»RECORDS, DATES:»1929-1996

9QUANTITY:»999.5 linear feet






The »records (donor no. 369) were donated by »the Dieman-Bennett Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres in 1996 and 1997.


The »records are open for research.


Twenty-one»Twenty-oneT videocassettes shelved in videocassette collection (V97-V99, V143-V161).


»Copyright has been transferred to the University of Iowa.


»In boxes 9 to 15.


Your name, year»Kristen Rassbach, 1997.


Bobby Jett, October 1999. [Word 7. Dieman.doc]Your name, year»Bobby Jett, October, 1999 BBb bBbb


            Begin text here:»The internationally renowned Dieman-Bennett Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres began in 1951 when Edna Dieman and Julia Bennett rented a room in the Cedar Rapids YWCA to give dance lessons.


Edna Dieman, a native Iowan, received a B.A. in music from Coe College, Iowa, and continued the study of dance at institutions around the world.  She studied classical ballet, Spanish dance, and Indian dance among many other styles and became a member of the Ethnologic Ballet Company, dancing in New York City under the direction of LaMeri.


Julia Bennett, a native of England who was raised India, is an alumnus of Lowther College, North Wales, and studied voice and classical ballet in London, England.  She was auditioned by Sir Henry Wood and accepted at the Royal College of Music, London.  Later she studied voice with Julian Kimball and ballet with Madame Legat and Preobrazhenskaya in Paris.


Edna Dieman and Julia Bennett met in New York.  Initially the two women returned to Cedar Rapids from New York each summer to teach dance.  In 1950 they moved permanently to Cedar Rapids and began teaching dance year round.


            The Dance Theatre offered concerts for children as well as adults, lecture-demonstrations, dance history, teaching seminars, and master classes.  The company's credo was "Diversity in Dance."  Dieman and Bennett taught many different styles of dance from the traditional to the eclectic.  Contained within their repertoire was classic Indian and Spanish dance, as well as contemporary tap and jazz.  Their students also studied historical dance, which includes court dances from the 11th through the 18th century, and classical ballet.


The Dieman-Bennett Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres closed its doors permanently in 1997.


Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The» Dieman-Bennett Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres records date from »1929 to 1996 and measure »9.5 linear feet.  The »records »are arranged in »eight series:  »Biographical information, Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres, Festivals, Productions, Programs and recitals, Workshops and classes, Miscellaneous, and Photographs.


            The Biographical information series contains materials concerning the education and early careers of Edna Dieman and Julia Bennett.  Included is a videocassette of a 1995 interview with the two concerning Carl Van Vechten's dancers.


            The Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres series consists of administrative and promotional papers as well as a history of the Dance Theatre. 


            The Festivals series documents the participation of several of the members of the Dance Theatre in the Edinburgh Festival as part of the Scottish-American Ballet in 1988 and the Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres' hosting of the Mid-States Regional Ballet Festival in 1982. 


Scope and Content Note (cont.)


            The Productions series includes notes and scripts from the Dance Theatre's many large productions as well as several of its smaller programs and recitals.  Many of these pieces were performed on more than one occasion, thus there may be material from different productions filed together under the name of the piece.


            The Workshops and classes series concerns the educational opportunities offered by the Dance Theatre to the public in both music and dance.


The Photographs series consists primarily of photographs of the Dance Theatre’s many productions, although there are a few portraits of Edna Dieman and Julia Bennett and photographs of the early years of the Dance Theatre.  There are approximately 550 slides in this collection.  The miscellaneous slides are of unidentified performances and classes.



Of Related Interest


Begin text here:»Negatives of photographs taken by Joan Liffring-Zug are located at the State Historical Society of Iowa.


The Louise Crawford Papers

            Louise Crawford composed Ballet Fantasy.


“Diversity in Dance,” Tacy Leigh Bolton paper

            This collection contains a school paper about dance and the Dieman-Bennett Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres written by Ruxton Country School eighth-grader, Tacy Leigh Bolton in 1997.


