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Nancy V. "Rusty" Barceló Papers, Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa Libraries, Iowa City, Iowa.


Collection Overview

The papers (donor no. 267) were donated by Rusty Barceló in 1999 and ensuing years.
The papers are open for research with the exception of: personal correspondence and personnel files in Box 17.
Copyright held by the donor has been transferred to the University of Iowa.
Eight audiocassettes are shelved in audiocassette collection (AC860-AC867).
In Boxes 13 and 14.
Processed by:
Sandi Solis, 2002 and Lisa Mott, 2005. [BarceloRusty.doc]


Born in Merced, California on June 5, 1946, activist and administrator Nancy “Rusty” Barceló earned the Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Welfare and Corrections from Chico State University in 1969. Barceló arrived at the University of Iowa as a graduate student in 1970. In 1971 she and fellow students Antonio Zavalla and Ruth Pushetonequa founded the Chicano Indian-American Student Union (CIASU). Barceló earned her Master of Arts in Recreational Education in 1972. She left the University of Iowa to assume the position of Coordinator of Educational Opportunity Services at the University of Oregon from 1973 to 1975. After her time in Oregon, Barceló returned to the University of Iowa where, in 1980, she became the first Mexican-American to earn a doctoral degree from the university.

Following her graduation, Barceló was hired by the University of Iowa, where she served as Acting Director of Affirmative Action (1982-1983), Director of Summer Session (1981-1987), Associate Director, Opportunity at Iowa, (1987-1994), Assistant Dean (1981-1995) and Assistant Provost, Opportunity at Iowa (1995-1996). From 1996 to 2001, Barceló was Associate Vice President for Multicultural Affairs and the Chair of the Chicana Studies Department at the University of Minnesota. She left that position in 2001 to become the Vice President for Minority Affairs and Diversity at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Barceló is credited as the moving force behind the National Initiative for Women in Higher Education (NIWHE). Since moving to Washington, she has chaired Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social (MALCS) and the Washington State Native American Advisory Board (NAAB). Her honors include establishment of the Rusty Barceló Award at the University of Minnesota that honors faculty, staff and students who, through their own work on campus, foster multicultural community building. In 2004, Barceló received the Ohtli award, a special recognition presented by the Mexican government to Mexicans or Latinos whose work has benefited Mexicans living abroad.

Scope and Content Note

The Nancy V. “Rusty” Barceló papers date from 1946 to 2005 and measure 5 linear feet. The collection is organized into five series: Personal, Professional Career, Photographs, Family History and Artifacts. The Personal series focuses on Barceló’s youth, education and participation in sports, and includes correspondence with her family.

The Professional Career series is separated into several sub-series. The University of Oregon sub-series focuses on the years 1973-1975 during which Barceló held the position of Educational Opportunity Services Coordinator. The series includes reports prepared by that office, files documenting challenges faced by minority students and conflicts between groups on campus. The sub-series University of Iowarepresents the bulk of the collection and is arranged chronologically. This series reflects Barceló’s career advances and her professional interests as well as her involvement with students on and off campus and with the larger community. The series illustrates the ways in which Barceló’s work as student, administrator, community member and activist often intersected. Barceló’s work for Opportunity at Iowa recruiting minority students to the University brought her into contact with Latino communities throughout the Midwest. As a result, the University of Iowa series is a rich source of information on Latinos and other minorities, not only in Iowa but in the Midwest. Materials documenting the history of Latinos in Iowa include a 1963 economic survey of Cooks Point, a Mexican-American community in the railroad yards of Davenport. The University of Minnesota and University of Washington sub-series include correspondence, speeches and newspaper articles from 1996-2002.

The majority of the Photographs are unidentified and undated. They include a wide range of social, academic and political activities. The Family History series contains photocopies of legal documents and correspondence pertaining to Barceló’s ancestors and their military service in Mexico. Due to their fragility, the original documents are closed. The Artifacts series consists of materials pertaining to Barceló’s activism, including a banner and a medal.

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Box List

Box 1                          
    Vita, undated
Education, 1963?
Family correspondence, 1982-1996
Student financial aid/grants and awards, 1966-1979
Marathon results, 1987, 1990-1991, 1998
    University of Oregon (1973-1975)          
      Correspondence, 1973-1976
Minority Issues, 1975
Announcement, Educational Opportunity Services (EOS), undated
Diversity Programs, 1973-1974
EOS Issues 1975
Native American Concerns 1974-1975
Pres. Clark’s response to Native American Proposal/Concerns,1975
Recruitment, undated
Self-development Seminar/Study skills, 1973 and undated
Synopsis of EOS 1975
News Clippings 1973
Box 2                          
    University of Iowa Administration          
      Administrative Handbook
Affirmative Action 1981-1990


