TITLE:»MYRTLE KITCHELL AYDELOTTE (1917-)





»PAPERS, DATES:»1934-1994

QUANTITY:»20 linear feet





The »papers (donor no. 37) were donated by Myrtle K. Aydelotte in 1996».


The »papers are open for research.


»Copyright has been transferred to the University of Iowa.


»In box 47.


Your name, year»Kristen Rassbach, 1997. [Aydelotte.doc]


            Begin text here:»Myrtle Elizabeth Kitchell, nursing leader and innovator, was born in Van Meter, Iowa, on May 31, 1917.  Graduating high school at the age of sixteen, she took a year off and then entered a five-year baccalaureate nursing program at the University of Minnesota.  She received her B.A. in nursing education in 1939.


            After obtaining her degree, Kitchell worked as Head Nurse at the Charles T. Miller Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, from 1939 to 1941.  From 1941 to 1942 Kitchell was a surgical teaching supervisor at St. Mary's Hospital School of Nursing in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Kitchell entered the Army Nurse Corps as an assistant chief nurse, a captain, at the 26th General Hospital in North Africa from 1942 to 1945, and, in 1945, she was chief nurse at the 52nd Station Hospital in Italy.  After the war, Kitchell returned to the University of Minnesota to work on a master's degree in education and to serve as an instructor at the School of Nursing.  She received her degree in 1948.


            From 1949 to 1957, Kitchell was the Director and Dean of the State University of Iowa (now the University of Iowa) College of Nursing.  She received her Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Educational Psychology in 1955 from the University of Minnesota.  In 1956, Myrtle Kitchell married William O. Aydelotte, then the Chairman of the History Department at the State University of Iowa.  They had two children, Marie in 1957, and Jeanette in 1959.


            Aydelotte was a professor at the University of Iowa College of Nursing from 1957 to 1962;  from 1963 to 1964, she was the associate chief nurse and chief nurse of nursing research at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Iowa City, Iowa.  Aydelotte resumed her professorship at the University of Iowa College of Nursing from 1964 to 1976;  from 1968 to 1976 she was the director of nursing for the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.  She retired from the University of Iowa in 1976.


            After 1976, Aydelotte held positions in the American Nurses Association and the Center for Nursing Innovations.  She also held visiting professorships at the University of Illinois College of Nursing and at Yale University.  Aydelotte wrote and published prolifically.  She is considered a national authority on societal change and its effect on health care delivery.


            Aydelotte has been a member of the National League for Nursing; the American Nurses Association; Sigma Theta Tau, the international honorary for nursing; as well as a Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.  She has also been involved with the Iowa Citizens’ League for Nursing, the Iowa Hospital Association, and the Iowa Nurses Association.



Scope and Content Note


            Begin text here:The» Myrtle K. Aydelotte papers date from »1934 to 1994 and measure »20 linear feet.  The »papers »are arranged in »eight series:  Personal, Advising and consulting, Conferences, Employment, Professional associations, Professional correspondence, Research, and Photographs.


            The Personal series (1934-1990 and undated) contains some biographical information, but the bulk of the series is comprised of course notes Aydelotte made while a student at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing;  some may be notes from the courses she taught while at the University of Minnesota.  Many of the honors and awards she received are also included here.


            The Advising and consulting series (1950-1990 and undated) consists of correspondence and Aydelotte's notes resulting from her many consulting positions.  This series documents Aydelotte's independent consulting visits as well as the advisory and editorial boards on which she served.


            The Conferences series (1949-1992 and undated) mainly consists of papers Aydelotte gave at conferences, workshops, and seminars during her career.  The correspondence related to the events is also included.


            The Employment series (1945 -1990 and undated) is divided into four main subseries:  Army, State University of Iowa College of Nursing, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, and Veteran's Administration.  These subseries contain Aydelotte's administrative papers, committee materials, and other materials which relate to her four main places of employment.


            The Professional associations series (1950-1994 and undated) includes the records pertaining to her involvement in professional organizations.  The three most prominently represented here are the American Nurses Association, the National League for Nursing, and Sigma Theta Tau.


            The Professional correspondence series (1957-1994 and undated) includes all the correspondence that Aydelotte specifically labeled as professional.  Additional correspondence can be found throughout the collection.


            The Research series (1951-1990 and undated)  contains papers Aydelotte wrote for publication and her notes and drafts from her large research studies.  Correspondence with publishers, editors, and co-authors is interfiled with the publications in this series.


            The Photographs series (1976-1990 and undated) contains photographs of Aydelotte with other nurses and one undated portrait.  Several of the photographs are of early graduating classes of the University of Iowa College of Nursing.





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The William O. Aydelotte papers  (Myrtle Aydelotte's husband)

Housed in the University of Iowa Archives, Main Library, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.


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Neumann, Tali , Begin text here:»"The Administrations of Marie E. Tenor, Helen F. Watters, Myrtle Kitchell Aydelotte, and Mary E. Fuller:  Four Directors of Nursing Service, The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 1949-1979." M.A. Thesis, University of Iowa College of Nursing, 1987.  Housed in Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, University of  Iowa [T 1987 N 492].


Robnett, Michelle Kearns, "The Growth of a Nursing Leader:  Myrtle Kitchell Aydelotte" M.A. Thesis, University of Iowa College of Nursing, 1986.  Housed in the Iowa Women’s Archives printed works collection, University of Iowa [T1986 .R666].


