The Transit, Volume 16, 1911


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The New Physics Hall (see also Plate)

Young, F.C.  Descrepencies in Cement Testing

Beard, W.F.  Bitulithic Paving in Grinnell

Thomas, Franklin  The Matabichouan River Power Development

Mosnat, H.R.  Drainage by Large Tile in the Iowa River Valley

Scherner, John  Rubber factory Machinery

Bowersox, E.R.  Commercial Tests of Dry Batteries (abstract of thesis)

Brown, F.C.  The Electrical Properties of Selenium and Their Application

Rockwood, Elbert W.  The Application of Chemistry to Engineering

The Transit Board (plate)


New Faculty Members

Gearhart, R.W.  The Annual Reception of the Freshmen by the Faculty

The Ninth Annual Engineers' Banquet

Hatz, E.W.  Inspection Trip to Cedar Rapids

Putnam, K.S.  The Annual Inspection Trip

Gearhart, R.W.  The Students' Room

Putnam, K.S.  St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Candidates for Bachelor's Degrees in June, 1911

Directory of Engineering Alumni

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