Latin American Realities/International Solutions:
Exhibition Checklist

 All of the original conceptual and systems art works included in the CAYC--organized towards a profile of latin american art exhibition were translated into a rigidly anti-hierarchical, "argentine institute for rationalization of materials" approved blueprint format. Distributed as components of a multiple, each image is positioned on a 23 1/2" x 33 1/2" rectangular field and bears the official stamp of approval of the Center of Art and Communication.


Contributing Artists and Their Works

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Note: Because of the size and condition of the original posters, it was necessary to scan photographs made from them and then resize the resultant images for this presentation. In many instances the reproductions reveal more than the originals themselves because of the ability to adjust the contrast and brightness of the scanned image. In order to appreciate all aspects of these works in a virtual environment, the images are presented in two formats - thumbnail and full-screen. The thumbnail images are presented as an overview and are matted to look as they appear in their original state. The full-screen images (accessed by clicking on the thumbnail image), which are larger than the screen, are presented in order to read the text and to examine the detail.

The arrangement of the files enables the viewer to browse through the artists list, click on an individual title of a work, or to proceed linearly from image to image throughout the entire presentation.


 marcel alocco

 the deteriorization of america

 unequal partition


siah armajani

 quicksilver 2

 quicksilver bridge 1

 quicksilver bridge 3

 juan navarro baldeweg

 cityscape of boston

 transferring ecologic systems

 alvaro barrios


 jacques bedel

 hyphotesis of an earthquake in the
city of paris

estudio para la restauración de un
papel de dibujo

 hipótesis para la desaparición del
pico ojos del salado (6100m) provincia de catamarca república argentina

 hypothesis for de bombing of st. peters cathedral

 hypothesis for the development of a stain of dampness

 hypothesis for the disappearance of the peak ojos de salado (6100m) province of catamarca argentina

 hyphothotesis for the destruction of villa aldobrandini

 [hipótesis para la destrucción de la casa de don federico gonzalez debido a una explosión]

[hypothesis for the destruction of the house of mr. federico gonzalez due to an explosion]


luis benedit

 habitat for cockroaches

 habitat for white mice

 habitat for fishes


juan bercetche

 cause and effect

 mesh 10x10

 [we project to cut 10 heads]

 sheila berkley

 come and play - street environment


 antonio berni


 cesar bolaños



 lowry burgess

journey to the stars

 pits in the stars

 elda cerrato

 arrival to america


 jaime davidovich

 adhesive tape project: 1.) north america 2.) hedge around the latin american continent

 angelo de aquino

 self portrait no 2


 guillermo deisler

 idea and thought as works of art

 interruption pedestrian crossing

 smoke bomb riots

 agnes denes

trial before the holy tribunal: paolo veronese

 juan downey

 make chile rich

 the grape boycott

 gregorio dujovny



ken friedman

 homage to j.l. borges


marching music


 jochen gerz

3 contributions

 carlos ginzburg

 cubic earth

 the mountain's eye

 jorge glusberg

 presentation of this show


haroldo gonzález


net contents



victor grippo


diagram for analogy 2

diagram of the work presented at the art system show museum of modern art – buenos aires

 guerrilla art action group

 aesthetic and revolution

 communique. june 24, 1971


rafael hastings

 various profiles of latin american art 1

 various profiles of latin american art 2

various profiles of the latin american art 3

 dick higgins

 ode to london


 fernando huici

 only survival possibility

 peter kennedy - mike parr

inhibodress trans-art [Spanish]

 inhibodress trans-art

 michael kenny


 richard kostelanetz



uzi kotler

 height lines, paraiso bay, argentine antartic


 study of visual incentives on highways

 bernardo krasniansky

 to have at home



auro lecci

fundamental coordinates for a third world 1

 fundamental coordinates for a third world 2

 fundamental coordinates for a third world 3

 antonio josécaro lopera

 project for book 1

 project for book 2


lea lublin

 project for art systems

 project for art systems

 project for art systems

 francisco mariotti

 the tower of truth

 oscar maxera


 julián mereutza

 an eleate paradox

 man as a clock

 carlos mills

 friendship breakeage

 the unforgetable

 jorge gonzalez mir

 process of relation

 proposal a-r-71

 victor mira

 connection of ideas

 projection of a death impulse

 abraham moles

 le musèe comme labyrinth


ion muresanu

 brick sculpture, university dining room – montevideo

 project for the construction of an iron concrete sculpture in the coltejer center – medellin

 mauricio nanucci


 moises nusimovich


 fragment of space of a landscape of the argentine mesopotamia


mari orensanz

 all roads lead to…

 be careful with the ascension

 each one plays his own game

 mariano hernandez ossorno

 the abandoned parks



luis pazos

 dialectic of the national reality

 the damned hunter

 the wall of mourning

 [project of monument to the dissapeared political prisoner]



alberto pellegrino

[abcde of present art]


[text for a chain letter]



alfredo portillos

 sketch for a street poster

 work presented at art sistems buenos aires

 alfredo portillos
(and all the men)

 foundation cornerstone

 alejandro puente

 system and object

 gumersindo quevedo




juan carlos romero

destruction and exaltation of the human body 1

 destruction and exaltation of the human body 2

 destruction and exaltation of the human body 3

 process of a ventilator

 ricardo roux


 javier ruiz

 two ideas


bernardo salcedo

 inn 1

 inn 2

 portrait of a photo


maximo soto

 project for a monument

 project for a monument to popular demands

 project for a monument to popular violence


julio teich

 flourishing of nothing

 series of antidesigns

 theory of garbage


clorindo testa

 measurement of a scream 1

 measurement of a scream 2

 measurement of a scream 3


enrique torroja


 structural initial development

 structuration for a body

 structuration for dolmen


 horst tress


 two objects

 nicolás garcia uriburu


 only one latin america


jirí valoch

 do it yourself (associations)

 four associations

 political concept

 constantin xenakis

 drawing matrix hydraulic and pneumatic

 drawing matrix, organigram symbols



horacio zabala

 [the deformations are proportional to the tensions]

 project for a prision architecture

 project for a prision architecture


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