Summary Contents List


Personal, 1934-1990 and undated (boxes 1-4)


Advising and consulting, 1950-1990 and undated (boxes 4-14)


Conferences, 1949-1992 and undated (boxes 14-22)

            Presentations, 1949-1992 and undated (boxes 14-21)

            Conferences attended, 1951-1987 (boxes 21-22)


Employment, 1945 -1990 and undated (boxes 22-27)

            Army, 1945 and undated (box 22)

            State University of Iowa College of Nursing, 1948-1993 and undated                           (boxes 22-27)

            University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, 1968-1976 (box 27)

            Veterans Administration, 1951-1966 and undated (boxes 27)


Professional associations, 1950-1994 and undated (boxes 28-36)


Professional correspondence, 1957-1994 and undated (boxes 36-40)


Research, 1951-1990 and undated (boxes 40-47)

            Papers and publications, 1944-1990 and undated (boxes 40-42

            Studies, 1955-1988 and undated (boxes 42-47)


Photographs, 1976-1990 and undated (box 47)


Box no.   Description

Box 1


Activities and interests

Altrusa, 1950-1951

American Association of University Professors

General, 1972-1975

Minutes, 1973-1975

Newsletters, 1974-1976

American Association of University Women

Art show, 1956

Fellowship program, 1955

Federated Business and Professional Women's Clubs, 1950

League of Women Voters of Iowa City, 1956

Library Board, Iowa City, Iowa, 1961-1967

"SLAM," 1973 [poetry magazine compiled by Aydelotte’s daughters]

The University (of Iowa) Club, 1950/1951-1952/1953


Appointment books, 1957-1975


Box 2

Autobiographical sketches

Myrtle K. Aydelotte, 1987

William O. Aydelotte, 1978

Curriculum Vitae




Newspaper clippings, 1959-1988






Densford, Katharine, 1956-1957

Mugar Library, The Nursing Archives, 1982-1983

University of Minnesota, 1974


University of Minnesota

     Course notes

General Inorganic, 1934

Biostatistics 110, 1945

Ed[ucational] Administration 227, 1947

Ed.C.I. 252: Effective College Teaching, 1947


Box 3

Health Education 180: School and the Social Order, 1947

Education 292: Organization and Administration in Schools of Nursing, 1948

Ed[ucational] Teaching 51A, 1948

Public Health 141: Social and Economic Aspects of Medical Care, 1948

Public Health 161: History and Development of Hospitals, 1948

Eds. 292: Administration in Schools of Nursing, 1948

                                                 Ed[ucational] Psychology 294, 1949

Nursing Education 171, 1949

Administration of Nursing Personnel, undated

Ed[ucational] Administration 253, undated

Ed.C.I. 251, undated

Public Health Administration 106, undated

Commencement program, 1955

Remarks for Alumni Association News on women’s education, 1965

Resignation, 1949

State University of Iowa

General, 1949-1955 and undated

34:220 Culture and Personality, 1955

Stanford University course notes

Business 332: Government Regulation of Industrial Relations, 1976


Box 4

Business 333: The American Woman at Work, 1976

National Training Laboratory, 1955

Education for Nursing:  A History of the University of Minnesota School, 1960 [shelved in printed works collection  RT81 .M6 G7 1960]

Honors and Awards

Certificates, 1949-1977

Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, 1977

Fourth Elizabeth S. Soule Lecturer, University of Washington, 1982

Luther Christman Award, 1977

Towner's Woman of the Week, 1950

Tribute by Hon. Neal Smith, Iowa House of Representatives, 1981

University of Minnesota Outstanding Achievement Award, 1959

University of Nebraska, Honorary Doctor of Science, 1981

Who's Who Monthly Supplement, January 1954


Advising and consulting

Arizona State University, 1971-1972

Center for Nursing Innovations, 1983-1984

Chronic Disease Care Program, 1983

Clemson University College of Nursing, 1986

Coe College Department of Nursing Education, 1972-1974

Colorado Nurses' Association, 1981-1987

Commission for Administrative Services in Hospitals (CASH), 1971

Commonwealth Fund, 1982-1983 and undated

Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1972-1976

Fort Hays State University, 1978

Georgetown University, 1985

Health Resources Administration, 1974

Henry Ford Hospital [see University of Michigan and Henry Ford Hospital]

Iowa Board of Nurse Examiners (now Board of Nursing)

2nd Work Conference on the Development of More Flexible State Board Standards, 1955

3rd Work Conference on the Development of More Flexible State Board Standards, 1956

Correspondence, 1958

Practical Nurse Conference, 1957

Board Meeting Minutes





Box 5


Iowa Department of Social Services, 1972-1973

Iowa Polio Planning Committee, 1953

Iowa Regional Medical Program, undated

Iowa State Survey of Nursing Needs and Resources

Correspondence, 1950-1951

Meetings, 1950-1951

Johns Hopkins University, 1978-1979

Johnson County (Iowa) Board of Health






Nursing Services, 1968-1973

Public Health Nursing Advisory Group, 1973


Box 6

Visiting Nurse Coordinating Committee, 1973

Joint Orthopedic and Poliomyelitis Nursing Advisory Service, 1953

Journal of Nursing Administration



Kellogg Foundation Advisory Council on Nursing

General, 1952-1953

Committee meetings

February 1954

October 1954

Macalester College, 1974

Medicus National Advisory Committee

General, 1972-1973

"A Methodology for Evaluating Quality of Nursing Care," ca. 1974 [2 folders]


Box 7



March 1974

November 1974


Nursing Productivity Conference

Conference Proceedings, 1975 [2 folders]

Midwest Regional Conference Planning Committee, 1956

Montefiore Hospital, 1983

Morris Brown College, 1987

National Association of Social Workers Search Committee, 1981

National Commission on Nursing

Correspondence, 1982-1983

Draft Summary Report, 1983

Final Report and Recommendations, 1983


November 1982

January 1983

September 1983


Box 8

National Committee for the Study of Nursing and Nursing Education






National Council of State Boards of Nursing [project with American College Testing (ACT)]



May 1985

November 1985

May 1986

National Forum of Women Health Care Leaders Board of Directors, 1990

National Institutes of Health

Committee to plan the conference on nurse staffing research

January 1972


Box 9

February 1972

May 10, 1972

May 23, 1972

September 1972

National Nursing Accrediting Service, 1950-1951

National Research Council

Committee on Health Care Resources in the VeteransAdministration (CHCRVA)

General, 1974-1976

Committee membership list, 1975

Committee on Health Care Resources in the VeteransAdministration (CHCRVA) (cont.)

