PAPERS, 1966-1997

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The »papers (donor no. 455) were donated by Joan Vander Naald Egenes in 1997».


The »papers are open for research.


Six videocassettes shelved in videocassette collection (V204-V209)».


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Joan Egenes, clubwoman, community leader, fundraiser, Republican Party activist, businesswoman, photographer, and substitute teacher, was born in Des Moines, Iowa, in 1936.  She graduated from the University of Iowa in 1958 and began teaching at Ft. Dodge High School and Ft. Dodge Junior College.  Egenes joined and led a wide variety of organizations in central Iowa.  In 1965, she became the cofounder of the Iowa City Parents Preschool.  In the early 1970s, Egenes was the president of the Webster City Jaycee Jaynes, the Ft. Dodge District Dental Auxiliary, the Boone Women’s Club, and the Boone Council of Parent Teacher Associations.  Egenes was active in the Republican Party throughout the 1980s and 1990s.  She began her active campaigning for the Republicans in 1980 by serving as the Boone County co-chairman to elect George Bush for President.  In 1987, after serving on various committees to elect Republican candidates, Egenes became Club Development Chairman of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women.  By 1990, she had attained the presidency of the Iowa Fourth District Republican Women.  In 1994, Egenes became president of the Polk County Republican Women.


Joan Egenes was also a business owner.  She oversaw her business, Global Education Services, from 1992 to 1997.  The Des Moines-based business consortium organized cruises and tours, ran seminars, and represented artist Shixi Zhou, a Chinese watercolorist from Shanghai.  Her business interests led Egenes to take an active role in the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce.  She became the chair of fundraising for the Chamber Alliance in 1995, and successfully raised money for the Iowa Science Center.  In 1996, Egenes turned her organizing prowess to the Des Moines Metro Opera Guild.  She became president of the guild in 1996.  This organization allowed her to profitably combine her interests in education and fundraising.


Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The Joan Vander Naald Egenes »JoaJpapers date from 1966 to 1997 and measure 2.5 »222linear feet.  The »papers »are arranged in eight »eighteeeeeeeeeseries:  Iowa Parent Teacher Association; Boone, Iowa, Activities; Republican Party Activities; Chamber Alliance; Metro Women’s Network; Educational Activities; Des Moines Opera Guild; and Global Education Services.


The Iowa Parent Teacher Association series (1966-1976) contains directories, president’s reports, board minutes, bylaws, budgets, newsletters, and fundraising reports from the Boone Council of Parent Teacher Associations.  The council consisted of Bryant, Franklin, Lincoln, Lowell, Page, and Trinity Lutheran Parent Teacher Associations.  This series also contains newspaper clippings, programs from various Parent Teacher Association events, and pamphlets (Attention Men! Make the PTA Your Business, Good Jobs Available) produced by the national Parent Teacher Association.


The Boone, Iowa, Activities series (1979, 1986) contains information about an American Cancer Society Benefit held in 1979 that Egenes organized.  The 1986 dedication of the Boone Water  Pollution Control Project is also featured.  This series is rather sparse.


The Republican Party Activities series (1984-1997) includes correspondence, programs, menus, and photographs documenting Egenes’ participation in the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle and the Presidential Roundtable.  As a generous and faithful contributor to the Republican Party, Egenes attended the Ronald Reagan Republican Center Dedication in 1989, as well as the 1990 President’s Dinner.  Included are menus and programs from both events.  The photograph album in box 3 contains photographs of Egenes’ Republican Party activities at the national, state, and local level.


            The Chamber Alliance series (1992-1995) contains board meeting minutes, membership directories, bylaws, budget reports, plans for educational programs, fundraising reports, and The Professional Connection newsletter.  The most extensively documented part of this series is the “Champagne and Croquet” fundraiser that Egenes organized for the Iowa Science Center


            The Metro Women’s Network series (1992-1993) contains the 1992 membership list, the 1993 directory, November and December newsletters for 1992 and a pamphlet entitled Women and Investing.


