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Biographical and Exhibition Information, Ball State University

Retrospective Exhibition of Works by Hans Breder at the UI Museum of Art

Biography and Images of Works

Above: Cover of Portrait of Rosa by Hans Breder, 1983

"This book derives from interviews with two urban squatter families in Oaxaca, Mexico in 1981 and also from interpretations of those interviews excerpted from the video 'Pictura Minuta: Portraits of the Urban Poor'" by Hans Breder." - Portrait of Rosa

Above: The title page of Portrait of Rosa as seen with the translucent sheet covering the distorted photographic image.

Above: A two-page spread showing how the translucent sheets influence the text and images.

Below: Another two-page spread from Portrait of Rosa. In this image, the translucent sheet is covering the photograph on the right rather than the text page on the left.

Above: the translucent title page as seen when the page is turned.

Some of the images on the translucent sheets can only be fully appreciated when held up off of the sheet behind them.

Above: One of the pages that includes text in both Spanish and English.


Above: One page of Threshold, showing how Breder displays one of his artworks along with drawings and text in both German and English.

Above: A section of one page showing how Threshold exhibits and explains Breder's work but also adds to his oeuvre.

Above: Cover of Threshold States Sprach-Schwellen by Hans Breder

"When the German art dealer and my long time friend and supporter, Heiner Hachmeister suggested I do this book, I appreciated the opportunity to articulate the conceptual themes which have informed my work across several decades and a variety of media..." - Hans Breder, Threshold States Sprach-Schwellen

Above: A two-page spread from Threshold.

Above: Another two-page spread, yet this one involves only images and etchings.
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