Hearings on the National Academy of Sciences Study of Health Care for American Veterans and the VA Response, parts 1 and 2 [shelved in printed works collection   ]




Site visits

General information, 1975

Meltzer, 1961, 1966

Northampton, Massachusetts, 1975

Philadelphia, 1975


Dental, 1976

Hemodialysis, 1976


Box 10

Long term care, 1976

Staffing, 1975-1976

Workshop on the Methodology for Assessing the VA's Health Manpower Requirements, 1974

National Academy Special Panel in Nursing in the Veterans Administration

General, 1976

The Nurse's Almanac Board of Advisors, 1977

Nursing Digest Associate editor, 1972-1975

Nursing Research

Ad Hoc Editorial Advisory Committee, 1976

Correspondence, 1952-1957

Editorial board meetings




Oaknoll Retirement Residence

General, 1973, 1974 and undated


Box 11

Board meetings, 1972-1975

Office of Training and Assistance, Medical Devices and Nursing Education

Correspondence, 1985-1986

Proceedings, 1986

Program materials, 1986 and undated

Working materials, 1985-1986

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Chronic Disease Care Program, 1983

Clinical Nurse Scholars Program, 1982

St. Joseph's Medical Center, 1990

San Francisco General Hospital

General, 1984

Development of strategy, 1984

Nursing education, 1984

Overall problems, 1984

Position descriptions, 1984

Proposals for governance, undated

Staffing, 1984


June 5-7, 1984

June 20-26, 1984

July 9-18, 1984

July 19-27, 1984

San Joaquin County Health Care Services, 1973-1974

United States Public Health Service

Division of Nursing Resources, 1958-1962

Special Grants Review Panel, 1977


Box 12

University of Alberta, 1976

University of California, Los Angeles, 1976

University of Colorado, 1969-1976

University of Illinois





Peoria, 1982

University of Michigan

Consultation, 1970-1971

Development of Criterion Measures of Nursing Care

December 1974

May 1975

May 1976

Nursing Health Services Administration Advisory Committee, 1983

University of Michigan and Henry Ford Hospital, 1985-1986

University of Minnesota





Correspondence, 1968-1971

University of Missouri, 1972

University of Nebraska

Consultant, Articulated Curriculum Project, 1972-1975

Task force on the master's program



University of Pennsylvania, 1989-1990

University of Pittsburgh, 1970

University of Rochester



Box 13


University of Texas at Austin, 1982

University of Virginia, 1983

Veterans Administration


VA Center, Hot Springs, SD, 1952

VA Hospital, Buffalo, NY, 1976, 1978-1979

VA Hospital, Hines, IL, 1972

Correspondence, 1951-1956

Medical Advisory Group, 1951

National Nursing Consultants, 1974-1975

Nursing Advisory Committee









Education and Training, 1952-1955

Hospital Nursing Standards and Operations, 1953

Nurse Professional Standards, 1952-1953

Outpatient Nursing Standards, 1952

Video Nursing, Inc., 1971

Wayne State University

Scientific Advisory Board, Center for Health Research

Correspondence, 1972-1974




Box 14

October 1975

December 1975

Newsletters, 1969-1974

Yale University

Consultation, 1990

University Council on Medical Affairs

General, 1985-1987

Final report on the Yale School of Nursing, 1986




Educational Conferences for Nurses, University of Minnesota, 1949

"Applications of Educational Psychology to the Teaching of Operating Room Nursing," Mercy Hospital School of Nursing (Iowa City), 1950

Pre-Nursing Program, American Association of Junior Colleges, 1951

Conference on Testing, Iowa Board of Nurse Examiners, 1952

Improvement of Nursing Services in Hospitals Caring for the Mentally Ill, Iowa State Department of Health, 1952

In-Service Education and Field Consultation Service, Nursing Service Administration Conference, Battle Creek, MI, 1952

Pre-Nursing Institute, Jackson County Hospital, 1952

4th Annual Conference for Psychiatric Nursing Personnel of Iowa Mental Health Institute, Iowa League for Nursing, 1953

5th Annual Conference for Psychiatric Nursing Personnel of Iowa Mental Health Institute, Iowa League for Nursing, 1953

"Conversion of a 3-5 year curricula to a 4-year pattern," National League for Nursing (NLN), 1953

Preparing Personnel for More Effective Nursing, NLN Regional Conference, 1953

6th Annual Conference for Psychiatric Nursing Personnel of Iowa Mental Health Institute, Iowa League for Nursing, 1954

9th Annual Course in Nursing and Nursing Education, University of Kansas, 1954

Baccalaureate, Diploma, and Practical Nurse Programs, Wisconsin League for Nursing, 1955

"Keeping Up With Nursing," University of Wisconsin, 1956

Medical Surgical Conference, NLN, 1958

"Does increased staffing really improve patient care?" Minnesota Nurses Association, 1961

"Nurse Utilization Study--Implications for Nursing Service and Nursing Education," NLN Department of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs, 1961

Research Seminar, Yale University, 1961

Moving Forward in Professional Nursing, Tennessee Nurses Association annual convention, 1962

"Returns of Your Investment," Iowa Nurses Association 59th annual convention, 1962


Box 15

"Use of Resources," Nebraska State Nurses Association, 1962

"Collegiate Nursing Education," Iowa Hospital Association, 1963

"Current Issues in Nursing," NLN-ANA Convention, 1964

Practical Approaches to Improvement of Nursing Practice, Midwest Regional Conference of State Boards of Nursing, 1964

"Problems of Administration in a Complex Organization: Research Design," 4th Management Development Institute for Veterans Administration Executives, 1964

"The Pursuit of Excellence," North Dakota NLN Convention, 1964

"The Development of Criterion Measures," University of Pittsburgh, 1967

Internal Workshop, VA Hospital, Bedford, Mass., 1967

22nd Annual Meeting, Conference of Catholic Schools of Nursing, 1969

Quality Care Workshop, University of Kansas, 1969

"Trends in Nursing Education and Nursing Practice," National Conference for Allied Health Professions, 1969

