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Collection Overview

The papers (donor no. 367) were donated by Kathleen Chapman in 1996.
The papers are open for research.

Copyright has been transferred to the University of Iowa.

Three videocassettes shelved in videocassette collection (V123-V125).
In Box 9.
Processed by:
Randel W. Lackore, 1997; Britt Nelson, 2005. [ChapmanKathleen.doc]


State representative and attorney Kathleen "Kay" Halloran Chapman was born January 19, 1937 at Estherville, Iowa. A lifelong resident of Cedar Rapids, she attended the State University of Iowa (now the University of Iowa), earning a bachelor’s degree in political science and English in 1959. She married Allen R. Chapman in 1961. As a wife and mother of two young sons Chapman returned to the University of Iowa to attend law school, graduating with distinction in 1974.

When Kay Chapman began her practice of law in 1974 she was the first woman attorney to enter private practice in Cedar Rapids. A Democrat, she was elected to the Iowa General Assembly from the forty-ninth district and served from 1983 to 1992. During her tenure in the Iowa House of Representatives, Chapman served as chair of the rules and administration committee; vice-chair of the ways and means, judiciary and ethics committees; on the commerce committee; and on the legislative council. After serving five terms in the legislature Chapman lost her reelection bid in 1992, but won election from the fifty-third district in 1996 and retired from the House of Representatives in 1999 after serving one term.

Scope and Content Note

Accession 1 of the Kathleen Halloran Chapman papers ( boxes 1-9) contains material dating from 1977 to 1996 and measures 3.75 linear feet. Accession 2 (boxes 10-20) dates from 1986 to 1999 and measures 5 linear feet. Accession 1 is arranged in five series: Political campaigns, Iowa General Assembly, Local community involvement, Law practice, and Photographs.

The Political campaigns series (1977-1998) contains documents relating to Chapman's campaigns for a seat in the Iowa House of Representatives. Also included are facsimile messages and materials pertaining to Bonnie Campbell's 1994 campaign for governor of Iowa which if successful Chapman would have served on the transition committee. A large portion of the series contains campaign contribution finance records from 1992-998.

The Iowa General Assembly series (1978-1993) contains materials concerning Chapman's tenure as a state representative. The majority of the documents fall into two subseries: correspondence and legislation. The series also contains documents concerning Chapman's work on spending and tax reform in the General Assembly and on a Governor's Committee on Spending Reform.

The Local community involvement series (1983-1999) documents Chapman's involvement in local government reform, including her service on the Cedar Rapids Efficiency and Reform Committee; her work on a study of gender equity and sexual harassment in Iowa high schools; and her efforts for economic development through a proposed tourist railroad between Cedar Rapids and the Amanas. Also included are records from Chapman’s service on the Board of Tanager Place and All Saints Parrish during her time away from the House of Representatives.

The Law practice series (1989-1998) documents Chapman's concern with issues of family and juvenile law as a member of committees for the Iowa and Linn County bar associations including the local Inn of Court group.

The Photographs series (1984-1998 and undated) contains proof sheets and photographs used in campaign pamphlets, photographs of bill signings with Governor Terry Branstad and snapshots of a 1992 presidential campaign stop in Cedar Rapids by candidates Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Also included are photos of Kay Chapman with Al Gore and Hilary Rodham Clinton during Chapman’s last years serving in the House.

The Accession 2 is arranged in four series: Campaigns, Iowa General Assembly, Community and Law.


