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Collection Overview

The records (donor no. 4) were donated by Church Women United in Iowa in 1978 and 2001.
The records are open for research.
Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to The University of Iowa.
In Box 3.
In Boxes 20-22.
Processed by:
Special Collections staff; Elizabeth Engel, 2005. [ChurchWomenUnited.doc]


Church Women United in Iowa was founded in 1933 under the name Iowa State Council of Federated Church Women. In 1942, the organization united with the National United Council of Church Women under the name Iowa United Council of Church Women. The group has also been known as the United Church Women of Iowa and Iowa United Church Women. The organization officially changed its name to Church Women United in 1967 as a way of expressing a change in direction to include Roman Catholic and other orthodox women and encourage them to participate. The group also has ties to the Iowa Interchurch Council and was part of the National Council of Churches from 1949 to 1970.

Throughout its history, Church Women United in Iowa has focused on ecumenical unity among Protestant, Orthodox, and Roman Catholic women. Its three main yearly events are May Fellowship Day, World Community Day, and World Day of Prayer. Each year, Church Women United in Iowa holds a statewide assembly, as well as conferences and retreats for its members.

Church Women United in Iowa’s main priorities include peace building, as well as economic and racial justice. From sponsoring a care center for Native Americans to buying stocks in order to influence how multi-national corporations do business to investigating school lunch programs, Church Women United has served others through both community service and lobbying for legislation.

Scope and Content Note

The Church Women United in Iowa records date from 1933 to 2002 and measure 10.5 linear feet. The records are arranged in thirteen series: Administrative, Financial, Historical, Local chapters, State, Regional, National, Programs, Publications, Publicity, Scrapbooks, Miscellaneous, and Photographs.

The Administrative series contains correspondence, executive board meeting minutes, annual reports, and directory information.

The Financial series contains audits, ledgers, and treasurer’s reports, as well as a filmstrip entitled “Financing for Growth in the 1970s and Beyond.”

The Historical series contains histories of Church Women United in Iowa, as well as a booklet by Bertha C. Harms, “Forty-five years of Church Women United in Iowa, 1935-1980.”

The Local chapters series includes constitutions and bylaws from local chapters, as well as reports and officers lists.

The State series contains materials pertaining to state assemblies, as well as secretary’s notebooks and an information packet on Church Women United in Iowa.

The Regional series contains information on two regional conferences.

The National series contains materials from the Church Women United Board of Managers, correspondence, national assembly information, handbooks, brochures, and legislation materials.

The Programs series contains materials pertaining to various programs that the Church Women United in Iowa have been involved in, including Women in Community Service, a Multi-national Corporations Task Force, the Iowa School Lunch Coalition, as well as World Community Day and World Day of Prayer.

The Publications series contains publications produced by Church Women United, including “The Church Woman,” “The Iowa Instigator,” and “The Uniter.”

The Publicity series contains newspaper clippings dating from 1954-1974.

The Scrapbooks series contains scrapbooks dating from 1949 to 1989.

The Miscellaneous series contains a variety of materials, dating from 1953 to 2000.

The Photographs series contains a photo of Governor Robert D. Ray recognizing the Church Women United in Iowa for their work, as a well as photos from the 1967 national ecumenical assembly.