The Extended Role of the Nurse, Wisconsin Nurses' Association, 1970

"What Do Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Need to be More Effective in Cancer Care," Iowa Regional Medical Program annual meeting, 1970

Drug-Related Studies Panel, National Center for Health Services Research and Development, 1971

"Gaps Between Service and Education," 4th Annual Meeting Council of Hospital and Related Institutional Nursing Services, 1971

"Accountability--Quality vs. Quantity," Virginia Nurses' Association Convention, 1972

Conference on Nurse Staffing, Iowa Hospital Association, 1972

"Health Ecology: Nursing's Territory," Illinois Nurses' Association, 1972

Nursing Process and Nursing Care, Virginia Commonwealth University, 1972

"Predictions of Numbers and Kind of Staff Required for Nursing Program," School of Nursing, University of Hawaii, 1972


Box 16

"Quality--Staffing for Patient Care," American Health Congress, 1972

"Accountability--Quality vs. Quantity," University of Wisconsin, 1973

"The Future Health Delivery System and the Utilization of Nurses Prepared in Formal Educational Programs," University of Nebraska Articulated Career Program, 1973

"Medical Ethics and the Nurse: Mutual Endorsement and Support," American Medical Association 4th National Congress on Medical Ethics, 1973

"Nursing Administration and Hospital Administration--A Trust of Mutual Respect," American Health Congress, 1973

The Nursing Audit--A Tool for Quality Assurance, Connecticut Hospital Association, 1973

Nursing Leadership at the Nursing Unit Level, Cedarloo Hospital Council Leadership Conference, 1973

"Perception of the Nursing Leadership Role," Minnesota League for Nursing, 1973

Continuing Education Program, Programs in Hospitals, University of Hawaii

Correspondence, 1972-1973

Plans, 1973

Work materials, 1973

School of Nursing Association, University of Minnesota, 1973

Biennial Regional Clinical Conferences, Illinois Nurses' Association, 1974

Clinical Specialists in Nursing, University of Nebraska, 1974

Conference on Doctoral Manpower Requirements in Nursing, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1974


Box 17

Excellence in Nursing Service--Corrective Action and Assurance of Clinical Competence, Hawaii Nurses' Association, 1974

"Health Care Economics: Implications for Nursing," University of Kansas Schools of Nursing and Medicine, 1974

"Interface Between Nursing and Pharmacy: The View of a Director of Nursing," Study Commission on Pharmacy, 1974

Partnership for Patient Care, Birmingham Regional Hospital Council, 1974

"The Patient's Bill of Rights--Implications for the Health Care System," Oklahoma League for Nursing, 1974

"Quality Assurance Programs in Health Care Agencies," Forum for Nursing Service Administrators in the West, 1974

2nd National Conference on Joint Practice, National Joint Practice Commission, 1975

"Compatibility Between Health Care Delivery and Clinical Nursing Research," Wayne State University, 1975

Council of Teaching Hospitals Directors, University of Rochester, 1975

"Evaluation for Quality Nursing Care," University of Chicago Hospitals and Clinics, 1975

North Dakota Board of Nursing

Correspondence, 1974-1975

"Closing the Gap Between Service and Education," 1975

"Nursing Education and Practice: Putting It All Together," 1975

"Staffing Patterns and Utilization of Nursing Personnel," 1975

Nursing Administration Seminar, University of Illinois, 1975

Nursing Care and the Political Arena: Hope or Disaster, Illinois League for Nursing, 1975

"Quality and Staffing: An Overview," Lutheran Hospital of Maryland, 1975

"The Relation of Professional Nursing Accountability and Assurance of Quality Nursing Care," Michigan Nurses' Association, 1975

"Research Findings Translation: Feasible or Impractical," University of Michigan School of Nursing, 1975

Transmitting Values Through the Nursing Process, 9th Annual Nursing Conference, Sisters of Mercy, Detroit, Michigan, 1975

"Clinical Nursing Investigation and the Structure of Knowledge," University of Illinois College of Nursing, 1976

Education Conference on the Articulated Programs of the College of Nursing, University of Nebraska, 1976

"The Emergence of Nursing Leadership in the United States," King's Fund Seminar of Nurses, United Kingdom, 1976


Box 18


"Nursing Autonomy, Accountability, and Standards: The Necessity of Change," University of Missouri-Kansas City, 1976

"Nursing Research in Clinical Settings: Problems and Issues," Indiana University Hospital's Nursing Research Seminar and the School of Nursing, 1976

Nursing Resources--Policy and Implementation: A View of Current and Future Directions, ANA Convention, 1976

Seventh District Missouri Nurses Association, 1976

Conference on Staffing, Alberta Hospital Association, 1977

The Future is Here, National Male Nurse Association, 1977

"From Indian to Chief," Nursing Leadership and Management Series, Nursing Division of the Academy of Health Professions, 1977

"From Indian to Chief," Nursing Leadership and Management Series, Nursing Division of the Academy of Health Professions, 1980

25th Congress on Administration, 1982

"Healing as a Collaborative Ministry," Sisters of Mercy Health Corporation Annual Meeting and Trustee Symposium, 1982

"Nurses and Physicians: An Agenda for Cooperation," Miriam Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island, 1982

"Nursing Needs of the Elderly" and "Standards for Nurses in Nursing Homes," University of Iowa Health Care of the Aged Seminar, 1982

"The Nursing Profession: A Sociocultural Perspective," St. Joseph's Hospital Symposium on Dynamics of the Therapeutic Process, 1982

"The Nursing Shortage: Dollars and Professional Freedom," 60th and 61st Interagency Institute for Federal Health Care Executives, 1982

"Nursing: Societal Discontent and Professional Change," University of Washington School of Nursing, 1982

"The Path Toward Professional Autonomy," 88th Annual Meeting of the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States, 1982

Productivity and Motivation in the Corporate Setting, American Hospital Association, 1982

Health Care Cost Containment, National Conference for Women Involved in Health Care Delivery at the Decision Making Level, 1983

"Leadership Effectiveness as a Nurse Faculty," Iowa Methodist School of Nursing, 1983