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Box 1

»Biographical information

Bennett, Julia

Contracts, 1940-1942

Newspaper clippings, 1936-1947

Programs, 1942-1947, 1973-1974

Resume, undated

Reviews, 1947, 1956

Scrapbook, 1940-1947 [shelved in box 16]

Items removed from scrapbook, 1940-1947

Dieman, Edna

Charcoal drawing of Dieman teaching at Katherine Dunham’s, NY, ca.1949-1950 [closed for conservation]

Coe College Alumni Award, 1975

Edna Katherine Diemen Studio of Dance scrapbook, 1929-1939 [disbound]

Mu Phi Epsilon Sorority, 1926

Newspaper clippings, 1945-1947, 1981

Programs, 1943-1947 and undated

Scrapbooks (with LaMeri in New York)

1944-1945 [shelved in box 17]

1946-1949 [disbound]

Miscellaneous, 1943, 1956, 1986 and undated

Dieman and Bennett

Advanced studies

Bath Summer School of Baroque Music, undated

Institute of Court Dances, 1971

Receipts, 1970-1982

Summer schools, 1963-1969, 1980

Biographical backgrounds, undated

"Dance," undated

Edna Dieman and Julia Bennett Day, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1990 [shelved in map case:  drawer 5]

Hancher Guild Cookbook, 1982

Honorary degrees, Cornell College, 1979



Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, 1971-1974, 1988

Interview with Dieman and Bennett about Carl Van Vechten's dancers, 1995 [shelved in videocassette collection: V97]

Programs, 1951, 1954 and undated

Newspaper clippings, 1951, 1956

Ted Shawn and Ruth S. Denis, 1964 and undated


Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres

History, undated


Articles of Incorporation, 1970

By-laws, undated




Box 2

Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres (cont.)

Administrative (cont.)

Calendars, 1959-1991 [scattered]

Capezio Foundation, 1977-1996

Contributions, 1988-1990

Correspondence, 1986-1996

Dance Theatre Guild, 1996

Financial, 1982-1988

Grant Proposal, undated

Legal, 1983-1987

Minutes, 1977, 1983, 1984, 1988

Policy, undated

Reports, 1982

Scholarship Fund [Penny Tanase], 1981-1983

Stationery, undated



Information, 1983-1985 and undated

Newspaper, 1972-1995 and undated

Other media, 1956-1992 and undated

Posters, 1977-1995 [shelved in map case, drawer 3]

“Iowa Arts Community,” radio commentary, WSUI, 1979

Newspaper clippings

1956, 1964, 1965





Magazine articles

Feature stories, 1964-1982

Brief stories, 1972-1995

Reviews, undated


1941-1958 [shelved in box 18]

1951-1956 [shelved in box 19]

1959-1961 [shelved in box 20]

1962-1964 [shelved in box 21]

1965-1966 [shelved in box 22]

1967-1971 [shelved in box 23]

1972-1975 [shelved in box 24]

1975-1976 [shelved in box 25]

1978-1979 [shelved in box 26]

1979-1980 [shelved in box 27]

1981-1982 [shelved in box 28]

1983-1986 [shelved in box 29]

1986-1988 [shelved in box 30]

1988-1990 [shelved in box 31]

Students: Broderick, Maureen, 1975 and undated



1979 Dance Festival

Dance Gala, 1993 [shelved in videocassette collection: V143]


Box 3

Festivals (cont.)

Edinburgh Festival

Correspondence, 1984-1989

Information and schedule, undated

Newspaper clippings, 1988

Poster, 1988 [shelved in map case: drawer 7]

Programs, 1988

Proposal, undated

Receipts, 1988

Reviews, undated

Fort Dodge Area Fine Arts Festival, 1972

Mid-States Regional Ballet Festival

Article for Dance News, 1982

Correspondence, 1982

Financial records and participants, 1982

General, 1982

General, 1983

Overview, 1982

Review, Dance News, 1982

Summer Festival at Brucemore, 1982



Ash Wednesday

Production notes, undated

Programs, 1971

Story, undated

Ballet Fantasy

Score by Louise Crawford [shelved in map case, drawer 3]