Box List

Box 1                          
    Agendas, 1946-1986
Chairman’s communications, 1968-1970
Chairman’s responsibility, 1966-1968
Constitution and bylaws, 1946-1981 (2 folders)
      General, 1965-1987 and undated
Executive board, 1946-1987 (2 folders)
Locals, 1946-1988 (2 folders)
      Information, 1960-1968
Presidents, 1952-1977
Yearbooks, 1965-1968
Box 2                    
Information, 1967
Denominations, 1967
      Annual, 1945-1957
Box 3                          
      Annual, 1958-1988                
    Miscellaneous, 1981-1987 and undated            
  Financial Records            
    Audits, 1948-1968
Disbursements, 1959-1966
“Financing for Growth in the 70s and Beyond” with filmstrip
      May 1946 – Sept.1947
Sept. 1947 – May 1948
June 1948 – May 1949
June 1949 – May 1950
Box 4                          
      June 1950 – Dec.1950
Jan. 1951 – May 1953
June 1953 – May 1955
June 1957 – Dec. 1959
Jan. 1960 – Dec. 1962 [oversize: in Box 23]
Jan. 1963 – Dec. 1966 [oversize: in Box 23]
    Receipts, 1963-1966
Training Fund, 1963-1968
      Reports, 1933-1967              
Box 5                          
      Reports, 1968-1987
Responsibility, 1948-1976
    Miscellaneous, 1961-1987 and undated              
    “Forty-five years of Church Women United in Iowa,          
      1935-1980”by Bertha C. Harms          
    “History of United Church Women of Iowa, ”1965-1967 (2 folders)
Records, 1933-1965 (3 folders)
Miscellaneous, 1950-1981
Box 6                          
  Local chapters                    
    Constitutions and bylaws, 1957-1966 and undated
      Cedar Falls, 1962-1977
Cedar Rapids, 1964-1978
Clinton, 1961-1966
Council Bluffs, 1967-1983 (2 folders)
Des Moines, 1961-1967
Dubuque, 1964-1975
Floyd County, 1960-1966
Newton, 1960-1964 and undated
Ottumwa, 1975-1979 and undated (2 folders)
Sioux City, 1961-1968
Miscellaneous, 1960-1968 and undated
Box 7                          
      1960-1965 (5 folders)                
Box 8                          
      1966-1970 (4 folders)                
    Presidents, 1954-1981
Reports, 1956-1957 (2 folders)
Box 9                          
    Reports, 1958-1965 (7 folders)              
Box 10                          
    Reports, 1965
Reports, 1969
    Assemblies, 1971-1979
Assemblies, 1980-1981
Assemblies, 1983-1995
Governor’s commissions, 1969-1970
Information packet, 2001
Iowa Council of Churches, 1958-1965 and undated
Iowa Inter-church Forum, 1973-1982 (2 folders)
Box 11                    
    Iowa Inter-church Forum, 1981
Leader’s council, 1982-1996
Legislation, 1965-1969 and undated
Officers, 1948-1982
Recognitions, 1982-1999 and undated
Secretary’s notebook, 1951-1971 (2 folders)
Box 12                    

Sharing sessions, 1968          
    Conferences, 1963
Conferences, 1982
    Annual report, 1985-1986
Assemblies, 1948-1980 (6 folders)
Board of Managers, 1960-1966 (2 folders)
Box 13                    
    Board of Managers, 1967-1972 (6 folders)
Correspondence, 1941-1981 and undated
Foreign Affairs, 1965-1966
Box 14                    
    Foreign Affairs, 1964-1968
Legislation, 1947-1972 (2 folders)
Materials, brochures and leaflets, 1946-1971
Box 15                    
    Materials, brochures and leaflets, 1946-1971
Materials, handbooks and workbooks, 1963-1972 (2 folders)
Materials, packets, 1971-1972 (5 folders)
National Council of Churches, 1950-1968 and undated
Reports to national, 1954-1966
Resolutions, 1969, 1999
School Lunch Committee, 1968-1970
Box 16                    
    “Service and Status of Women” report, 1952
“Survey of Metropolitan Areas,” 1967
Training sessions, 1965
    General, 1989-1992
Area workshops, 1980-1982
Area workshops, “Response-ability,” 1973
Assignment: Poverty of Women, 1986-1987
“Breakthrough to New Life,” 1971
“Celebrating Our Worth,” 1981
CROP Community Hunger Appeal, 1970-1974
“Exploring Dimensions of Sexuality” seminar, 1968
Fund for the Fifth Decade, 1981-1983 and undated
Iowa School Lunch Coalition, 1971
Metanoia, 1971-1986
Multi-national Corporations Task Force, 1977
Women in Community Service, 1970-1972 and undated
World Community Day, 1979-1981
World Day of Prayer, 1968-1984
    Bulletin: Political Responsibility, 1968
The Church Woman, 1964-1966 (3 folders)
Box 17a                    
    The Church Woman, 1967-1973 (7 folders)
The Church Woman, 1975-1977 (scattered)
Box 17b                    
    The Church Woman, 1978-1992 (6 folders – scattered)          
Box 18                    
    The Church Woman, 1992-1997 (3 folders – scattered)
The Church Woman, Promotional materials, 1957-1967
Inform & Act, 2000
Instigator, 1954-1969 (2 folders)
Inter-church Councilor, 1947-1968
Lead Time, 1986-1988
Box 19                    
    Newscope, 1966-1968
The Uniter, 1970-2002 (8 folders)
    Newspaper clippings, 1954-1974          
Box 20                    
    1950-1963 (disbound)
Box 21                    
Ecumenical Inter-religious Concerns, 1977-1983
Box 22                    
Clippings and programs, 1967 -1971
Ecumenical register, 1950 (disbound)
Iowa seminars, 1949
Iowa workshops, 1950
Loose scrapbook materials from 1977-1989 scrapbook


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