Box 19

National Conference for Women Health Care Leaders, 1983

"Professional Autonomy," Oncology Nursing Conference V, 1983

University of Minnesota, 75th Anniversary, 1983-1984

"Catastrophic, Long-Term, and Indigent Care," 2nd National Forum for Women Health Care Leaders, 1984

Expert Panel on Collaboration in Nursing Education, Practice, and Research, 1984

"From Genesis to...," Patient Classification in Critical Care Conference, San Diego, California, 1984

"National Perspectives and Trends," 3rd Annual Iowa Nurse Educator's Conference, 1984

"Burden of Benefits: For Whom Shall We Care," 3rd National Forum of Women Health Care Leaders, 1985

"Utilizing Management Consultants," Collaboration for Clinical Excellence in a Cost-Conscious Environment, San Francisco, California, 1985

Workshop on Nursing Data Gaps and Needs, Division of Nursing and Interagency Conference on Nursing Statistics, 1985

Networking and Mentoring in Nursing Education, Iowa Methodist School of Nursing and Mercy Education Center, 1985-1986

Kellogg Leadership Program Workshop, ANA, 1986

"Nursing Taxonomies: State of the Art," 7th Conference on Classification of Nursing Diagnosis, 1986

"Structural Arrangements and Financial Mechanisms for Delivery of Nursing Services in the Future," 55th Convention of ANA, 1986

Substance Abuse--Managing Its Impact on Our Society, 4th National Forum Featuring the Nation's Leading Women Health Care Presenters, 1986

Translating Commitment to Reality, 3rd Annual Nursing Faculty Practice Seminar, 1986

"Times are Changing: Stay Ahead and Call the Tune," University of Iowa Department of Nursing Leadership Conference, 1986

"The Vision--Nursing's Preferred Future," Annual Meeting and Scientific Session of the American Academy of Nursing, 1986

"The Future of Nursing," St. Luke's Methodist Hospital Continuing Education Program, 1987

Innovations for Future Nursing Practice, 66th Annual Meeting, New England Hospital Assembly, Inc., 1987

"Non-Traditional Structural Arrangements and Financial Mechanisms for the Delivery of Nursing Care: Present and Future, University of Iowa College of Nursing Research Seminar Series, 1987


Box 20

"The Nurse Executive in 2000 A.D.: Role and Functions," Iowa Nurses Association 6th Annual Iowa Nurse Educator's Conference, 1987

"Nursing Administration and Nursing Research--Past, Present, and Future," VA Nursing Service Nursing Research Conference, 1987

Nursing in the Past, ANA Minority Fellowship Programs' Advisory Committee Meeting, 1987

"Nursing: Opportunity Through Diversity," Iowa Nurses Association Convention, 1987

Nursing Practice in the 21st Century, American Nurses Foundation, 1987

"State of the Profession and Strategies for the Future," ARISTA Conference, 1987

Trends in Professional Nursing: Research in Iowa, 5th District Iowa Nurses Association, 1987

Use, Misuse: The Plague of Substance Abuse--the Provider's Role, National Forum of Women Health Care Leaders, 1987

Arriving at Your Destination, Iowa Association of Homes for the Aging Fall Conference, 1988

Future of Nursing: Focus for Action, University of Illinois, 1988

"Meeting Organization and Program Challenges for the Future," Wayne State University, 1988

"Nurse Extender Models Long-Term Strategies,"  Nursing Conference on Strategies to Manage the Nursing Shortage in Iowa, 1988

Nurse Managed Centers--The Future of Health Care Delivery, ANA Biennial Convention, 1988

"Nurses in Private Practice: Special Attention to the Successful Entrepreneur," Nurses in Business, Emory University, 1988

"Nursing and the Forces of Change," Iowa Hospital Association 60th annual meeting, 1988-1989

"Nursing Practice: Innovative Models," 4th Biennial Conference on Nursing Centers, 1988

"The Nursing Shortage--Myth or Reality: The Impact on the Profession," Sigma Theta Tau, Yale University, 1988

"Out of the Past and Present Evolve the Future," Founder's Day Dinner, Sigma Theta Tau Epsilon Chapter, 1988

Translating Entrepreneurial Concepts into the Nursing Organization, Massachusetts General Hospital, 1988

"Building Centers of Excellence," Rutgers University, 1989

"Capturing Today's Ideas for Ambulatory Nursing," University of Iowa Department of Nursing, 1989


Box 21

National Forum for Nursing Administrators and Nursing Educators, Pennsylvania Nurses Association, 1989

"Nursing and the Forces of Change," Iowa Hospital Association Annual Meeting, 1989

"Nursing in the Future:  Programmatic Changes Needed," University of New Mexico, 1989

"Nursing Practice--Past, Current and Future," California State University at Fresno, 1989

"Nursing--Past and Present," University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, 1989

"The Past and Future of Nursing," North Dakota Nurses' Association, 1989

Public Forum on the Nursing Shortage, 1989

"Restructuring Nursing Practice:  Innovations for Acute Care, Nursing Homes, and Home Health," Pennsylvania Nurses Association, 1989

"Setting Priorities--Part I," Sigma Theta Tau International 30th Biennial Convention, 1989

"Strategies to Meet Forces of Change," Iowa Hospital Association Annual Meeting, 1989

"The Decade of the 1990s: Looking Forward," 5th District Presentation, 1990

"The Evolution of the Staff Nurse Role in Hospitals," Iowa History of Medicine Society, 1990

National Forum of Women Health Care Leaders, 1990

"Nursing--Differentiating Practice:  Educational Models for the Future," University of Minnesota Continuing Education and Extension, 1990

"One Nurse Can Make a Difference," Sigma Theta Tau, Kappa Theta Chapter, 1990

"Nursing Education--Shaping the Future," NLN Council of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs, 1991

50th Year Reunion of the 26th General Hospital, 1992

"Collaborative Relationships," University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, Department of Nursing--Medical Nursing Division, 1992

"Faculty Organization," 1st Regional Conference, Wisconsin State League of Nursing Education, undated


