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Granary Books describes itself as a distributor of "contemporary fine press books at in-print prices to libraries, collectors and book dealers....[handling] the work of more than 45 other distinguished presses from the United States and England." Yet, they also stress that they are "a gallery devoted to the contemporary handmade book," whose "collection includes one-of-a-kind books and book-objects (drawn, painted, assembled); traditional and experimental illustrated books; prints and portfolios; fine press books, and works which elude all of these categories."

Further Reading:

  • Drucker, Johanna. Luminous Volumes: Granary's New Vision of the Book. New York: Granary Books, 1993.
  • Hanson, Beth. "Granary Books: A Minneapolis distributor advances the cause of fine press publishing." Small Press.


Above: A Girl's Life by Johanna Drucker and Susan Bee, 2002

"A Collaboration between two book artist - painter Susan Bee and writer Johanna Drucker, this work conjures a strange , dark world that begins where the story leaves the curb. A dream of teen scenes in the true real world." - A Girl's Life

Above, below, and left: Examples of how Drucker and Bee mix elements of prefabricated pop-art images, original paintings, and text.


Above and below: Two different pages
from The Lake.

Above: The cover of The Lake, by Emilie Clark and Lyn Hejinian, published by Granary Books, New York, 2004.


The Lake was published by Granary Books in New York City during the spring of 2004. The book was printed by Silicon Gallery Fine Art Prints....Judith Ivry made the bindings.

Granary Books' Information on The Lake


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