  Jane A Weiss Memorial Scholarship, 1981-1983
Accreditation, 1985


  Counselor Leadership Development Conference, 1976
National Hispanic Feminist Conference, March 1980
Illinois Hispanic Women’s Conference, October 1981
Networking Together III, August, 1982
Women’s Education: The Future, February 1983
Chicano Culture and its Mexican Roots-Draft, April 1983
The Way Up: Women in Higher Education, May 1983
American Association for Higher Education: Forum on Hispanics in Higher Education, March 1984
Cross-Cultural Projections of Women, October 1984
Hispanic Americans: Immigration and Education, March 1985
Beyond 1984: Technology, Training and Higher Education, 1985
Hispanic Leadership Conference, May 1989
Nebraska Women of Color Conference 1985 and 1992
New Latin American Cinema II, October 1986
Displaced Homemakers Leadership Conference, May 1988
Articulation Conferences: Regents Committee on Educational Relations (RCER), 1987 and 1989
A Look to the Future, March and April 1988
Box 3                          
        1971-1996 and undated (5 folders)
Cards 1984-1992, 1994 and undated
With Chicana writer Pat Mora, 1997-2000
      Cultural Awareness, 1979, 1989-1993
Director, Summer Session, 1983 and 1986
Educational Opportunity Programs-Short term training
        Site reports
University of Colorado, 1973-1974 and 2000
Marquette, 1974
      Latin American Studies Program, 1989-1990 and undated
Minority Issues (state level)
        Minorities in Higher Education


  Surveys and collected data
Cook’s Point Economic Survey, 1963 ( Davenport, Iowa)
The Hispanics: A Missing Link in Public Policy-The Official Report of an Hispanic Conference in Des Moines, Iowa October 12-13, 1979
Minority recruitment at University of Iowa, 1994
      Opportunity at Iowa    


  Creation of and announcement, 1987
Minority Student Development Project, October 1986 – June 1988
Minority/Diversity, General, 1988-1989
Structure retreat, October 12, 1992
Correspondence, 1988-1990
      Special Support Services, 1969-1995 (4 folders)      
Box 4                          
      Speeches and Presentations          


  General, 1985-1996
Illinois Rehabilitation Institute, May 10, 1989
Text and transparencies-“500 Years of Hispanic Heritage” Sept. 20, 1989
      University of Iowa Foundation, “ Iowa Endowment 2000”
Vocational Rehabilitation Act Institutional Self-Evaluation, 1978
Box 5                          
    University of Iowa : Organizations          
      Community and Professional        
        Allianza Hispana Politica de Iowa-(The Iowa Latino Political Corp.) by-laws, undated
Association for Women in Development
Chicano Studies organizations (3 folders)
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute-Proceedings of the 1993 Issues Conference
Box 6                          
        Council On the Status of Latinos, University of Iowa, 1991 and 1995
Hispanic Association of Higher Education, Newsletter 1993
(includes essay by Barceló)
Latino, general 1981-1993
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), 1981-1999
LULAC Women (Conferences), 1980-1985
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
          Correspondence. 1990-1993
Newspaper clippings, 1991-1993
Report of the LGBT Student, Faculty and Staff Association, 1991 Draft
Conference Program, 1994
        Midwest Hispanic Network, 1980
Midwest Latino Scholars Network, 1987, 1988, 1990 and undated
Mujeres Activas en Letras y Cambio Social, 1991-1994
National Association of Chicano/Chicana Studies (NAACS), 1996-1998
National Chicano Council on Higher Education, 1982-1983
          LA Red/The Net, 1979-1987
Box 7                          
          Latino Institute Documentation and Research (LIDER), 1983-1984
Miscellaneous, 1977-1996 and undated (2 folders)
        Organizational Directories
          General (Latino)
Directory of Hispanic Appointees, Reagan Administration July 1982
Mid-American Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (MEOPP), 1977, 1987-1988
        Proteus 1988-1989
Spanish Speaking Peoples Commission 1979-1982, 1987-1989
Newspaper Clippings, 1986-1998 and undated
Women’s Resource and Action Center (WRAC) 15th Anniversary Celebration, March 1, 1986