Conferences attended

National Conference on Women in the Defense Decade, 1951

Omaha Regional Curriculum Conference, 1951

56th Convention of the National League of Nursing Education, 1952

Work Conference on Graduate Nurse Education, 1952

7th Annual Meeting and Training School of the Iowa Division, American Cancer Society, 1953

Governor's Lay Leadership Conference on Education, 1953

Teaching Public Health Nursing in Collegiate Basic Programs, 1953

Conference for Psychiatric Nursing Personnel of Iowa, 1954

Convention of the American Nurses Association, 1954

Governor's Conference on Children and Youth, 1954

Midwest Training Center in Human Relations, 1954

Midwest Regional Conference on Psychiatric Nursing, 1956

Conference on Research in Hospital Use, 1963

Nursing Theory Conference, University of Kansas, 1969

Third Nursing Theory Conference, University of Kansas, 1970


Box 22

Strengthening the Iowa Health Care System, 1973

Conference on Assessment of Nursing Services, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1974

2nd National Conference on Analysis and Planning for Improved Distribution of Nursing Personnel and Services--WICHE, 1976

Conference on Graduate and Continuing Education for Nursing Service Administration, 1982

Invitational Conference of the National Commission on the Nursing Implementation Project, 1986

Nurses in Business Conference, 1987




Nursing administrative routines, 52nd Station Hospital, 1945

Nursing forms used on the wards, 1945 and undated

Nursing routines, 1945

Miscellaneous, 1945


State University of Iowa College of Nursing


Administrative notes



Annual reports, 1956

Appointment papers




November 1948-March 1949

April 1949-July 1949 and undated

Enrollment information and schedule of classes, 1969

Faculty list, undated


Box 23

Kelting Professorship in Nursing, 1974

Newspaper clippings, 1949

Proposal for a research laboratory, 1965

Recruitment trip, Sioux City, Iowa, 1953

Research assistant appointment, 1986-1987

Secretarial duties, 1957

Statement of Beliefs, 1956


Ad Hoc Committee on Leaves, 1965

Ad Hoc Committee on Teaching of Nursing Management, 1982

Administrative Advisory Council, 1974-1975

Committee on Nursing Resources, 1950

Committee to Study Practical Nurse Education, 1950

Faculty Search Committee, 1973-1976

Faculty Senate Committee on Budgetary Planning and Review

General, 1975-1977

Minutes, 1974-1976

Health Services Research Center Research Committee, 1975-1976

96:26  [Psychiatric Nursing], 1957

96:95  Comprehensive Nursing Care, 1957

96:101  Issues in Nursing Today, 1985

96:120  Introduction to Methods of Nursing Research, 1967-1968

6:201  Administration of Nursing Service

General information, 1957

Bibliographies, 1956

Case study example, 1957

Lecture notes, undated

96:202  Principles of Nursing Service Administration

General, 1956-1958


Box 24

Bibliographies, 1956-1958 and undated

Final exam, 1957

Lecture notes, 1957-1958

96:203, 1957

96:204  Trends in Nursing and Nursing Education, 1953, 1957 and undated

96:206  Field Study Seminar, 1957

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Administrative process, 1987

Decentralization, 1987

Environment and change, 1987

Philosophy, 1987

Role of committees in the organizational structure, 1987

Types of organizations, 1987

96:261  Nursing Administration:  Process, Roles and Strategies II

Course materials, 1985-1990


Budgeting, 1987

Career development, 1985

Creative staffing patterns, issues of turnover and job satisfaction, and performance appraisal, 1988

Environmental overview, 1987

Marketing and nursing, 1987

Nursing salaries and benefits, 1987


Box 25

Nursing productivity, 1986-1987

Structuring the nursing department, 1987

96:269  Clinical nursing specialization, 1986

Seminars and workshops

2nd Annual Nurse Director-Hospital Administrator Conference, 1957

Workshop on the Care and Treatment of the Chronically and Acutely Ill, 1974

Conference on Curriculum Planning, 1954

Developing Team Leadership Skills, 1964

Evaluation of Student Performance in Basic Nursing, 1953

Evaluation of Hospital Nursing Service Personnel, 1961

Faculty Conference on Curriculum, 1953

Head Nurse Training Program, 1962

Improving Clinical Instruction, 1953

Industrial Nursing Conference, 1954-1955

Institute on Clinical Teaching in Medical and Surgical Nursing, 1951

Institute on Counseling, [1950]

Institute on Writing and Research in Nursing Education, 1952

Laboratory in Human Relations, 1953

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Politics in Nursing, 1985-1988

Research in Nursing, 1962-1963

Teaching of Medical and Surgical Nursing, "The Analysis and Reconstruction of Nursing Procedures," 1950

Theoretical Definition of Nursing Practice, 1964

Ward Aides, 1951

Work Conferences

Two Conferences on Curriculum Planning, 1954

Work Conference in Nursing Education, 1953

Nursing Service Administration



Group Work Conference, undated

Speeches and broadcasts

Commencement exercises, Allen Memorial Hospital, 1950

"Education for the Professional Woman," undated

Iowa Council for Better Education, WOI, Ames, Iowa, 1952

Iowa Lutheran Hospital’s School of Nursing Graduation, 1974

Box 26

"New Plans of Nursing at State University of Iowa," 1949

"The Nurse and Her Social Responsibility," undated

“The Professionalism of Nursing,” 1956

Radio Broadcast, 1950

St. Luke’s Commencement, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1969

Trends in Nursing Education, 1957

University of New Mexico College of Nursing, 1989

Thesis advisement

Cothern, Della, 1971 and undated

Habenstreit, undated

Halloran, Edward, 1976

Heald, Donna Rae, 1972 and undated

Miller, Sister Patricia, 1974

Ormsby, Sharon, 1973

Price, James L., 1973

Sweeney, Sandra, 1972

Taunton, Roma Lee, 1981-1982


Box 27

Zemlicka, Pearl, undated


Operating Room Supervisor Study {Jack Buerkle, Yale University), ca. 1953-1956

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

3rd Annual Clinical Nursing Symposium of University Hospital's Executive Council, 1973 [shelved in printed works collection:  RT3 .C5 3rd 1973

