycott, 1989
Letters to the editor, 1977-1990
Responses to anti-abortion tactics
Action for Abortion Rights, University of Iowa
Alan Guttmacher Institute
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) Campaign to Secure Reproductive Freedom radio advertisements, circa 1988-1992 [shelved in audiocassette tape collection: AC1308]
Catholics for a Free Choice, Conscience, 1982-1995 (scattered)

BOX 51
Center for Reproductive Law and Policy, Reproductive Freedom News, 1992-1996
Coalition building ideas
Feminist Majority, Becky Bell and Rosie Jimenez campaign, 1990, 1993, 1996, and undated
Feminist women's health centers, CA, GA, IL, MN, MI, NC, NH, NY, OR, TX, VT, and WA
Imhoff, Antoinette, interview, 2002 [shelved in audiocassette collection: AC1310]
Iowa Voters United for Choice, 1989
Iowa Women's Political Caucus
League of Women Voters of Johnson County, 1989-1995
Little Rock, AK, Family Planning, "Parenting By Choice"
Medical Students for Choice
Montreal Health Press, 1978-1992 and undated
Muscatine, IA, Coalition
National Abortion Federation
National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL)
National Coalition of Abortion Providers, 1991-1995
National Council of Negro Women and National Women's Law Center, 1994

Box 52
National Organization for Women (NOW) Iowa, 1989-1995 and undated
National Women's Health Network, The Network News, 1987-1994
November Gang, 1991-1992
Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa, The Source, 1990 and 1994
Pro-Choice Action Fund, Networks, 1993-1994
Pro-Choice Network, 1989
Pro-Choice Resource Center, Pro-Choice Idea, 1991-1994
Rainbow Coalition, 1989 and 1991
Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights
Reproductive Rights Coalition of Iowa City (4 folders)
Statements of support

Box 53
Various organizational newsletters, 1982-1994 and undated
Women's Coalition, Iowa City, 1993

EGC library
"Conflict of Color," undated
Fertility Awareness and Endometriosis
"Health Care Pack," by Theresa Lawlor McDonald, circa 1982
"How to Publish a Small Booklet," 1979-1982 and undated
Mama Gives Birth Coloring Book, 1978
Pricing and notes, 1983, 1988, and undated
Student essays about EGC, 1980, 1993 and undated [Judie (Olson) Hermsen's gift agreement in EGC donor file]
Emma Goldman Clinic Newsletter and Inside Emma, 1978-1979 and 1991-2001 (scattered)
Emma's Periodical Rag, 1979-1983
Emma's Periodical, 1990 and 1993-1995

Box 54
Emma's Journal, 1995-2008

Abortion Cartoons On Demand by Signe Wilkinson, 1992
American Health Consultants, Contraceptive Technology Update and Women's Health Center Management, 1994 and 1996
The Body Politic: Monthly Pro-Choice News Report, 1993-1994
Family Planning Perspectives, 1985-1990 (scattered)
Feminist periodicals, tables of content (2 folders)
International Women's Club handbook, Iowa City, undated
"Iowa's Abortion Battles of the Late 1960s and Early 1970s," by James C. Mohr, 1989

Box 55
Iowa high school newspapers, 1990-1994
Legal Abortion: A Speaker's Notebook, by Jimmye Kimmey
Off Our Backs, 1989 and 1996
Our Bodies, Our Selves, 1971
Physicians' newsletters, 1992-1995
Socialist Worker, International Socialist Organization, 1989
Women Against Racism: Packet of Readings

Box 56
Miscellaneous periodicals (2 folders)

1973-1992 (8 folders)

Box 57
1992-2000 and undated (9 folders)

Box 58
Photo album [removed from binder] (2 folders)
Photographs, circa 1970s-2000s
Photographs, circa 1970s [CLOSED]

Box 59 [shelved in artifacts collection]
Fifteenth anniversary, 1998
Spring benefit, 1993
Kretzschmar dinner
Spring fundraiser, 1994
Vision conference, 1995
Choice dinner, 1995
Spring benefit, 2000
EGC collective members, circa 1970s
Twentieth staff reunion, 1993
Twentieth anniversary novelties and displays, 1993
Take Your Daughters to Work Day, circa 1998
EGC action shots, novelties, and displays

Box 60 [shelved in artifacts collection]
Dubuque street location, interior shots
Clinic security in parking lot
Leap year party, 1992
Dodge street house
Anti-abortion picketing
Photographs, circa 1999

Box 61
,1970s [shelved in scrapbook collection]

Box 62
[shelved in artifacts collection]
Reproductive rights
Bumper stickers
"Clinic Escort" t-shirt
EGC t-shirt
NARAL canvas bag
"Young Ones" doll

Box 63
(cont.) [shelved in artifacts collection]
Safer sex kit
Cervical cap
Contraceptive information
Female condoms
Pro-choice bumper sticker
Reproductive Rights Coalition of Iowa City rubber stamp
"This uterus belongs to me" apron [donated by H. Woodford]

Box 64 [CLOSED until 2048-2069]
List of closed documents [CLOSED]
Original closed documents [CLOSED until 2048-2069]


Box 65
Clinic meeting minutes
Planned Parenthood log, 1987-1990 [removed from binder]
Janet Napolitano, 1992
Gayle Sand, 1992-1995 and undated
Quad Cities location
Life and Family Coalition [anti-abortion], 1995

Workshops and conferences
Human Rights Commission of Iowa City, 1997
Sexuality classes, 1976-1977
Stanley Foundation, Beijing and women's human rights, 1995
The Getting It Gazette, feminist newsletter, 1992
Services and information
EGC abortion services report by Chris Randall, 1974
Menstrual sponge, 1977-1981
Self-help, Sister, newsletter of the Los Angeles Women's Center, 1974

Violence and the provision of abortion, 1992-1994

Reproductive Rights National Network, 1984

"A Play in One Act" by Carole Dornblaser, undated

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Iowa Women’s Archives, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City IA 52242.
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