            The Educational Activities series (1987-1995) contains documents relating to Egenes’ tenure on the Des Moines Area Community College Nursing Advisory Committee.  Also included in this series is a 1995 council report, roster, and membership lists, and a mission statement from the Community Education Advisory Council.


            The Des Moines Metro Opera Guild series (1993-1997) contains educational materials, board meeting minutes, correspondence, bylaws, treasurer’s reports, newsletters, membership directories, and fundraising reports.  The 1996 debate over the cutting of National Endowment for the Arts funding is also addressed in a report on NEA funding and a letter to Egenes on the topic from Senator Charles Grassley.


            The Global Education Services series (1995) consists of Egenes’ extended resume which gives a detailed account of her participation in a large number of organizations and activities.  Also included is a videocassette featuring the time her company, Global Education Services, was featured on Success Stories, The Television Show for Business.



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Box 1

Iowa Parent Teacher Association

Boone Council of Parent Teacher Associations

Boone Council program books, 1972-1974

Bylaws, 1974

Legislative programs, 1974-1975

Bryant Parent Teacher Association

Directories, 1973-1975

President’s reports, 1972-1975

Bylaws, 1966, 1974

Proposed budget, 1973-1974, 1974-1975

Fun ‘N Frolic night

Franklin Parent Teacher Association

Directories, 1973-1975

President’s reports, 1972-1975

Bylaws, 1971-1972, 1974

Treasurer’s report, 1974

Meetings, 1973-1975

Lincoln Parent Teacher Association

Directories, 1973-1975

President’s reports, 1972-1974

Bylaws, 1970

Gift sale, undated

Lowell Parent Teacher Association

Directories, 1973-1975

President’s reports, 1972-1975

Bylaws, 1973-1974

Proposed budget, 1974-1975

Page Parent Teacher Association

Directory, 1973-1975

Yearly reports, 1972-1976

Bylaws, 1971, 1973-1974

Page Paragraphs, newsletters, 1973-1974

Executive board minutes, 1974

Anticipated budget, 1974-1975

Carnival report, 1972

Bicycle rodeo, 1974

Newspaper clippings, 1975

Trinity Lutheran Parent Teacher Association

Annual programs, 1973-1976

President’s reports, 1972-1975

Bylaws, 1969

Correspondence, 1973-1974

Health programs, 1973

Parent Teacher Association founder’s day, 1972

Officer installation service, 1976

Juvenile delinquency, 1973-1975

Boone Council of Parent Teacher Associations, membership, 1974-             1975

Memoranda, 1974

Blue star safety program, 1972-1975

Retired Teachers’ Tea, 1973

Sexism in education, 1974

Box 2

General Federation of Women’s Clubs, state of the family program,              1972-1974

Parent Teacher Association evaluation of television programs

Boone Council of Parent Teacher Associations, art awards

Bulletins, 1972-1974

       National Parent Teacher Association Bulletins, 1971-1972, 1974-1975

PTA News, Boone newsletter, 1972-1973

H. L. Taylor scholarship application, undated

Boone Council of Parent Teacher Associations, school finance, 1974


Parent Teacher Association Publications, 1967, 1971-1975 (2 folders)

Introduction: Dr. Wallace Ogg

Communication methods (2 folders)

Iowa Career Education Advisory Council

Career Action, 1974-1975

Area Education Agency Board of Education

Newspaper clippings, 1973-1975


Boone, Iowa, Activities

American Cancer Society, Boone benefit, 1979

Dedication of water pollution control project, 1986


Republican Party Activities

Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, 1989 (2 folders)

Box 3

Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, 1989 (1 folder)

Ronald Reagan Republican Center dedication, 1989

Presidential Roundtable, 1989-1990

President’s dinner, 1990, 1992

Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, 1990, 1992, 1997

Correspondence, 1989-1993

Photograph album, 1989-1997

                                Iowa Board of Psychology Examiners, 1984-1993


Chamber Alliance (Des Moines, Iowa)

