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Annie Tremmel Wilcox


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  • A Degree of Mastery : A Journey Through Book Arts Apprenticeship
  • A.J. Bayless, "your home town grocer"

Above: The cover of A Culinary Alphabet by Annie Tremmel Wilcox, letters and pictures by C. Jacobsen. This artists' book is bound in with two small spoons attached to the front cover and one to the back.

Right: Four examples of pages from Wilcox's A Culinary Alphabet.


Above and Below: Annie Tremmel Wilcox's artists' book, Lunch at Diamonds' Tea Room, is written on a series of 25 index cards that are placed in and among handwritten and typed recipes and recipe card dividers. All the items are housed in antique recipe folio.

Above: Cover of All the Ingredients. For her artists' book All the Ingredients, artist and author Annie Tremmel Wilcox typed her story onto the leaves of an old spiral bound recipe book. Included in the pockets of the recipe book are hand-written notes, recipes cut out of magazines, and even directions for canning.

Below: The first page and pocket of "goodies" of Annie Tremmel Wilcox's All the Ingredients.

Not Pictured: In her artists' book Punchcups, Annie Tremmel Wilcox tells the story of her mother's incredible collection of antique punchcups. The book consists of an accordion fold booklet measuring 2 1/4" x 2" and "Each copy is bound in a glass punchcup" (Wilcox, colophon).

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