Official Status and appointment papers, 1973-1975

Proposals for Special Units, 1968, 1970


Correspondence, 1976

Guest book, 1976

Volunteer Program Advisory Committee, 1973-1974


Veterans Administration

Appointment papers, 1951, 1963

Clinical Nursing Research Program

Research study group in nursing


March 1964

October 1964

May 1965

October 1965

Research and education committee, 1963-1966

Statement on the program, 1964

Correspondence, 1963-1965 and undated

Nursing Service Executive Committee, 1963-1965


Box 28

Professional associations

American Academy of Nursing, 1976

American Nurses Association

ANA-NLN Study of Nursing Education, 1964 [see Research studies, ANA-NLN Study of Nursing Education, 1964]

Appointment as Executive Director

Appointment papers, 1977 and undated

Contract and goals, 1977, 1980 and undated

Correspondence, 1977



Commission on Nursing Services



Committee on Convention Program, 1952-1953, 1964-1965

Committee on Finance




Committee on Program, Educational Administrators, Consultants, and Teachers Section, 1952-1953

Committee on State Boards of Nursing Education and Nursing Registration, 1953, 1956

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH), 1977

Study Committee for Credentialing in Nursing, 1976-1977

Task force to Develop Guidelines for Nurse-Managed Centers

General, 1987

The Nursing Center:  Concept and Design, 1987

Task force on Development of a Policy for Nursing Resources, 1977

Task force to examine eligibility criteria and other components of the Community Nursing Organization Legislation, 1987-1989

Task force on Manpower, 1973, 1975


Box 29

Task force on Policy Development, 1975-1976


Annual Convention

General, 1976

Commission on Nursing Services, 1976

Open Meeting sponsored by the Council of Nursing Service Facilitators, 1976

Conference of Chairpersons



Commission on Nursing Services Educational Conferences, 1969

Midwest Regional Conference of the State Boards of Nursing, 1955

Quality Assurance Program for the Nursing Care Institute, 1973

State Nurses Associations Executives, 1981

Correspondence, 1950-1955, 1976

Denmark trip, 1968

"Issues and Challenges:  A Call to Action"

The American Nurse, December 1981

Draft, 1981 and undated

House of Delegates Reports, 1980-1982


Minority Project






Faculty and Community Enhancement Grant, 1990 and undated

Grant proposal and final report, 1987-1988

Outline for program seminars, 1987

Seminars and meetings

April 11-14, 1982

February 19-21, 1987

Box 30

August 17-19, 1987

August 3-4, 1988

April 7-18, 1989

June 16-18, 1989

July 24-25, 1989

October 6-8, 1989

December 3-4, 1989

March 1-2, 1990

May 1, 1990

May 14, 1990

January 5-6, 1994

February 24-27, 1994

Core Faculty Meeting

March 21, 1992

May 30-31, 1992

September 5-6, 1992

April 28, 1993

"Report of the Executive Director", House of Delegates Reports, 1978-1980


Correspondence, 1981

Reception, 1981

Resignation, 1981

Resolution, American Journal of Nursing Company, 1981

Scrapbook [disbound], 1981

Self-evaluation, 1981

White paper report examining the purpose, function, and structure of the professional organization, 1979

American Nurses' Foundation

Board nomination, 1989

Distinguished Scholar Project

Correspondence, 1985-1987

Financial, 1985-1988


Box 31

Progress reports, 1987-1988

Proposal, 1985-1986

American Organization of Nurse Executives, 1986

American Society for Hospital Nursing Service Administrators, 1975

Association of Collegiate Schools of Nursing, 1951

Iowa Hospital Association




Annual meeting





Committee to Develop Objectives and methodologies, 1970

Nursing Committee, 1974

Nurse Utilization Research Study and Evaluation Project (NURSE), 1972-1973

Regional meeting, 1953

Iowa League for Nursing (now Iowa Citizens League for Nursing)

General, 1953-1954

Annual reports, 1954


Committee on Nominations, 1956

Committee to Form Long Range Goals for the Iowa League for Nursing, undated

Co-ordinating Council, 1953-1955


Annual meeting



Leadership Effectiveness Conference, 1983




Iowa State Nurses Association (now Iowa Nurses Association)

Conferences and seminars

3rd Annual Iowa Educators' Conference, 1983-1984

Annual conventions



"Directions for the Future," Kirkwood Community College, 1983

National Commission on Nursing Recommendations, 1983

"Nursing...Where are You Going?," 1969

Correspondence, 1950-1955





Box 32


Finance committee, 1950, 1954-1955

Iowa Nurses Association 5th District, 1949-1955

National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine






Ad Hoc Committee on Unionization of Health Professionals, 1973

Membership Committee, 1978-1979

Programming Committee meetings

September 1973

January 1974

March 1974

May 1974

July 1974

September 1974

November 1974

January 1975

April 1975

July 1975

October 1975

November 1975

January 1976

Small Regional Advisory Committee, 1977-1978

Steering Committee, Study of the U.S. goals for the Year 2000, 1979


Annual meeting, 1979

Fall 1973


Box 33

Spring 1974

Fall 1974

Work Conference of Quality Assurance, 1974

Review Panel, IOM Committee to Study Implications of For-Profit Enterprise in Health Care, 1985-1986

Study of Nursing and Nursing Education

Advisory Panel on Data Needs, 1981

Meeting, 1981

Nurse Training Act Amendments of 1979, 1980 and undated

Work materials, 1982


Economics workshop, 1981

Workshop on Advanced Nurse Education, 1982

National League for Nursing (NLN)