Board of directors, 1994

Board of directors meetings, 1993-1994

The Professional Connection, newsletter, 1993-1994

Box 4

Membership, 1992-1994

Bylaws, 1994

Budget, 1993-1994

“Lunch and Learn”: Janet Metcalf and Betty Grundberg, 1994

Proposed charter for Polk county, 1994

Standing committees

Meeting schedule, 1993

Seminars, 1993-1994

Board of directors, 1995

Programs, 1995

Bylaws, 1995

Board meetings, 1995

Membership, 1995

The Professional Connection, newsletter, 1995

Fundraising committee

Meeting minutes, 1994-1995

Meeting agenda, 1995

Meeting attendance, 1995

Science Center of Iowa fundraiser, 1995 (2 folders)

Blue Ribbon Foundation fundraiser, 1994

Membership, 1995

Fundraising activities

Feed the Children (Oklahoma City), 1995

Budget, 1995

Polk county jail expansion, 1995

Fundraising committee

Science Center of Iowa fundraiser, 1995 (3 folders)

Box 5

Blue Ribbon Foundation fundraiser, 1994

Sister Patricia Clare Sullivan celebrity roast, 1993


Metro Women’s Network

Directory, 1993

Newsletters, November-December, 1992

Membership, 1992

Women and Investing


Educational Activities

Des Moines Area Community College

Nursing advisory committee, 1987-1992 (2 folders)

Community Education Advisory Council

Council Report, 1995

Rosters, 1993-1995

Meetings, 1994-1995


Community Education Advisory Council philosophy


Des Moines Metro Opera Guild

History, 1973-1994

Opera Guilds International membership directory, 1995-1996

Your Passport to the Opera, 1995

Chapter board, 1995-1997

Meeting agendas, 1993-1994, 1996-1997

Board meeting minutes, 1996-1997

Treasurer’s report, 1996-1997

Correspondence, 1994

Correspondence, 1995-1997

Box 6

Membership, 1990-1992, 1995-1997

Projects, 1996-1997

Bylaws, 1986, 1997

Publicity, 1996-1997

Opera Guilds International, 1995-1997

Opera Guild Council

Roster, 1994-1997

Schedule, 1997

Correspondence, 1995

Meeting minutes, 1995-1997

Treasurer’s report, 1995-1997

Reports, 1996-1997

Newsletter, 1995-1997

Membership directories, 1993-1997

Bank statement, 1995

Performance reservation form, 1995

Calendar of activities, 1996-1997


Who’s Afraid of Opera? With Joan Sutherland

                                            Volume 1: Faust & Rigoletto, 1973 (VHS, 1 hour) [V204]

            Volume 2: La Traviata & Daughter of the Regiment, 1973

                (VHS, 1 hour) [V205]

Volume 3: The Barber of Seveille & Lucia di Lammermoor,                                                                    1973 (VHS, 1 hour) [V206]

Volume 4: Mignon & La Perichole, 1973 (VHS, 1 hour)                                    [V207]

Anna Russell: The Clown Princess of Comedy, 1977 (VHS, 47                                 min.) [V208]

Your Passport to the Opera, evaluation

Anna Russell, The Clown Princess of Comedy, evaluation

Who’s Afraid of Opera? evaluation


Pasta and Puccini, 1996

Peanut Butter and Puccini, 1995

Threads and Trills, 1997

Gilbert and Sullivan fundraiser, 1997


Great European capitals of music, 1996

Opera Omaha, 1996

Music cruise, 1997


Metropolitan Opera Iowa district auditions, 1996

Holiday parties, 1995-1996


OPERA Iowa, Rumpelstiltskin premiere, 1997

Opera course, Santa Fe, 1997

Ballad of Baby Doe, 1995

National Endowment for the Arts, 1996

Opera Guild International, regional conference photographs, 1995

Joan Bunke, “Bravo, Metro!” Des Moines Register, January 25, 1997

Apprentice artist program, 1997

Programs, 1995, 1997


Global Education Services

Ireland Tour, 1995

Joan Vander Naald Egenes, resume

Success Stories, The Television Show for Business, 1995 (VHS, 6 min.) [V209]