Ballet Suite, 1961

Beauty and the Beast

Production notes, undated

Story and program, 1953 and undated

Bye Bye Birdie, undated

Cantata Pastorale, undated

Carmen, undated

Christmas Fantasy, 1987-1988 and undated

The Christmas Story in Dance

Correspondence, 1961

Production notes, undated

Programs, 1972

Story, undated

Crisis at Quiet Springs, undated

Dance of the Furies, undated



Box 4

D.B. #4, undated

A Digit of the Moon

Cast and schedules, 1954

Costumes, designed and drawn by J. Bennett, undated

Cues, 1954 and undated

Miss Dieman's copy, 1961

Scripts and programs, 1954 and undated

Disclosure of the Secrets

Production notes, undated

Score, undated

Story, undated

Divertimento, undated

Elizabethan Masque, 1973

Elizabethan Twelfth Night, 1973 and undated

Entertainment for Elizabeth

Production notes, undated

Programs, 1975, 1983

The Fairy Queen, 1988 and undated

Excerpts, 1988 [shelved in videocassette collection: V144]

Videocassette, 1993 [shelved in videocassette collection: V145]

Hansel and Gretel

Band notes , 1965

Production notes, 1989 and undated


Box 5

Props, 1989

Schedules and programs, 1989-1996 and undated


Cameo script, undated

J. Bennett’s copy, 1989

E. Dieman’s copy, [1989]


1989 [shelved in videocassette collection: V146]

1990 [shelved in videocassette collection: V147]

Iphigenia in Tauris, 1966

La Nativite:  Nine Meditations for Organ

Production notes, undated

Scores, undated [shelved in map case: drawer 5]

Les Indes Galantes, drawing, 1982  [shelved in map case:  drawer 5]

Les Sylphides

Choreography, undated

Production notes, undated

Promotional video, undated [shelved in videocassette collection: V148]

Score, undated

Videocassette, 1986 [shelved in videocassette collection: V98]


Miracles of Faith score, undated

Motet Persichette Percussion

Production notes, 1963 and undated

Scores, undated [includes one shelved in map case: drawer 3]

Story, undated




Financial reports

Mini-grant proposal




KCRG-TV, 1976

Programs, 1973-1992


1986 [shelved in videocassette collection: V99]

1991 [shelved in videocassette collection: V149]

1992 [shelved in videocassette collection: V150]

Cameo, 1992 [shelved in videocassette collection: V151]

Box 6

One Hundred Ways, undated

Orpheus and Euridice, 1990

Production information

Videocassette [shelved in videocassette collection: V152]

Pal Joey, 1961

Puppet Show, undated

The Star in the West, Children’s Symphony Project with the Cornell College Choir

Promotional materials, 1954-1955

Score, undated

The Seasons, 1967

Show Boat, 1956

Sieta Canciones Populares Espanolas, undated

Sinfonia Menuda, undated

Sleeping Beauty Fantasy

Production notes, undated

Story, 1962

The Soldier's Tale

Costumes, 1979

Narrator’s book, undated [oversize:  shelved in box 32]

Production notes, 1978-1979

Tour information (with the Coe College Orchestra), 1979

Score, undated [also shelved in map case:  drawer 5]

Solomon Oratorio, 1963

South Pacific, 1965

Stations of the Cross

Correspondence, 1971-1981


Box 7

Choreography, 1981

Poem, undated

Production notes, undated

Programs, 1972-1981

Score, undated [shelved in map case, drawer 3]

Swan Lake

Production information, 1988

Videocassette, undated [shelved in videocassette collection: V153]

Symphony in Dance, USA

Costumes, undated

Production notes, undated

Programs, 1969 and undated

Story, undated

Twelfth Night Masque, undated

Miscellaneous scores written for Dieman-Bennett

Deep Freeze, Eagle Flight, It's Windy, and Leviathan, undated


Programs and recitals


A Baroque Happening, 1967


Production notes

The Art of Bullfighting, undated [shelved in videocassette collection: V154]

Beethoven Club Poetry/Dance Presentation, 1990 [shelved in videocassette collection: V155

