Above: Photograph of Vincent Fitzgerald by Judith Turner, ARTnews November 1993.
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Gerrit Henry, poet, art critic, and author of the article, "Vincent FitzGerald: Five Ruminations," writes that since he started his company FitzGerald has been "a print dealer with a difference. FitzGerald believes that prints should serve a function - in many cases, to enhance and complement classic texts in the classic modern livres deluxes tradition." As Henry explains, FitzGerald's work includes, "hiring good translators, synchronizing artists with text, locating printers and binders, and working intensively with them, just generally taking care of every detail of publication right down to the color of the typeface - is to borrow a phrase, labor intensive. But, as FitzGerald frank wit and gravely perky demeanor suggest, this is enjoyable work....FitzGerald's works are acts of courage as well as creation."


"Themes and Variations: The Publications of Vincent FitzGerald and Company," an article by the University of Columbia Libraries

"Limited Edition Books as Multi-Media Art: The Work of Vincent FitzGerald and Co. displayed at Columbia"

Above: One of Elizabeth Harington's striking "illuminations" from Deception.

Above: Title page of Jalaluddin Mohammad Rumi's Deception, published by Vincent FitzGerald and Company, New York, 1998. Translated by Zahra Partovi.

Above: The text of Deception is printed in both English and Arabic.


Above: Title page of The Frog Prince, a play by David Miller, illustrated by Edward Koren. Published by Vincent FitzGerald and Company, New York, 1984.

Above: One of the illustrations done by Edward Koren for David Miller's play, The Frog Prince.

Above: One of the text pages from the play, The Frog Prince by David Miller.


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