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Nature of Craft and the Penland Experience

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Above: Front cover of one of Dan Essig's artists' books [Hemp leaf], 1998. Intricately made with beautiful woods, threads, and papers, Essig's books often include miniature books attached to the front covers or inclusions in the front and/or back covers. Here, the inclusions are two pieces of a twig.

Above: Spine and stitching of Essig's book [Hemp leaf] pictured above.

Above: Another of Essig's beautifully handcrafted books [Chained book on a book], 1999. The miniature book sits in a notched recess of the front cover and on a wooden shelf. It is attached by a chain.

Above: The back cover of the above artists' book [Chained book on a book] 1999. Here, the inclusion in the back cover is a fossil.


Above: The front cover of Dan Essig's Coptic Stitch,1995. Here, the inclusion is a shell with fine red sand. Also note that the word spelled down the left hand side if "stitch."

Above: The back cover of Dan Essig's Coptic Stitch, 1995. Note that the word spelled down the right hand side is "coptic."

Above: The front cover of [Chained book on a book]1999a, a second example of one of Essig's books that includes an attached miniature book. However, the pages of this miniature book do have text, though it is made of cut pages from other sources.


Above: The inside of the book pictured at right, [Chained book on a book], 1999a by Dan Essig.
Notice, none of Essig's books have text.

Above: An enlarged image of the miniature book attached to the front of [Chained book on a book], 1999a.
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