Carl Van Vechten:  Cultural Contributions of a Century, 1979-1980

Celebration of the Arts, 1993

Dance Week, 1996


Box 8

Dedication of the Temple Organ, 1970

First Presbyterian Church Forum, 1965

Iowa Composer's Program



Isadora Duncan Cameo

Production information, 1980

Videocassette, 1990 [shelved in videocassette collection: V156]

Life in the Spirit, 1971-1975



Production notes


Videocassette [shelved in videocassette collection: V157]

Liturgical Dance, 1986 [shelved in videocassette collection: V158]

Meditation on Christ's Suffering, 1976

Ordination of Nan Hirleman, 1977

Ottumwa Area Arts Council, Discover India Project, 1991

Renaissance Fair, 1974

Some Meanings of Christmas, 1969

Three Cameos: Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, 1989 [shelved in videocassette collection: V159]

The View From the East, 1986

Program lists, 1972-1980






Box 9



Workshops and Classes



General, 1973 and undated

Ballet, undated

Baroque, 1981 and undated

Indian, undated

Jazz, undated

Patterns, undated

Timeline, undated


General, undated

Outline, undated

Spirituals, undated

Baroque workshop, 1976

Big "D" for Dance project, 1983-1984



A Glimpse of India, 1991 [shelved in videocassette collection: V160]

A Glimpse of Spain, 1992


Videocassette [shelved in videocassette collection: V161]

Humanities in Dance, 1969

Introduction to Dance, undated

Listings of classes, 1972-1992

Summer extension classes, undated


Miscellaneous materials about dance

Dance books, 1990

Dance Magazine, 1983-1984

Dance quotations, undated

Dancers who have influenced Dieman and Bennett (Isadora Duncan, Anna Pavlowa, Ruth St. Denis), undated

National Endowment for the Arts, 1970-1974

Proposed tour of India, 1972

Programs, 1950 and undated



Bennett, Julia, undated

Diemen, Edna

Coe College Merit Award, 1975

Miscellaneous, undated

Diemen and Bennett

Honorary Degrees, Cornell College, 1979

High Renaissance and Spanish Solea costumes, undated


Box 10

Triumvirate interpretation of Schumann's song cycle Dichterliebe, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres

Beginnings, 1953

Dance Theatre Associates, undated


Ballet positions, undated

Indian hand positions, undated

Indian Stanaka position, undated


Cornell students, Rick Nelson and Ms. Lanluttig, undated


Broderick, Maureen, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Students, undated

Indian dance class, undated

Wardrobe, undated


Celebration of the Arts, Brucemore, undated

Dance Festival, 1985

Edinburgh Festival, 1988

Mid-States Regional Ballet Festival

Gigue, French Baroque Technique, 1982

Les Indes Galantes, danced in the style of the splendid century (1661-1789), 1982

May I Have the Pleasure, French Baroque Technique, 1982

Miscellaneous, 1982 [also shelved in map case, drawer 3]

Sinfonia Minuda, a castanet chamber ensemble, Detroit, undated

Miscellaneous, undated

Spring Festival, Minnesota Ballet with director Lois Houlton, undated


"Afternoon of Dance," undated

Ballet Fantasy, undated

Ballet Suite, undated

Beauty and the Beast, 1950s and undated [also shelved in map case, drawer 7]


Box 11

Blue Danube, Gala benefit for the Cedar Rapids Symphony, undated

The Boyfriend, Cedar Rapids Community Theatre, undated

Cabalgata, undated [shelved in map case:  drawer 5]

Capelia, undated [shelved in map case, drawer 3]

Carmen a zarzuela arranged by J. Bennett, undated

Christmas Cantata, with the Cedar Rapids Symphony Chamber Group, undated

The Christmas Story in Dance, undated

Community performance, undated

Concert at the Coliseum, undated

Concert at the Coe Auditorium, 1964

Concert for the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra, 1963 [shelved in map case, drawer 3]

Dances of the High Renaissance, 1981

D-B 4, undated

A Digit of the Moon, 1955 and undated [also shelved in map case, drawer 7]

