Paolo Mascagni's Anatomia Universa consists of 88 plates. Forty-four are hand-colored lithographs of anatomical preparations and 44 are outline plates containing nomenclature for identifying the anatomical parts in an accompanying volume of text. The plates are so large that the text block has never been bound and is stored in a large book-shaped wooden box especially constructed for that purpose. Each plate is 99 cm x 72 cm and the image itself measures 72 cm x 53 cm. The colored plates were photographed during the 1980s on high quality 35-mm color film from which 2x2 slides were made. In 1999 the 44 slides were scanned at high resolution directly into Adobe Photoshop using a Polaroid SprintScan scanner and archived at three resolutions on a CD-ROM.

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Librarian Ed Holtum with one of the Special Figures plates

Librarian Ed Holtum with one of the "Special Figures" plates.

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