    University of Iowa: Student Organizations              
      Chicano Indian American Cultural Center (CIACC) and Chicano American Indian Student Union (CIASU)  
        General, 1973-1987 and undated      
Box 8                          
        CIASU Conference March 14-15, 1980
Directory, 1973, 1974-1975, 1977-1981, 1992
Fact file, 1976-1982
Notes, Correspondence, Minutes 1980-1982
Student contacts, undated
El Teatro Zapatista-scripts, undated
Managers’ Reports, 1980 and undated
Nahuatzen, 2:1 (undated) and 3:1 (1974)
10th Anniversary, 1981
      Chicano Hispanic Association for Legal Education (CHALE), 1985-1992
Latinos United for Graduate and Professional Advancement and Relations (LUGAR), 1995-1996
Los Curanderos, 1984-1989
Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity
        Organizational Minutes, Constitution, 1985-1987
Conference “Impact of Hispanic Culture in the US” April 2, 1988
Box 9                          
      Latino Student Organizations (non-UI) 1987-1994 and undated
Newsletters (2 folders)
        “Noticias del Yunbe” Indiana University NW 1982-1983
Miscellaneous sources 1979-1990
    University of Iowa: Issues in Education        
      Bilingual Education issues, 1978, 1980-1983, 1985
Indian/Indigenous Higher Education, undated
Press Release: Migrant Workers, undated
    University of Iowa: Teaching/Mentoring        
      Courses taught; Exam Copy Requests, 1984
Summer Native American Institute, June 15-19, 1992
“Topics in Women’s Studies: La Chicana” Correspondence 1992
Women Against Racism (WAR), 1984 and 1990 (2 folders)
Leal, Raymond: Chicano studies syllabi, essays 1975, 1977, undated
Student Projects:
        Castel, Joseph: honors thesis “ Distorted Images of the Mexican-American in American Literature, Film, Television and Advertising.” 1987
Ferrera, Paul: film proposal/development “Mujeres,” 1985
Garcia, Teresa and Mark Hart: “Making a Vocational and Educational Choice” Project, 1978
Medina. Adriana: “Toward the Education of Gringo Teachers” article in Iowa Education Bulletin, 1979
Molina, Papusa: dissertation interviews 1991
Nava, Elsa: “Los Tapones” “El Viejo” and comments, undated
Nuñez, Grace: M.A. Thesis “Voices of a Different Color,” undated
Youngbear, Jonathon: poems, undated
Unknown “Pa’ El Professor Chicano” (in Spanish), undated
Box 10                          
      Organizational appointments, 1985-1987, 1991 and 1993
Recognition and Awards
        Certificates,1988,1990-1992 and undated
Jean Jew Women’s Rights Award nomination, letter of support, 1994
Outstanding Young Woman, 1981
Ph.D. Announcement, Program 1980
20-Year Recognition, 1989
      Special Events-flyers and programs, 1972-1997 (2 folders)
Miscellaneous notes, memos, and lists, 1980-1994 and undated (2 folders)
    University of Iowa: Newspaper clippings          
        1971-2005 and undated (2 folders)    
Box 11                          
    University of Minnesota          
        Transition, UI to UM, 1996
Correspondence: In-coming 1996-2001
New Zealand Study Trip, September 1998
Presentations, 1997, 1999-2000
      Special Events, 1996-2001
Statistics on Minnesota Hispanics for presentations, 1990 and 1996-1998
“Report on Faculty: Recruitment, Development, Retention” [to Board of Regents, February 1997]
Report “Student Diversity,” 1988
Box 12                          
      Conference Proceedings: Shaping A National Agenda for Women in Higher Education” March 2000 (2 folders)
Newspaper clippings, events notices, 1990-2002
    University of Washington            
        Incoming, 2001
Cards, 2001 and undated (2 folders)
      News articles and photographs, 2001
Speech, Bridging the Gap Breakfast, October 2001
Box 13                          
    Family, 1976-1994 and undated
High school and college, 1964-1969 and undated
Rock Island Arsenal,1986?
London and South Africa, 1985
Barceló as parade marshal, undated
Cal-State Chico, undated
Hospice and Meha puppy, 1970 and undated
Gay Pride March in Washington, 1993
Hispanic/Latino Senior Recognition Banquet, Rockford, Illinois, 1995
RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa),undated
Women Against Racisim (WAR), University of Iowa Conference, 1980s
Gay Pride Rally, University of Iowa, undated
“Felicidades Mona,” undated
Jean Jew Women’s Rights Award, University of Iowa, 1994
Photo album pages, undated
Assorted photographs taken during years in Minnesota, undated
Unidentified, 1980s, 1993, 1995 (3 folders)
Box 14                          
    Unidentified, 8x10s, undated (includes photo from first Chicano wedding at Chicano Native American Cultural Center)
Unidentified, undated (4 folders)
Photo albums, undated (4 folders)
Box 15                          
    Photocopies, 1906-1911 and undated (2 folders)        
Box 16                          
    Chicano rally banner, undated
Daniel Valdez CD, “Live Performance at the University of Iowa Chicano Conference, 1973
Handmade recognition certificate presented to Barceló, undated
Name tag from “Shaping a National Agenda for Women in Higher Education” for Barceló, National Chair, undated
Medal, UMC celebrating women’s achievements, 2001
  Audiocassette tapes                    
    La Chicana (Women’s Workshop), 1974 (AC865)
Chicana Conference, “The Historical Heritage of La Raza in the Midwest,” 1975 (AC860)
Chicana Feminism, Horizons Radio Program, 1980 (AC861)
Cherrie Moraga, “Women Against Racism,” 1982 (AC862)
Nellie Wong, “Women Against Racism,” 1986 (2 tapes) (AC863-AC864)
Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Staff and Faculty Association, 1991 (AC867)
Winona La Duke, undated (AC866)
Box 17                          
Box 18                          
    FAMILY HISTORY, 1906-1911 and undated [originals] – closed due to fragility      


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