Box List


Box 1                        
  Political campaigns              
    Bonnie Campbell for Governor              
      Correspondence with county coordinators, 1993-1994
Facsimile messages, 1994
Linn County organization, 1994
Newspaper clippings, 1994
    Campaign for State Representative, advertising        
        Calendars of radio commercials, 1984
Calendars of radio commercials, 1992
Commercial scripts, 1992
Consultant recommendations, 1992
Media proposals, 1990-1992
Television commercial, " Iowa's Future," 1992 (VHS, 30 seconds) [shelved in the videocassette collection: V124]
      Biographical sketch and resume, 1977-1987 and undated
Campaign committee, 1992
Endorsement letters to the editor of the Cedar Rapids Gazette, 1992 Expenditures
        Printing and postage, 1992
Radio and Television advertising, 1992
Contributors, 1982-1990
Contributors, 1991-1992
Events, fall fundraiser, 1987-1988
Box 2          
        Events, in-kind contributions, 1992
Events, LEGSBRAI (Legislators’ Short Bicycle Ride Across Iowa), 1990
Events, neighborhood gatherings, 1992
Finance disclosure forms1978-1992 ( 7 folders)
Box 3          
        Political Action Committees (PACs), 1988-1992 (4 folders)
Notes, 1992
      "Kay Chapman for State Representative" (KGAN news story), 1992 (VHS, 3 minutes) [shelved in the videocassette collection: V125]
List of caucus attendees, 1992
Newspaper clippings, 1991-1992
Nomination papers, 1988
Nomination papers, 1992
Opponent file: Scott Overland, 1988
Poll results, 1992
Printing, 1984-1992 (3 folders)
Questionnaires and position papers, 1982 and 1992 (2 folders)
Statistics, 1982
Box 4                          
        Equal rights amendment (ERA), 1978-1979
Women's issues, 1992
      Volunteers list, 1982
Yard signs, 1984-1992 (2 folders)
  Iowa General Assembly              
      Constituent mail    
        General, 1986-1990 (4 folders)
Attorney General opinion request, 1984-1986 (2 folders)
Bill and research request, 1986
Churchill, Malcolm H., 1987-1988
Frey, Garret, 1988
Fur farming, 1986-1987
Box 5                          
        Iowa Public Employees Retirement System (IPERS), 1985
Meth Wick Manor, 1989
School finance, 1989
Svoboda, Kevin, 1988
      Legislative, 1985-1990 (8 folders)    
Box 6                          
    Commission on Judicial Districts, 1987-1989
Governor's Committee on Spending Reform
      General, 1991
Blue ribbon committee, 1991
Public financing task force, 1991 (4 folders)

    Legislative topics          
      Abortion, 1991-1992
Archer Daniels Midland Company
        Co-generation facility certification, 1989-1992 (2 folders)    
      Avionics security interest, 1991
Government ethics, 1993-1994
Illicit drugs
        Employee testing, 1989-1990
Forfeiture of real property, 1989
Stamp tax, 1990
Box 7                          
      Living will, 1986
Nuclear medicine technologist licensure, 1992
Open meeting law, 1978-1980
        Alternative minimum tax, 1988
Bill [response to Fisher Commin and the tax law], 1992
"Impact of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Iowa," submitted by the Policy Economic Group of Peat Marwick Main and Company, 1987
Income, 1984-1992
Services tax--auto leasing, 1985
Special session, 1986-1987
Tax theory, 1986
Taxpayers' rights amendment, 1989-1993
      Temporary injunction of property disposal in marriage dissolution, 1990-1991
Tort reform, 1990
    Legislative council minutes, 1991
Newspaper clippings, 1985
Tax Fairness and Equity Interim Study Committee
      "Examples of Tax Model Output and Proposed Tax Study Outline," 1992
Minutes, 1991-1993
Pension taxation equity, 1989
Box 8                          
      Reports, 1992-1993
"A Study of the Iowa State and Local Tax Structure," 1993
  Local community involvement              
    Cedar Rapids Efficiency and Reform Committee      
      Inter-governmental relations subcommittee, 1993-1994
Master project plan, 1993
Minutes, 1993-1995
Remarks by Mayor Larry Serbousek, June 24, 1993
    Gender equity            
      Iowa American Association of University Women, 1992-1994
Sexual harassment in Iowa high schools
        Study committee, 1993-1994
"Stop It! Students Speak Out About Sexual Harassment," (VHS, 17 minutes) [shelved in the videocassette collection: V123]

