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Jocelyn Sarah Webb - Victor Hammer Fellow, short autobiography

Open Book: The Book Community at the University of Iowa - Examples of Webb's Work

Jocelyn Webb at Wells College



Above: Cover of Seep, Five Stories by Peter Orner, monoprints by Jocelyn Webb. Published by the Sierra Press, Iowa City, Iowa 1998.

Above: Title page of Seep by Jocelyn Webb.

Above: A detail opposite the title page in Seep by Peter Orner, monoprints by Jocelyn Webb.

Above: One of the monoprints by Jocelyn Webb that divide the five stories by Peter Orner in Seep.

The colophon reads:

"This book was designed and printed by Jocelyn Webb in the Type Kitchen at the University of Iowa. The editions is limited to twenty-six books. The text paper is Frankfurt, the cover paper is Nideggen, and the type is Dante, which was composed at the letter foundries of Michael and Winifred Bixler. Each copy contains nine original monoprints which were printed letterpress from vinyl plates. This projects was supported in part by a grant from the University of Iowa Fine Arts Council."


Above: An example of one of Jocelyn Sarah Webb's drawings from Duty-Free Desiderata.


There seven drawings by Jocelyn Sarah Webb in the book. The colophon explains that they were printed using magnesium plates and then coated with beeswax.

Above: Title page of Duty-Free Desiderata by Stratis Haviaras, drawings by Jocelyn Sarah Webb.

The five by Stratis Haviaras in Duty-Free Desiderata were originally published in Millennial Afterlives (Wells College Press, 2000). The five poems are Socialist Surrealism, Praise-Prose, Beauty, Energy, Desire, and Joy (and Wisdom), Duty-Free Desiderata, and Skywriting.

Desiderata: plural of desideratum, something considered highly desirable or necessary

Above: Skinny This is bound in bee's-waxed and walnut dyed paper.

Above: The title page from Skinny This by Jocelyn Webb, drawings by Michael Russem, Sierras Press 1999.

Below: Another example of a one of the drawings by Michael Russem from Webb's Skinny This.

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