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The »papers (donor no. 217) were donated by »Janice A. Beran in 1994 and 1998.


The »papers are open for research.


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            Janice A. Beran was a professor in the College of Education at Iowa State University until her retirement in 1994.  In 1992 she was the first to ever win the Central District Scholar Award from the Central District Association of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  Beran has done extensive research on Iowa sport history, particularly on women and African Americans.  Her research on the history of Iowa girls’ high school basketball culminated in a book published in 1993, From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press:  A Century of Iowa Girls’ Basketball (Ames:  Iowa State University Press) [available through the Main Library, or in Special Collections].Begin text here:»




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            Begin text here:The Janice A. Beran» papers date from 1975» to 1998 and measure 2 linear feet.  The »papers »are arranged in seven» series:  Family History, Manuscripts, Reprints, Speeches, Commentary, Research Files—Girls’ Basketball, and Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU).  The papers primarily consist of published and unpublished articles, and research files concerning Beran’s work on women and African-Americans in sport.


The Family History series (1998) consists of a family history written and published by Beran about her parents and family.


The Manuscripts series (1975-1993) contains manuscripts of articles written by Beran.  Two of these manuscripts, “Playing to the Right Drummer” and “Iowa, the Long Time ‘Hot Bed’of Girls’ Basketball,” are drafts of articles that were later published; reprints of these articles are in the Reprints series.  The drafts are somewhat different from the final versions.  A nearly complete manuscript for Beran’s book From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press:  A Century of Iowa Girls’ Basketball, published in 1993, can also be found in this series.


The Reprints series (1981-1991) includes photocopied articles by Beran that were published either in journals, books, or both.


The Speeches series (1988-1993) consists of speeches presented by Beran at professional conferences, including the North American Society for Sport History and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.  One of her speeches was made in acceptance of the Central District Scholar Award.


The Commentary series (1993) is a newspaper article that Beran wrote just days after the announcement that the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union had voted to end six-on-six (six-player, “girls’ rules”) basketball.


The Research Files—Girls’ Basketball series contains information Beran compiled while researching Iowa girls’ high school basketball.  These files include photographs and illustrations used in her book, From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press:  A Century of Iowa Girls’ Basketball, as well as newspaper clippings, oral history notes, personal correspondence, and information on girls’ basketball in various Iowa towns and in other states.


The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU) series (1944-1993) consists of publications and documentation produced by the IGHSAU, including the Iowa Girls’ Basketball Yearbook (1944-1964), State Tournament Programs, a media press guide for the 1993 State Tournament (the last to feature six-on-six basketball), and Constitution-By laws for the IGHSAU.  Some of the yearbooks are missing parts of pages.»




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Box 1

Family History


Manuscripts (4 folders)

“The History of Physical Education for Women at Iowa State

University, 1868-1940” (1975)

“Playing to the Right Drummer:  Girls’ Basketball in Iowa,

1893-1927” (1983)

“They Were a Perfect Match!  Two Public Servants, Lou Henry

Hoover and Herbert C. Hoover” (1991)

“Iowa, the Longtime ‘Hot Bed’ of Girls’ Basketball” (undated)

“Lou Henry Hoover and the Development of Women’s Sports”


“Olan Guy Ruble” (undated)

“C. Vivian Stoner Stringer” (undated)

From Six-on-Six to Full Court Press:  A Century of Iowa Girls’

 Basketball [excerpts] (undated)


Box 2


“The Iowa Girls’ High School Basketball Tournament as an

Institutionalized Ritual.”  In Play as Context, edited by Alyce

Cheska.  New York:  Leisure Press, 1981.

“The Story:  Six-Player Girls’ Basketball in Iowa.”  In Her Story in

Sport:  A Historical Anthology of Women in Sports, edited by

Reet Howell.  New York:  Leisure Press, 1982.

“Playing to the Right Drummer:  Girls’ Basketball in Iowa, 1893-

1927.”  Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport.

Centennial Issue, 1985.

“Daughters of the Middle Border, Iowa Women in Sport and Physical

Activity, 1850-1910.”  Iowa State Journal of Research, Vol.

62, No. 2 (1987).

“Diamonds in Iowa:  Blacks, Buxton, and Baseball.”  The Journal of

Negro History, Vol. 75, nos. 3-4, 1990.

“The Turners in Iowa, USA:  Promoters of Fitness and Shapers of

Culture.”  In Turner and Sport, edited by Roland Naul.  New

York:  Waxman Munster, 1991.

“Iowa, the Longtime ‘Hot Bed’ of Girls’ Basketball.”  In A Century of

Women’s Basketball:  From Frailty to Final Four, edited by

Joan S. Hult and Marianna Trekell.  National Association for

Girls and Women in Sport, 1991.



“Networking in Sports, It Worked in the 1920s” (1988)

“Lou Henry Hoover, Former First Lady, 1926-1930” (1989)

“Racism Rears Its Ugly Head in the Midwest:  Football, 1923 and

1951” (1990)

“Max J. Exner, Naismith’s Roommate, Pioneering Teacher, Coach,

Public Health Physician” (1991)

“Our Profession:  Field of Dreamers, Field of Doers” (1992)

“Why Only in Iowa?” (1993)



“Iowa Girls’ Basketball Moves Through the Century,” in The Daily Tribune, February 8, 1993.


Research Files--Girls’ Basketball

Outline:  topics for research


Grant proposal, documentary film, 1993

Women’s basketball timeline, 1917-1927

Survey of former players, questionnaire, 1979

Sports interests and attitudes:  high school students, questionnaire

Magazine articles [includes Sports Illustrated]

The Palimpsest, Special Girls’ Basketball Edition, April 1968

Excerpt on girls’ basketball, 1897

Newspaper clippings

Correspondence and newspaper clippings from former players (2 folders) [includes essay about the Iowa State Normal School]

Oral history interview notes (Ruth Johnson and others)

Johnson, Ruth, 1990

Correspondence and documents from Central District

Archives and Division of Girls and Women in Sport

Girls’ basketball rules (2 folders)

National Federation of State High School Associations, Official

Handbooks, 1972-1984

Iowa colleges

Iowa Wesleyan, 1945, 1946, 1953,1961

Drake University, 1990-1991


Box 3

Iowa towns and teams

Cresco, 1922-1923

Grundy Center, 1935

Hampton, 1926

Lime Springs, 1935

Steamboat Rock, 1943

Other states


Oklahoma, 1992

Louisiana, 1993

Illinois, 1992-1993


Photographs, pictures and illustrations for book (2 folders)

Photographs, State Tournament, 1993 (2 folders)

Photographs, miscellaneous



Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU)

State Basketball Tournament

Official Programs

1944-1965 (scattered), [excerpts]

1979, 1991

Hoop Scoop [press guide], 1993

Personnel Entry Form Book and Constitution-By Laws, 1990-1991

Honors Brunch, 1991

Iowa Girls’ Basketball Scrapbook

1944-1945 (photocopy)



Box 4

Iowa Girls’ Basketball Yearbook, 1947-1964

1947-1950 (select photocopies from each year)





Box 5






Box 6






Box 7




                                IGHSAU annual basketball championship programs, 1964-1975