About the Electronic Version of Benezette Williams' "Bridging Navigable Rivers: Some Self-Adjusting Pontoon Systems"

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The University of Iowa Libraries, Lichtenberger Engineering Library

This electronic version was produced from an example of the edition issued in 1880 in Chicago, Illinois. No publisher is listed and I presume that the work was privately printed for the author. The physical object is in the collection of The University of Iowa Libraries. Its call number is 624. W72

The original text was scanned with an HP Scanjet 3500c at 300 dpi resoluton, 256 level gray scale. The page images were processed using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 to remove color casts and defects. The the work's single drawing sheet (Plates I-III) was particularly noisy and almost unusable even when rescanned at 600 dpi. For this reason, the processing step included redrawing many of the lines.

Each page was saved as a Photoshop PDF file and then as a GIF file for the Web. An HTML template was used to create a page for each image.

This work was carried out for The Lichtenberger Engineering Library,  a branch of  The University of Iowa Libraries

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