PAPERS, 1992-1999

5 linear inchesDATES:»





The »papers (donor no. 525) were donated by Bonnie J. Campbell in 1998».


The »papers are open for research.


»Copyright to portions of the collection has been transferred to the University of Iowa.


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Bonnie J. Pierce Campbell, an attorney and Democratic Party activist, was born in 1948 in South Plymouth, New York.  She was raised on a farm in the Appalachian region of upstate New York, graduating from Norwich High School in 1965.  She then began working in Washington, D.C., as part of a federal anti-poverty program for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and United States Senator Edmund Muskie (D-ME).  Campbell became a staff member for Senator Harold Hughes (D-IA) in 1969.  She moved to Iowa to oversee the offices of Senator John Culver (D-IA) from 1974 through 1980.


In 1982 Campbell earned a B.S., summa cum laude, from Drake University, and in 1985 she earned a J.D. from Drake University Law School.  From 1985 until 1991 Campbell practiced law in Des Moines.  She served as chair of Iowa’s Democratic Party from 1987 until 1991.  Campbell was the first woman to serve as Iowa’s Attorney General, an elected office she held from 1990 until 1994.  Campbell ran unsuccessfully for Governor of Iowa in 1994. Campbell has long been an advocate of legal reform in cases of domestic violence and abuse.  On March 21, 1995, President William J. Clinton appointed her Director of the Violence Against Women Office of the United States Department of Justice. Campbell is married to Edward Campbell.

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Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The Bonnie J. Campbell» papers date from »1992 to 1999 and measure» 5 linear inches. The »papers »are arranged in »four series: Biography, Newspaper clippings, Speeches, and Testimony. The bulk of the material is speeches Campbell gave from 1995 through 1997. 


The newspaper clippings include information on Iowa politics and violence against women.  The speeches are predominantly those that Campbell has given since her appointment as Director of the Violence Against Women Office.  In order to educate government, business, and private organizations about the reforms instituted by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), the resources available due to the VAWA, and the collaboration necessary to implement the VAWA, Campbell has addressed audiences ranging from the Department of Defense, to Native American communities, professional medical organizations, law enforcement organizations, and international coalitions, among others.  The speeches are arranged chronologically. »

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Box 1

               Biography, 1994-1996 and undated


               Newspaper clippings

                        Iowa Politics, 1993-1994

                        Violence Against Women, 1993-1999



                       Domestic Violence Candlelight Vigils in Iowa, 1992-1993

                       Talking Points. US. vs. Christopher Bailey, Federal Judicial Center

                             Seminar, July 13-14, 1995

                       Remarks. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Aug. 5, 1995

                       Remarks. National Association of Women Judges, Oct. 9, 1995

                       Commencement Address. Ethel Walker School, Simsbury CT,

                              June 9, 1996

                       Talking Points. Forum on Prevention and Parity: Girls in Juvenile

                              Justice, June 12, 1996

                       Remarks. The Native American Cultural Center, Albuquerque NM,

                              Sept. 12, 1996

                       Remarks. COSSMHO Conference, Santa Fe, NM, Sept. 12, 1996

                       Talking Points. Violence Against Women Federal Provisions

                             Maryland State Attorneys’ Training, Sept. 20, 1996

                       Talking Points. Violence Against Women Federal Provisions New

                              York Meeting with Local Criminal Justice Officials, Oct. 2, 1996

                       Remarks. Young Women’s Leadership Conference, New Haven CT,

                              Oct. 4, 1996

                       Talking Points. National College of District Attorneys, Oct. 16, 1996

                       Remarks. Interdisciplinary Conference Luncheon, Macon GA,

                              Oct. 22, 1996

                       Keynote Speech. The Domestic Violence Training and Resource

                              Institute, Concord MA, Oct. 28-29, 1996

                       Welcoming Address.  The National Institute of Justice, Washington,

                              D.C., Nov. 8, 1996

                       Remarks. Florida Medical Association, Jan. 31, 1997

                       Remarks. Department of Defense Domestic Violence Policy Conference,

                               Feb. 7, 1997

                       “Collaborating to STOP Violence Against Women,” Feb. 12, 1997

                       Keynote. Domestic Violence Program, Buffalo NY, Feb. 13, 1997

                       Remarks. Indianapolis Medical Society Luncheon, Feb. 27, 1997

                       Remarks. Drake University Law School, March 7, 1997

                       “Police Leadership for the 21st Century: Women Implementing

                              Change,” March 11, 1997

                       “Women Making History: Bridging the Gap,” March 15, 1997


Box 1 (cont.)

               Speeches (cont’d.)

                       Remarks. U.S.-Russia Seminar on Combatting the Sexual Exploitation

                              of Women and Children, April 7, 1997

                       Remarks. Transcending Politics of Illusion, Vision, Values and

                              Community, National Council of Churches of Christ, April 7, 1997

                       Remarks. American College of Emergency Physicians, April 9, 1997

                       Wisconsin Attorney General’s Task Force on Children in Need

                              Conference on Child Abuse, April 15, 1997

                       Remarks. San Diego District Attorneys’ Annual Crime Victims

                              Luncheon, April 18, 1997

                       “Stop the Tears: Protecting Children from Domestic Violence,”

                              April 23, 1997

                       “Victims of Violence: Hearing and Healing,” April 24, 1997

                       “Breaking the Cycle for Children Who Witness,” April 28, 1997

                       “A Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence: A Federal

                              Perspective,” Utah Domestic Violence Conference, June 12, 1997

                       Talking Points. “Domestic Violence Policy and Intervention.” National

                              Victim Assistance Academy American University Washington

                              College of Law, July 16, 1997

                       Remarks. Department of Navy Medical Leaders’ Conference: Spouses

                              Program, Aug. 28, 1997

                       “Every 15 Seconds a Woman is Battered: Stop the Clock,” Oct. 9, 1997

                       Keynote. Silent Witness National Initiative Bring Peace Home  Conference,

                              Oct. 19, 1997

                       Draft Comments. Full Faith and Credit Conference, Albuquerque NM,

                              Oct. 28, 1997

                       Talking Points. Governor’s Task Force on Domestic Violence. San Juan.

                              Puerto Rico, Nov. 24, 1997

                       Undated Speeches (2), Letter from Marcia Horn, Southern NJ Region

                              of Hadassah, March 19, 1998


               Testimony: American Bar Association Commission on Domestic Violence, 1995