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Judy Levy

Above: Cover of Shadow Traffic by Judy Levy, 1983.

One some of the pages of Shadow Traffic there are black images and text printed on clear, transparent sheets. When these sheets are laid over the solid sheets complex, layered images are formed. The cover of the book is constructed in such a way. The above image is how the book looks with the transparent sheet laid over the opaque sheet. Below are the separate components.

Above: Just the transparent overlay of the cover of Shadow Traffic.

Above: The image underneath the transparent overlay shown above.

Above: A section of text from a page in Shadow Traffic. In this example, some of the text is created by leaving un-inked spaces on the transparent sheet, while other sections of the text are printed in black on the page underneath the overlay.

The above is the same page as the image to the left, yet here, the overlay has been removed, revealing more text.

Above: This image is what is created when the overlay from the two images above is flipped back. It highlights images from the backside of the previous page.

Above: Another example of how Levy combines images and text through solid and transparent pages.


Above: Another scene from Shadow Traffic formed by image on both a clear sheet and a solid sheet of paper. Below is the scene without the clear overlay.


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