Disclosure of the Secrets, 1978 and undated [also shelved in map case, drawer 7, negatives in negative file]

Elizabethan Coronato, J. Bennett and Stuart Weinbrenner with the University of Iowa Collegium Musicum, 1973

An Evening of Baroque Dancing in the Hall of Mirrors, Paramount Theatre, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, undated

The Fairy Queen, 1988 and undated [also shelved in map case, drawer 7]

Die Fledermaus, with the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra, undated

Hansel and Gretel

Undate, with the Cedar Rapids Symphony

1992 (removed from album)

High Renaissance Dances, undated

Isadora Duncan Cameo, 1980

Les Sylphides, undated

Madrigals and Dances, undated

Miracles of Faith, with the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra and the Coe College choir, undated [also shelved in map case, drawer 7]


1976, 1979 and undated

Jefferson Choir, 1955

Lowe, Joanne, undated


Box 12

Proof sheets, undated

Proofs, ballet choreographed by Robin Hynd, undated [2 folders]

Miscellaneous, undated (folder 1)[removed from photo album]

Miscellaneous, undated (folder 2)

Oversize, undated [shelved in map case, drawer 7]

Oklahoma, Jefferson Sr. High School, undated

Orpheus and Euridice, undated

Seven Spanish Folk Songs, undated

Six German Dances, 1975

Sleeping Beauty, undated

The Soldier's Tale, with the Coe College Orchestra, 1979

Solve Flos Tusce Gentis and Renaissance 2000, with the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra, 1963 [2 folders]

Star in the West, with the Cedar Rapids Symphony Orchestra and the Cornell College choir, 1955 and undated [also shelved in map case: drawer 5]

Swan Lake

Benita Braggioti as Hamsa Rani, undated




Box 13

La Meri and Matteo at Jacob's Pillow, undated

Miscellaneous, undated [also shelved in map case, drawer 7]

Symphony in Dance, USA, 1975 and undated

Miscellaneous Spanish, undated

Miscellaneous, undated [also shelved in map case, drawer 7]

Summer School

Bath Summer School of Baroque Music, undated

Summer School at Seal Cove, Maine, undated

Guest artists and instructors

Carmen, Phillip, undated

Comstock, Kenneth, undated

Exter, Renita, undated

Fagin, Norman, President of the National Association for Regional Ballet, undated

Federico, undated

Giordano, Gus, undated

Goya, Carola and Matteo, undated

Horne, Katheryn, undated

Howard, David, undated

Jones, Jeff, undated

Kaiser, Roy, undated

Kathak-Jaipur, undated

Kivitt, Ted, undated

Laxman, Kamala

In India, undated

Teaching in Cedar Rapids,Iowa, undated

La Meri, undated

McConnell, Joan and Teena, undated

Shawn, Ted, undated

Starrett, William, 1982

St. Denis, Ruth, undated

Taylor, Burton, undated

Terry, Walter, undated

Weiss, Robert, undated

Wilde, Patricia, undated



Talagra position, 1961 [shelved in map case:  drawer 5]


Box 14


Arnold Genthe photographs of Isadora Duncan, undated [originals donated by E. Diemen to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art]

Ballet--Lully, 1961, 1962

Historical dance, 1969

Indian dance, 1959-1962

Kamala, 1960




Seal Cove, Maine, 1983

Spanish dance, 1960

Stations of the Cross, 1973

Swan Lake, Ted Shawn Estate, 1964




Box 15





Box 16


Bennett, Julia

Scrapbook, 1940-1947


Box 17

Dieman, Edna

Scrapbook, 1944-1945


Box 18

Dance Theatre of the Hemispheres




Box 19



Box 20



Box 21



Box 22



Box 23



Box 24



Box 25



Box 26




Box 27




Box 28




Box 29



Box 30



Box 31



Box 32


The Soldier’s Tale

Narrator’s book, undated


Box 33


Audiovisual materials



Box 34


                                  Reel to reel tapes




Box 35                           35 mm films



Box 36


                                       16 mm films


Box 37


                                       16 mm films


Box 38


                                       8 mm films