Committee for Survey of Hospital Nursing Services, 1970

Committee on Nominations, 1970

Box 33

Committee on Perspectives, 1965-1966

Department of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs

General, 1954-1956

Accreditation visits

Indiana, 1956

Michigan, 1956

Collegiate Board of Review, 1955

Executive Committee on Accreditation Policies



Fellowship Committee on Awards

Correspondence, 1956-1957


February 1956

April 1956

May 1956

December 1956

Working materials, 1956


Box 34

Sub-committee on Education, 1958


Conference on Decision Making in the Administration of Nursing Services, Department of Hospital Nursing Services

November 1969

January 1970

March 1970

Council of Hospital and Related Institutional Nursing Services Program meeting, 1970

Forum for Nursing Service Administrators in the West, 1974

Medical-Surgical Conference, 1958-1959

Staff Development Workshop

October 1968

November 1968

February 1969

March 1969

August 1969

Correspondence, 1956-1976

New York Academy of Sciences, 1966-1971

Nursing Fellowship Fund, 1953

Pi Lambda Theta, 1951-1952

Sigma Theta Tau



1989-1990 and undated





Box 35



Distinguished Research Fellow, 1987-1989

Mary Tolle Wright Award for Leadership, 1987

National Service Award, 1987


75th Anniversary Celebration Committee, 1986, 1993

Friends of the Library Committee

General, 1990-1993 and undated

Correspondence, 1989-1993

Minutes, 1990-1993

Library Committee, 1987-1988

Project Advisory Committee, Indiana Hospital Association Grant, 1988

Research Fund Committee, 1968-1974

Correspondence, 1958-1992


Box 36

Gamma Chapter, University of Iowa, 1968-1975


1989 Annual Convention, 1989

Regional Assemblies, 1988-1990

National Chapter Meeting, 1955-1956

Past Presidents' Meetings, 1990-1992

Newsletter, 1949

Oral History Project, 1993

Sppech, York PA, Eta Eta Chapter induction ceremony, 1989


Professional correspondence


General, 1982-1991

Annual Review of Nursing Research, 1982


General, 1957-1991

Barger, Sara, 1988-1989

Beletz, Elaine, 1987

Blackwell Scientific Productions, Inc., 1983-1985

Boyle, Rena, 1977, 1987

Burns, Elizabeth, 1988-1989


Box 37


General, 1960-1989

Chaska, Norma, 1976-1992

Chinn, Peggy, 1989

D, 1957-1994 and undated


General, 1957-1990

Elend, Jo, 1990


General, 1965-1990 and undated

Fehring, Richard, 1987

Box 37

Friss, Lois, 1982

G, 1959-1991 and undated


Box 38


General, 1957-1990 and undated

Hamburg, David, 1976-1977

Hardy, Mary, 1987

Hedman, Lorraine L., 1984


General, 1972-1991

Johnson, Marion, 1986-1988


General, 1971-1994

Koener, Beverly, 1986-1988


General, 1957-1994 and undated

Lewis, Mary Ann, 1985-1989


General, 1959-1991

McCloskey, Joanne, 1982-1986

McCorkle, Ruth, 1988-1990

McFarland, Gertrude, 1987


Box 39


General, 1957-1990 and undated

Miller, Lana, 1989-1990

Miller, Sister Patricia, 1984-1986

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N, 1973-1991 and undated


General, 1960-1990

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P, 1966-1989

R, 1957-1990


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State University of Iowa, 1964

T, 1957-1993

U, 1972

V, 1976-1987


General, 1960-1991

Wieczorek, Rita, 1983-1985

XYZ, 1966-1975, 1988-1989

Miscellaneous, 1957-1996 and undated


Box 40


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Box 41

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Chapter I

Final draft

Original draft


Chapter II

Final draft

Original Draft


Chapter III

Final draft

Original draft


Chapter IV

Final draft

Original draft

Chapter V

Final draft

Original draft

Chapter VI

Final draft

Original draft


Chapter VII

Final draft

Original draft


Box 43


Question 29

Question 47

Question 50

Question 51


Appendix A

Correspondence, 1964-1966 and undated

Financial, 1966

Meetings, 1964-1965

Preview paper, 1966

Questionnaires, undated

"Determinants of nursing turnover," 1977

"Iowa State Survey of Nursing Needs and Resources"

General, 1950-1951

Research materials, undated

"Nurse staffing requirements"

Administrative materials


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Kennedy, Marie, HEW-Nursing Division, 1970-1972

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Budget, 1970-1971


Box 44

Statement of accounts, 8-70 to 8-71

Health, Education, and Welfare contract, 1971

Initial planning and correspondence, 1970 and undated

Progress reports

10-1 to 12-31-70

1-1 to 3-31-71

4-1 to 6-28-71

6-28 to 8-31-71

Research materials

Aims and objectives, undated





Case studies

Blodgett Memorial and Pennock Hospital, undated

Greenville General Hospital, 1971

University of Minnesota Hospital, undated

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Forms, undated

Research definition, 1970

Research forms, undated

Sample questions, undated

Staffing methodology proposed by Cash, 1971

"Nurses in private practice:  characteristics, organizational arrangements, and reimbursement policy"

Administrative materials

Correspondence, 1985-1988

Responses to notice in Nurse Entrepreneur's Exchange, 1986

Research materials

Outline, 1987

Questionnaire, 1986-1987

Rough draft, undated

Title page, table of contents, acknowledgments, and chapter 1


Box 45

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Supporting documentation

Outline of Section III

Spiral bound print, undated

Volume I

Volume II


Box 46

"Nursing activity and patient welfare: a nursing utilization study"

Administrative materials

Correspondence, 1956-1963

Financial information, 1958-1962

Grant applications

1959 and undated

1960 and 1961

Newspaper clippings, 1956 and 1960

Proposal, 1955, 1959, and undated

Research committee, 1955-1956

Research materials

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Literature review, undated

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Research proposal, 1959

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"Nursing care of patients undergoing intermittent dialysis for chronic renal failure"

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Box 47

Correspondence, 1965

Proposal, undated

Proposal, 1965

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Request for space, 1964

Research plan, undated

Secretarial information, 1965

Interview materials



Professional personnel

Interview structure, undated

Research materials

1st draft of the methodology, undated

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Hines [IL] VA Hospital

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