      Vocational education gender equity advisory board, 1994-1995  
    The Renaissance Group Downtown School Task Force, 1994-1995
Tourist Railroad [Tissel Hollow-Amana Railroad]
      Correspondence, 1984-1985          
Box 9                          
      Boone Railroad Historical Society, 1984
Grant application materials, 1984
Incorporation documents, 1983-1990
  Law Practice              
    Correspondence, 1993-1994
Curriculum vitae, 1996
Iowa State Bar Association Family and Juvenile Law Section
      Dissolution committee, 1993
Juvenile law committee, 1993-1995
Legislative committee, 1993-1995
    Linn County Bar Association, 1989-1994      
    Bill signings with Governor Terry Branstad, 1984-1990
Campaign photographs and proof sheets, 1984-1990
Lucas Elementary School ( Cedar Rapids) tour of the State Capitol, 1992
Portraits, undated
Bill Clinton and Al Gore campaign stop in Cedar Rapids, 1992
Box 10                          
    Bonnie Campbell transition, 1994 (2 folders)
Absentee Voting, 1996
Affidavit of Candidacy, 1996
Candidacy Announcement, 1996
Correspondence, 1996
      Bank Statements, 1992-1999 (3 folders)
Contributions, 1992-1996
Box 11                          
      Contributions, 1997-1998 (3 folders)
Disclosure, 1996
Expenses, 1997-1998
Iowa Campaign Finance Reporting System, 1997
    Legislative districts, 1991
Lobbyist list, 1992
Mailings, 1996
Box 12                          
    Membership lists, 1996
Miscellaneous, 1996
Newspaper clippings, 1996
Questionnaires, 1996
Iowa State Education Association
    Research, 1996                
    Speech Materials, 1996      
  Iowa General Assembly                
      Consortium for Substance Abuse Research and Evaluation 1991-1993 (2 folders)
Intermediate Sanctions Policy Group, 1997-1998
Judicial Budget, 1996
Mediation Task Force
    Constituent Correspondence      
      1996-1999 (4 folders)      
Box 13                          
      Democratic National Committee Women’s Forum, 1998
Dollars and Scents, 1998
Midwestern Legislative Conference, 1998-1999 (2 folders)
National Conference of State Legislatures
        AFI/ASI Joint Meeting, 1997
1998 (2 folders)

      Offender Control in the States, 1998      
Box 14                          
      Women in Government, 1998      
    Legislative topics      
      Department of Transportation, 1997
        Early childhood, 1997
“First in the Nation in Education”, 1997
Reform, 1998
      Federal Communications Commission, 1999
Healthcare, Medicaid, 1996-1999
Hog confinements, 1998
        Delinquency, 1996-1997
Justice, 1997
Box 15                          
Victim-offender, 1998
Metro Area Housing Project, 1996-1998 (2 folders )
Mid-America Housing Partnership1994-1996 ( 2 folders)
Box 16                          
      Pro-choice, Emily’s List, 1996
Radioactive waste, 1986
Taxation, 1997
Tort reform, 1998
        Acquisition costs, 1996
Cogeneration, undated
Electricity restructuring, 1998-1999
Financing, 1984
Municipal, 1986
Box 17                          
        Retail, 1996
      Y2K, 1998          
    Legislative reports, 1998-1999 (2 folders)      
    All Saints Parrish
Building and grounds committee, 1995
By-laws, undated
Council binder, 1995-1997
Directory, 1995, 1997
Technology plan, 1997
    Finance committee                
      Budget proposal, 1996-1997
Income statements, 1995-1997
Fiscal report, 1995-1996
Box 18                          
      Fiscal report, 1997
        1995-1997 (2 folders)
Stewardship, 1995-1997
    Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, 1997-1999
Democratic Leadership Council, 1995
Linn County Democratic Central Council
“Neighbors,” 1992-1997 (2 folders)
Box 19                          
    Tanager Place
      Background information
Board Meeting Agendas, 1997-1999
Director’s Manual
Finance, 1991-1998
    Southside neighborhood, 1997
Wellington height ordinance, 1995
Effective dispute resolution, 1995 (2 folders)
Box 20                          
    Correspondence, 1997-1998
Inn of Court
      The Dean Mason Ladd, 1996-1999
Mailings, 1996-1999
Membership directory, 1997
Pamphlets, 1994
Professional creed, undated
    Mediation and arbitration        
      Correspondence, 1995-1997
Dispute Resolution, 1995-1998
Divorce and Family, 1996
Proposal for Iowa Mediation Initiative
Sample forms
Standards, 1995
Victim-offender, 1996-1997


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